Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 102

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 102

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Episode 102 “I am the eldest daughter of the Ladir family, and my family is.”
“Not that.”
Jinwoo cut off Essil’s words.
What I want to know is not the details of the monster, but the question of why monsters and indones exist.
How do I ask for the answer from the monster’s mouth?
No, not an answer.
It would be nice if I could get any leads.
I had tried the same thing with Masu, but the only thing I noticed was that they were constantly told to “kill people” in their minds.

‘Are they coming down to these guys, too?’

Jin-woo has simplified the question a bit so that he can compare with Masashi.

“Do you hear a voice in your head that you want to kill people all the time?”

Ethil looked up, holding his head.
To keep an eye on her in a still downright position, she has to look down on the bottom, which is uncomfortable.


Jinwoo put on his tongue lightly and raised the emas as if they were children. Then I looked at her again.
I could feel her hearing that the contact without warning was scary, and her heart beat accelerated.
Jinwoo asked again.

“Someone in my head is constantly fooling me to kill people.”

Emil, who was worried, was hesitant to open his mouth.

“no. But other voices keep me coming. ”
“Keep the space you are staying …Yo.”

He spoke carefully and watched Jinwu’s eyes.

‘The monster is different from the monsters in the purpose of existence.’

It is a monster whose purpose is to keep the monsters and monsters, which is the purpose of killing people.
The two had a different direction.


So, are you a monster like a monster to me?
I had a feeling that I was a little pitiful because I was looking at the pale blue emulsion after facing the living skill at the front.
very little.

“Since when did you hear the voice?”
“Since we opened our eyes here.”
‘Did you wake up here?’

Is it true that these guys were living in different places?
Whether it’s a real memory or a fake memory, they’re stamped in their heads.
Perhaps a clue to the nature of the system.
Jinwoo was a question.

“So where were you before you opened your eyes here?”
“It’s demonic. At one point I was in the spirit and I was here. ”
“What were you doing in the evil world?”
“War … I was ready. ”

Did he remember the memory of the time?
In the face of Ethil, there was a sense of nervousness that was quite different from when I begged for my life.

“There was a terrible battle with the enemy that was so terrible that the demons scattered around the demon were all gathered.”

There, Essil’s words were cut off.

“…”No, exactly speaking, I kept talking. My lips seemed to be drifting.
But her voice was not heard. Instead, I heard a mechanical voice that the system spewed.

[Block conversations because you have exceeded the allowed information thresholds.]
[Block conversations because you have exceeded the allowed information thresholds.]
[Permitted information reference value …]

The same message repeated until Ethil’s answer was over.
Jinwoo’s eyes shone brightly.

‘I would not have noticed if I had let it go.’

You may have passed the description of Emil to the level that the system gave the monster.
Level up, indones, quests, rewards and penalties for the mission to the former course.
There was a situation similar to that of the game all the time, so there was nothing strange if a game-like setting was added to the monster.
But the moment the force was mobilized by the system, Jinwoo was convinced.

‘The conversation with this guy can be a clue.’

It was an obvious system mistake.

“My…What mistake did I make? ”

As Jinwoo ‘s expression became serious, Emil’ s expression became dark.

“Is the system wanting to hide the demons, or is it the reason or result of the fight?”

Jinwoo narrowed the question to find out.

“What were those terribly strong enemies?”

But at that moment.
In the meantime, the battery stuck like a toy.
But that’s also for a while.


She was frozen and fell down without consciousness.
Jinwoo snapped her quickly and laid it on the floor. It seemed that there was no big problem when I saw that the breath was constant.
I was frustrated somewhere because I was frowning on one face. It seemed to be hard to breathe.
Jin wiped her armor with her bare hands so that she could relax.
Wood gain.
The armor was easily peeled off.
Then he cut the cloak on the back of the armor and rolled it into a pillow.
It was a cumbersome task for monsters, but it was not overly friendly.
What kind of hint did this guy get because of this?

‘The demons fought …’

The system reacted sensitively to the identity of the enemy.

‘Could it be something to them?’

If they have transcendent power, and they are affecting Earth or me for any reason …
Jin called out the store.
I tried to wake up the room with a potion, but there was no driveway.

‘Can I have to wait?’

Jinwoo sat next to the room.
And until she opened her eyes, I put the pieces of the clue that I got from her into each one slowly and carefully.

*** “uh?”

Ethil pummeled his upper body.
She looked up and looked around and saw her sitting silently and shook her shoulder.

‘It was not a dream.’

Emil slowly began to recognize reality and looked around.
There were lots of carvings of senior demons all over the place.
I wore a circle in my eyes.
Demons without intelligence do not regard demons with intelligence as their own. A self without consciousness would have been just a good prey.
By the way.
The fact that you are living so well is …

“Did you keep me?”

Jinwoo raised his body instead of the answer.
Then he reached out to Ethil.
I took care of Jin-woo with his face as if I was impressed.

“Thank you.”
“How long does it take to get a permit?”
“It’s just here. I will guide you. ”

I put the wrists on both wrists and put them out to Jinwoo.

“…?””…?”Both Jinwoo and Ethil sent a glance at each other’s wonder. The frustrated Eshil first said.

“I’m a prisoner, so you have to move your hands.”

I was confident enough to block the resistance or the escape without a gunfire.
It was too late to do anything unnecessary.
Jin turned the emulsion and poked his back.
I felt that I was still scared, and I felt that Echil’s heartbeat was a bit faster, but he did not express it.
The gaze of Jinwoo turned to the words the monsters had come across.

“What do you mean?”
“I’ll take him.”

In front of him, he held three halves of reins with the above mentioned face.
Jinwoo quietly followed it.

*** As Eser says, there came a place where there might be a permit.
It was a huge fortress.

‘In demons and demons …’

If the evil dungeon is the name only castle and has the appearance of the tower, the fort in front seemed to really see the medieval castle.
When the soldiers guarded the gates, they were nervous for a moment.


When Ethil spoke unconsciously, the soldiers quickly opened the gate.
Soon a group of knights came out from inside the castle.

“Eishi-sama, I was waiting.”
“My father?”
“He is in the audience.”

When the knight saw Jinwo, he asked.

“Echil … What about the man behind? ”
“Be an important guest and be polite.”

In a stern word of Eshil, the knights bowed their heads to the road.
Jinwoo went to the deepest part of the castle along Ethil.
After a long walk through the corridor, I was able to find a large room like a boss room in a dungeon.

‘Is this an awareness?’

Jin looked around.
Spread on the side Spread out the pillars toward the ceiling. It was like a place I made to fight.

‘If you were fighting, the boss would have started here.’

It means that there is a demon nobleman sitting on a big chair on the far end of the hall.
Jin and Jin stopped in front of the boss.
The boss first said.

“Father, this is …”

Before Emil’s explanation, the boss, who faced Jin-woo and gaze, opened his eyes.
The pupil of the boss trembled.

“you you! Who have you brought? ”
“father. This is the guest. ”

Boss’s excitement did not sink easily in Emil’s desperate explanation.

“customer? What a guest said that he brought an army to his master’s house? ”

Ethil turned to Jinwoo.
Is there an army here?
The boss made a trembling voice without taking his gaze from Jinwoo.

“Ethan, can not you see in your eyes? There are innumerable soldiers hiding in that man’s darkness. ”

Jinwoo’s eyes were sharp.
In fact, I was surprised by the changed atmosphere and stepped back.
Jinwoo had a face called unexpected.

‘Is he a good man?’

Perhaps the boss was able to see the soldiers in the shadow.

‘Should I be fortunate or unhappy?’

In order to prevent the battle from happening, the Shadow soldiers scattered in various places were brought into the shadow of power.

“Dare you drive the soldiers into my house?”

When the boss heard the elevated voice, the knights came in.


Ethil called the boss with a loud voice.
The boss got up from his seat and gave an angry glance.
Jinwoo, who had just watched the situation silently, opened his mouth late.

“I promised.”

The boss’s eyebrows wriggled when he could not find any nervous strangeness from Jinwoo.

“What have you promised?”
“Entry Permit.”

Jinwoo stepped forward.

“If you give me the entry permit, I will leave you quietly.”

The boss swallowed his saliva.

‘Is he the man who is coming up with a terrifying speed of evil?’

When I heard the news that Volkan and Metus, who I believed, had suffered, my eyes were dark.
Even if it is a noble family, Ladir is one of the weakest in the demon rank 20th.
If the opponent who oppressed Volkan and Metus with difficulty was opponent, he had to make a small amount of damage.
But the fearsome enemy will leave me with my feet.

‘Could you believe this …’

The boss asked in a dubious manner.

“Is that the only requirement?”

Jinwoo said, waiting.


Well then.
The boss’s hair was wrinkled at the expected procedure.
The strong man’s demand is endless. Also, before I could hear how hard it was to demand, insult the family, and provoke soldiers, I was already chilly.
just as expected.
The man said with his daughter ‘s shoulder.

“I want to borrow this guy.”

The boss and the knights were all in the dark.
The gaze of Jinwoo went around.


I know where I got the upper level license.
I just need to borrow her for a while to get her permission.

‘What did I say wrong?’

Jin woke to his head with a bustling boss, knights in astonishment, and Emil with his face red.

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