Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 106

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 106

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Like the episode of Episode 107, the level of difficulty from the 90th floor has risen sharply.

The ability and number of monsters guarding the fort were not comparable to the lower levels.

Mana Yang, who had almost always kept his maximum without any intelligence, started to shake every time he was fighting.

This meant that many shadow soldiers repeatedly destroyed and regenerated.


Jinwoo did not go beyond the 90th floor because of bad luck.

I have been polishing myself for a long time as I hit the moon with a hammer while I was here.

A different level of up to 90 was the evidence.

The higher the resistance of the higher nobles, the stronger the attacks of the enemies of Shadow and Shadow that penetrate their defenses.

[Level up!]

Jin-woo’s body, which came out with the permission to enter the 97th floor, rose like a haze.

The heat generated by the movement beyond the limit evaporated the sweat, and it was the steam generated.

That was the fight.

Jinwoo’s face came to the satisfaction of victory.

Eshil, who was waiting in hiding, found Jinwoo and ran.

A burning performance back in the hands of Jin-hee.

‘Up to the fourth place in the hierarchy, following the Ricardo family,

There was no surprise anymore.

If all the intruders were like this, it seemed that it was hard not to survive the intruder, rather than to defend their area.

“Are all other people strong as you are?”

Ethil anxiously asked.

Jinwu was able to respond to the memory for a while.

“How about two people?”

Kun Kee Hee and Cha Seong In.

The two certainly felt stronger than the other S classes.

But the rest of the S-class hunters, Baek Yoon-ho, Jong-in, and Lim Tae-gyu did not think it was strong.

Especially, the final man, called the final weapon, seemed to be rated higher than his ability because he owns the best guild “Hunters” in Korea.

‘If you only evaluate with energy, you are one more than the final man.’

There was a gap between the S classes as well.

No, it could have been more severe than other grades, as it was a non-measurable grade.

Jinwoo laughed with a smile.

‘How do you feel when you get out of here?’

Like the first time I met Baek Yoon-ho and the next time I met him, is there a change in my own gaze as I look at the president of Koganei?

Jinwoo jumped to see his new appearance.

‘To begin with …’

From the finish of a demonic dungeon.

The rest of the floors are now all four.

Jinwoo told Essil.

“You go down now.”

Eshil, who was dying to hear that there were two more people strong enough.


“From this upstairs, I’ll go find it.”

Thanks to Etil for finding the way, he was able to quickly find the nobles’ fortress. But now I did not need her help.

‘More than before, even though the impact of the sensation stats …’

The energy of the high nobles was so powerful that I could easily reach them from far away places.

There is no reason to go around with one more baggage because she did not have a role other than guiding the route.

I explained that.

“Well, is it useless now?”

The face of Ethil was white.

‘It’s funny to the end.’

Jinwoo always swallows laughter as he sees an unexpected reaction to Eshil. Then she approached her nose.


In fact, I see my eyes moving in a circle.

‘Am I being removed?’


The heartbeat sounded like a thunder.

Then I saw Jinwoo raise his hand. Toward his face, he slowly clutched his eyes, tired of fear, at his fingertips.

By the way.


The hand was lightly placed over his shoulder.

Ethil opened his eyes. Jinwoo’s face was close.

Jinwu said with a smile.

“Thank you for your time, thank you.”

That’s what happened.

Jinwoo, who finished his farewell in his own way, entered the moving circle.


[It is open from 1st floor to 96th floor.] [Where do you want to go?]

Turning around and looking at the face of Emil, there was a mixture of surprises and regrets on his face.

Fear, worry, surprise, regret …

Expressions of emotions shown by intelligent monsters.

Are they the inhabitants of other worlds, or are they just monsters that the system created?

‘I do not know yet.’

But if we collect a little bit of clues in this way, maybe we will know someday.


Emil called Jinwoo.

Almost at the same time, Jinwoo with his head answered the system message.

“The 97th floor.”

*** 97, 98, 99.

Jinwoo finally got the key to enter the residence of the Demon King.

[Item: Entry Permission] Level of difficulty: ??

Kinds: ??

Permission to climb to the 100th floor of the demon. Can only be used on the 99th floor of the Movement Scroll.

Jinwoo checked the status before ascending to the 100th floor.

[Level: 93] The level was looking at 100 in a moment.

The increased stats were felt throughout the body.

The whole body was overflowing with power, and the senses became more sensitive.

The condition was the best.


Jin called out the store.

Purchased potions to fill the pool of physical strength and mana.

And bought an additional bandage.

I wrapped my dagger with a bandage as I once did. This tension has been around for a long time.

I slowly moved my body.

Then it moved a little bit faster. The body moved exactly as I thought.

. Jinwoo, who made a shadow on all sides and moved fiercely, stopped just. A feeling came from his shoulders.

Preheating work?

Preparation is over.

“Huh -” He drank a great deal of breath, and Jin-eun, who was a mysterious person, climbed up the moving circle.

“100 floors.”

When I told my destination and blinked my eyes, the background had already changed.

Jin looked around.

‘There is no fire?’

All of the terrible flames that had been burning down to the lower floors disappeared, and only the remnants of burning remained around.

Suddenly I looked up and fell in the sky.


My eyes were strangely colored and I reached out. But the eyes that fell on the palms did not melt abnormally.

As you can see, it was ash.

Ashes were falling from the sky like snow.


“Tingling” and the machine sounded.

The sharp eyes of Jinwoo were fixed like a nail in the sky.

‘Is it …’

Soon the system message informed the enemy.

[The king of the demons, Baran found an intruder!]

The black spot that floated in the sky. As the point became closer to the ground, it fell down.

It was a knight riding a winged lizard. Five letters on his head were clear.

[Demon King Wanan] Jinwoo’s forehead has a cold sweat.

Unusual energy was coming out of him.

It was also a boss-down force guarding the top floor of this huge dungeon.

Jinwoo’s eyes shifted.


There was also a name for a monster that looked like a lizard on board.

[Dragoon Casselin] ‘I do not think it’s a demon family anyway …’

Demons could not extract shadows if they were successful.

So, in the case of the demons, I did not expect the shadow soldiers to increase, but the monster on which the boss ran looked different.

A flying monster.

‘Looks pretty good, huh?’

want to have.

Since Baruka, the head of the nymphs, Jinwu, who met the shadow he wanted to get in his arms, swallowed his saliva.

At that time, Baran raised one hand.


[Demon king Baran summons demon soldiers!]

With the message, soldiers began to appear around him.

The numbers reached hundreds even if they looked at them.

‘Is it the beginning?’

Jinwoo’s eyes narrowed.

As the hand of Baran, who was heading toward heaven, pointed this way arrogantly, the summoned demon soldiers ran in herd.

Doo Doo Doo – The earth rattled at their ferocious momentum.

‘If you are a soldier, you are here too.’

Jinwoo saw the army of the devil king and raised one of its mouths.


The shadows of Jin-woo began to spread around.

Area of skill monarch.

When the soldiers of the devil king put their feet on the black ground, Jinwu called out the shadow soldiers.


The shadows rose in unison.

‘…!’I felt the enemies were embarrassed.

Without missing the gap, the two iron knights of the iron and the tank ran to power and bumped into the body.


Oh, come on.



The demons came out screaming in the brute force of the two guys.

Back then more than a hundred shadow soldiers were pushed like waves.

[Demon king Baran summons demon soldiers!] [Demon king Baran summons demon soldiers!]

Surprised by the momentum of the shadows, Baran filled the number of soldiers.

However, on the back of the demon soldiers summoned on the back of the molar ‘s skill’ Dragon Song ‘was burning.

KUUUUUUUUUU – A fierce firepower has blown up one of the demon corps.

‘…’Baran, who fled the dyer and fled the pillar of fire, landed a little distance away.

Then he stood down from Dragoon.

Jinwoo recalled the way the demonic aristocracy battles.

‘Those guys, they hated fighting on a ride.’

As the shadows and the demons stepped toward the battlefield, the stride of the struggle began to accelerate.

When an iron that breaks the shelves of demons at the forefront is trying to take down a demon ‘s head with his warhammer. Baran reached out his hand.

Then the iron rose to the air.

‘…The ruler’s hand? ‘

Jinwoo put the iron that had fallen on the floor using the ruler’s hand.

Baran’s gaze moved to Jinwoo.

He seemed to realize that he was the first to do it.

‘…’Baran pulled the sword and ran.

Jinwoo also gave strength to both hands holding the dagger.

Then he ran to face his opponent.

The two monarchs who moved like the wind met at exactly the middle point.

The flame began to splash between the sword of Puran and the daggers of Jinwoo.

Kaga River, Kaga River, Kaga River!

The attack of Jinwoo was touching the body of Baran little by little, but it did not give enough damage to penetrate Baran’s armor.

‘The dagger and armor are not good.’

However, like other armor, his opponent did not get close to catching with bare hands.

Inevitably we have to look for a gap.

‘pitching? Or joints? ‘

Jin-woo peeking through the gap, Zhang Baan hit Jin-woo’s breasts with intangible skills.

“Shut up!”

Jinwoo, who was in the air for a while, rebalanced with the ruler’s hand.

‘It’s the ruler’s hand too.’

I was sure I was right.

Baran had been using the ruler’s hand freely from the beginning.

He reached out his hand.

This time, he reached out to him.



Both Jinwoo and Baran were thrown into strong force.

When Jinwu and Baran were balanced at the same time, they were pushed back for a long time.

Then I had a good idea in Jinwoo ‘s mind.

‘Barca’s dagger was more offensive, right?’

Baruka’s dagger is A grade, Night killer is B grade.

Jinwoo tore a bandage that binds ‘Baruka’s Dagger’ with ‘Night Killer’.

And he threw all his mighty daggers of ‘Baruka’.

“Throwing daggers!”

Barca’s dagger flew at a furious pace, but Baran lightly avoided by simply biting his head sideways.

Baran, who wanted to bend his knees for a while, dropped the battlefield with a single jump and stood in front of him.

. Lightly landed, Wanan wielded the sword.


My left hand came back.

Jinwu frowned.

I was trying to deal with one of the two dagger attacks, so my wrist was burdened.

Looking at the crumpled face of Jin Woo, he wanted to catch the winner, Baran spurred the attack.

Caen! Kajang! Caen!

Jinwoo’s body began to increase.


However, Jinwoo focused on defense and quietly waited for the time. And when the opportunity finally came, I held out my right hand and grasped the helmet of Wataran.

‘…?’Beyond pitching, Baran’s wondering eyesight was told.

Jinwoo laughed.

And with all of his strength, as he did with the pitcher, Baran took his neck back, and there was a slight gap in the area between the pitcher and his neck.

‘The hand of the ruler.’

After throwing it before, ‘Barca’s dagger’, which was floating in the air all over the place.


Baran ‘s dagger was buried in Baran’ s back.

His eyes grew bigger.

‘…!’He did not miss the opportunity, pushed Baran on his shoulder, and poked his “Night Killer” into his neck before he could balance it.

“Quick thrust!”


Baran fell by dropping his sword.

But he was killed in two deadly attacks.

Just as it was, Jinwoo climbed onto his shoulder and struck down his fist.

bang! bang! bang! bang!

Stamina Stats Two hundred stunning powers have sharply lowered the stamina of boss-grade monsters.

And finally.


A nice message came out with the sound of ‘tingling’.

[We have defeated the demon king, Baran.] [Obtained the soul of Baran.] [Quest ‘Collect the Devil’s Soul 2’ is complete.] [Level up!] [Level up!] [Level up!] [Level up!]

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