Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 161

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 161

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163 Wang Wang? Who?

The final man asked the angelic words that were unknown.

“What did you just say …?”

But the Angels did not respond to him.

Would humans talk to worms?

The same is true of angels.

Now I have a situation, but I do not have the idea of exchanging the matter with a person who is a superhuman person.

If the bug is annoying, it is enough to beat it. The angel struck down his fist, like a hammer, over his head. A high speed hand hammer headed to the head of the last man.


The last man sank his heart. But he did not turn his head. Do not give up until the end. That’s what you said to your teammates.

But right before I hit my head with a fist, there was a flash of light in front of me.


There was a sword of light in front of it when I opened my eyes closed.

The last man circled his eyes.

“Tea Hunter!”

The car hijacked the angelic fist with a skill ‘sword of light’. It was a moment when the last man’s head would fly even if it was a little late.

Cha Haein said to the final man who sighs relievedly inside.

“I’ll take care of you, and you should help the Hunters.”


The last man went to the Hunters who are fighting the statues.

The angel prize looked curious and looked down at the sword of the car surrounded by the light.


There is a man who is able to stop his attack.

“You are funny. Fun.”

The angel prize gave strength to the fist. Then the car ‘s knee slightly bent. I succeeded to prevent it, but it gave me strength.

“Uh …”

A slender moan flowed out from the fine lips.

My wrist was shaking.

“Where, where.”

The angel prize laughed and increased the temperature, and it became more and more powerful. On the floor where the foot of the car hits, it is quizzical and it is cracked.

There was an unreasonable pressure on one arm. Cha Ha Hyeon bite his bottom lip.

‘As it is … Hold it for a while. ”

When she decided that she was no longer behind, she focused on the momentary power and pushed the angelic fist.

Her explosive power among the top class S class hunters indeed!

Angels stepped back and smiled.


What I thought was a simple entertainment street gave more pleasure than expected.

It seemed to be more enjoyable yet.

“Good good.”

This time, magic power began to condense in both hands of the angel.

It’s black.

The car hired a dry saliva.

Strong power was pouring out of the two fists of angels. I was intimidated to fly here if I could.


At this time when Jinwu was falling, no one could take care of this monster if he turned his back.

Her eyes were worn.

On the contrary, the angel prize laughed and stood up one step aside.

An enemy of a tall man close to three meters showed a smile. At that time, his attack was resumed.

The angel winked at both hands as he had done to Jinwoo. I’m sorry to have only two hands, but that would be enough for this man.

The clenched fists popped like bullets.

Two headed heads -!

The car hailed his eyes.


Her movement accelerated as if she was dancing, and the sword began to draw a gorgeous curve.

However, the angelic fist was so fast that it prompted me to stop the counterattack.

One moment.

Deadly attacks have been poured and poured, which can only be lost for a moment.

Caen! Kajang! Caen! Caen! Caen! Cain! Kajang! Caen! Kajang! Caen, Caen! Caen! Kajang! Caen! Caen! Cain! Cain! Caen!

“like that. like that. haha.”

The angel prize, the ordinary hunters, even with their eyes, was able to take a hard-fought attack.

The car Haein, who was pushed back little by little, was soaked with sweat.

Is that so?

Or did it reach the limit?

His wet hands slipped and he missed an attack on the angel. It was a painful mistake. The fist that rubbed the sword struck the car ‘s shoulder.


“…!”Car Hae – an urgently retreated and bitten it. But his bones were broken and his shoulders were numb.

So I lost my left hand.

Cha Hae-in looked at the drowsy left hand with sad eyes.

“haha. Is it there? Up there? ”

The Angels immediately narrowed the distance.

He did not give a break.

The attack, which had been paused for a while, began to be poured again.

Caen! Kajang! Cain!

It was an attack that was hard to take even when both hands were fine.

One hand was not enough. As more and more attacks were missed, Cha Haein ‘s body crashed.

puck! Fuck! puck!

My bones were broken, my flesh torn.

Then decisively one shot.


As her fist pierced her abdomen, her legs fell off the ground and she poured blood from her mouth.

“Shut up!”

The curved body floated into the air.

Of course, in the air, the movement is limited, and there is less preparation for the next attack.

Angels lost interest in broken toys.

To reach the end, the angelic figure approached her as she plummeted to the floor. He raised his fingertips and made a blade and aimed at her breast.

But then.

The blue glowing from somewhere wrapped the body of the car Haein.

The car Haans who fell off without strength rumbled their eyes. She waved her sword as she waved one wheel.


Suddenly, the angel prize stole his sword from the sword, but the edge of the sword rubbed past the edge of the eye.


There was a line on the face of the angel.

fault. The car Haein, who succeeded in counterattacking, landed in a difficult balance. I was able to barely escape the crisis thanks to the hill that came in at once.

Thank you.

However, it was not fortunate for everyone to be fortunate to have a car.

Poof. The head of the angel went back toward the heel.

I’m fine.

Cha Hae screamed, looking at the healer.

“There is no damage!”

In the back of the tankers, the main healer, who was wielding a healing spell, trembled at the car hail’s cry, shaking his shoulders.


But when he turned his head to the car Haen, the Angels Prize was blocking the view.


The main healer’s mouth opened.

The angel prize did nothing to the last man.


The beaten healer’s head was stuck to the floor.

The fluttering legs stopped moving at once.


The Hunters who surrounded the Angels ran without hiding their anger.

But it was irresistible.

With their strength, they could not stop the angel prize.

Fuck, fuck. Each time the angel waving his fist, the A-class hunters dies powerlessly like the lower hunters in front of the superior marshals.

“Not funny. It’s not funny, humans. ”

There was no more mercy on the uppermost being broken.

As the number of Hunters in the post-war years declined, the tanker Jindo Warr, which was against the attacks of the statues and statues, collapsed.


I leaned on an additional hour of balance.


The two men who were under the gods were killed at the same time as the priest slammed a huge fist away from the tankers.

Afterwards, the statues with weapons came in frantically surrounding the hunters.


Car Hae, who quickly snatched the four stone statues clinging to the hunters, jumped in front of the angel.

I had to stop him once.

But the angelic victim gently shoved her sword down with her cuff and kicked her empty side with her foot.


As long as the Angels decided to do it properly, she was no longer an opponent.

When Cha Hye-in saw her falling, she held on the shoulder of Woo Jin-cheol, who was near to the last man. Woojinchul, who knocked down a stone statue, looked up and looked at him.

“I will draw attention. Wu wakes up St. Hunter. There is no answer other than that. ”

“Yeah? Is not St. Hunter falling down? ”

“no. I’m just asleep. Breathing and horsepower are stable. There was no wound when I saw it. ”

Have you ever been hit by sleeping magic?

I thought maybe the reason why the angel prize does not attack the sleeping sex hunter is that he might be worried that he might wake up.

‘I do not know what the king says …’

The last man recalled an angel’s desperate move to protect St. Hunter. It was clear that his awakening was fatal to the angels.


Woojin chilled his head.

The last man pulled up all the horsepower he had.

Soon, a huge round fireball, made on his hand, spewed the flames all over the place.

Flames flying in a straight line caused a powerful explosion every time they hit objects.

Sheikh! Sheikh!

pop! Fun Bun! pop! I’m sorry!

Of course, the eyes of the statues headed to the final man.

As the last man was earning his time, Woojinchul quickly ran toward the place where Jinwoo was.

He only prayed that the final man’s prediction was not wrong.

While Jeong-in and Woo Jin-cheol tried to wake Jin-woo from one side, the Angels prize stood in front of the Cha-hyeon who panted for breath.

She had already broken one of her ribs when she was kicked.

The angel stepped on her arm, trying to grasp the sword that had fallen from her hand.


“Ah ah ah!”

Car Hae screamed holding his broken arm.

All human beings with the ability to heal have been killed, and women have been seriously wounded.

It was the moment when the only threat among the humans was removed.


The angel prize again raised a hand.

“You’re done with this.”

The human woman was breathing his breath away. Even though everything was over, there was no sign of giving up life until the end.

In this respect, she resembles him.

Sung Jin Woo.

When he met here for the first time, he glared at me like that.

Figuring out.

The angel who raised his mouth tucked his hand into the chest of the car Haein. No, I tried to stick it in. But my hand stopped shortly before I just penetrated the heart.

The angelic figure shuddered and withdrew.

There was a shadow soldier in the shadow of a human woman.

According to the rule of this room, the soldier could not come out, but the existence was certain.

I watched the angelic face that seemed to be surprised and sent a wonderful gaze to the car.

‘…?’Even though he could break his breath, he seemed hesitant.


The Angels Prize was actually hesitating.

He is the man who planted the soldiers. Is there any special intention?

This, of course, was also the possibility of a human being, not a king.


‘Apparently the king and the human are a little bit mixed.’

If so, how can we distinguish whether his actions are the will of the king or the will of man?

If the king has planted a soldier in a woman for any purpose, he should not touch it.

So the angel asked.

“How did you find this place?”

“…”Car Haen did not answer.

As silence lengthens, the angel changed the question.

“What is your relationship with you?”

“…”There was no answer this time.

Car Haan knew well that he had no obligation to answer the enemy’s questions.

I can not make her open. The intuition of such an angel changed the operation.

Perfect. The angel shook his fingers and the hunters stopped screaming.

The statues and statues stopped fighting as if they had received any signal, and slowly turned and moved to one side.

And reached out his hand.

Woo Jin-cheol, who was approaching Jinwoo, was caught by the “invisible hand” and put on the floor.


I tried to resist the force that was stuck on the top, but I could not stand still.

Woojin cheered trembling with a fist clenched firmly.

The angel prize picked up his hand.

I do not miss any movements inside. It was in the palm of his hand that humans had to struggle. That’s the difference between humans and their superior being.

It was impossible to cross the gap.

“I will ask again.”

The angel ‘s fingertip pointed to Woo Jin – cheol.

“If I do not answer this again, I will kill him and all my colleagues.”


Cha Hae nods his head.

If I could earn time like this, it was a benefit. The angel asked quietly, looking down at her who had caused her upper body.

“What is the relationship between you and Sungjin?”


“Why did you come here?”

Thinking for a moment, she answered.

“To save Sungjin Hunter.”

When I answered the question, I saw a smile on my face.

Who’s asking who?

He was convinced.

They do not know anything.

I felt ashamed of myself that I had thought for a moment. These people came here to know only ‘Sung Jin-woo’.

The unbearable angel laughed out loudly.

Then he said.

“I’ll give you a chance.”


“Today one of the great monarchs here is coming to earth. I will give you a chance to look at the glorious scene. ”

Until I confirmed the king ‘s doctor, I could not do it.

So I had to keep her alive. One exception was that she did not want to let other people go.

“But other humans than you.”

The face of the angel whose smile has disappeared has become bloody.

“Everyone dies here.”

Can not you leave an uninhibited person in this glorious position?

By the way.

The answer came from behind, not from the front.

“Whose way?”

“…?”The angry punches struck his face before he was able to turn around.


The flying angel prize was put on the wall.


Impacted by cracks like spider webs on the wall, the stone fell off.

Just before the angels fell to the bottom of the throne, Jinwoo, standing in front of him, grabbed the angelic neck and said.


Jinwoo’s other hand was on the right chest.

I knew it.

It is not a dream.

On the right side, another heart was pounding. Jinu asked his hand, holding the angelic neck, with force.

“What have you done to my body?”

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