Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 120

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 120

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121 The king of ants saw the change in his body that he was proud of.



There were microscopic cracks all over his skin, which is harder than any metal in the world.

The enemy, on the other hand, was enduring his attack.


One house that could not be swept past the king of ants.

‘I… I am pushed from power? ”

To human beings that are only half as big as that?

Just then.


I felt the wound on the side of the side just hit hard. The sound was not good.

The king ants looked at you for a very short period of time to check the condition of the exoskeleton without pain.


The result was shocking.

‘…Split. ”

The gold, which was only a small scratch, grew as it extended to all sides.

It is a warning that there is not enough time left.

The ant king quickly turned his head.

But even in the shortest possible time, Jinwoo did not think that he would miss the chance to see the other side.


The king ‘s face turned to the side.

‘…?’The ant kinked for a moment in an intense shock coming from ignoring the steel facial exoskeleton.

Just before the backstroke, he barely balanced, but this time the attack came up from below.


The chin was lifted into the sky.

‘Dare you are human …!’

The king, with his head up, turned his gaze downward.

This human force is strong.

But he had a lot of powerful weapons against his enemies, who could not stand out.

For example.

The king of ants opened his head and opened his mouth with a sting.

The sting on the tip of the long tentacle protruded instantly.

It was an attack aimed at the enemy’s face from an inevitable distance.

“_ä – Humans swiftly moved their heads quickly to avoid stings, but a smile came to the ant king’s face watching the results.

The human cheek was slightly scratched at the end of the stigma, causing a wound.


That was enough.

The ability absorbed from the celadon stomach that was accidentally ingested.

One of the deadliest poisons creatures can produce is a mixture of enchantments and enrichment in the ant king’s body, turning it into a far more devastating poison.

It was the worst poison that evolved skill ‘predation’.

‘You’re crazy, you humans.’

Even if it touches lightly, all the new economy is paralyzed in a blink of an eye, and it loses sense and can not control the body.

All that remains is to shatter the opponent who has become unable to resist. “…?”

Humans became embarrassed when the poison began to spread.

“This is the power of the king!”

The king of ants walked with a smile on his face and scratched his face.



Man took his left hand and gently blocked it.

‘…?’I wonder how I can still move.


The king, who had been hit by the right hand of the man who fled from the other side, rolled around the floor.


For the first time a scream came out of the king ‘s mouth.

*** Stringing.

Jinwoo confirmed the system message that appeared with the familiar machine sound.

[Decryption completed.]

‘Why did you have to be alone and pleased?’

I felt a great embarrassment from the king of ants just to see if he was a trustworthy poison.

It was a strange thing.

Of course, it was not that the poison was detoxified by the buff, but that he felt the emotion of the beast close to the insect.

Since then, it has become possible to know what feeling Masu is feeling.

‘Has it been since High Oak?’

At that time, I thought that I had read emotions by looking at the expressions and gestures of high orcs.

He had no expression except to squint his face.

‘then… Is this also the power of the senses? ”

As all the stats have been greatly upgraded, I did not even know the sense stats.

The sensation stats, which went up to a certain level, might have other functions that I had not known before.


‘Now is not the time to think about it.’

It is first of all to break the breath of the man and escape from here.

Jinwoo ran toward the king of ants trying to bring up his body.

‘…!’The ant king’s nervousness reached.

The subsequent attacks almost destroyed the king’s exoskeleton.

Now a little more!

With such a thought, Jinwoo jumped into the street in an instant.

And I stretched out my feet.

Kwang -!

But the ant king was already gone. Only the bottom was deep.


“It’s gone!”

As the Hunters looked around for the king, Jinwu lifted his head calmly.

He floated on his head using his wings.

‘This is convenient.’

Jinwoo laughed.

I feel emotional, so it is much easier to pursue.

The emotions that changed from embarrassment to momentary anxiety were now turning into joy again.

Jin-woo’s eyes narrowed.

‘What are you decorating again?’

As anticipated by Jinwoo, the ant king changed his plan. The king looked down quietly from the air.

‘If that person’s skill is strength, there is no reason to confront him.’

Speed your own weapon.

The man who had been bluffing, claiming he was the king of a human being, was not able to respond to his attack and gave up his throat.

It was a kind of show-and-tell that he tried to force him.

The king of ants decided to abandon his self-interest and to do his best to the enemy.


The flesh returned to its original shape, and both fingernails were long and sharp like a sword.

‘Nails …’

Jin watched the body change of the king of ants, and he felt that he would change the pattern of attack from now on.


Jinwoo grabbed two daggers in both hands.


The ant king dived and rushed to Jinwoo. It was a speed that I could not compare before.

‘Would you like that?’

Jinwoo concentrated.

Then, as the time slowed down, all of his actions came into sight.

Jinwoo was the most confident field.

Jinwoo naturally flowed the nail of the king of ants, which was fastened from above, to the end of the dagger.


The fingernails of the ant king and the dagger of Jinwu, who turned back, struck once again.


It became a signal that both attacks began to strike fiercely.

Kaga River! Caen! Kajang! Kajang! Caen!

The moment the ant king was astonished.

I could not stop the astonishment all the while exchanging my workshop.

‘…?’The enemy was catching up with his speed.

No, not only that but the movement was getting faster as time went by.

‘how… This is … ‘

The king, who had been avoiding the backward pace even when he competed with force, began to be pushed slowly.

One step, one step.

Every time the backward step was increased, the exoskeleton was wounded.

On the other hand, Jinwoo’s eyes were convinced.

‘I can finish it.’

The emotional shock that the king is receiving has been passed on to Jinwoo.

He was upset now.

The boy, who played with the best-of-breed hunters of the country as if dealing with a child, was shaking sharply in front of his speed.

Jinwoo realized how his ability rose through his opponent.

‘His suffering was not in vain.’

I felt a good feeling of comfort and my breasts rose a lot.

Let’s finish now.

As soon as the ant king settled down again, Jinwoo made two more steps.


“Quick thrust!”

Jin-woo’s skill was embedded in the ant king’s body.

Sude Strike is a skill that deals additional damage when striking a quick hit.

All the body parts of the exoskeleton was broken, and the entire body was in a difficult situation.


Dozens of quick stabs were stuck in succession.

“Kie ee eek!”

[Skill ‘Sudoku Stab’ is the final form skill ‘Nando’ is upgraded.]


As soon as I got a new skill, Jin-woo tried to use Nando.

Then the dagger searched the ant king’s gaps and tore them dozens of times for a while.


“Kie ee eek!”

The ant king screamed.

As he struggled with pain, Jinwu pulled down his dagger and cut off his arm.


His black long arm fell on the floor.


At that time, the king of ants forgot his pride and vengeance and fled to the sky. Above all, the desire for survival to live was given priority.

But Jin-woo did not tolerate any gaps.

I gave up my leg and jumped.

The king of ants looked back as someone approached.

‘Human beings … Are you following me? ”

Jin-woo, who floated herself with the ruler’s hand, approached the king’s back and cut off one wing.

“Kie eek!”

The king, whose wings were cut off, fell wildly.

But in the short time of going down to the ground, the king struggled to remember how to escape from this crisis.

‘You have to think of things that are ahead of your enemies, than enemies.’

Power, speed, the weapon of the spleen ‘poison’ did not pass through either.

‘Is not there anything I am ahead of him?’

Shortly before such despair, the ant king found the answer difficult.

The only one came up.

Just head.

He was a little alone, and he had thousands of troops.

Many warriors still waiting for their orders are not standing in front of the queen’s bedroom entrance.


The ant king, who was hanging on the floor, hastily raised his body and pointed to Jinwoo with one remaining hand.

“Excuse me!”

The waves of ants came in as if they waited in the roar of the king full of wrath.

How about you, man!

“Excuse me!”

The king roared endlessly.

To restore the fallen self-esteem, on the other hand to encourage the morale of soldiers.

I try to look at the human being so confidently.

“…?”There was a black wave from the other side too.


Jinwoo ordered the shadow soldiers.

The ‘territory of the monarchy’ that was first invoked was still maintained.

The more powerful shadow soldiers rushed to the enemy at an alarming rate.

Doo Doo Doo Doo – A loud footstep was echoed throughout the grotto.

Soon the wave of ants began to crumble.

Jinwoo looked at the battle scene for a while and finally called her molars.

‘…come out.’

I was so alone, I scratched the back of my head looking around, looking at the molluscs that had been summoned.

Jinwoo grabbed a bead of greed in the hands of molars and warned him firmly.

“Only the ants. If you bounce into one of the flames, you will not be summoned forever. ”

The molar nodded vigorously as if they were confident.

Soon after, the giant molar teeth with the song of the giant poured out a gruesome fireball toward the ants.


I watched it frequently, but Jinwoo once again admired it.

‘Oh, that follicle seems to be getting thicker day by day.’

Level up?

It was a reaction to the fact that I was always watching JinWoo, and the meaning was different for others.

Hunters watched the battle of Jinwoo and King of Ants in the corner and they moaned at the sudden appearance of the monster.

There was also a violent reaction.

“Well, is that a recall? It’s a pet, is not it? ”

Lim Tae-gyu raised his voice to point to his molars.

The hunters just kept their mouth wide open and could not react.

It was a similar idea.

That’s a pet?

Looks like it, but by power, is not that a petulant, not a pet monster?

In any case, the ants burned very well in the powerful flame.

The ant king began to shake.

‘This is that human soldier …?’

Hundreds of his soldiers evaporated in less than a minute.

Not only as an expression, but a strange monster flame soldiers literally ‘evaporated’ really.

For the first time.

The king of ants faced the first true terror.

I felt the wall.

I knew that I could not overcome my enemies with anything I had.

It was a complete defeat.

But why …?

‘I would have been born to kill strong men …’

That’s the only mission.

Growth in growth has been repeated for the purpose. It even absorbed the power of humans.

But you can not be an opponent.

The ant king trembled and showed his back.

Far away, away from that person a little bit further.

In the head of the ant king, the thoughts of the kingdom and the soldiers faded away. I only thought that I should live.

The king of ants hastily recovered his wings with a healing skill that he had not yet fully perfected.

‘A little further away …’

But then.


Suddenly, he was pushed down by a huge force pressing down on the floor.


The king of ants banging on the ground rushed, and poured fluids.

Jinwu, who wielded the ruler ‘s hand like a flap, immediately approached it.

‘I can not miss that guy.’

Powerful marsh.

He wanted to make the shadow of a soldier no matter how many.

The first thing to do is to kill him.

The face of the king of ants, who found his way to himself, was terrified.

“Key, Key!”

Eventually, the ant king crawled on your feet and began to run away.

At first, the stomach that I have shown is gone, but now it looks completely insectlike.

Jin soon caught up with the king of ants and used his skill, ‘Quick Stabbing’ or ‘Nando’ on his back.


As soon as dozens of attacks hit at once, a system message popped up.


[We have killed the enemy.] [Level up!] [Level up!]


Jinwu grabbed his fist.

2 levels at once have risen.

The current level is 99.

Considering the number of ants still left, my heart ran as I thought I could do 100 levels in the day.

But joy is also for a while.

“Sung Jin Hun Hunter!”

Looking back on the sound of Baek Yoon – ho, his expression was dark.

Jinwoo ran to it.

Other Hunters who were delighted to see the monster ant fall down also moved to Baek Yoon-ho.

Baek Yoon-ho told Jinwoo.

“Hunters in the car …”

As he said, the car Haein ‘s position was hardly felt.

The situation was not good.

The look of Jinwoo was also hardened.

There was no time.

Even if you fly on a keisel right away, when do you arrive and when do you find a healer and get treatment?

‘There’s something else …’

At the end of the night, Jinwoo recalled a way to save the car Haein.

Jin-woo, who had been lowering his posture, looked up at the cameraman while raising his body.

“Can you turn off the camera for a while?”

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