Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 105

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 105

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106 The chairman of the association and the president of Matsumoto sat down facing each other.

On both sides of the two people, Hunter Association officials from Korea and Japan and people from various ministries were standing in line.

The talks proceeded as fast as the matter was.

“How about creating an allied raid on South Korea that is made up of top-notch hunters?”

South Korean officials were surprised by the unexpected proposal of Matsumoto’s president.

It was a matter of course to discuss how to compensate the damage that Japan has received.

Do you want to get rid of the problem first?

What is this?

In a moment of surprise, the faces of the participants on the Korean side were brightened.

One of them. Only Koganeh President of the Association gazed at Matsumoto President with a keen eye.

“Do you mean to organize a coalition team to defeat the ants?”

“That’s right.”

“I know that the best hunters in Japan are excellent. But going directly into Jeju Island is too dangerous. ”

Moreover, the number of them was several times higher than two years ago when the repatriation operation in South Korea failed, adding that Kanghee Association President explained.

The Matsumoto president smiled at the sight of a tangled smile.

“If you go to the enemy without any operation, you will be in danger of course.”

One Korean politician who was in trouble in Japanese saying that he would give help would ask with pleasure.

“Do you have a good idea?”


Matsumoto’s president, who attracted everyone’s attention in the first instance, got up and started to say a little.

“of course.”

As he directed, the files prepared for the number of people were placed in front of the Korean participants.

“This is the data we have observed for ants.”

As the Korean participants followed the file, Matsumoto President of the Association began to explain it step by step.

“Each ant is strong enough to be comparable to a higher Hunter, but they also have weaknesses. Immediate life. ”

The ants only live for a year.

“If you remove only the queen of ants, all the ants in Jeju Island will be eradicated naturally in a year.”


The Korean participants nodded as they read carefully written research materials.

Only the queen can be removed.

It sounded much more realistic than killing all the thousands of supercharged athletes protruding from the S-class gates.

However, the chairman of Koh Kun-hee’s office was cold.

‘Nonsense …’

He knew.

That eliminating one queen is no different from having to kill all the thousands of superchargers.

“Are you saying that the ants do not know that they die for their queen?”

Matsumoto President of the Kokusai Association President’s point was laughed and handed over.

“Yes, you have to break through thousands of ants to get a queen.”

In the relaxed attitude of Matsumoto, the chairman of the Koganei Association sent an unexpected gaze.

‘What are you going to do?’

Matsumoto raised his mouth.

“But what if the ants have time to empty all the oysters?”

An ant queen lives in the deepest part of the ants.

Can not the queen and the ants who keep their eggs emptied the oysters at the same time?

When there was strong doubt on the faces of Ko Kun-hee and the Korean participants, Matsumoto opened his mouth.

“There was. Just three times. ”

third time?

Did it happen three times?

No, how did Japan know so much?

The answer came soon.

“When the Korean hunters landed on Jeju Island for subjugation, the ants emptied their caves three times and they all ran to it.”


The president of Koguryo President grabbed the fist that he had put on his knee.

Japan was secretly observing while the Korean hunters were fighting their lives with their masters.

No one blamed Japan for not helping Korea.

But should not at least the misfortunes of neighboring countries be used as their research material and proudly disclose it to the parties?

One S-Class loses his life in the third subjugation, and many other Hunters have lost their lives.

The president of the Kokai Association has watched their death nearest.

His fist clenched his hand.


When the complexity of the chairman of the Kogei Association was not clear, the strongest hunter, Koto Ryuge, Japan, opened the magic power.

If you do something suspicious, this one will move.

It was such a warning.

Woo Jin-cheol, who attended the meeting as a guardian of Kogyun Hee, hastily approached Kogehee.

“The president of the association?”

“…It’s okay now. ”

Ko Kun-hee was bitten by Woo Jin-cheol and Woo Jin-chul was quietly withdrawn.

The attitude of Japan Anyway, if their findings were correct, it was an opportunity to sweep ant athletes.

‘I can not break that opportunity with private feelings.’

Kanghee cut the inside down.

Matsumoto finally came to grips with the tense tension.

“The role of our Japanese hunters will take over.”

Japanese S-class hunters divide Joe and attack Jeju Island everywhere.

The ants will run to where they are attacked, and the queen’s oyster will empty as it has been.

“The killing of the Queen is the highest-class hunter in Korea.”

South Korea’s S-class hunters who have been infiltrated by a helicopter have removed the queen and then ran a helicopter to get out of the island.

Male breeding.

South Korean officials have begun to get excited about the concrete and realistic plan of Japan.

“If you speak Japanese, can you recover Jeju Island?”

“Japanese guys, they start to get hurt, so they finally move.”

“This is a chance.”

“Let’s use the Japanese hunters to restore Jeju Island.”

Ko Kun-hee did not get involved in the conversation of the stakeholders and quietly reviewed the plan proposed by Matsumoto alone.

‘There is certainly a possibility.’

The number of S-class Hunters in Japan is 21.

In comparison, Korea has eight. Except for the hard-to-move oneself and the one who retired, there were actually six of them.

‘Six people can not disperse thousands of ants’ attention.’

So we needed more than twenty superheroes from Japan.

It was four raids divided into five groups, and it was enough time to earn enough.

The problem is that the best hunters in Korea can catch the Queen, the boss of the S class dungeon. ‘Is it possible?’

Then suddenly the name of Gong Jin-woo came up in the mind of Ko-hee.

What if Sung Jin-woo, who took the boss of the A-class gate alone, choked with other S-class hunters?

Pounding, pounding.

Kanghee’s heart ran.

‘I can not postpone any more.’

The ants were evolving at a rapid pace.

When the whole ant corps may be able to fly.

It may be ten years later, maybe five years later, or maybe next year.

Before that happened, I had to get rid of those damn ants by borrowing the hands of other countries.

Before that.

“What are the conditions Japan wants in return?”

The president of Kaohsiung did not miss anything important.

Matsumoto tried to make a smile that seemed to be as benign as possible.

“If all the ants die after a year, please divide them into halves.”

To that extent?

The chairman of the Koguryo Association headed for his head.

“Will that be enough?”

Government officials and politicians in the neighborhood were frowned upon by Ko Kun-hee’s remarks.

‘If you are willing to help me at a small price, it will be appreciated.

‘What if Japan were to change my mind?’

‘I do not think there is any suspicion that it is the man who runs the corporation, the president of Kun-hee association.’

Their stareful gaze was blown over by Kun-hee. I can not help it.

For a while, the participants from the Korean side exchanged opinions, but no one objected.

In the end, Japan’s proposal was unanimously passed.

When the meeting was over, the Matsumoto Association President laughed and reached out to the president of the Koshin Association.

“It is important that the future of both countries is important. Let’s work hard together. ”

*** Shigeo Matsumoto, president of the association, returned to the hotel and asked for a cigarette.

Goto Ryuji, who was by the side, lit the cigarette.

“Thank you today.”

“Goto, you had a lot of trouble.”

“I am sorry.”

“It’s not a problem. Did not you see Kanghee’s face then? ”

Matsumoto laughed.

Feeling that I rubbed his face.

It was obviously anger.

It was because there was a powerful ally in the back that was able to afford even in front of the anger of S class Hunter that had the strongest power of the Republic of Korea.

Kotori Ryuji.

Hunter, the first battle series in Japan.

Matsumoto made a ridiculous reminiscence of Ko Kai-hee’s expression.

“You have to borrow the hand of the object you do not want to deal with. The position of the weak is hard to bear. ”

Goto also laughed.

In the end, as the Matsumoto President’s plan, South Korea took hold of Japan.

Everything was smooth.

“Korea is just the beginning.”

Matsumoto said.

“Hunter is a new force, a new power. I will build a new empire with this power given to our Japan. ”

His gaze turned to Goto.

“And the next emperor will be you.”

If Matsumoto was the first to build an empire by his means, Goto becomes the second generation to take over the empire by force.

There was a reason for Koto to keep Matsumoto like a caretaker.


“Oh yeah.”

Matsumoto, thinking about something, banged a cigarette.

“Is there information on Korea’s new S-class yet?”

“I do not know much about Korea yet.”

“…Yes. ”

It was information of the best Korean hunters of Korea.

But there is only one.

Most recently, there was no information about Hunter, which was registered as a S-class.

What you do not know can be a variable.

Matsumoto, who showed his ambition by this operation, did not like the existence of the variable.

‘What can you do with the power of one person …’

Five in the world. There are some of the hottest hunters who can not even get in class S.

In the sense that the power of one person is equal to the power of one nation, those who are called ‘state power’ class hunters.

Their common point was that everyone had experience clearing the S-level gate once.

Certainly a hunter with that much ability can be a hindrance.

‘The odds are very low.’

The probability of not reaching 1 billion or 1 billion if the world population is set at 7 billion.

If Hunter comes out with such strength, he would not be able to stay calm here in Korea, but he did not seem to have to worry about the recent mood.

‘I can not break things with unnecessary agility.’

Matsumoto heard the call.

And I ordered the association to wait for my contact.

“Korea has got our hands, so call the S class as scheduled.”

*** The Koganeh President also contacted the Korean hunters.

First, it was their job to explain the seriousness of the situation.

So I tried to coordinate the schedule of the meeting.


The news came out of the blue sky.

“Sung Jin Hun Hunter can not be contacted?”

Only Sung Jin-woo was not contacted.

“I have not been able to figure out the location for a few days because my phone is off.”

‘…’She said she was shutting her mouth and she could not do it.

“So get him out of the hunters as quickly as possible.”

“Yes, sir.”

The employee leaned back and forth.

Kun-hee thought with a firm face.

‘Where is he?’

After hearing that he could not know where he was, Ko Kun-hee began to feel an ominous feeling.

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