Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 119

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 119

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120 “Is contact with Goto disconnected?”

The complexion of Matsumoto president changed to earthy.

The staff turned over the receiver to Matsumoto and asked.

“Would you like to hear it yourself?”

Matsumoto nodded at his receiver as he took it away from the staff.

Soon the recording file was played.

-ant… It’s kind of sharp.

– Are you a king?

– Yes, I am the king.

– Goto Award!

– U Ah, u Ah Ah!

– Shut up!

– Uh, uh …

– You, what the hell are you!

Beep. “The connection is disconnected here.”

The face of Matsumoto taking off the receiver hardened hard.

I hear horrible noise from moody noise and marsupial.

Other situations could not be recalled.

‘Do ants use human speech? Besides, Goto was hit by him? ”

This was not scheduled.

Obviously, planning and preparation would have been perfect. Why?

Matsumoto’s fingers trembled.

“…Mr. President? ”

He realized that the employees’ gaze was pointing to his own hand and concealed his hand.

Then he turned around.

“Goto … No, where is the talent? ”

I could not say that it was a killer who killed Koto.

“It’s gone.”

“You disappeared?”

He killed Goto.

Could the missile detection camera of the satellite which is watching the Jeju Island miss such a marsh?

The staff pointed to the monitor as if the president knew what to say.

“That light is the horsepower of the mage that appeared then.”

The horsepower detection camera recognizes horsepower as light.

The bigger and brighter the white dot on the screen means the more powerful horsepower exists.

As soon as Goto and the surrounding hunters had disappeared, the big and bright spot also quickly disappeared.

“Oh My God…”

Matsumoto moaned.

The enemy was in complete control of his horsepower.

‘This is … This guy … ‘

The research team could not catch it.

It was a perfect work.

In return, Japan lost 10 of the top-level hunters. Among them was the best hunter in Japan.

It was a painful price for a single mistake.

And the price may not have come to an end yet.

‘If such a ridiculous monster crosses the sea …’

Even though I tried to shake off, I was filled with a terrible imagination.

But then.

“I found it! He came back! ”

Matsumoto’s eyes gleamed.

“Where is he?”

“Queen’s bedroom.”

“…”There were Korean hunters who faced the ants who began to return to the ants.

It seemed quite struggling, but the opponent is a monster that goes beyond common sense.

‘Finally the Koreans are over.’

The eyes of Matsumoto who thought so became bigger.

‘…?’The light suddenly appeared in front of the terrible monster. “This, what the hell?”

Matsumoto was surprised and looked at the staff. The staff member of the research team hastily shook his head.

“Well, I’ve never seen anything like that before.”

It was almost as big and bright as the battle.

No, maybe it was more than that.

What was more surprising, however, was the fact that hundreds of small lights were circling around the large light.

Even the analyst team leader who has been analyzing the detection image for years has never seen it before.


The splendor of splendor splashed into a beautiful stream of light that repeatedly divided.

However, Matsumoto had no room to admire.

“The Korean team. They were shooting the course, right? ”

The fact that the Korean teams are still striding well means that the broadcast may be continuing. Matsumoto could not bear to wonder how things were going.

“Korean team broadcast! Korean team broadcasting on the main screen! ”

As soon as he shouted, he came up with a man who was confronted with an ant on a super large screen placed on the wall of the control center.

Matsumoto swallowed his cock in the face of the man. Sweat swollen on the temple, and the jaw was drawn.

‘That man … Is that man the master of these light chunks? ”

And the big ant athlete standing in front of him. They were usually 1.5 times bigger than ants.

Even though I was watching through the screen, my heart rate became faster because of pressure.

‘…’Matsumoto’s face got harder and harder.

At that moment.

The ant moved first.

*** An ant king’s fist struck Jinwoo’s face.


Jinwoo almost crushed his upper body gave strength to the toes and held up.

‘…!’The ant king, who had put his power in his fist, was greatly surprised.

“My power … Hold on? ”

Though I go out to the stabbing blow with the thought to break the breath, it is only the level of the head which I turned back a little.

However, Jinwoo’s fist came flying with no surprise.

“_ä – Fuck!

The ant king facing the face was put on the wall of the other side.


The wall was dented like a trail of meteorites.

It was only a moment, but it was such an intense shock that it made me feel like the whole grotto was shaking.

“What ants are saying so much?”

*** When the broadcast was suddenly stopped and the message of the accident occurred, many viewers were devastated.

“The hunters … What about the hunters? ”

“What is the ant just now?”

“No, what if I stop broadcasting here?”

Hunters who are so helpless against one of the ants.

It was a video showing the cold water to the viewers who were glad to see the scene of killing the queen.

Soon after, the screen of broadcasting accident was over and a moderator appeared.

-Ah… This is the news we just confirmed.

He conveyed the obscenity of Min Bung Hunter in a gloomy voice.

And added that the other Hunters remaining in the Antarctic cave still can not be assured of safety.


“I got the queen, but the hunters are dead!”


“What is Japan doing as an alliance team?”

Someone was upset, somebody was worried, somebody was sad.

The news that the hunters who fought for their lives might face the miserable end quickly spread.

When the relay screen was disconnected, the audience rating of the raid broadcast was increased more than when the relay was smooth.


The face of the moderator who received the urgent communication became bright.

– There is one Hunter who has not been confirmed on the scene now! I will continue relaying again.

The word was enough to invigorate the tired eyes of the people who were in front of the TV.

Then scene screen comes in.



The people watching TV jumped up to see the black soldiers who filled the screen.

The black soldiers were fighting against the ants who were pushed into the queen ‘s bedroom.

The camera was fixed on one person.

It was difficult to distinguish the face from the distance.

– Soldiers wearing armor are Hunter’s petals in the video now. Also, most of the Hunters are good news.

The people who watched in vain joyed at the news.

And he started to cheer on the unknown Hunter.

“Hit it all!”

“Well done! Push it out! ”


And finally.

When the nameless Hunter called out a huge number of new soldiers, and they began to slaughter the ants. Wow ah -!

People were enthusiastic with their two fists pounding into the sky.

Those who lost family and friends and wanted ants to get revenge tears in the cool scenes.

The moment the decision was as if the timing was aimed at the moderator raised the voice.

– Oh, Hunter’s identity has just been revealed!

People turned their eyes and ears to the screen.

Who is he?

What is the identity of Hunter with the ability to save S-class hunters in a S-class battlefield?

– Korea’s 10th Hunter, Sung Jin Woo! As a magical series of hunters, your skills are called summoning magic!

People were more delighted that Hunter, who had such an outstanding ability, was not a Japanese.

The ants were arranged in a short time.

The ants that I met again in the situation that I left only such an escape.

“uh? uh?”

“That’s …”

The winged ant athlete, who I had seen before the broadcast was cut off, walked leisurely through the herd of ants.

There are few winged ants themselves, and their facial features are different and easily distinguishable.

The viewers were in chaos.

“what? Was not that kitten dead? ”

“The monsters were all hit by the hunters before?”

“Why is he here again ?!”

The winged ant stood in front of Sungjin Hunter.

People who know the relationship of ability to some degree, and the two facing each other, I was saddened to the foot.

“Oh, he’s dead, he’s dead.”

“What if the magic system gave it that easy distance?”

“Run away now!”

It is a marathon that has blown Hunter in the room.

It was almost like a fire to see how things would flow.

Just standing face-to-face is anxiety, but suddenly the size of ants is much larger.

The people who were watching the screen made the illness worse.



Some viewers with weak fences shrugged their eyes.

The moment he fits, he knew that Hunter’s head would be blown.

But surprisingly well.


‘Did the magic line endure the punch that knocked the tanker, Mdong Hunter, in one room?’

People’s eyes have grown.



An ant was stuck in the wall.

“…””…”It took a little bit of time for viewers to figure out what happened.

But the moment the camera showed an ant king hanging on the wall.

Waaaaaaaaa -!

Again, there was a fierce cheer.

*** “Ugh!”

The cameraman’s mouth opened wide.

When Sung Jin Hun Hunter was hit by an ant’s fist, he was astonished.

Hunter, who is a minor, lost consciousness in one place.

However, Sung Jin Hun Hunter has blown away ants. S-class Hunter The guy who was playing with six.

Huckle came out.

‘Was the S-class Hunter weak?’

No, I will not.

The Korean team hunters, who fought valiantly, took off the queen ant, a Class S boss, excellently.

It is strange that such a variant ant against such a hunter is strange, and Sungjun Hunter which blows out the variant ant was even more strange.


The cameraman suppressed the excitement and passed the dry spit.

The response of other hunters was not different.

When everyone was gazing at Jinwoo with an excited eye, the last man suddenly looked around.

Around the full body of ants.

I thought that the Hunters were the ants who were treated together while I was stunned.

But I just changed my mind when I saw Jinwoo.

‘I do not know … Sung Jin-woo alone?

The pupil of the final man trembled as he looked over the number of ants.

On the key to the eek – on!

The head of the last man swiftly came back to the bizarre outburst.

The king of ants who had escaped from the wall was expressing anger. The air inside has shuddered.

‘Ho ho?’

Jin looked at the king of ants with his eyes, which was amazing.

The damage was less than I thought.

‘Exoskeleton … That’s because. ‘

A black hard skin covering his body. It was already beyond the level of common organic matter.

If so, break it with force.

It is not a sword or a window, but a giant hammer that can break armor.

Jinwoo’s shoulder and arm muscles swelled and tendons rose. Heavier air sat around him.

The king of the ant stopped the roar and turned his horribly distorted face to Jinwoo.


The distance between the two walking toward each other was narrowed quickly.

Jinwoo and ant kings who came face to face soon.

The two began to send and receive offensive power without making concessions.




The Hunters were astonished.

The inside of the cave was trembling with the shock wave of horsepower that occurred when Jinwoo and the king of the ant hit each other.

Even the superhighest hunters, who have a hand in dealing with magic, were so sick of it.

“Wow …”

“It’s okay?”

“Hang, it’s okay.”

A cameraman who was only A class kept pushing to come up from inside. I was dizzy.


But the reason why I can laugh as my face grows white.

thud! thud! thud!

‘How could a hunter against such a monster be alone …’

I saw hope.


Obviously, Sung Jin Hun Hunter is also hitting, but the ant kings’ shells were definitely breaking.

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