Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 114

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 114

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The 115 species of ants that found a helicopter rose.

Booong – Booong – There are only a few objects that can fly yet.

“I’ll take care of it.”

The only magical hunter in the team, Jong-in, came out.

Skill ‘Flame Spear’.

When the casting was over, the seven flames appeared like a spear and flew over the ants.

Kwachulite -!

It is difficult to kill ants in a room with dispersed firepower. But it was enough to burn their wings.

Keeqek – Kyaak – The winged burning ants fell down.

The final man grasped his fist as he looked at them.

But it was not time to enjoy the victory.

The finalist turned around and asked her.

“How about Japan?”

The ants began to notice the approach and move.

That meant no more time to spare.

Sheik-wook ears to the earphone receiver. Tanker, he was the leader of the South Korean raid.

“I’m going in now.”

Do not worry!

I heard horrible binge after the talk.



As it turned out to be a signal, the breeze was heard all over the island, and the smoky smoke rose.

It was the beginning of the fourth subjugation operation.

Im Tae – gyu, the master of the reaper guild, frowned at the helicopter looking down at the ground.

Thousands of ants that had escaped from the ants were scattered all over the island.

“It’s very disgusting, it’s disgusting.”

“I think you’re out of everything?”

“…That’s right. ”

The long line of ants is just over, and the remaining one is a large hole in the ground.

It was the entrance of the Antarctic cave.

The size of the giant cave was so large that only the tunnels that were commonly seen on the highway were from the entrance size.

There must be a queen ant at the innermost of that ant.

The goal of the raid is only one.

It was the removal of the queen.


Immediately before infiltrating into the Antarctic, Ma Dong-wook gestured all of his team members. I screamed at the photographer who hesitated.

All who participated in this operation hit the forehead.

“It took about an hour for Japanese hunters to pull off hundreds of simulations. We have to kill the queen unconditionally within that hour. ”

I did not say the same thing when I failed.

Unlike the first, second and third subjugation operations, there is no way to escape from this operation.

It is to be isolated in an antique ash.

When Myeong-wook looked at his team members one by one, everyone nodded with a spirited face.

‘They are the best team members.’

Unless this tragedy happens again, there will not be a chance to be with such a team. Ma Dong-wook was honored to be the leader of the team.

Their shortcomings are over.

“let’s go.”

Six raiders on the helicopter, one cameraman. The seven hunters jumped together.

*** “How long have you been in Korea?”

Goto asked.

“for a bit.”

Originally, contact with the control center is for Goto, the leader, but Hunter, who is in contact, replies that he does not want to get stuck on his body.

“Less than 10 minutes.”

“Ten minutes.”

I have to be ready to fall.

Goto looked around for a moment before preparing to leave Jeju Island.

The bodies of the slaughtered ants were piled up.

The Japanese team’s surface area goal in this raid is the sight line dispersion.

I focused on time punishment rather than removing ants.

‘It may be a big opponent for Korea, but it does not apply to our country.’

Goto ‘s one mouth came up with strong confidence.

Goto ordered one of the dead ants to kick away and prepare for the retreat.

The moment has come to move for the real goal of the Japanese team.

By the way.

“Hey, Goto.”


The look of Hunter in charge of the contact was unremarkable.

“I have not gotten in touch with the third team since.”

‘Is the device broken …’

It is not uncommon for a machine that has been well on its way for a few inspections to catch up to something important, but to fail during important work.

The third team landing point is south.

I will not be far away from my team that has landed in the west and moved downward. “How far is it to the point where three teams are disconnected from our current location?”

“We can now arrive in 10 minutes at our speed.”

It was not as far as I expected.

If you leave this as it is, the three teams that did not hear the order of retreat were left on the island alone, and could be hit hard.

‘…’The next Japanese team can not make five S-class hunters as a loser even considering the sole subjugation. Particularly, the three teams consisted of the best as far as landing from the south nearest to the ant.

Losing them was a painful loss to Japan.

‘Well, I do not want to …’

There must have been some mistakes.

Goto concluded at the end of his troubles.

“We’ll go once.”

*** Clothes. As Jinwu stopped, the familiar sound of the machine came out.


[Distance to now: 10Km] [You have completed 10Km of running.]

When I first encountered the daily quest, it was 180 degrees different from that of the first day, and the breath of Jinwoo was not disturbed at all.

I repeat the daily quest every day, and now it just felt like part of life.

The completion reward came with the completion message soon.


Jinwoo took 2 of the ability points he received as a reward for agility and the remaining 1 for his strength.

[Stats] Strength: 219 Stamina: 200 Dexterity: 230 Intelligence: 250 Sensation: 200 (Distributable Ability Points: 0) Physical Damage Reduction: 46%

‘Even if there were 1 more point …’

Unfortunately, I can not even make points.

Still, the smile was built with the stats rising evenly.


After raising the intelligence to 250, I was balancing the overall balance with no stats left behind.

‘I do not want to throw away all five stats.’

It was a conclusion that it was a long time to raise the level and stats. The stats with the high numbers did not disappoint me anytime.


If it does not happen in the future, I was going to adjust the stat balance for the time being.

Jinwoo closed the stat window with a satisfactory face.

Then I looked around.

It was originally a sad neighborhood, but today people were out of business. The reason could be guessed enough.

Jinwoo pulled out his cellphone and confirmed the time.

‘I knew it.’

By now, the timing of the raid of the union team will be progressing.

The whole nation can not keep an eye on TV.

Jinwoo turned in the direction.

The quest is already over, but the steps to go home were faster than usual.

*** The operation was smooth.

Ma Dong-wook came to the deep inside of the Antarctic cave without interruption as Japan had foreseen.

The inside of the Antarctic cave was similar to a cave dungeon.

But if there is a difference, do not you think that the hunters who enter into it have to reveal their own vision because there is no light beam?

‘…’It’s black.

I thought the dungeon experience was going to be pretty, but the cameraman swallowed the dry spit in a tense.

His position is at the back. The finalist in the front line lighted the fire and the other hunters followed closely.

The photographer’s forehead had a light for shooting.

However, in the darkness where magic melts, it was not as helpful as the magic of the S-class Hunter, and it was only a level that could only reveal his eyes.

“It’s quiet.”

The final man nodded his head and said.


As a leader and tanker, he had a duty to protect the magic line, the final man, who was standing at the forefront.

Is that so?

Ma Dong-wook caught the stretch in every direction with his sharp eyes. I could not find the usual good-looking appearance.

Baek Yoon-ho was also different from usual.

From the beginning, ‘Masu’s eyes,’ opening in the Antarctic Peninsula, he did not want to miss a word of effort to miss a little magic.

Min Bung-gu and the cameraman were also nervous.

Only the car Haenman walked silently, putting his hand on his sword handle with his face as usual.

It was then.


The final man made a voice as he found something.



The hunters gave a hush voice.

Arms of ants lined up endlessly on walls and ceilings.

There were dazzling larvae twirling in the translucent cloudy bark.

There is only one emotion that can be felt in front of a spawning place mixed with a dismal atmosphere and a stinking odor.

It was disgust.

“Shall I burn this thing?”

The final man frowned and said.

I laughed for the first time after Mang-wook entered the antics.

“I feel like a chimney, but I do not have time, so I’ll quit.”

Even if they all hatch all the time, the life span is one year.

If they could kill their mother, they would not have to worry about it.


Baek Yoon-ho pointed to the darkness and warned.

And before he could speak, Cha Hae had already pulled a sword.

Ma Dong-wook lifted a shield as big as his body to his chin and watched the front.

It is.

Ten herds of ants were united.

It seemed to be mutated ones born in Jeju Island, but their eyes were degenerated.

“Is the queen’s escort?”

The last man shook his head.

“no. Probably they are guardians of spawning grounds. ”

“So it will not be difficult.”

If you are not a boss escort but a regular monster, you will not be able to resist the firepower of a raid that has been made S class!

Ma Dong-wook, who knew well how much time was left, came in first.


The hunters followed suit.

Then the fireworks flashed a few times at the fingertips of Jong-in, and the arrow shot by Lim Tae-gyu broke the air.

As soon as Ma Dong-wook guessed, the fight was over.


The neck of the last ant fell.

Car Haen robbed his sword with fluids.

Said Myeong-wook.

“The fact that the spawning ground is here …”

The answer came from the mouthpiece of the last man.

“It means the queen’s bedroom is nearby.”

While each of them had a time for maintenance for a while, the cameraman who was looking around looked suddenly screaming.


The hunters’ gaze was so intense.

“Sin, I’m sorry.”

He forgot the fact that he was watching the broadcast with his camera in his head and he bowed his head to the hunters.

Baek Yoon-ho was curious and came close.

“What is it?”

“Oh, not another … There he is. ”

The cameraman laughed humbly and pointed to one corner.

“Hatching eggs are piled up, but only one toxin is so big.”

‘…!’Baek Yoon-ho’s eyes grew bigger.

It was literally.

While the eggs of other ants are only about the size of bicycle wheels, the eggs he points to are poisonous …


An elongated and elliptical form of the anthropomorphism was sufficient.

‘Is this an ant?

“What was born here?”

Bong Bong Min, who came up soon, also made a surprised look.

Baek Yoon-ho, whose face had hardened for a while, turned his face and smiled and laughed.

“We only need to catch the Queen, we do not have to worry about anything else.”


Min Byung turned around and went to the hunters.

But Baek Yoon – ho once again looked at the egg.


*** ‘Nonsense…’

Goto doubted his eyes.



The other hunters either raced or swallowed.

Goto looked around and frowned.

3 Team hunters were in the spot where they were disconnected.

All five of them lost their heads.

It was shocking for the Hunters to see their five companion hunters roll over the floor.

‘…’Goto, who was sleeping on the temple without words, approached and looked at the hunters’ carcasses.

‘I’m not cut off by a cutlery.’

The hunters were all torn.

‘How strong would it be if I had bitten my throat?’

While Goto was in shock, one of the hunters approached and fired anger.

“These ants are …”

Goto shook his head.

“They are not.”


“No matter what the ants were, it was one of them.”

“Is that it?”

Goto swallowed his saliva.

No matter how large my eyes were, I could see no sign of fighting around.

If the ants were pushed by numbers and the three teams were wiped out, dead ants and other traces had to remain.

But I could not find anything like that.

And the hunters’ wounds.

It seemed to me that one of them was hit by the attacked location.

‘How do you get the best Japanese hunters …’

If only one of them can do this, it’s the boss of the S-class dungeon.

Goto took the transceiver used by the neighbor Hunter and gave strength to his voice.

“Goto.” – Tell me.

“Where is the queen ant? Did he get out of the oyster? “- Let me check.

A horsepower detection camera attached to a satellite.

It was the technology that only the United States, Japan, and China had in the world.

One of them, even China, is only a copy of hacking US technology, so the two countries that have the original technology are America and Japan.

The position of the queen that was watching in real time with the technology that Japan boasted to the world flowed through the receiver.

-no. The Queen was in the bedroom all the time. Oh, now Korean hunters are penetrating into the bedroom.


Goto got up.

I felt like my heart was falling down.

‘Is not it the Queen’s?’

Goto’s breathing accelerated.

Things were going really wrong.

Goto hurriedly said.

“The withdrawal command … Tell all Japanese hunters to leave the island as soon as possible. “- Contingency, sir.

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