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Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 163

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165 That’s what happened.

Yuri Arlov’s plan, which was blocking the gate with a badge, was dangerous from the outset.

He is also a S-class gate.

A Hunter or a gated class S means no measurable.

Not measurable. In other words, you can not know what will pop out or what will happen. Nevertheless, Yuri overpowered his strength, and that folly had a devastating effect.

Jinwoo’s face became cluttered.

I heard that the Japanese hunters were trying to make it on Jeju Island.

They could not figure out their final goal, but they eventually put the operation into action.

Korean hunters would not have been able to survive if they had not had ants.

Even though he did such a thing, the author of the Japanese Hunter Association President visited Korea and threatened the president of Kun – hee.

‘Being punished is cheap.’

However, it is the story of the top class hunters who have poured into the leadership and the quality of the Japanese Hunter Association.

In addition, there were no crimes against good Japanese citizens.

Historical feelings still remain unresolved, but ignorance was not serious enough to die.


Dungeon breaks in the middle of the city.

Just as Orcs came out of the gate, nearly half of the students died.

What if S-class gates were opened in the center of more than 13 million metropolises?

The terrible result was almost like a fire.

The result was that they were partly due.

‘If the best hunters in Japan, including Koto Ryuji, were alive, the results might have changed.’

Goto was strong.

I could have threatened Jinu for a moment.

When Goto ‘s attack broke off his eyes, he was stunned by the underworld.

Where else?

The carcasses of the Japanese hunters discovered in Jeju Island were human talents that surpassed Korea ‘s S – class hunters.

Even if you do not know how to fight, the amount of mana that was left in the body was the same.

It was Hunters who were so unwilling to give an innocent man an undead but were so good that they wanted to use it as shadow soldiers.

‘When they think about what they were going to do, they made it a shadow soldier!’

It was a long time since I learned the truth.

Anyway, those strong hunters have been killed at the moment, so they can handle the S class gates that appeared in their own countries.

In the end, this was not a disaster brought by the sky;

“St. Hunter?”

Cha Haein called Jinwoo with an anxious voice. Jinwoo was still holding her wrist.

“Sorry. Take some time off. ”


Jinwoo put his hand down.

But Cha Hae-in called Jinwoo because his wrist was not caught, but Jinwoo’s expression suddenly became dark.

Is there a family or relative in Japan?

Such a question rushed past her head at first.

Unaware of what the Japanese Hunter Society had done, she recognized this as a horrible thought rather than a simple, simple one.

What happened to Japan?

So the first question was resolved. So Jin-woo asked what he wondered the second time.

“How are you all here?”

Cha Seong-in, Jong-In, Woo Jin-chul, and Son Ki-hoon and his team members who met when they were fighting molars.

The Hunters guild and the surveillance and all-around, seemed to have no junctions, were crowded with senior hunters.

Woo Jin-cheol, who was checking the injury level of his men, said he would come forward.

“I have been filed. However, I found out that Sung Jin Hunter entered, and I saw the magical power leaking from the dungeon … ”

Jin looked around. There were too many casualties, and the face of Woo Jinchul was stiff.

“We were not able to do enough with our strength, and we asked the Hunters Guild, who was preparing the raid nearby, to cooperate.”

Emergency cooperation request authority.

It was the strongest authority the association could present to the guilds. Hunters will not be able to refuse.

Many came to help themselves, and in the course of the process, they were sacrificed.

Jinwoo’s heart aches.

Jin-woo’s words were gone and Woo-jin asked carefully.

“May I ask you one thing?”


“Sungjin Hunter, how did you know there was a double dungeon here?”

Of course, a natural question.

It was the car that the Hunter’s guild, the major finalist who suffered greatly from this, was curious.

How did he know there was a double dungeon in the C-level gate and a monster beyond it was waiting for it?

The Hunters who told the story were all puzzled.

Dadauddul – vibration of the cave.

Even though the gate signaled that it would close shortly, the Hunters’ interest was in Jin Wu’s answer.


Jinwu said the truth.

“He called me.”

“…Called? ”

I asked again with the face that Woojincheil could not believe.

“Yes, I received a message to come here.”

“Can we see the message?”

Jinwu shook his head.

And pointed to his temple with index finger.

“It’s a message that appears only in my head.”

Everyone answered the unexpected answer.

Jin did not lie. It just hid a few facts that were not needed and delivered only the core truth. His stately look overwhelmed the Hunters.

Woo Jin-chul, who can be said to be the oldest and most known of them, shook his head.

‘Not at all … I can not read my common sense. ”

Dungeon called in your head?

Maybe he is an incarnation of a person who has been trying to destroy all the dungeons of the world.

‘What a ridiculous idea …’

Woo Jin-chul was bursting into the inside, and Jin-ho passed by silently beside him.

Jinwoo went straight into the inside of the threshold.

The embarrassed car Hain called him.

“St. Hunter! It’s dangerous if you do not go out here now! ”

After hearing the anxious voice, Jinwu replied.

“I know.”

Why not?

It was Jinwoo who passed the long passage twice to this far. It takes an hour or so by the footsteps of the hunters. There was no time to get there until the gate closed.


Jin’s father also disappeared at the gate.

I was told that I had to leave my colleagues who were left in the boss room one by one while I was seriously injured and finally I was trapped inside.

No one was aware of the dangers of dungeon as much as Jinwoo. So I was confident that I knew the danger.


“Can not you just leave the Hunters who ran for me like this?”

Suddenly the hunters stood on the sound.

All those who died in this are their companions.

I did not want to leave anybody.

But the time was too short to take them all. It’s a lot of stamina, and you have to go around every corner to find them that are buried in the wreckage of stone statues.

So I tried to turn around with tears.

“I’ll take you.”

In a word of Jinwoo, the hunters cried out for electricity.

There is no time.

Nobody has asked me to leave.

I just want to look at it. Then the last man who was referring to was silent with his voice.

“Request… May I come? ”

Family guild members.

I did not want to get rotten in this cool cave corner if I could.

Jinwoo nodded his head.

And turned.

Pounding, pounding.

The heart ran quietly.

‘Let’s feel a little more.’

Basically I play like two heartbeats. I had to concentrate so much that I could distinguish the beating of the black heart.

Jinwoo collected mana from his black heart at his fingertips.

‘Did you do this?’

Jinwoo imitated the hand of the Shadow Monarch in the image.

Hands up to seem to grab something. It certainly felt like a powerful horsepower rocking on the palm of your hand.

can do. Jinwoo had a strong conviction.

The location of the Hunters’ carcasses was immediately visible to the position of the magical power.

Jinwoo’s Aunggwang shone. Jinwoo, who stared at the serene interior, said.

“The power of the ruler.”


The carcasses laid down on the debris of the Death – stone statues floated into the air at once.



The hunters who stopped breathing and watched the genie burst out.

The second thing I did was to grasp all the positions of the dead hunters in that short time, lifting them all without touching. Is not it a supernatural power that comes out of movies?

The emerging hunters came out of the door by unseen hands.


‘How is that possible?’

Just as the public saw the Hunters, the Hunters were astonished at Jinwoo’s power.

I can not believe the final man who has a good opinion about magic was witnessed by his own eyes.

‘What skill is that?’

Ability never heard before.

When he saw the power of Jinwoo, he realized that he was mistaken.

When I saw the first angel prize, I thought it would be natural to beat Jinwoo if it was “that.”

But the idea is wrong. It was a misjudgment.

What kind of masquer would be able to handle Hunter, who uses such power in a casual way?

Unbeknownst to me, Jainin shook his head.

‘Impossible thing …’

Actually, as soon as Jinwoo eyes up, the angel prize was removed in an instant. Only his admiration came to his power.

Jinwoo carefully shifted the hunters, who turned into frosty bodies, to one place and called out the Shadow soldiers.

The gold medal was only played inside the temple, so the soldiers could be called out of the door.

The shadow soldiers who appeared before the hunters who could not keep their mouths hugged the dead hunters.

When everyone loses a word and looks at Jinwoo, Jinwoo said.

“Let’s move.”


The dungeon trembled once again as if it waited.

The hunters nodded.

Shortly after the Hunters started, shadow soldiers followed. Jin looked at his back at the back and looked at the car Haen who had not moved until then.

The body was clean, but the face looked tired.

‘Of course.’

The angel prize is the one who had to beat himself hard. I was tired of being alone with such a guy.

Jinu approached her and asked.

“Would you care?”

Cha Haen shook his head with a pale smile.


She looked up at Jin-woo, holding her wrist again.

Jinwoo said to her that she could rest a little.

“We’ll go.”


Car Hae, who had been indicted for the death of his colleagues, nodded silently.

* * * The hunters came out from the gate.

Until then, those who had been around were not expecting the scale of this work.

However, I realized that there was something unusual about seeing the dead hunters coming out of the shadow soldiers.

“Oh My God…”

“Is that …?”

The faces of the courageous guild members who reported their work and the women ‘s association workers who had been waiting were turned to earth.

The number of deaths was too great.

Are not they all domestic elite hunters?

Hunters and surveillance, both groups of hunters were the best classified.

Jinwoo and Cha Haein both landed at the same time. It took a lot of time and the outside was already dim.

Until then, the eyes of Kim, who had kept the scene without leaving, grew.

Even the two S-class hunters were traces of battle in body and clothes.

Dried blood and torn clothes, matted hair.

Nevertheless, the beautiful car Haen went over, but Sung Jin Hunter was alone in the war.

‘This is … That’s right.

Kim heard the camera with trembling hands.

The reason he became a reporter was to include such a scene.

In order to let everyone know that there were those who fought for their lives in this unseen corner while everyone was paying attention to Japan.

The superhuman hunters died a dozen close. If these gates were open, the damage would have been beyond imagination. These sacrifices prevented the disaster.

But if it were not for them, could their fight be known?

I have been circling around the association so much to get one of these articles.

Click, click.

How impressed he was, he was tearful and took pictures.

As soon as I got out of the gate, Jin-woo approached Woojin Chul, who was sitting on his leg.

“…Sung Jin Hun Hunter. ”

Jinwoo woke up and woke up. Jin pointed to reporter Kim with a tuck.

“I think I’m always shooting me, is not it?”

Woo Jincheol said with a smile.

“Sung Hunter’s personal coverage is impossible, but I can not stop the coverage of the incident itself, as I experienced during the raid on Jeju Island.”

Jinwoo nodded his head.

My mother would be worried again if I went to the article with this mess.

There was a slight sense of anxiety, but I could not forcibly stop the reporter.

Reporters are, of course, doing what they have to do.


There was also a wish that somebody knew that there were hunters who had been fighting here for an accident that might be in the bay.

A quiet wind blew.

I heard the sirens of ambulances from afar on the wind.

next day. As all the newspapers were handling the Japanese dungeon brakes on the top, only one newspaper dealt with the double – gate accident that happened in Korea.

The newspaper sold the largest number of copies that day.

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