Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 142

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 142

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Because the episode of the episode of 144 was a case, people were gathered around the school like a bee.

“My son is in school!”

“Get out of the way!”

“I have to check with my eyes what happened!”

“Oh my, oh my!”

Without the desperate controls of the police and the association, the crowd would have already turned the scene into a mess.

As soon as I heard the news, the reporters who ran to me pressed the shutter shut.

“uh? Sung Jin-woo! ”

“Take it!”

Jinwoo quietly approached the person who seemed to be an association official to avoid their eyes.

The official said that he was tense when he saw Jinwoo. That was because Jin-woo’s expression was not good.

“Sung Jin Hun Hunter …”

“My sister?”

“Seongjin Ahn was transferred to Seoul Ilshin Hospital with other students.”

“…”Jinwoo nodded with a heavy face and turned.

The person who watched the figure passed the dried spit without knowing it.

It’s black.

According to the instructions of the association, the first thing I got when I arrived here was the condition of Sung-jin’s students.

Fortunately she was unharmed.

Except for abrasions around the neck and wrist, I could not find any injuries.

Sungjin Hunter who saved her does not know the fact. ‘But it is so low pressure …’

What happened if my brother arrived on time?

The official shook his head with a sore throat.

I was really glad.

Contrary to the relief of the person in charge, Jinwoo took out his cellphone with heavy mind.

‘Your mother will hear the news.’

A lot of students were hit by masu.

Of course, even if I use the mother who has heard about this news.

‘Before that happens, let’s say that Jin-a is safe.’

When I tried to dial the number with such a mind, I heard an unexpected voice from behind.

“I have sent our staff to St. Hunter’s mother. Maybe by now we’ll be going to our hospital in our car. ”

Jinwoo looked back.

“President of the association.”

He was standing with a dark face, just as he was.

Even if he was not mistaken, he seemed to feel responsible for failing to prevent the disaster as a representative of the Korea Hunter Association.

In the meantime, Jinwoo expressed his gratitude for giving care to his family.

Then Kanghee shook his head.

“We should thank you.”

17 students.

All of the students who remained in the school were able to save that much.

“Every time Hunter is touched.”

Jinwoo laughed bitterly.

If she could come right through the exchange of shadows, she could have saved more students.

Such a regret passed.

I could feel the lightness of Jinhee in the expression that Jinwoo is building.

But he shook his head.

‘Now is not the time to get wet.’

Is there anything I need to say?

Kun-hee lifted his head.

“Are you going to the hospital?”

Jinwoo remembered Gwanganri Gate for a moment and erased it from memory.

His mana was all the same.

This means that ants, including bers, are easily able to repel dungeons. ‘What… It’s not another soldier. ”

So now I did not have to worry about the raid.


“Then let’s take our car.”


“Let’s go together. There is something I want to give to Hunter. ”

Yes, Jinwoo, who thought it was a costume, refused, and nodded at the sincere attitude of the president.


Jinwoo was guided by the president of the association and ran side by side in the back of the car.

Even though it was a large sedan, I felt the back seat was filled with the bigger Kunihei and the shoulder-wide Jinwoo.

Woojin cheol in the driver’s seat sent a greeting through the rearview mirror.

Jinwoo also answered with a snowman.

As the wheel moved slowly, the president of the association hesitated and opened his mouth.

“…Maybe this accident is foreseen. ”

A firm face.

Jin woke up.

‘So the association has left the accident to stop?’

Just before the wonderment turned to anger, the president pulled out the phone and showed the LCD screen.

The diagram was floating on the screen.

“The increase in gates generated in Seoul in the last 6 months.”

The gentle curved dots rose sharply as they approached the present time.

“This is the world’s statistics.”

If the president of the association did not explain it separately, he would have mistakenly thought he was looking at the same table. As such, the two tables had a similar pattern.

“Gates are growing exponentially all over the world.”

The face of the president was dark.

“But the odd thing is not this.”

He put the cell phone in the inside pocket of the jacket, and the president of the association spoke.

“Nowadays, people who are looking for an arousal rating are lining up to the association.”

There are more gates coming out, and the number of hunters blocking the gate?

Like trying to balance?

The president of the association said in a confused voice when he saw the expression of the young Jin of interest.

“Something is beginning to change …”

It’s still a personal view.

Ko Kun-hee ended the long explanation with such nuance.

“That’s what I think.”

Jinwoo nodded his head.

It was interesting data. I can see that anyone will see that something will happen.

But seeing this, Jinu could not do anything right now. And it was the same with the association president.

Moreover, if the data and opinions were sufficient by telephone. I thought I would not have asked for a break in my busy time.

“Then you want to do it to me.”

The chairman lifted his briefcase, which he had laid down as if he had waited, and pulled out the documents.

“Japan, the United States, China, Russia, France, England, Germany, and far from the Middle East.”

All the so-called power-hungry countries are listed.

“This is the official request of countries that want to contact Sungjin Hunter. Maybe you’ve had some unofficial root contacts. ”

I had a job with the Hunter Bureau staff, but I did not say anything.

“In fact, the Hunter Association has no authority to stop them. I am protecting information at the request of Hunter. ”

Jinwoo heard the story silently.

“All decisions are up to Sung Jin Hunter’s choice … When Hunter leaves, I have a feeling that our country will not be able to adapt to this change. ”

Jinwu turned his head to the window instead of the answer. In the sight of Jin-woo, who was immersed in thought, large buildings of large hospitals began to enter far away.

It was a hospital where Jin-a was hospitalized.

“We will provide you with all the convenience as possible.”

Ko Kun-hee put the document in his bag and asked with a taut face.

“So why do not you stay?”

* * * Templar raids came along the ants to the entrance to the boss room.

Jung Yoon-tae looked up at the ants who had started to enter the boss room.

“Actually, is not it supposed to dry?”

“…I am not confident. ”

Reid stops here and now has to take the time to collect the bodies and rocks of the masters, to convince the monsters.

Park sighed.

‘Just collapse here.’

Conversion of thoughts.

It was the gate that came in to announce that the Knights Guild was alive.

It would have been enough if one showed a class A dungeon without members falling out or hurt, and it also cleared the top dungeon.

‘Without it, Sung Jin Hunter.’

Nobody knows what’s in the dungeon anyway?

Even if those ants had caught the boss, people would remember the name of the Knights, and they would not think of the pet they left behind by Sungjin Hunter. If the boss is dead and the gate is closed anyway, there is no way to confirm. Because of the character of Sungjin Hunter, it does not seem to be anywhere to be ridiculed.

There was a smile on the face of crazy Park Jongsu.

‘It’s not a bad idea, is it?’

But then.

The rear hunters cluttered.

“Boss, what’s coming from behind?”

“Yes, I can hear the sound.”


Park jongsoo walked backwards with his head.

I heard a lot of footsteps.

‘Has the pickup team already come in?’

The Knights Guild’s skilled collection team members will not enter the dungeon without any instructions and will not do so.

By the time I thought about it.


Park’s eyes grew bigger.

The undead masters who had not been eaten by the ants were recuperating.


Did the ants know this and eat it?

I think about it.

Park Jongsu urgently shouted at the number of unqualified masters.

“Everybody go into the boss room!”

The only hope was the only pets left by Sung Jin Hun Hunter.

The raid jumped into the barn without even trying to find out what was in the boss room.

Park Jong – su, who confirmed that the hunters were all inside, set the band on his neck.

“Stop the entrance!”

Jung Yimim blocked the entrance that connects the boss room with the passage through the skill ‘sacred wall’.



At the top, there was a loud noise hitting the wall where the Sun Death Knights were not seen.

Jeong Jilim, who was full of sweat on his forehead, looked at Park Jong-su.

“boss! I can not stand this for five minutes. ”

“I know.”

All of the attackers, including Park Jong-su, had already finished preparing for the battle when the wall was breached.

However, I watched the undead masters gathered together like a worm over the wall.

“Before that, you’ll have to get the bosses to catch the bosses and let them pierce it.”

Park Jongsu looked at the ants who would be confronted with the boss with an eagerness.

I wish you could be an easy boss.

‘Oh My God.’

His eyes grew bigger.

Masu, who faced the ants, was well aware of Park Jong-soo.

Wizard of a pale face with ragged robes.


It was the worst underdog type of battlefield that is said to stand at the top of the undead.

‘I do not know, Acriche.’

The face of Park Jongsu became dark.

I wanted the pet to grab the boss and help him out, but his opponent is Acriche.

It would be more realistic for them to get their undead out of their way and help their pet.


Berga approached Akriche one step.

Then Acriche sieged round the Death Knight rounds around the ants.

“To the key to the eek -!”

I set up a long Berga nail which showed teeth.

‘…?’Acriche recognized the steaming black vapors in his entire body. His black eyes seemed to be enlarged for a moment.

“Shadow Legion?”

In the mouth of Acriche, the language of the masters came out.

The Belgian nail that he knew the horse reaped.

Asked by a strange voice, Acriche, who was looking through the ants in Vermouth.

“Why is the king’s direct troops attacking us?”


Berggas put his bosom in his mouth as if he were making a ridicule.

“We were chosen by the king.”

This time his hand turned to Acriche.

“You have not been chosen.”

It seemed incredible that the voice of Acriche was filled with anger.

“No way! I will speak directly to the King …! ”

But before he could finish the word, he appeared in front of him.

‘…!’Acriche’s shoulder trembled.

BER is the master of the S-class dungeon, which is made by master of his own life.

As a shadow soldier, although his stats were a little low, he could not be the opponent of Acriche Gaver, who was the owner of the A-class dungeon.

I pushed Bergha’s hand into the astonished acriche’s chest.


The hand pierced the chest with a pendant hanging from Acriche’s neck.

“Shut up!”

Acriche’s pendant was pushed out of his back.

The pendant was like the heart of Acriche.

It was not so difficult to detect where the enemy’s vitality was being supplied to Berth, who was once a top-class captain.

Acriche shook his head.

“Ah… No…!”

But he did not care about the enemy’s screams, and Berr gave his hands to the hand holding the pendant.


“There are many words to die soon.”

With a word of Berr, Acriche’s body collapsed.

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