Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 150

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 150

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Returning home, Jinwu called out the status window.

‘Status window.’

What you want is skill information.

The gaze that had descended down past the level, occupation, titles stopped at the skill window.

[Skills] Passive Skills: (Unknown) Lv.MAX, Lv.1, Cost of Dagger Lv.max Active skill: Quick Lv.max, Living Lv.2, Hiding Lv.2, Nando Lv.max, Knight Rush Lv.max, Ruler’s Hand Lv.max Many skills in the skill window have taken the maximum level and changed to the final form, or the final form was ahead.

The maximum skill level is 3.

When you reach level 3, the level changes to ‘Max’ and the level does not rise above it anymore.

Instead, if you continue to build proficiency in that state, you will be transformed into the final form, and the final form skill has a huge difference in efficiency from the previous stage.

Skill ‘rush’ is ‘fast’.

The skill ‘stabbing’ is a ‘nando’. ‘Dagger Throwing’ is a ‘dagger rush’. Even the passive skill ‘advanced double fencing’ which makes daggers skillfully changed to ‘master of daggers’.

Thanks to.

Jin called the “Dagger of the Demon King” and moved around on his hand.

The dagger that was spinning round and round on the index finger climbed over the palm of the hand and glided smoothly with close contact with the back of the hand.

The movements close to the feats continue smoothly.


Jin-woo, who grabbed a dagger that was lightly thrown over his head, tasted his appetite.

‘I do not think there is no audience.’

It feels like a dagger like an extension of a hand.

All thanks to the skill of the Dagger.

Jinwoo threw a dagger, received it, repeatedly moved his gaze to the skill window again.

‘Is there still enough room for growth and hiding?’

Unfortunately, the level 1 ‘staying power’ skills seem to have no room for further development.

He would.

[Skills: Lv.1] Passive skill.

No mana required.

You have a tireless temper. If your health drops below 30%, your damage will be reduced by 50%.

It was a skill that only played when the physical strength was less than 30 percent.

Is not it possible to create a situation where the skill level is raised and the life is blind?

Furthermore, Jinwoo has suffered many crises without knowing it even after acquiring his muscular skills.

Nevertheless, not going up from level 1 meant that it was difficult to raise the level in a reasonable situation.

It was also a problem that Jinwoo became too strong.

Now, where is the enemy that could push Jinwoo into a corner?

So, I will not give up.

I had a chance to use the skill, so I decided to raise the proficiency of ‘living’ and ‘hiding’ which are stopped at the 2nd level.

I do not know how to live anywhere, but I can use it as much as I normally do.

By the way.

The gaze of Jinwoo was fixed on the upper side.

‘What is this?’

The unknown skill in passive hex.

It is the skill that has been with us for the longest time since becoming a player, but the minimum information was still not released.

‘I thought it would be clear when time passed …’

Is there anything like a requirement in this skill?

Since the skill level was set at the maximum from the beginning, I was expecting a certain skill to come out.

Even now the time has passed, the curiosity has only grown.

‘…’A little while, I saw ‘Unknown’ skill, and Jin-woo looked at his skill.

What I really wanted to check is not a general skill window.

Just below that. Today’s job-specific skills were up one level.

[Skill only for job] Active skill: Shadow extraction Lv 2, Shadow save Lv.2, Area of the Lordship Lv.2, Shadow Exchange Lv.2 ‘How different is it?’

As soon as the level is up, Jinwoo went through all the information windows of other skills except for the shadow exchange that ended the confirmation.

[Skill: Shadow Extract Lv.2] Job-specific skills.

No mana required.

Mana is drawn from the body of life and made into a shadow soldier.

The probability of extraction failure increases in proportion to the ability of the target and the elapsed time of the target’s death.

Extractable Shadows: 590 / 1,300 2 Level Effect ‘Kid’: Increases the probability of shadow enhancement.

The number of shadows that can be extracted is greatly increased.

‘The maximum number of shadows is 1,300!’

If there were enough extractable objects in the vicinity, we could increase the friendly army more than twice as much as the original army.

In addition, as soon as you extract the shadows with special effects, the possibility of rising the level is increased.


The level of ‘Jima’, the boss’ s level, was able to start at 13 because of the effect of this’ cat ‘.

It was not a coincidence.

‘What would have been a lift effect before making Berry a shadow soldier?’

Then there could have been more ghastly monsters.

‘Man greed has no end.’

Jin-woo laughed and examined other job-specific skills.

The performance of all skills was greatly improved, and one effect was added that was not seen before.

Saving shadows, territory of monarchs.

Every time I read the description of the upgraded skill, a smile came into my mouth.

‘That was great.’

Jinwoo closed the status window with a satisfactory face.

Growth is obviously slow.

However, the fact that he is growing little by little, and that there are still more places to go in the future, made Jinwoo’s heart beating.

I want to go up some more.

‘I do not know where the end is …’

Every time I fill out the improvement card, my heart is filled with joy.

Pounding, pounding.

Jinu, who sent the dagger to the warehouse, raised his right hand on his chest.

Pounding, pounding.

The heart was jumping with a pleasant sound.

Then suddenly.

‘…Did you say scary power? ”

A few hours ago, the story I heard from Car Haen came up.

Min Bong warned.

You have to be careful because you have terrible power.

‘Do you mean the system?’

At first, Jinwoo was afraid of the things that happened to him, and he was afraid of the system that evoked the prosperity.

But fear did not last long.

Jinwoo quickly adapted to the system, and soon the system became the best tool.

But there are too many mysteries that have not been solved yet. ‘…’

Jin-woo’s eyes turned to empty space without anything.

“What the hell are you?”

There was no answer.

“I do not think I can tell you now.”

As if waiting for an answer, Jin stared at the airlessly, but there was no voice coming back.


Jinwoo opened the warehouse and pulled out the sparkling black key.

[Item: Key to the Carnen temple] Difficulty of obtaining … …It will be released later.

Time left: 249 hours 25 minutes 07 seconds Invitations sent by the system.

The time of one week passed, and the remaining time was reduced to 250 hours.

‘What answer can I find here?’

Half was anticipation.

And the other half is curious.

The beating of the heart, which had been pausing for a moment, rattled again.

Jinu hands off his chest.

I had no choice but to do everything I could until the rest of my time.

When he picked up his cell phone, Jinwoo called quickly.

– What is it, brother?

The owner of the cheerful voice was Yu Jin-ho.

Jinwoo went right to the point.

“Jin ho.” -Yes. brother.

“Will I be able to make a reservation for a better gate near here from tomorrow?” – Do you speak like C grade raids, brother?


Yoo Jin-ho, who had been thinking for a while, replied with a bright voice.

– Yes, sir!

* * * The Japanese airport, where S-Class Hunter and Yuri Orlov arrived in Russia, was not crowded with crowds.

Glass looked at the Japanese who were packed like herds of ants to look at himself and raised one side of his mouth.

On the other hand, the people of the Japan Hunter Association who brought him with his head bowed like a sinner.

A nation whose hunters have to borrow the power of a foreign hunter without the ability to prevent disaster.

It was a word that was used only a few weeks ago by Japan to curse Korea.

However, Japan was repeating the same thing now.

Matsumoto President and other members of the association have not been able to look up at their past.

‘If I had not lost the Hunters on Jeju Island …’

Matsumoto blew his lower lip.

“Glass Orlov!”

“It’s free!”

Reporters from around the world who found glass pressed the shutter.

“«_“«_ “«_“«_ “«_“«_ “«_“«_ “«_“«_ “«_ -!

Glass laughed at his mouth as if proud of his gold in front of him.

The immigration procedure ends like a lightning bolt.

Yuri’s first request to the Japanese government was to reassure the public.

Yuri readily accepted.

His nickname is “Savior.”

It was a nickname because it had blocked the gates just before the dungeon break.

And the glass did not hate the nickname that could get all the money and popularity.

“Are you ready, Mr. Yuri?”


That evening, he moved to the station.

Of course, it would be natural, but the gaze from all over Japan turned to TV screen.

The moderator asked him.

“How are you going to stop the gate?”

“That’s the way I always do.”

The face of the glass overflowed.

He used his two hands to draw a large, round circle in the air.

“I’m going to draw a huge circle. So, around the gate. ”

As the screen was reversed for a moment, Shinjuku Gate appeared first, followed by 3D imagery.

“And if I pour magic there, I can not get anything out of that gate.”

But it was not enough to calm the anxiety of the Japanese people.

From the moderator, I had a headache.

“there… But is it possible? ”

The eyebrow of the glass wriggled.


The moderator looked at his eyes and asked carefully again.

“S-class Hunter I’m saying that you can block S-class gates with the power of one, well … Do you think it’s hard to believe? ”

Figuring out.

The glass laughed.

He was a relieved person when he started laughing instead of getting angry when his temper seemed urgent, but on the other hand he became more anxious whether he was against his planting.

But the glass kept smiling.

“If I keep my vigil only with my powers, yes, no matter how impossible the country is.”


It’s black.

The moderator swallowed the dry saliva.

Now that the S-class hunters of Japan have declared the abandonment of the raid, they have no more solution if they release their hands.

The glass was more like a deliberate look at the face of the moderator.

“But my ability, my magic circle is absorbed by the surrounding magic power.”

“…!”For a moment, the expression of the moderator changed.

“Then you said you need your horsepower at first …?”

“The principle is similar to starting a car. Once activated, the enchantment is absorbed by magic, and it becomes more solid and massive. ”

A light shone down on the faces of the protesters and the staff of the station.

There was a certainty in the voice of the glass full of spare.

His insecurity felt as though his confidence had shifted.

According to his explanation, the stronger the magical power around him, the more the vigor becomes stronger!

Needless to say, the amount of horsepower flowing from the S-class gate is enormous.

But what if the ring surrounds the S class gate?

He is tied to his own strength. Now they say a picture is better than this place puts the winner number?

The strength of the chain was probably the largest ever.

The glass pointed at the camera.

Perhaps the fingertips are pointing to an unspecified number of viewers.

His blood stood on his neck.

“I save you! So you just have to remember who saved you! ”

Beep. The TV went out.

The face of the Korea Hunter Association Koganeh President who put down the remote control was not good.

Wujin asked me who was standing next to me.

“What do you think, Mr. President?”

“I do not know.”

Kanghee leaned on the couch and had an anxious eye.

He was not the wicked who laughed at the misfortunes of neighboring countries unlike anyone in Japan.

Of course, I did not even think about helping you with your own damage.

I thought for a moment and he opened his mouth again.

“I do not know if Yuri Orlov can block the S-level gate, or not.”

The eyes of the president of Koguryo Association have become sharp.

“I know what will happen if he fails.”

“…Good luck. ”

“…?”Ko Kun-hee looked up at Woo Jin-cheol.

Then, Ujuncheol realized that he had misunderstood and rushed out of his hand.

“I do not mean that the situation in Japan is good …”

After placing a few terms, Woo Jin-chul continued.

“Unlike Japan, we were fortunate to have a credible Hunter.”

Nod nod.

The head of Kun-hee moved greatly.

I was able to find out who Hunter was, even if he did not say anything.

His presence alone made me feel secure.

“Yes, Sung Jin Hun Hunter, how are you doing these days?”

Woojinchul quietly put out a printed piece of paper.

It lists the location of the advanced gates that were recently created in Seoul and Kyunggi area.

“Suddenly why is this …?”

“Do you see the number of red circles there?”

“It looks almost halfway through the dungeon.”

Woo Jin-cheol replied, “I sweat my cheeks.

“These are the gates that have all been requested to get permission from the guerrillas.”

The eyes of Kun-hee fluttered like this.

“This … All?”

“Yes, it is.”

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