Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 107

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 107

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“Jin -” Jin took a short sigh of relief.

From the first floor to the 100th floor of the demonic dungeon, it was the moment when the long road was finally over.

The mother ‘s face came up in front of Jin – woo, who closed his eyes for a moment to calm the emotional torrents.

‘…’When I woke up again, there was a system message that did not disappear yet.

There were four level-up reminders.

‘Four at a time?’

Jinwoo’s face brightened.

It was incredible to think how much slower the level-up speed was after passing the 90th level.

I immediately checked the status window.

[Level: 97] The level was up just 4.


Jinwoo grabbed his fist.

A sense of accomplishment was overwhelmed by the relief that the dungeon was cleared. But the joy was delayed.

Now there was something much more important than level up.

‘The blood of the purified king of the devil.’

The last piece to make the item ‘Shinryo of Life’.

Jinwoo, who stripped off the bandage that had been wrapped around her hands, reached out to the sparkling lights at the corpse of the demon king, Baran.

I found [Item: Ring of the Demon Lord]. Do you want to acquire?]

I found [Item: Long sword of the devil king]. Do you want to acquire?]

I found [Item: Dagger of the Demon King]. Do you want to acquire?]

I found [Item: Dagger of the Demon King]. Do you want to acquire?]

I found two [Item: Baran’s Horn]. Do you want to acquire?]

I found [Ingredient Item: Purified King of the Devil’s Blood]. Do you want to acquire?]

Looking at the unrecoverable item discovery messages, he was rather nervous rather than pleased.

It is because the desired item is not seen.

Then, at the end of the material item ‘Purified King of the Demon King’ was out of cheer.


Jin-woo once picked up all the items and picked up what appeared to be the ‘blood of the purified king of the devil.’

[Material Item: Purified King of the Devil’s King] Difficulty:

Type: Material This is a liquid made by refining the blood of the ruler of the demons ‘Baran’. I have a strong horsepower, but it remains toxic after purification, so I need ‘Fragments of the World’s Water’ and ‘Spring Water of the Echo Forest’ to neutralize the toxicity if it is fallen by the medicinal material.

The red liquid in the transparent glass bottle was poured according to the tilted angle.

‘This is the blood of the devil king …’

The rest of the materials, ‘Debris of the World’s Water’ and ‘Spring Water of Echo Forest’, were already prepared.

What is hesitating?

Jinwoo has brought the production skills.

[Creature Skills] Consumables: Life-long life (3/3) Unlike the previous one, the word “life-long life” was blinking.

I checked the contents, and the word “producibility” was noticeable.

[New life of life] – Possible – Material Purified Demon King’s Blood (1/1) Debris of World Water (1/1) Spring Water of Echo Forest (1/1) Would you like to make [Item: Fresh Water]?

Jinwoo, who wanted to see the output soon, chose to produce without hesitation.

“making.” – We make [item: new life].

-10, 9, 8 …

Jinwoo hides and waits for results.

-7, 6, 5 …

– The probability of success of production and the number of production results depend on the intelligence of the producer.

Jinwoo’s eyes grew bigger.

‘The probability of production success and the number of finished products depend on the intelligence figures?’

Do you mean you can not even make a head if you’re stupid? …Jin-woo nodded his head because it was strangely persuasive.

In the meantime, the countdown continued.

-4, 3, 2 …

Why is the word “probability of success” so appealing?

It was only comforting to realize the importance of intelligence stat and to invest all points late.

-1, 0.

– Production is complete!

– Production succeeded!

– [Item: new life] We have acquired six!


Jin-woo, who had been waiting for a while, watched a message saying that he was successful.


Then I found something strange.

The disease of the devil king’s blood was still left in his right hand.

‘Although the blood was a little reduced …’

Jinwoo is heading back to the warehouse and called ‘the fragments of the world’s water’ and ‘the spring water of the echo forest’.

But the only thing on the floor is a fragment of the world ‘s water that has been cut away. When I opened the warehouse and looked inside, no spring water was found.


I want to be able to check the production skills as expected was also.

– Material Cleansed Demon King’s Blood (1/1) Fragments of World Water (1/1) Spring Water (0/1) The number of spring water in the echo forest changed to zero.

‘Are not all the materials gone, but just as much as they need?’

Unlike other materials that have spare parts, the ‘spring water of the echo forest’ seems to have stopped manufacturing.

The blood of the devil king seemed not to be consumed in the original production, and the debris of the world number was an enormous piece of wood from the time it was first acquired.

It seemed natural if the spring water in the echo forest, which was contained in a small bottle, would have come first.

Jinwu smiled.

‘It’s not bad news.’

If you can get the spring water of the echo forest somewhere again, you can also make a ‘new life’.

No, the next question is the second one.

Jinwoo was desperate for one bottle of ‘life-saving water’ item, and had to press down on his sixteen wooden water bottles that had been arranged on the back of his head.

[Item: Soul of Life] Difficulty: S Type: Consumables A mysterious potion that heals all diseases with strong magical power. Only when you have used all of the bottles you get a full effect.

Will this item help my mother’s illness?

‘… You’ll know today. ‘

My heart was throbbing.

Jinwoo carefully sent six bottles of life to the warehouse, and put the remaining material items in the warehouse.

Still, the remaining items were full.

‘One ring, one long sword, two daggers, two japtem.’

It’s a lot of S-grade bosses, too.

A lot of the items made their eyes happy, but now I could not afford to look at them one by one.

I had to get out of here and meet my mother first.

Jin-woo also pushed into the warehouse the items he had acquired from the corpses of the devil king.

Then I looked around with a good hand.

‘There’s something busy …’

You should not miss it.

Why do you say you go back as soon as you get hurried?

When Jin-woo looked back, he saw that the shadow soldiers who won over ten times more enemies were scattered and aligned.

Behind them were the bodies of the demonic soldiers.

‘What about drip?’

The gaze of Jinwoo looked for the monster that the king of the devil was on.

However, the bodies of the demon soldiers piled up all over the place were not seen.

‘Did you fly away during the fight?’

I worry for a while.

The iron dragged a carcass that was dangling.

It was Dyrrhythmic Cyceline.

“Iron, what are you doing?”

I was scratching the back of the iron for the praise of Jin, who came out in the tide.

That was the back of the pitch.

Jin wiped his shoulder and stood in front of the dead body of the dragon.

‘As expected.’

As I had guessed by name and appearance, black smoke was coming up to the dead body of the dyrilia.

Shadow extraction was possible.

Jinwu reached out his hand.

“Get up.”

Thanks to the level I had hoped for, the shadow extraction was so easy.

KiAAAAQ – A flurry of animal beings came up, and a beast covered in black gas came up from the shadow of the dying dragon.

The shadow of the dragon saw the master immediately and approached Jinwoo and bowed his head.

[Please specify the soldier’s name.]


Jinwoo was surprised.

I thought I was going to ride because I could not see the fighting, but surprisingly the battle was good.

It was a great thing to recall that the ace of the Shadow Legion, the Grit, was up to the knight rank.

Do it.

The demon king is not going to ride on a monster that is a dumb monster.

Jinwoo was satisfied with the grade of the new soldier and answered the message.

“Kaiserin … no.”

Suddenly I thought the four letters were too long.


The shadow of the dying dragon, given a new name, struck his head and spit out a long cry toward the air.

Kie ee Eek – “Everyone worked hard.”

After that, Jinwoo brought all of the shadow soldiers, including Cassell, into his shadow.

Now is the time to get out of the devil. The remaining thing was one.

Jinwoo opened a message box where a quest completion message arrived.

[General Quest: Collect the Devil’s Soul! 2] Completed

[Completion has arrived] [Are you sure you want to check the reward?] (Y / N) ‘Yes.’

When the answer was over, the list of compensation came up.


[The following compensation is prepared.]

Compensation 1. Best Runestone Compensation 2. Bonus Stat +30 Compensation 3. Unreleased rewards [Accept all?]

‘Shadow exchange’.

What the hell?

From the first time he received the quest, he chose the best runestone he had ever wondered about.

‘Once from the first reward.’


[Best Runestone: ‘Shadow Exchange’ has been paid.]

As soon as the message was finished, I felt a touch like a small stone in my hand.

When I opened my palm in front of my nose, I saw a runny stone of black that was completely different from the color of a normal runestone.

It was a mysterious color that was incomparable with ordinary black.

A perishable.

Unlike in the past when we had to break our strength by giving strength to our wrists, we had to think that we should give strength now, and at the same time, runes stone collapsed.

The black energy that bloomed from the runstones wrapped around the body and was absorbed soon.

Jinwoo immediately confirmed the skill window.

[Skill: Shadow Exchange Lv.1] Occupation-specific skill.

No mana required.

You can reverse the position of the Shadow soldier and caster you specify. Once cast, you have 3 hours of waiting time before you can use it again. Waiting time depends on skill level.


As he read the skill description, Jinwoo’s eyes grew larger.

Although there are some limitations on waiting time, it was a huge skill to be limited.

‘Is it possible to change positions regardless of where Shadow Soldiers are?’

Depending on the use, it was almost the same skill as instant movement.

Jinwoo decided to take out a soldier immediately and try to test his skill.

‘If you try to test it, you’d better be a little farther.’

There were soldiers left outside the demons.

One side was planted in the shadow of his brother, and one side patrols the neighborhood.

‘Nothing to worry about.’

I do not know how much of the aftermath of the skill, but I could not move near my younger brother. My brother is surprised, even if I say second.

So Jin-woo caught a signal of one of five Shadow soldiers who patrol the town.

“Shadow exchange.”

As soon as Jinwoo opens his mouth.

“Oh, huh?”

Jinwoo was sucked into the shadows of his feet as he was attracted to strong gravity.

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