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Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 111

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There was no meaning.

The purpose of Koto’s visit to Korea is to look at the skill of Korea’s top class hunters with their own eyes. I am curious to find some unusual ones among them.

‘Real magic series or not, you’ll know soon.’

Goto was still unable to believe that the man in front of him was not a battle line hunter.


I needed information from Sung Jin-woo in order to get rid of the unknown variables during this repatriation operation.

‘Half of it is just for fun …’

Goto laughed.

The interpreter, who was listening to what Goto said, was amazed.

“Are you serious, Mr. Goto?”

“Tell me to tell him what I just said.”

“No, but …”

“Is there any problem?”

Goto asked enthusiastically. The Korean hunters were all unraveling why they would not be themselves.

The interpreter responded reluctantly, sweating sweating.

“Ah… Okay.”

I turned my head and said that the interpreter facing Jin – woo and his eyes was hesitant.

“Mr. Goto is … I do not want to try it once … ”

I did not have to explain what I meant to practice.

The gaze of Jinwoo turned to Goto.

Goto was waiting for an answer with a smile that could not be understood.

‘Do you want to see my skill?’

A celebrity who was so kotoruji was not able to do such a remarkable thing just to show off his talent.

If that was the purpose, it would have been aimed at the final man or Baek Yoon-ho to lead the first and second guild in Korea. ‘I do not know what it is …’

It was the outward gaze that had been sent before, and it seemed to me that Goto was his concern.

By the way.

Jin-woo did not hate Goto’s proposal on the spot.

No, it was rather interesting.

I also wanted to try out the power that was raised by the demons, and I was curious about Hunter’s skill as Japan’s best.

It was not only Goto who was curious about his opponent’s skill.


There was a subtle wrinkle on the face of Goto who smiled.


Unlike his expectation that he would get out of the way, he was able to afford his face.

Is there a corner to believe?

Or is this a situation that is too difficult to make a laugh?

The answer came soon.

Jinwoo spoke to the interpreter, and the interpreter jumped as soon as he heard it.

Jin-woo is trying to calm down and laugh and relax.

Goto, who could not understand it, was frowned upon.

‘What are you saying,

Yes or no.

Why would a third-party interpreter take the trouble to come up with such a simple answer?

The interpreter said to Goto, as she showed patience and patience to the floor.

“Stir … Mr. Goto. ”

If it was not for the eyes to see, I should have said that it should be said quickly, not just for the moment.

In order to maintain his smile, Goto forced his eyebrows and waited for the next word of the interpreter.

“Sung Jin Hunter accepted. By the way…”

“By the way?”

“You have a condition.”


The opponent, who knew how to lower his pants, accepted the proposal.

This time, Goto did not hide his embarrassment.

“What are the conditions?”

“Sung Jin Hun Hunter …”

The interpreter once more looked up to Jinwoo, and Jinwoo nodded.

“If Mr. Goto thinks he will do his best, he will.”

Goto’s gaze swiftly turned.

“Are you sincere?”

Looking at Jinwoo’s expression, it was not a joke.

Goto stared at her head.

‘surely… Do not you know who I am?

No, even if I did not know until now, I would have just heard the interpreter.

But is it arrogance, illusion, that has not bent its will?

‘…It’ll be fun. ‘

The smile disappeared from Goto’s face.

I was going to take a look at the level of my opponent’s skill and finish it lightly, but I changed my mind.

Fortunately, there is also a S-class healer nearby so there will not be a big accident.



The face of the interpreter became pale.

Sungjin Hunter If you can not control over blood because you are in class S, why would you go to Goto, who has been through the battle?

However, it was already becoming an irreversible atmosphere.

“Who is in front of the Japanese Hunter?”

“that… Sung Jin Hun Hunter? ”

“what? Is it true even in Dalian? ”

Two S-class hunters and associates from the gymnasium gathered around two people.

While everyone was watching the situation in anticipation of half anxiety, they stood next to the caravan Indian hunters.

‘Is it okay …?’

He is a man who has reached the peak in Japan with more than twenty S-class Hunters.

And Sung Jin Hun Hunter was S class except for his E class career, but it was only a few days old.

Originally, it would be right to dry the Sungjin Hunter.

Hunter in the position of the Cha Haeun guild, Hunter Sungjin Hunter saved the lives of all the elite raid.

I can not help but wonder if it is as if I was hurt.


Every time I tried to dry out, I remembered the day.

The appearance of Jinwoo, who was watching the Boss of the A class dungeon and the high orcs of more than a hundred, not to interfere.

When I recalled the intense gaze that Jin-woo showed at the time, my heart grew, and the strange expectations rose.

So I could not move forward and barely bite my lower lips.


“Is it okay to be next to the hunters today?”

Byeon Yongho has been asked by her side.

Baek Yoon-ho, who had played raids several times in the past, knew the symptoms of Cha Haein.

“You can not be blocking your nose even if you go to Jeju Island.”

In the reply of Cha Haein, Baek Yunho nodded his head.

This time the car Haen asked.

“White said,” Sungmin Hunter and Sphere? ”


Cha Haein recalled that the Baekho guild, like Hunters, was helped by Sung Jin Hunter.

“Then you have to dry Mr. Sungjin?”

“That would be normal.”

Because your opponent is ‘goto’.

The car Hae had a headache.

“Then why …?”

Baek Yoon-ho turned his head and answered, gazing at Cha Hae-in.

“This is the same reason as Tea Hunter.”


Cha Hae-in was surprised that Baek Yoon-ho had caught his heart. There was a slight change in her expression, which was always cool.


“Is not it a strange anticipation?”

I could not deny it.

Even now, ‘If you are a Sung Jin Hun Hunter,’ I was heart to heart.

“I do the same.”

Baek Yoon-ho, who answered with such smile, turned his head toward Jinwoo and Goto again. His gaze was full of anticipation.

‘If St. Hunter is an awakening capable of growing as I expected …’

It is finally a moment that can be confirmed.

Goto first heard his fist.

The close interpreter was out of the hurry.

Two people in class S face each other, and one man was called the strongest hunter in Japan.

The general public can lose their lives if they get hurt.

Jinwoo, who watched the interpreter go to the safe distance, raised her hand later.

No, I tried to lift it.



Goto ‘s fist stretched out without any delays, cutting off the place where Jin – u’ s head was.

Goto’s eyes grew bigger.

‘Did you miss it?’

It was a blow to knock Jinwoo down in a room and recover his crumpled face.

Jin-woo rubbed his head sideways and pulled away his fist.

The reaction rate was surprising.

‘This is a magic series?’

Sounds funny.

Again his eyes were correct.

I do not know why the Korean Hunter Association is concealing the man’s ability, but the man was a battle line, and it was definitely an assassin type.

Agile movements and silent gait.

‘Everyone else can deceive, but my eyes can not deceive.’

Goto put up one side of his mouth.

I’ll take off more.

Until you reveal your bases.

Goto has been intrigued for a long time.

Quite distant from Goto, Jinwu stood still and listened to his heartbeat.

Throbbing, throbbing, throbbing.

My heart ran.

I felt stronger in Goto than other S-class hunters.


Whenever Goto ‘s extraordinary energy comes into contact with his skin, his emotions in his heart were strong confidence.

‘That man is the best in Japan …’

I was able to realize how much I had changed while raising the level to 97.

Strong confidence appeared in the expression.

In contrast, goto’s face is caked.

‘Do you laugh again?’

Dare you in front of me?

Goto spewed out his breath.

He is spouting the air inside the colossal horsepower heavily clicked done.

The Hunters I watched were surprised.

‘Is not this supposed to dry?’

‘Goto Ryuji, is this really what you want to do?’

Jinwoo laughed lightly, on the other hand.

It was a bar.

Goto had the magic power of his own, but when Jin-woo had no sense of humor, he felt something coming up inside him.

The glow of Goto is bright!

Before the other hunters stopped, Goto ran like an angry beast.

The streets narrowed in a short time, Goto ‘s fingertips stretched out, but Jin – woo leaned back and forth.

‘…!’Goto’s eyes shook.

Avoid this?

Is this coincidence, or …?

While many thoughts crossed in my head, my hands did not stop, but they poured indiscriminate attacks.

But none of them hit well, and they all fell short or blocked.

‘How does this happen …?’

Goto’s forehead began to get cold sweat.

Jinou who escapes from Goto, who is attacking brilliantly.

The Hunters admired the two.

“It’s a terrible attack.”

“It’s a tough move to follow with your eyes.”

“Sung Jin Hunter is also good?”

“Where can I get rid of as much as I can against the strongest in Japan?”

Car Haen shook his head several times inside.

‘Sungjin Hunter is not holding up now.’

In the eyes of others it seemed that Jin-woo was dragged into Goto’s constant attack, but the opposite was true.

Cha Haein swallowed her saliva by her stunning eyes.

‘Goto attacks are constantly leading to the next attack!’

If your eyes were not wrong …

Sung Jin Hun Hunter was able to understand the competence of the opponent in line with the level.

It was only possible when you had a few skills above your opponent.


The ridiculous thing was happening in front of my eyes.

Maybe I should stop the two people not because of the danger of Sung Jin Hun Hunter, but on the contrary …

When the idea of the car hail is crazy up there. Cha Hae – in discovered Baek Yoon – ho, who was shivering from the side.

“White boss …?”

I called it with a small voice, but Baek Yunho did not answer. His gaze was fixed only to Jinwoo.

Cha Hae-in, who looked at the complexion of Baek Yoon-ho, was surprised.

‘The eyes of the white boss …’

Baek Yoon – ho ‘s eyes were shining yellow like those of a beast. The vertically torn eyes shook in shock.

Car Hae looked at her anxiously, but Baek Yunho did not even know she was looking at herself.

Baek Yoon-ho has now seen it clearly in the eyes of Masuo.

‘I… I was right.

The power of Jinwoo was so powerful that it was not compared to the last time he saw him in front of the association.

‘Growing Hunter …!’

My whole body shivered tremulously.



Baek Yoon-ho, who was gazing at Jin-woo, unconsciously spit out at the moment.

The car was next to him, and he turned his head sharply, feeling the horrifying aura of India.


Just a few seconds ago.

It was Goto who knew better than anyone that he was getting caught up in the face of Jin-woo.

Goto, who was always called the “strongest”, felt his pride had been poured into sewer.

‘Dare you against me …?’

When Jinwoo passed away in his car, even when the blowstick that had entered the gap precisely stood, the ghostly life in the eyes of the angry Goto was young.


Jinwoo’s eyes grew bigger.

Goto’s flesh felt stiff skin.


My heart was horny.

If someone has a flesh herself, the system issues a message and then issues an emergency quest.

If there is a quest to kill Goto here …?


Jinwoo lifted his head to the sound of the machine that burst out.

[warning! This one with flesh is around!]

Fortunately, only the warning message was raised, unlike the case of Saiwangseok or Kang Tae Sik was not an emergency quest.


“ä_ -!

Goto ‘s fingertips sharply pointed at Jinwoo’ s eyes and chewed Jinwoo ‘s cheek.

I would have lost one eye if I did not turn my head in response to an early reflex.

It was an obvious flesh-and-blood attack, and it came in precisely for the sake of urgency.

It should not be during the practice showdown.


The moment, the air changed.


Baek Yoon-ho, who was staring at Jinwoo, unconsciously made a spit.

The first person to feel the changed air was Goto.

I understood one body, but not my head.

Goose bumps in cold chills, and the hair on the back of the neck is in a hurry. It was my first experience.

‘What is this …?’

The cuff was caught by Jinu before the brain could make a judgment. I could not pull it out even if I gave it strength.

‘What power …’

The gaze, which was headed for the cuff for a while, moved to Jinwoo’s face.

Cool eyes like freezing.

However, it was the right shoulder and forearm of Jinwoo which inflated a lot more than the eyes of Jinwoo.

The arm of Jinwoo, which had been stretched as hard as he could, was aiming at his face, the fist of the end of his arm.

The heavy air sank around the shoulder.

Suddenly my breath stopped.


At that moment, Goto recalled the word ‘death’ in my head.



Baek Yoon – ho and Cha Hae – in who instinctively ran came up with the right arm of Jinwoo.

Baek Yoon-ho hung his shoulders almost every other way, and Cha Hae-in took his wrists with both hands.

When Jin – woo turned around, Baek Yun – ho shook his head.

The chaos of India has sent a nervous glance through the face that seems frightened.

‘…’Thanks to the desperate grievances of the two men who did not buy the body, Jinwoo could only calm the excitement.


Jinwoo shortly breathed out and let go of Goto’s wrist.

Goto rubbed his free wrist and stepped back a few steps. The interpreter quickly approached Goto.

Baek Yunho told the interpreter.

“I think the atmosphere is going to get worse, so the practice showdown is up to here. Please tell the Japanese. ”

The interpreter nodded.

When he told Baek Yoon – ho ‘s doctors in Japanese, Goto turned around without a greeting and went out of the gym.

“Mr. Goto!”

The voice of an interpreter who accompanied Goto was pathetic.

A sigh of relief, Yoon-ho Baek bowed to Jin-woo.

“Sorry to interrupt.”

“…””He is someone who should lead the Japanese team in a few days. I knew I could be doing things wrong, but I could not be quiet. ”

Baek Yoon-ho carefully looked at Jinwoo’s eyes.

“Did I do something wrong?”


Jinwoo admitted it.

Baek Yoon-ho was right.

If the goto is wrong, and there is a disruption in the plan, the damage in both countries will not be enough. I did not intend to blame Baek Yoon – ho and Cha Ha – in who ran timely.

Wow – The situation seems to be sorted out People who watched the confrontation between Goto and Jin-woo excitedly came to Jin-woo.

People’s eyes were different.

The first person to come was the master of reputation guilds, and Ma Dong-wook, who had a lot of talent.


She laughed and laughed.

“It’s not normal to finish a small wound on the ball against the god of the world!”

Unfortunately, other than Cha Hae and Baek Yoon – ho, I could not figure out exactly what had happened.

“Five! My body is very hard! Great physique! ”

She touched Jinwoo’s shoulders and arms and admired her.

“Our guild is only a magic series, so the battle line is not enough. The castle teacher. If you do not have a guild in your mind, would not you come to us? ”

“Hey, Master.”

The last person who came back from a step and quietly watched the situation came out.


As Ma Dong – wook turned his head, Jung – in said he waited.

“Sungjin Hunter is a magic series.”

An earthquake struck the pupil of Ma Dong – wook.



Going out of the gym, Goto quickly got away from the translator and checked his wrist.

‘…’There was a bruise all over his wrist.

Even though it was not hot weather, his forehead was filled with sweaty bones.

He pulled out the phone and hit a familiar number.

I hear the sound of lifting the receiver after several aspirations.


– Matsumoto.

“President of the association.” – Goto? Why is your voice?

Goto said, trying to calm the trembling voice.

“In Korea… There is a huge Hunter in Korea. “- More than you?

“Maybe it is.” -…

“I think I need to make a little different plan.”

Matsumoto, who had not spoken for a long time, turned around and asked again.

– That Hunter’s name?

“Sung Jin Woo. It is a reincarnation that it has become S grade recently. “- Strange. There is no such name.


There is no such name.

So, uh, did you just say Hunter is a ghost?

Well, I felt like I was hooked on a ghost.

But I did not even confirm that it was a magic series by myself in the association homepage.

“What do you mean by that? I do not have Sungjin. “- Actually, I just sent the final list in Korea.

“Do you mean there is no Sungjin in there?”

No way.

Is not it possible that the president of the Kun-hee association will not form a raid member without such a strong hunter?

Beyond the receiver, Matsumoto calmly said.

– Jongin In, Ma Dong Wook, Baek Yoon Ho, Cha Seong In, Lim Tae Gyu, Min Byung Ku.

Matsumoto said in a confident voice, as if to appeal that changes in the plan are not necessary.

– These six are all Korean teams to start in four days.

*** Baek Yoon-ho took a deep breath.

The sound of the heart did not sink easily after the two men who had made the loud noise in the gym left.

‘Was it possible?’

When I witnessed in my head what I was supposed to do, I could not hide my surprise.

‘Really growing arousal …’

How much is his value?

As for Baek Yoon-ho, he could not dare guess.

That’s why I was just watching the end-users, Ma Dong-gyu’s efforts to recruit Jin-woo from afar.

I still remember the eyes of the last man who looked at himself wondering.

‘Nation is not in any other guild.’


The attempt to recruit Sungjin Hunter is in vain.

However, there were many ways to stay in touch with a great Hunter even if it was not a recruitment.

Plan B was the turn to start.

By the way.

Woong – My cellphone shook my body once. It ‘s definitely a character, given that the tremor does not continue.

Baek Yoon – ho took out his cellphone in his pocket without thinking about it.

It was news from the association.

Four days later, the final list of participants participating in penitentiary subjugation.

After seeing a long list of Japanese hunters, Baek Yoon-ho’s eyes became bigger as he watched Korean hunters.

He sat on the bench and got up.

“There is no Sung Jin Hunter!”

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