Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 128

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 128

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Adam White.

Jinwoo faced the eyes of an American young man who said his affiliation was the Hunter Administration.

‘…’I could see that he had a crush on me.

It is a fact that the United States does not need to hide the fact that it is attracting the hunters of the world based on enormous financial power.

So after the introduction, I thought it would be natural for me to come to America.

But Adam pulled out a word he never expected.

“I have information I would like to give to Hunter.”


“Perhaps it is information that can not be heard by any existing country or any organization. Except for us. ”

Jinwoo had a headache.

What is the reason for providing the information of the information to the foreign hunter who does not have a single face?

“Why would you provide me with such information?”

Adam smiled grin at the question of the cool Jinwoo.

“For some people, we have the benefits we can get by simply disclosing information.”

Specific characters.

In this case, Jin-woo was also in the category of ‘specific person’.

Jinwoo was curious.

“Let’s listen.”

“This is the conversation I can share with Hunter. This latter part will be followed by our deputy director. ”

Deputy Director of the Hunter Bureau.

He came to Korea with more than ministerial power of a certain country.

‘It’s not true.’

Adam picked up the idea that he judged Jinwoo’s curiosity to be successful, and saved him.

“I put a car in the vicinity. Would you like to see your deputy? ”

But Jinwoo had the choice to the last.

‘Information …’

Could it be one of two things anyway.

It’s a good news if you know it, or a tip that someone is targeting me.

But I did not feel like I needed to know either of them.

I wanted to concentrate on the black key now even if I could see the profit, and I was confident that I could win even if I became an enemy and run.

And above all.

‘I do not even know if they can trust the information they give in the first place …’

Or it could be a lie that the information itself is completely false.

I do not even know if the opponent’s card is needed for me, or if I have a card, do I need to get carried away?

The conclusion came soon.

“I will think and contact you.”

“…!”In the unexpected flow of conversation, Adam felt a shock as if he had hit his back.

‘No, the deputy director of the Hunter Bureau is going to come to this far and give you the secret information.

However, the opponent opened the door of the duckguk whether or not to throw an empty box.

If Sungjin Hunter goes away like this, then the next chance may be. No, there is a possibility not to come at all.

I did not know what he meant, but he sure was the one who sent him.

“Well then.”

When Jinwo tried to get on the bongo, Adam, who was uncomfortable, shouted all at once.

“Now, wait!”

Jinwoo’s eyes turned to Adam.

Adam was quick to speak to Jinwoo’s attention a little more.

“Upgrading …”


Adam faced a losing face and explained his words.

“Do you know about an awakening that can raise the athlete’s stats?”

You should have come out that way from the beginning.

Jinu noticed that the information that Agent Adam, or precisely the deputy director of the Hunter Bureau, would tell us was more than information.

‘An awakening that raises the athlete’s stats …’

Jinwoo’s heart finally broke.

When Jinwu lowered his foot on the bongo and closed the door, he relieved and sighed a long sigh.

“Huh-” When I saw my head that was so leaning, Jinwoo stood in front of me.


When Adam was suddenly surprised, Jinwoo asked if he had waited.

“Where do I go now?”

*** Shaft.

The two-person black sedan stood in front of the famous luxury hotel.

“I think.”

Then, the name of the hotel was like the one written on the note I received from Yu Jin-ho.

‘Foreigners who speak English are looking for these people?’

Jinwoo went up to the room where the Deputy Director was waiting for the agent.

Michael Conner, deputy director of the Hunter Bureau, confirmed the face of the man standing behind his men and could not hide his excitement.


The hardest part of the deal was to place the opponent on the negotiation table.

Once you sat down, it was almost halfway to success.

The deputy chief laughed and extended his right hand to Jinwoo.

“I am Michael Conner, Director of the Hunter Bureau.”

Adam greeted his greeting in English in a fluent Korean language and quickly interpreted it like a lightning bolt.

Jinwoo grabbed the deputy director’s hand.

“Hunter is Sung Jin Woo.”

The two people briefly introduced and sat facing each other across the table. Adam did not sit down and stood beside the deputy director.

“Have you ever met a Hunter official from another country?”

The deputy director looked so fortunate.

“There is not.”

When the answer that had been expected came out, the deputy director grinned.

‘There is no country faster than the United States.’

Only a forward striker can score goals. The deputy chief had no idea that he would make a coward that he had in hand before others.

Especially, the opponent is the highest grade, no express hunter, who is ordered to bring whatever number he / she has.

The ambiguous narrative method did not even think about it in the first place.

“I’ll tell you in a straightforward way, Sung Jin Hun Hunter.”

The deputy director put out a pile of papers stacked in front of him to Jinwoo.

“Our United States wants Sung Jin Hunter.”


“I am an American immigration papers. It is a document that should take 1 to 2 years originally. But it is different for Sungjin Hunter. ”

The deputy chief heard the index finger.

“One second.”

Then he vowed with a confident voice.

“If you just say a word, you can be an American in just one second. Of course, you will be treated at a level that is not entirely ordinary citizens, but at the same level as your highest-class hunters. ”

“…”Up to this point, it was a predictable conversation.

But what Jinwoo wants to know is the information of the awakening ‘Upgrader’. When Jin-woo’s gaze reached him, Adam winked and turned his eyes.

Jin looked back at the deputy chief and said.

“I came to hear the information,” he said.

Then the deputy chief laughed excitedly.

“This is not irrelevant to what I just said.”


“If you promise to be a hunter in America, we will bring your power to a higher level.”


It was an awakening with a literal meaning anyway.

When he learned that Agent Adam’s words were not indecent, Jinwu was dubious.

‘Is there really an awakening with such ability?’

So I asked.

“that… Is it possible? ”

When Jinwoo was interested, the deputy chief said in a hilarious voice.

“I’m actually here.”

Jinwoo knew.

There was a little magic flowing out through the closed door.

The amount of horsepower was not great enough to entrust escorts to important figures such as Deputy Director of the Hunter Administration.

But I wonder if he is an awakening with a special ability, not a battle.

Jinwoo was the car that was making that conclusion.

just as expected.

The deputy director ordered the agents in the room.

“Let’s go out with Mrs. Selner.”


As soon as the deputy director ‘s orders were dropped, the door opened and two agents brought out a middle – aged black woman.

Jinwoo’s eyes are thinned by the strange aura that she feels from her.

‘…’Certainly there was a different atmosphere from the general awakening.

When the woman stopped by the table, the agent pulled out an empty chair. Then she slowly put her butt on the end of the chair.

Mrs. Sewnner was interested in seeing Jinwoo on a short notice.

“You’re right …”

Since the data about Sung Jin Hun Hunter was already provided to his wife, Deputy Director introduced Jin Woo only to Jin Woo.

“This is Mrs. Norma Selner. Only one person in the world is an awakening who can raise the powers of awakeners beyond their limits. ”

When the introduction was over, Mrs. Sewnner gave a light snowman to Jinwoo.

Jinwoo likewise did the snowman.

“Mrs. Snerner. Give me a brief description of your abilities to Hunter. ”

She looked at Jin-woo, still having a suspicious eye, and showed a playful smile.

“Everyone sends their eyes like Hunter at first. But.”

She tilted her upper body and said like whispering to Jinwoo.

“Once you experience it, you have to hang on.”


“I know, Deputy Director. It’s an important person. ”

Mrs. Snern continued to explain the smile.

“Sung Jin Hun Hunter. There is a limit to every Hunter. Nobody can cross the threshold. ”

So the rank of arousal does not change.

Hunter was common sense that everyone knew.

“Then your wife …”

Before she could even ask, she said with a bright expression like a child picking up strawberries on a cake she kept for the last time.


Jinwoo’s eyes grew bigger.

“I can raise that limit in three steps. I do not know if I should call it a forced re-awakening or raise my potential. ”

Great ability!

Her just a word was a powerful bomb that could shake the hearts of superhuman hunters.

Jin-woo’s eyes turned to the deputy director.

The deputy chief nodded.

“Her words are all true. However, her ability has a limit, so once you have worked hard, you can rest for a long time so you can reap the benefits, so you can benefit from three or four people a year. ”

“…How efficient is it? ”

“It’s different from person to person, but once you’re done with all three levels, you feel that you have grown from less than twenty to more than three.”

2 to 3!

If the average stats are already close to 250, and Jinwu gets that level of performance boost buff, the average stats could easily surpass 300.

It was an enormous number.

“If this power is known outside …”

She also worried that Jinwoo was worried about her, and she went to the Hunter Administration Bureau to show her ability in safety and to keep her safe.

“We pay a reasonable salary to protect your wife, and you raise up the hunters’ ability to cooperate with us and maintain such a cooperative relationship.”

The deputy director concluded that explanation. It is time to talk about this.

The deputy chief, who had been timing from the beginning, finally got the chance.

“This is a gift we can give to Hunter.”


Can there be a bigger gift for Hunter?

“When Hunter becomes a Hunter in the United States, I will give Hunter a top priority. I will also arrange the guild you want to have the contract done under the best conditions. ”

It was a difficult condition for Hunter.

It seemed to be possible to know why the brass number was determined to go to the United States boldly while receiving the attention of the whole people.

If America offered it, the enormous amount was just a gimmick to hide the real “reason”. It’s a story that even ordinary hunters have their eyes turned upside down.

Who can reject it?


Jin pointed out one important fact.

“How can you prove that there is such power?”

Then the wife intervened.

“Do not hurry. I’m here to release the first step. ”

Jinwoo was able to fully understand what she had said at the beginning.

‘Did you say that everyone hangs when you experience once?’

One hundred bags. The hunters who identified her ability chose to travel to the United States.

The deputy director asked.

“As she said. Do you agree with the first release? ”

“Without any charge …?”

“Think of it as a service, Hunter.”

Mrs. Snern took Jinwoo ‘s wrist lightly.

When Jin-woo looked back, she smiled a grim smile and said to come closer.

“Look into my eyes, look. That’s the first step. ”

The deputy chairman put his arms on his chair and looked at the two people.

‘done. It’s over. ‘

The game is over.

Once the first release is over, Sung Jin Hun Hunter will take care of the following contact.

No, if he had some urgency, he might sign the documents right on the spot.

The deputy director’s concern was now in the following.

‘How much of his limit is it?’

Unraveling his arms and touching his chin, the deputy chief curiously gazed at Jinwoo.

But then.


Mrs. Sner ‘s eyes began to vibrate violently as she moaned.

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