Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 151

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 151

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153 Woojin chul is the top power of A-class Hunter, the core power of the surveillance department.

It was a strong person in the association who had no opponent except for the high priest.

I do not think there is anything wrong with this sort of schedule.

But why is he in such a hurry?


The wrinkles were on the forehead of Kokichi.

Other hunters would wrap their lunchboxes, or they would not let them run, but …

‘I can not imagine Sung Jin Hun Hunter getting hurt in grade A or B class dungeon.’

If I borrowed the expression of Woo Jin-cheol, ‘I feel sorry for the masters’.

Kanghee nodded with a smile.

“If there is no difference, let him do what he wants.”

It was a great honor for the association to have a Hunter leading the way in the battle.

He is a strong man who does not care about him.

However, Woo Jincheol said.

“I think there might be a problem.”

“Other large guilds overlap areas, is not it?”

“Yes, President.”

There are three large guilds currently operating in the metropolitan area. Backhoe, Hunters, Reaper.

These three guilds were dealing with the advanced gate that was created entirely in their own area.

As soon as Ajin, who is stuck in there, expands his forces quickly, he will not be watching the three guilds in the stairway being thrown out of the rolling stone.

‘You can be frustrated.’

This was Woo Jin-chul’s opinion and Koguryo agreed with him.

Suddenly, a smile came to her mouth.

‘I thought you were on the side of St. Hunter?’

Woo Jincheol asked with a strange look.

“…Do you have any good work? ”

“No, it’s not like that. There are only three guild members, and the only one of them is a combatant, and the new guild is already trying to get over the level of a large guild to reach their territory.


Woojin convinced the railway.

“I think so too.”

He still smiled at her mouth and asked Kunihi.

“Was there any other explanation on the side?”

“I have a problem, so I just asked you to leave the gates nearby for a week.”

“For a week …”

In this raid on Jeju Island, all three masters of a large guild owe their lives to St. Hunter.

If it is about a week, it will be able to get a concession without difficulty. ‘But just a question …’

Why did Sung Jin Hunter make a seemingly unreasonable schedule, at least in the eyes of others?

‘Money is … I do not think so. ‘

If you wanted money, there was another way.

If you negotiated with the United States or China, you would have gotten an astronomical amount.

However, Sung Jin Hun Hunter finally decided to stay in Korea, and there was no negotiation with the guilds.

‘Well then …’

Goh Kun-hee’s eyes kept on his side and headed to Woojin Chul.

He asked as if it were flowing.

“Why do you think St. Hunter is trying to reach so many dungeons?”

Woojin chul thought for a moment and opened his mouth.

“There is a point I guess.”

I do not know, well, I was expecting a lot of answers, and Kanghee listened to me with an unexpected answer.

“What is it?”

“Sung Hunter seemed to be very delighted when hunting the masters.”

“I was delighted to catch him?”


Woojinchul pulled out a little memory.

Even when Jinwo helped the Hunters Guild to fight the High Orcs, he showed a cheerful move with a pleasant face.

“I was especially delighted when I caught the boss.”

“I feel the joy of catching a strong loser …”

Kanghee had a similar remembrance to former Jinwoo.

– I want to fight with the bandits.

And since then he has been steadfastly keeping his words.

‘You’re a funny friend.’

More than that, a great friend and prayer.

At that time, the telephone in the president ‘s office sounded loud.

– President of the Association.

It was contact of the attendant.

“What’s going on?” – This is the contact from the US Hunter Bureau.

“United States of America?”

Is that at the Hunter Bureau?

Kun-hee stumbled upon his head.

‘The Hunter Bureau contacted me as president of the Hunter?’

We will not ask for cooperation in the US.

What is it?

“Let me connect.”

The call was immediately connected.

It took 1 or 2 seconds for the voice over the receiver to change to another person.

– It is Adam White of the Hunter Bureau.

“Korea Hunter Association and Kun-hee.”

The basis of the operator is English.

The pronunciation of English fluently came from the mouth of Ko Kun-hee.

He was more confident than this level of Japanese taste in childhood.

“What do you do to us at the US Hunter Bureau?”

Adam White pulled out without hesitation.

– At the beginning of next month, we plan to hold an invitation to the world’s leading Hunters at our Hunter Bureau.

“…And then? “- I would like to have Sung Jin Hun Hunter as Korea representative.

* * * Prior to starting a full-scale raid, Jinwoo first looked for a suitable guild.

We needed guilds to smooth out the various by-products that could be harvested from the higher dungeons.

‘I do not know if the raid is done once in a few days …’

It was not enough to be able to dig up a tight raid schedule.

And when you look at the guild position, it is much better to set up a partner guild than to leave it to the intermediary.

‘Where is the problem?’

The Hunters Guild, with its backyard guilds and car hunters, has been visited, but the final choice was the Knights.

One reason.

I have worked together once before.

They are located in Seoul and Busan, respectively, and the activities of the two guilds do not overlap at all.

The time Jinwu called was early evening.

Hunter without a raid is like a pauper.

Park Jong-soo, president of the Knights Guild, who lived on his home sofa watching TV.

Woo Woong – Woo Woong – He picked up a cell phone swinging on his sofa armchair without thinking.


_ Sungjin Hunter’s.

His eyes confirmed the sender. He got up on the phone.

“Hunter?” – It is Sung Jin Woo of Ajin.

“Oh, yes, I am Park Jong Soo of the Knights.”

Park Jong-soo’s face gradually grew as he listened to Jin-woo’s explanation.

Park Jong-soo, who was out of the plan to establish a close relationship with Jin-woo due to the fact that the regulations changed, was out of his hands.

The know-how of the Knights Guild and the power of Sungjin Hunter is …

Jung Yoon-tae, a vice-president, was also disappointed.

But what is it?

Is not the call that I did not anticipate first?

It is more important than the guild to form a bond with a strong guild, no strong hunter. “Yes, yes, no problem.”

The smile was not removed from the face of Park Jong Soo throughout the call.

“Please leave it.”

Dealing with dungeon byproducts was not a difficult task for the Knights Guild, who had long know-how.

When there is no raid, why not just use a processing team like this?

Park said with a smile on his face.

“Then I’ll see you tomorrow!”

The lunch box that my mother gave me is delicious.

Even if the place to eat lunch is in the dungeons that masquerading as mine.

Yoo Jin-ho walked up and looked up.

“It’s like that, I remember when I was in the C-class dungeon, brother.”

Jinwoo laughed instead of the answer.

“Eat rice and tell me.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. brother.”

But I did not understand Yujinho’s feelings.

Visible gates are the days when all the gates are reserved, and they are busy without raising their eyes.

Only the target has changed from dungeons of grade C or lower to advanced dungeons of grade B or higher.

If I look for something different from then.

‘…’The grit, who faced Jin-woo and his eyes, carefully bowed his head.

‘When you eat, you have a guy who looks at the border?’

It’s okay not to be.

Thanks to the sensation stats, Jinwoo was able to clearly read the movement inside the dungeon even though he did not concentrate very much.

It is said that it is possible to cope with the eyes close to the neighboring mazu.

However, I did not want to be disturbed by the meal, and I set up sentry during meals to relieve the anxiety of Jinho.

Jin looked at the other side.

‘…’Likewise, he was beating his wide chest as if the iron he had encountered with his eyes was entrusted to him.

Bang, bang. Inside the cave there was a roar.

Jinwu shook the head of the jellyfish.

‘It’s a problem that he’s too ahead of motivation.’

Yoo Jin-ho, who was looking at the sound side, suddenly asked Jin-woo.



“Brother, you can move the pet, do not you?”

“That’s it.”

Hunter Min Bong said.

Shadow soldiers have their own self.

‘I do not know where to believe that.’


Yujin asked.

“So when we’re in a situation where we can not raid like this, should we leave it to the pet, right?”

“That’s not allowed.”

As the distance grows, less experience is available.

However, Yu Jin-ho experienced it, so Jin-woo showed a serious and sincere expression.

“These guys, I do not know what to do when I do not see.”


Yoo Jin-ho’s appetite seemed to be heard in real-time.

I will make jokes here.

‘Let’s try this once?’

After finishing the meal, Jinwoo put the spoon down nicely.

[Skills: Saving Shadows Lv.2] Job-specific skills.

No consumables.

Shadow Soldiers are absorbed into the shadow of the caster and stored.

Saved soldiers can be summoned or re-absorbed whenever they want.

Number of Shadows saved: 840/840 2 Level Effect ‘Share Sensation’: You can share a sense by assigning one saved Shadow Soldier.

Special effect ‘Sharing Sensation’ attached to save shadow.

It was a unique ability to transfer the feelings of shadow soldiers to the caster.

It is also quite useful because it is possible to select a shadow soldier that is far away to look at the situation.

for example.

I closed my eyes quietly.

‘Sharing sense.’

Outside of the dungeon, a shadow soldier scattered all over Korea was caught.

‘Sprinkled a lot.’

Jinwoo chose one of them without thinking.

It was a shadow soldier concealed by Cha Hunter by chance.


Shoot. Ah. – I heard a sound of water bumping off the floor.

‘No rain, but what is the water …?’

Such a question, too.

As soon as his vision was shared, his eyes flashed.

“brother? Did you sleep for a while? ”


When I apologized at one time, it was Jinwoo who thought to treat tea Hunter to a meal.

“Oh, did you hear about your brother?”


“The S-class gate in Shinjuku, Japan. That’s the anticipation of the dungeon break tomorrow. ”

Is that time already?

Jinwoo nodded his head.

‘I have already started a raid of advanced dungeons six days have passed.’

Jin-woo did not stay in place for 6 days.

Experience was slowly but surely piled up.

As a result, the level that was 101 went up to 103.

It was a reward that concentrated on level-ups.

Jinwu stretched out his palm, holding a black key on it.

[Item: Key to the Temple of Carteron] Difficulty of obtaining … …It will be released later.

Time remaining: 26 hours 51 minutes 49 seconds.

‘The next day.’

Jinwoo grabbed the key quietly. Every time I saw this, my heart trembled.

“Do not move.”


After hearing Jin-woo’s words, Yoo Jin-ho, who opened his spoon with his irons and this grit, shook his shoulders.

“I did not tell you.”

The shadow soldiers who tried to move were stopped at once by listening to Jinwoo’s instructions.

“Creuror …”


On the other side of the cave, animals, such as sickles or long swords, walked out revealing their teeth.

Jinwoo stood up slowly, staring at them.

Still a day.

‘There is more time of day.’

Jinwoo smiled, holding in his hand the ‘Dagger of the Demon King’ from his warehouse.

* * * The night before the dungeon break. A huge magazine was drawn in Shinjuku in Tokyo as directed by Yuri Orlov.

It was an enormous scale, unprecedented.

The surrounding residents were all evacuated, but the glass remained in the field until the last time they were checking the veil.

Japanese officials watched him without even thinking about swallowing it once.

One word of his words, every single move was worth watching.

The glass touched the chin and pierced the stretch impression and opened the mouth.

“…It’s strange. ”

The interpreter circled the eyes.

“Yes? Is there something wrong? ”

“No, it is not.”

The magic circle was perfect.

It was clear that this work would be the greatest masterpiece of his life.

It was not a strange thing.

“I think there’s somebody around.”


Otherwise, is not the heart shaking like this?

A glass with a large eyeball wriggled around and looked evil.

“who are you? Where are you?”

But there was no answer.

On an empty street, his voice only echoed.

“…”A Japanese official stole sweat from his forehead and moved his facial muscles to smile hard.

“Dungeon break the day before the day before, there is not a big guy left?”

Then, Yuri put on his nose.

“I did not say it was a person?”


Yuri, who was staring at the person who was pale and pale, looked at his head again.

“Was it a mistake …”

However, there was one inhabitant looking down on them from a distant building.

‘A good man.’

Do it.

There was nothing wrong with thinking about where the power of glass came from.


The man’s gaze moved to the S-class gate.

A feeling of calm energy was hovering around the S-level gate.

‘…’The man took off the hood that was covering his face.

Asian face in the mid-thirties.

He could not clean up, and a bearded beard told me who he was.

Sung Il Hwan.

He stared at the giant gate with his sad eyes and turned over the hood again.

‘finally… It starts. ‘

Everything was flowing as scheduled.

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