Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 127

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 127

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129 Jinju was not very conscious of the surrounding gaze unless it was a special occasion.

If it does not bother you, it does not matter if your face is known.

So I did not pay much attention to what others knew about themselves and what they were talking about.


‘At least time and place should make a distinction.’

Jinwoo frowned.

Is not this the place to commemorate the sacrifice of Min Bung Hun Hunter?

Jinwoo, who did not want to be disturbed because of himself, had to open up an extremely small amount of it to the extent that it was hard to say that it was part of the horsepower.

‘…!’The effect was enough.

The air sat in a circle and created a static. Even the breathing of the consultants became cautious.

“…””…”All of those who had just spoken to me just as lied, and at the same time they asked me what they were talking about.


Jin-woo, who created a satisfying atmosphere with silent demonstrations, moved back the pace he had just paused.

However, a middle-aged wife who was too young to be called a grandmother in the past and had an old age to be called a woman stood in front of her.

It was the mother of Min Byung Hun Hunter.

I saw her and Jin-woo facing each other, and people were sulking.

“Oh, huh?”

‘Is not this a shame to eat out?’

But what people were worried about did not happen.

The reason was simple.

“You are here.”


It is because Jin was the mother of Min Bung-Hun Hunter who asked Jin-woo to stop by here.

“I always wanted to meet you and contact you. Did not you become a loser? ”


“I heard that Hunter was the one who had all the monsters there who were able to bring my son.”

My mother, Bong Bong-koo, stopped to talk and looked up at Jin-wook for a moment.

‘…’There were many reasons why Jinwoo caught Jeju Island ants.


It was also true that Min-bong Hunter’s body could not be made to decay in the deepest part of the Antarctic cave.

So Jin nodded his head.


“I did not let my son sleep in that dark, cold place …”

Bong Byeong-koo was tearfully tearing her tears.

“Thanks to Hunter, I was able to meet my son again. Thank you very much. Sung Jin Hun Hunter. ”

In what words can parents comfort the lost child?

Jin-woo kept her mouth shut, and her relatives approached her and took her carefully to the inside, unable to speak.

Mom Byeong-koo’s mother gave her thanks and tumbled her head several times while she was away.

‘…’The face of mother Min Bung-koo and the face of her mother who had been contacted about 10 years ago when her father disappeared in the gate seemed to overlap.

My breasts were strange.


Just as his father sacrificed his life and saved a lot of his colleagues, Min Bong Hunter’s death was not in vain.

If it were not for his devoted heels, the Hunters who were there would have been alive and hard to escape from the ants.


Until his death, he saved the life of another Hunter with his own strength.

Min Bong-gu’s shadow was relieved to look at Hunter’s face, which is gradually getting colder.

Jinwoo was able to feel his sincerity in thinking of his colleagues.

The face of Cha Hae was far away in the gaze of Jinwoo who was moving in the direction of the setting of the court for the weddings.

The car that Jin-woo and the snow face confused and was embarrassed.

‘Are you guys together?’

The Korean team hunters around the Chaehanin sent the snowball to Jinwoo, while Cha Hae had a face that he did not know what to look for.

‘Hey, does she even have that look?’

I have not seen any expressionless faces, but people have lived a long time too.

Jin-woo, who turned his head, stood before the palace.

In the photo, Min Bung Hunter was laughing face to face with no worries.

Jinwoo put his hand in front of the palace and closed his eyes for a moment.

‘Please come to a good place.’

I prayed for my sincerity and turned around, but a familiar face approached.

“Sung Jin Hun Hunter.”

The owner of the low and thick voices was the president of the Koganei Association.

“President of the association.”

“I did not want to contact you, but I see you here.”

“Do you contact me?”

It’s almost like finding Hunter in association.

When Jin-woo looked forward to the idea that there might be a place to raise the level, Koge-hee laughed and shook his head sadly.

“It’s not what Hunter wants you to do.”

“Oh, yes.”


Jinwoo was tired of regret.

“I’d like to talk to you for a moment, would you mind?”

Jinwoo, who was supposed to go to the association because of the guild master license issue, easily accepted it.

“There are some things in the association, and you go and talk.”

“Hunter is an association … What happened? ”

“I need a guild master license.”


A question mark surfaced in the face of Kanghee.

“Why do you need a guild master license if you have a grade S Hunter certificate?”

“S-class Hunter can establish a guild without a license?”


He was a man with a good smile.

“If you want to make a guild, just put a phone call to the association. We will take care of the rest. ”

“…”Only six or seven years ago, Jinwoo had underestimated the benefits of S-class hunters because he had never dreamed he would belong.

At first I was a bit embarrassed to find out what I did not know.

‘As a result, it works. I need to find out some of the benefits of S-Class Hunter. ”

It can also be contacted directly with the president of Kun-hee, so if the qualification is enough, the guild seems to be made soon.

This is why you have to stand up to the line to succeed.

The Hunter President, who is difficult to meet once, was a solid bag for Jinwoo.

Kanghee continued to say.

“And it’s not long enough to move.”

Jinwoo nodded his head.

Then the president of Kun-hee asked if he had waited.

“Did you ever hang anything like a badge on Jeju Island?”

“What do you mean by that?”

Suddenly it is a magic spell.

Did anything happen after he took all the ants and left Jeju Island?

Kanghee slowly explained the situation.

“In the process of fixing the body of Min Bong Hunter, both the soldiers and the hunters in the same place had lost their minds. Oh, in this case, it must be said that you fell asleep rather than lost your mind. ”

Those who were in the same place fell asleep at the same time?

Jinwoo had a headache.

‘It sounds like a wide-range magic over the state.’

Just as the shadow soldiers trapped in the lightning attack of Demon King Baran were stunned at once.

But the problem was that the Hunters who were there were not ordinary Hunters.

“Did not the elite members of the Knights Guild go to Jeju Island?”

In the question of Jin-woo, Kun-hee nodded.

“All of them are top-class hunters in class A, and B-class hunters in class A”

I do not have enough hunters, but dozens of them at the same time. I was not able to give a try to the S-class magic series which was too much.

“So I just asked Sung Jin Hun Hunter. I thought you might have forgotten that you were playing the badge. ”

That was the story that Jin-woo was highly praised by the Goon-han and the Hunter Association.

However, the status quo magic is not a special field of Jin-woo, and there is no possibility of forgetting such a horrible magic spell.

Jinwu shook his head.

“no. It is not such a thing. ”

“Also… I guess. ”

The depth of the face of the president of KOGASHI has been exposed.

I realized that the most hopeful prospect I had in my mind had gone astray.

“What did the hunters say?”


He was making a difficulty in explaining that he was making a difficult speech.

“The soldiers, of course, and the hunters, do not even remember what they were about to lose.”

And he added with a slight voice.

“In fact, it is a situation that you can not even know whether or not it was magical.”

“…”If you are a civilian soldier, you may not be a normal weapon like sleep gas if your physical abilities are superior, even if you are hit by A-class hunters.

‘Did not the traps that the ants had left?’

I wanted to ask him if he could call Berg at once.

‘…’The place of the funeral going to such a place would turn into a bloody raid scene.

Even if I count the number of senior hunters in front of me now, I have passed dozens of them.

Of course Jinwoo was not worried about Bere. I’m worried about Hunter, who has to deal with monster ants.


A young man, who appears to be an employee of the association, approached and whispered something to the president.

The president of Koguryo Association said to Jinwoo that he was sorry.

“I think I should go first because you arrived earlier than planned. Thank you for your time. ”

“It was nothing.”

After a short farewell, the president of Koganei quickly disappeared with his staff.

Jin-woo, whose absence from the association disappeared, moved to a place where he had set up his car to return home.

By the way.


One of the strangest polemics from the beginning followed.

Jinwoo had a headache.

‘If you do not follow, usually you should try not to notice?’

Prior to that.

If you are a normal person, it’s usually not a good idea to follow a S-class Hunter.

It’s a jerk.

It’s not a reporter because you can not hear the camera running, nor does it make any effort to hide your mind.

Jinwoo walked silently to the front of ‘Bongo’, wondering what he would do when he followed the crowd.

Of course, the popularity has been steadily followed.

‘Huh …’

Jinwoo was terrified.

I realized for the first time that I do not really want to be serious if my opponent’s level is low to this extent.

By the way.

The moment Jinwoo grabs the handle to open the door of Bongo.

“Are you Sung Jin-woo?”

I heard a voice from behind.

Jin-woo turned back with a smile on the thought that he would reveal his true color.

“Yes, it is.”

Jin-woo’s pupil, who was checking his opponent’s face, wavered for a while.


It was because I could not think of a foreigner because I was so good at Korean pronunciation.

The Western man, dressed in a suit, tidy and sophisticated, smiled brightly, resembling his blonde hair.

“I am such a person.”

The man took out a business card from his arms and pushed it out.

The business card contains the name of the institution, the name of the man, and the phone number.

[United States Hunter Bureau, senior agent.

‘Hunter Bureau?’

What has the elite agent of the agency that has the largest number of people in the United States come to me for?

No, is there only one thing you can do at the Hunter Bureau?

As Jinwu looked up, the agent introduced himself with a cool voice.

“I would be grateful if you could call me Adam, Sung Jin Hunter.”

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