Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 131

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 131

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Are you sure you heard correctly?

Jinu doubted his ear.

As the vice president of the best guild in Korea, and the best in his talent, Cha Hae-in, who is still the first step.

If this is not a threat to you, is it worth it?


‘Who can threaten her?’

Jinwoo is the only person in Korea who has the ability to threaten her.

“Maybe the president’s instructions?”

Cha Haen expressed that he can not understand why the president is here.

“Why is he …?”

Who is the hardest person to understand the real situation, the person who provided the cause of the cause that look.

‘No, let’s calm down.’

It was a startling news, and it might have been exciting, but Jinwoo calmly pulled out his chair and sat opposite Haine.

She stared at her silently.

Concentration of short time.

In the time that began to slow down, information about her flowed into my head one by one.

‘It is shaking.’

Beating, breathing, eyes.

Cha Haein was trying to pretend to be casual, but could not fool Jinwoo’s high sense stats.


For what reasons is she going to go to the tentacles ‘Soleil’ guild by doing so?

Jin asked.

“Hunters still have a contract with the guild will be left?”

Usually, the guild and Hunter’s contract was a five-year grab.

S-class cars are getting diagnosed with Hunter’s Guild went on to say that two years ago, the minimum unit is still 3. more deadline remains sound.

“Ask the money give you a penalty.”

Jinhae had a headache in Cha Hye-in’s calm answer.

The penalty is usually between two and three times the down payment.

Given the enormous down payment that the Hunters Guild had paid to catch the S-Class Hunter, the calculation that the penalty will also be fearsome soon came out.

Before taking out the realistic story, Jin-woo’s voice turned into a cliche.

“We can not afford a down payment to match the level of Car Hunter at our ‘Soleil’ guild.”

“Is the guild name ‘Soleple’?”

“What’s wrong with the name of the guild I and the vice president agreed to?”


The car Hae was a small bird like a sigh.

“does not matter. It’s fine without a down payment. ”

You have to pay a huge penalty to get out of Hunters, but you can sign a contract without a down payment.

‘What are you up to?’

Jin-woo’s eyes narrowed.

As the time to face the eyes became longer, Cha Hae no longer survived and avoided gazing sideways.

The sound of the heartbeat was even faster than before.

Jin woke up his ears. The sharp hearing did not miss the changes that took place in her.

‘Do you have something to hide?’

About this time, he could not ask without asking.

“Why do you want to go to our guild as far as that?”


Cha Haein was unable to answer easily, and asked his mouth firmly.

In addition, when I saw the reddening of my face, it seemed obvious that there was something to hide.


When I saw it, I thought it was different from usual when I saw this woman, the performance hall.

I do not know what she was thinking, but maybe her plan was being prepared quite a long time ago.

Jinwoo quietly waited for the car ‘s answer.

But she had not responded for a long time.

No, how can I explain it?

Even when I was losing consciousness to the monster ant, I could feel you standing next to me.

I felt so comfortable just to feel your body odor while going to endlessly go into the darkness without anything.

There was no such thing as a word that could explain the feeling of that time.

‘Even if you explain it, you will only come back saying that you are crazy.’

I do not know how heartbreaking I was after knowing that Sung Jin Hunter was really there.

I was sincerely relieved to think that it was not my own mistake.



One in the bay.

I was able to find myself wanting to have a side next to me if a situation could never be avoided.

‘I want you to stay by the last minute,’ he said.

How can you put your mouth in such a harsh reminiscence that your cheeks become red when you think about it?

It was impossible for a car to be far from girl emotion.

So she came up with the answer she had prepared.


He lifted his head and faced the gaze with Jinwoo and continued on to the end.

“I want to be comfortable …”

It was a little out of focus, but it was not entirely a lie.

While the best Hunter is nearby, it is hard to move his head to the stench, but he is comforted by being in the same space as Jinwoo.

The word ‘comfort’ that Cha Haein said means that.

Although the interpretation of meaning was different, Jinwoo was able to understand Cha Haein.

I heard her answer and nodded.

I want to get out of a large guild like the Hunters and carry on the ‘relax’ activity in a small guild.

As Jinwoo knows, Cha Haein’s age is twenty-two at twenty-two.

‘S-class Hunter should bear the burden on the shoulders of women in their early 20s will feel heavy.

Especially when I felt the threat of life like Jejudo this time.

When working as a member of the association, Jinwoo, who could not count all the enemies who wanted to run away and run away, could understand her mind fully.


‘The situation is perfect, but …’

I could not take her back.

Did he try to make the name of the guild as a sloop?

All future dungeons reserved for guild names were due to be cleared by themselves.

If the minimum number of players caught up to the ankle, I was going to save the members of the team who would fill the head like a C-class dungeon with Yu Jin-ho.

That was the smartest way to level up.

By the way.

There is a lot of difficulty if you get a car hail.

Even if the down payment is over, it will not be possible to make a living if money is given.

It is a waste of the national dimension that does not need to be done properly while paying expensive S class Hunter which does not need to take it.


‘It’s also suspicious to reject the S-class Hunter, who is going to enter the guild every minute of the down payment.’

So Jin-woo came up with a trick.

“In fact, there is a membership test on our guild.”

“Yes? The recruitment article did not have that … ”

Jinwoo intercepted the words of the car, which is embarrassing.

“I think our vice president made a mistake because it was just a rule made.”

At the end of the test, the car ‘s eyes became serious.

“What kind of exam?”

Jinwoo was surprised at heart.

‘This woman, is it true?’

If I had to take a test, I could get away because of my pride.

But the car Haen was the opposite.

Rather, I was burning more victories.

I could feel the enthusiasm behind the expressionless face.

‘Is the type of fighting that is not avoided?’

Or is it just coming?

Anyway, Jin-woo, who had just done this, could not retract saying that he had just heard it.

“I overpower the pet that I designate.”

It’s absurd.

Her pride seemed to hear a cracking sound.

“…”Is it really that much to me, Sung Jin Hunter?

It was a strange thing.

I met her eyes and felt her voices alive.

However, Cha Haein did not express his intention and asked as usual.

“Which pet will you assign?”

“I’ll pick you as the strongest hunter in particular.”


She did not step back.

Maybe she never dreamed.

What’s new in Jinwoo’s pet, no shadows collection.

As a man who has a strong desire to win, he will clean up on the ground.

Jinwoo accepted the game with such a judgment.


“When is the test?”


In the case of Jin-woo, who had to make a guild soon, he had no time to waste it on the car Haein.

I thought right now.

The place is the Hunter Association’s gym.

S-class Hunter had the authority to borrow the association’s gym at will.

It was one of the many privileges enjoyed by class S Hunters.

“I know.”

Cha Hae nods his head.

Fast progress was what she had hoped for.

The two men appeared at the same time as if they had made an appointment.


At that time, Jinwoo had been thinking through the brain.

Jin woke up to the car Haein holding the handle to leave the conference room.

“Tea Hunter, wait a minute.”


“You do not have to go there.”

“…?”Cha Hae – in became a face that I did not know English.

The door of the meeting room is one.

I do not mean to jump into the window.

She stopped to come closer to her.

“There’s a way to get there easily.”


“It’s okay to be attached to it, is not it?”


Cha Haen reminded me of the situation I had heard from Baek Yoon – ho.

When all the team members of the Korean team were in a crisis of desperation, Sung – jun Hunter suddenly appeared behind his back.

‘Do you want to show it?’

Looking up at Jin-woo’s face, which was closer than expected, she swallowed her dry spit.


She held her lightly.

At the Antarctic cave, I licked her unconscious cuddle and walked around.

Jin-woo thought that it was not that extraordinary, but his face turned red quickly.

But I did not struggle or try to sow.

‘…Good smell.’

Jinwoo caught her carefully so that she would not fall while she blushed her face, and she was ready for her mind.


I wanted to check it out.

A better chance is probably not uncommon.

“I may be dizzy.”

I did it.

Cha Hae – in then grabbed Jin ‘s waist and answered with a whisper.


Jin-wook lifted his head to the front and reclined.

‘Shadow exchange.’


The two were sucked into the shadow of the floor without sound.

At that time, the story ran to the convenience store, and Yu Jin-ho, who bought refreshments, came into the meeting room.

“Eat two of these and talk.”

One high – oak soldier facing the snow with Yu Jin – ho scratched the back of his head.

“…”Cheng Grand!

The tray in my hand fell and the cup with the drink was broken.

“What, what!”

Yoo Jin-ho, who was wilted, shook his eyes, and the High-Oak soldiers disappeared.

‘Just plain …!’

I rubbed both eyes and looked at the periphery of my head, but I could not find any traces of Masu.

‘Have I never rested in the fort?’

Looking at everything.

Yoo Jin-ho stared at her head and looked inside and turned to find a mop for cleaning the floor.

By the way.

My feet stopped spontaneously in my mind.

“Where is your brother, Mr. Hunter?”

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