Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 110

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 110

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The 111 episode was shocking.

It was a video recorded on the roadside surveillance camera.

A quiet road.

It was a very quiet road so few cars could get past the speed of video playback.

It was a video that I guessed was taken in places such as rural areas or rural areas.

Soon the faster playback started to slow down.


At the end of the screen, a passenger car appeared.

The car was running fast. The speed of the car was felt even in slow images.

But in a blink of an eye.

One black object stood in front of the running car.

It was a black creature standing on its feet like a human being.

Suddenly, the car did not slow down. But there was no conflict between tea and life.

Just before the collision, the car had sprung up into the air.

The black creature that threw a mid-sized passenger car that ran from the front into one hand, began to take out the unconscious from the overturned car and eat from my head.

WAVE, WAVE – If the surveillance camera had a recording function, it seemed like it was going to sound like that.

The video was cut there.

Jinwoo took his eyes off the large TV that occupied the entire wall of the president’s office room, and looked at the president of the Koganehi association.

Koge put down the remote control quietly on the table.

“Three hundred.”

Unlike anyone else, he did not lightly talk about the misery of his neighbor.

“That’s the number of people killed by an ant.”

“Is Japan’s response late?”

“It is not.”

Kanghee shook his head.

“It took less than half an hour before the hunters arrived at the scene. And in that short time, one village disappeared. ”

Japan is one of the most advanced Hunter systems in Asia.

In Japan, there was such a victim, but what if the ant was flying to Korea?

It was a video that I had turned back several times, but I still feel stingy.

‘You must eradicate the ants before it’s too late.’

Four days after the operation started. The Japanese side was asking for a final list of Korean hunters who participated in the operation some time ago.

However, Ko Kun-hee delayed the final list announcement under the authority of the Korean representative.

The reason is single.

I have not been able to contact Jinwoo.

After a long wait, the moment finally came to finalize the list.

Kun-hee opened the door with trembling feelings.

“We will go to Jeju Island and remove the ants.”

Then he said in earnest eyes.

“I need help from Sungjin Hunter.”

Ko Kun-hee had a nervous smile.

Even if Jinwu refused, it was unavoidable.

Jinwoo is not a member of the guild nor has the obligation to fulfill the association’s demands.

The decision was entirely up to Jin Woo’s doctor.

After worrying, Jinwoo opened his mouth.

“I am.”

*** Jin-woo, who finished the meeting with the president of the association, felt something and was turning his head to get up from his seat.


There was a magic clash in the vicinity.

‘Dungeon break?’

At first, I wanted to know where the dungeon breaks occurred, but I could see that it was not within.

There was no chance for Masuo to leave the hunters’ magical power.

“What do you have?”

To get out of Jinwoo, I first got up and approached the door.

“It’s no big deal … The Hunters seem to be fighting in the neighborhood. ”

“I will not.”

Kanghee burst into laughter.

Are some big hunters daring to fight near the headquarters of the Hunter?

It was impossible.

‘wait… The direction of Sungjin Hunter’s head is?

There was something unexpected.

“S-class hunters in the gym will be unbuckling now. Are you saying that? ”

‘Unfasten your body?’

Certainly that would explain the continual occurrence of a disrupted horsepower collision.

Jinu nodded his head.

“i See.”

Jin-woo was surprised at the gaze of Ko-hee.

‘Do you feel it on this street?’

The association’s gym was designed to minimize the amount of horsepower flowing out.

In fact, even I myself did not feel anything.

But Jin-woo not only noticed the magic flowing out of there, but also matched that he was hit by magic.

‘How good is your happiness …’

It was hard to even guess.

“Yes, Hunter, would you like to see it once?”

Kanghee lightly invited.

It was not uncommon for the S class to gather together.

Trying to feel the ability of other S class in a close sense Recently, S graders will be a lot of study for Sung Jin Hunter.

“Ryouji Gotou is there too.”

Jinwoo, who was willing to try it out with a light heart, stopped poking.

“If it is Goto Ryuji …?”


If it was Hunter, it was the strongest name in Japan that anyone would have ever heard of, even if it was not Hunter.

“That’s Mr. Koto Ryuji. Staying in Korea, I am coordinating the opinions of the Korean and Japanese hunters. I will leave tomorrow and I will not have a chance to meet unless it is today. ”

The best hunters in the country are gathered, and are together with Japan’s strongest?

‘I can not miss this opportunity.’

Jinwoo has an interesting face and has accepted Kun Hee’s invitation.

*** The Goto was desperately referring to yawning.

‘Is this the skill of being the best in Korea?’

It is terrible.

No, not at all.

It was an objective evaluation that it was poor, and the fact that it was insignificant was a result of compassion in evaluation.

‘Is it better to be protected by our country if it is a country that should leave safety in the hands of these people?’

Goto smiled and looked around at the Hunters.

Only one.

I saw the only worthy Hunter of S class I met in Korea.

‘Did you say car Haein?’

But it is just like the best hunters in Japan. It was incompetent with the best members of Japan.

‘I can not help it.’

Korea has a small population and a small population.

It is an old man who is awake to the best ability in such a place, and it is hard to fight because the age is short.

‘I can not compare it to our best member, but …’

From Korea’s point of view, luck is inevitable.

The ability of the Korean hunters was almost over.

I have achieved the real purpose that I had in Korea.

‘If we withdraw when we lose, we will not be able to stay for less than 5 minutes.’

Goto, who decided that there was nothing more to see, turned around and saw someone approaching the entrance.


Goto’s eyebrows hurt.

I did not realize that somebody was coming this way until I got so close.

I still can not feel the sight of the eyes.

‘Is it an assassin type hunter?’

Goto asked the staff of the Hunter Association who is in charge of the interpreter next door.

“Who is that man?”

The staff stared at the glasses for a long time, just looking at the face of the object and smiled.

“Oh, this is the one who registered as a new class S Hunter.”


Reincarnation that there is little known.

I wanted to keep his information while I was staying in Korea, but I thought it was great.

Goto smiled and laughed.

“Sounds like a pretty good assassin.”


Goto was also puzzled as we looked back to what the staff was saying.

“What mistake I made?”

“No, not that.”

The employee turned to the entrance and pointed to Jinwoo.

“He’s a magical hunter.”

‘No way?’

Goto looked at the list of S-class hunters by connecting directly to the Hunter’s Association site with the impression that he did not believe it.

The translation program made it possible to read the information of S-class Hunters in Korean directly.

[Sung Jin Woo, S-level, magic series.]

It was real.

The profile picture and the face of the target matched.

‘Real magic series?’

Goto lifted his amazed and surprised face.

The man was approaching to a point.

*** ‘Is this person a Kotori Ryuji?’

At first glance, Jinwoo recognized the strongest hunter in Japan.

Toughness of sharp style.

A neatly polished beard.

At first glance, it was a man who felt like a Japanese actor.

‘But why are you staring at me?’

When he was trying to feel uncomfortable with his gaze, he sent his eyebrows.

It was my first face.

Jinwoo also responded lightly without any thought.

Then I looked around.

Baek Yoon-ho and the middle-aged man of the second round were doing the Dalian taking off the head in the center of the room.

All but Goto watched them with an interesting eye.

“ä_ -!

Baek Yoon-ho hit the hand of the approaching man in an instant and twisted the lower body to put a strong low kick.


However, unlike the expectation, it was Baek Yunho who grimaced his face.


Jinwoo could see.

At the moment of that moment, the man of the second round defended his legs using the strengthening skill.

It looks like it is a tanker series in terms of size and skill, but the agility stats seemed to exceed the normal level.

If it is S, I will say.

I was laughed at.

“One hundred masters! Young people can not use this power. ”

“I am not a teacher, Mr. Mama.”

The giggling, called Maja, laughed and grasped the waistband of his suit. It was awkward feeling because I was wearing a judo uniform with a big sumo.


For a while, the collar that rubbed the collar for a while ran like a tackle again, and Baek Yoon-ho liberated his horsepower and started counterattack.

Both look happy.

It was also exciting to be a teacher who was pushing me, and Baek Yoon-ho, who was pushing me.

S-class meeting with each other in some way is not common, so I was able to enjoy the power of the usual suppressed power.

“But if Yoon-ho Bae fights with real power, he will not be able to hold on.”

The last man came from the side.

When Jin-woo turned around, he bowed down. Jinwoo was also greeted. The conversation followed.

“The person wearing the uniform is the mastermind of reputation.”

Ah. I heard it from where I heard it, and was the master of the reputation guild.

Jin-woo nodded and asked me.

“I do not think I’m weak enough to have to look at it. Why are you hiding your strength?”

“If you have a lot of eyes, you can use your strength. He turns into a real monster when he fights. ”

Red Gate.

In front of him, Jinwoo had seen the beastly eyes of Baek Yoon-ho.

‘I do not think the eyes are changing.’

Some of the top-class hunters, like Baek Yoon-ho’s transforming abilities, have unique strengths.

It’s like a monster. In others’ eyes, it would look the same.

‘A person who turns into a monster, or someone who calls monsters.’

I thought that as many people as I am, I thought that everyone would be surprised.


I just felt that the fact that Baek Yoon-ho could turn into a monster is amazing. The confrontation between Baek Yoon-ho and Ma Dong-wook did not have much to see.


Even if I did not concentrate, I was able to read all the workshops that the two people exchanged.



After discovering something, Baek Yoon-ho stopped moving.

At the same time, he stopped.

I turned to Jinwu at the same time as the gaze of the two people was made in advance.

Was it too boring to think it was boring?

‘…?’Too many people looked at him.

Jin soon knew the reason.

‘Not me, my back …’

There was a goto when I turn my head.

Uncommon eyes.

The translator beside him told me on behalf of Goto.

“Hunter, Mr. Goto has something to say to Hunter.”

I knew that Goto was approaching, but he did not know how to talk to him.

‘This man, his gaze is strange since then …’

Was Jinwoo ‘s displeasure transmitted?

Goto asked quietly.

“Can you fight with me once?”

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