Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 139

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 139

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141 How should this story be interpreted?

The students opened their mouths.

The moment I tried to turn my eyes to the terrible scene where my classmate was killed by Orc, the soldiers of black armor appeared without any precursors.


No, is it okay to call them ill?

Orcs look like more oak than the big orcs of the skies over the red skin of the monsters?

The dreaded Orc stood in front of the armor of the black armor and looked like a boy of growing up.

He has to.

The soldiers Jinwoo hid in the shadows of Jina were the high-orcs, among them the best warriors, who had escorted the boss-class mascara “molar” in the senior dungeon.

One of the Orcs dares to face the High Oak War?

Something that never happened. High oak seemed to be able to show the difference of the power of his own.


In one room, a broken orc was put on the floor of the classroom.

The students were astonished.


The terrible monster that had been threatening his life just before was crushed by a more monster.

The shocks and fears that exceeded the limits made students’ minds whiter.

But only one person.

Only Jina knew the meaning of the black armor and tearfully tears.

‘brother? My brother …? ‘

Jin-a was able to feel his brother’s traces in the high-oak three that seemed to protect himself.

“Go …”

The two high orcs behind Jinah did not come out either.

High Orc, who smashed the head of Orc’s Captain Orc, grabbed the two of Orc’s nails, trying to escape.


“That Aa!”

Two of the high-rising orcs ran desperately.

However, the resistance of the two orcs hardly hit the head.


Soon the dead bodies of the orcs fell to the floor.



The orcs that came into the classroom in an instant were sorted out.

That’s it. High orcs did not move any more and kept quietly around Jin-a.

How many seconds did it go?

The students who started to calm down gradually exchanged their eyes with each other, suppressing the trembling heart.

“What, what?”

‘Did those monsters save you?’

‘Are you protecting us?’

At least it seemed clear that the black armor orcs were not going to harm them.

“brother is? Where is your brother? ”

Jin – a was pounding and looking for Jin – woo, but Hi – ock soldiers did not answer.


Instead, he was only slightly blocking the Jin-a who was going to go elsewhere.

“…?”Jin-ah looked carefully, and Hi-oak shook her head.

For high orcs, safety of Jin-A is the most important thing.

I could not get around this dangerous building with enemies around it.

just as expected.

I heard footsteps climbing the stairs outside the classroom.

Chuck, Chuck, Chuck. Chuck, Chuck, Chuck. High Orc soldiers pulled out their back and arms.

The students were nervous as if they were breathing in the orcs’ feet, but began to look forward to the appearance of high-oak soldiers preparing for battle.

Hope you can live.

I feel relieved that there is a strong ally that will protect me.

However, there were children whose fear, anxiety, anxiety, sadness, and other emotions were tangled.

“… Black … ”

The crying envelopes the students and the students breathe.

The footsteps got closer and closer.

Chuck, Chuck, Chuck. Orcs scattered throughout the school heard the scream of their peers and gathered in the third grade classroom.

The signal was coming.

The high orc warriors who were in charge of the brother’s escort sent a strong signal.

‘What happened to Jin-na’s body?’

“St. Hunter?”

Jeong Jilim repeatedly called Jinwoo as anxious.

“…”Jinu clutched her mouth and passed her.

She had a headache.

‘Why are you doing that?’

Suddenly, the attitude of Sung Jin Hunter, who had just filled up before him, suddenly changed.

If you look at your face, you can believe it even if you are someone else.

‘Wait a minute…’

Sung Jin Hunter is S grade.

He looked back and showed an unusual reaction.

So maybe they found something they had not seen before on the road they were passing by?

She began to feel uneasy.


Said Jung Yoon – tae, who looked back at someone ‘s approach.

“Good morning. Hunter is coming? ”


Park stopped the pace.

When he stopped, the whole raid stopped naturally.

‘Why is Sungjin Hunter suddenly?’

When he turned his head unconsciously, he swallowed the moan and barely faced the approaching eyes of Jinwoo.


The atmosphere of Jinwoo was completely different from the previous one.


In that brief moment, he quickly recollected whether he had resisted the planting of Jinwoo.

No matter how I turn my head, I do not get caught.

‘if so…’

How do you explain that stiff face and bloody eyes?

Park Jong-soo swallowed his spit to realize how it feels to treat a stronger, uncomfortable planting.

This is not a dungeon. No matter what happens in this, it is not strange.

The attitude of Park Jong-soo has become more cautious.

“Hunter, do you have any inconvenience?”

Jin-woo, who was in a hurry, said.

“I have something urgent to do and I think I should go out.”


Park Jong – soo was awful.

It was much worse than expected.

It was easy to come here.

It was a smooth raid so I wondered if it was necessary to bring Sungjin Hunter darefully.

But Park Jong – su is one of the people who have been working Hunter since the earliest days.

The accidents were not so clear that they did not know that it would happen when the mind was always leaving.

‘We have to be more careful because we have not had any problems until now.’

It was painful to know that the strongest power might be lost in a situation where you do not know what kind of danger might be preceded.

The expression of Park Jongsu became dark.

“Without St. Hunter, we could be in danger. Do you know St. Hunter well? ”

Park Jung-soo curled Jinwoo as much as possible.

He was well aware that it was a much more dangerous act to stimulate this abnormal Jinwoo than to clear this dungeon without Jinwoo.

Jinwoo’s face was not that good.

‘…’Park Jong – su watched Jinwoo ‘s attention with a narrow – minded feeling of tightness at a dizzying height.

When I feel the tension rushing in my lips. Jinwoo opened his mouth.

“Then I’ll do this.”

“Yes Yes.”

Park nodded before hearing the story.

“I’ll call a friend who can trust me right now. From that point on, he will take care of it. ”

Park Jongsu’s ears were soothing.

The Hunter, the Sungjin Hunter, who guarantees his ability, rushes right now.

‘Who is it? Finalist? Or is it a difference? ”

Then I remember seeing the document containing the profile of Hunter, the Cha – hai, from Jinwoo ‘s office.

‘It’s enough if you’re a tea hunter.’

Park Jong-soo’s face was brightened in a situation where he could not prevent Jinwoo from leaving.

It was a welcome if it was not only Myeong-wook’s reputation.

“If you could do that …”

Park Jongsu gleamed his eyes.

How strong is Hunter so that he can substitute Sungjin Hunter for others?

There was a sense of anticipation in the place of anxiety.

It was not just Park Jong-su.

All of the Hunters who were listening to the conversation looked at Jinwu with half-mixed eyes of anticipation and suspicion.

Without hesitation, Jinwu summoned the strongest soldiers in the Shadow Legion.


The king of the ants, whose body was covered in black steam, responded to the master ‘s call.

‘King …’

Berga protruding from the shadow, kneeling politely and bowing his head.

“Uh, huh!”


The Hunters retreated a lot because the Bergers did not hide any of their wicked powers.

Terrible amount of power, same appearance.

“Is not that …?”

“No, how!”

Hunters at a glance recognized the identity of the Ber.

It was obvious that the monster ants, who had devastated S-class hunters like toys in the antique caves of Jeju Island.

Park asked.

“Hey, Hunter, is not that a monster that appeared in Jeju Island?”

Jinwoo nodded his head.

Certainly, as the higher hunters, I found Berr, so I did not have to explain it separately.

Because the power of Berr would have seen all the people.

“From now on, this guy will replace me.”


Park ‘s eyes turned.

I could see what he wanted to say about Jinwoo.

But now I have not had time to respond to each one.

Jinwoo dismissed Park Jongsu, who was embarrassed, and gave instructions to Ber.

‘Protect the humans.’

“I will.”

The short answer, Berga, heard his head down.

‘Then, King. How are non-human beings …?

Jin-woo, who was on his way to the other side of the cave for a moment, ordered Vera again.

‘You can do whatever you want.’

That moment.

Berga’s desire for slaughter, which had been suppressed for years, was transformed into joy and spread to his body.

On the key to the eek – on!

The roar of the bell that we poured out of the body raised a cave.


The Hunters shook their heads in a roar, not for themselves.

Now, now … Do you want to raid with that guy? ”

Park Jong-soo’s back on his back was sweaty.

However, Jinwoo did not care about the Hunters’ response and gave up twenty ant sickness bottles to help him.

KE on e -!

Key eek!

The marshmallows who cried out in the fresh air outside in the river cried.

Of course the Hunters who looked at them froze.

“Now, wait!”

Jeong Je-rim turned around and rushed Jin-soon.

“Are you going this way? Leave these monsters untied? ”

“If you want, I will release all summons. But then … ”

When Jinwoo ‘s cold gaze reached, Jeong Jung – lim shivered.

“I do not care what happens to the Knights Guild.”

Jinwoo promised.

To protect the Knights Guild members from being hurt.

But if you refuse this favor first, you do not have to be responsible.

“…”Jinwoo’s decisive word, Jeong Jae-rim and all the knights of the Knights Templar asked all their mouths.

Jin turned his back.

In a moment, the appearance of Jinwoo disappeared from the sight of the Knights Templar.

‘How much time is waiting?’

Jinwoo, away from the raid, has brought up a skill window.

[Skill: Shadow Exchange Lv.1] Job only … …You can use the skill after 1 hour 2 minutes 16 seconds.


Jin-woo bit his lower lip.

I had to wait more than an hour to rewrite the shadow exchange skill.

So far the signals of the soldiers continued.

I had a bad feeling.

‘I can not wait for an hour.’

Once you get out of the dungeon.

The moment Jinwoo decided to move her step.

Once on the way the raid, the undead, which I thought I had already done, raised one or two bodies.

‘…’Jinwoo’s eyes shone.


Furious anger has risen to the insignificant athletes blocking his front.


‘…?’Like a lie, the undead masters kneeled toward Jinwu at once.



One without exception.

All the undead masters who revived picked their heads to Jinwoo.


Jinwoo had a headache.

Was it because of the self-mastery that the raiders who were attacked by the raid were exceptionally scared?

‘Because I am the top job of the Necromancer that can deal with the undead?’

It was a strange situation, but there was no time to ponder.

Turning the dagger back into the storehouse, Jinwoo ran out of power and ran out of the gate.

The eyes of people outside the gate gathered together at once.

Why did Sungjin Hunter leave the gate alone?

Everyone looked at Jinwoo with such an eyeful, but Jinwoo was not interested at all.


Droplets covered with black gas appeared.

Kiah Aaak -!

Onlookers, who had spotted the dreadnights that had gone out several times in the article, cried out to Jinwoo.

“Wow -!”


“There is Sung Jin-woo!”

In the cheers of the people, Jinwoo, who climbed on the dripstop lightly, gave orders to Caixel.

‘To where my brother is, at top speed!’

Anything that blocks the front can be smashed.

Cassell was able to wiggle freely without any restrictions, making a pleasant cry.


Soon after, Cassell flew up with his big wings.

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