Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 164

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 164

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166 The United States Hunter Administration has moved agents in the Asian region to pinpoint the current situation in Japan.

The helicopter that departed from the safe area eventually crossed over Tokyo.

A senior officer of the Hunter Administration, who spent his life on the scene, looked down and kicked his tongue.

“It’s pathetic.”

The state of Tokyo was worse than I thought. The city was completely collapsed by the dungeon brakes.

Buildings that have lost their shape, cars that are crumpled like pieces of shots, broken streetlights, fire, smoke, burned traces and structures that have turned into ashes.

Can the grief be better suited than this?

The agent ‘s mistress frowned.

If someone asks you if you’ve seen hell, you can say yes now.

But he was not here to mourn the lost city.

I understand the status of my job. When he was watching the film carefully, he asked a Japanese official.

“The bodies are not conspicuous compared to the degree of destruction of the city?”

The agent had seen the Jeju Island where the S-class gate was held at the same time when he was educated at the Hunter Bureau.

Jeju Island in the image and photographs was full of bodies every street. The inhabitants who did not get out of the islands were annihilated by the ants.

It was one of the worst accidents ever, and the Hunter Bureau had a record of the accident.

By the way.

Tokyo had fewer corpse figures than the city had been completely erected. No, it was hard to find traces of dead people at all.

A Japanese official said.

“I can not help it. The giants are eating people. ”

He was a young male member of the Japan Hunter Association. I was able to guess what time he was having recently in the red-blooded eyes and the unshaven beard.

He was speaking with a carefree face.

“They are moving as if they are trying to erase all traces of Japanese people in Japan. The buildings are broken, the humans are eating, and even the trees planted on the streets are ripped off. ”

Nod nod.

The agent also agreed with his statement.

The giant dolphins poured out of the S-class gates were different from the others.

Other masters were trying to kill only humans, but these masters were destroying everything that was visible.

Only the remnants of civilization remained in the place where they had passed. I could not see a good building or a house in any part of Tokyo.

“Thanks to that, I could earn some time.”


The association staff smiled self-consciously.

Whether you ought to thank people for being able to make time to run away or to be grieved, thanks to the fact that they beat all the visible things.

The face of the employee had such a complex heart.

The agent looked at him and thought.

‘Do not be crazy.’

For a moment, the capital of your country has become this shape.

The sense of loss of being tainted by the masters was not a strange feeling.

The western part of the United States flew to Masuo Kamish, who was alone at the S-level gate eight years ago.

Where is it? The neighboring country, South Korea, has just lost its biggest island for nearly four years and has only recently recovered.

The fierce battle was confirmed by video of the agent.

Even though I did not have any connection with Korea, one Korean hunter appeared and woke up shouting without knowing when he wiped the ants and fed a monster ant.

It was not just because he belonged to the Asian chapter.

This fight was not a confrontation between the small nation of Korea and the masters, but rather the representation of mankind and masters.


Now here in this land, Japan, the battle of mankind and masashi was happening.

‘The result is this …’

Tata Tata!

The sound of the wings of the helicopter was loud, but the situation was so severe that the noise was so unimportant.

I was angry and frustrated.

But there was nothing he could do. I just do what I have to do. The agent then moved the camera lens back and forth, bending things back then.

Then I was surprised to find something, and I passed over.

“Ugh! Well, that’s it! ”

The staff quickly raised the sweaty agent, shouting the stretching zigzags.

“You see.”

“Well, there! There’s a giant yet! ”

“Yes, there is still one here. No, I do not think I would stay rather than stay. ”

The attention of the staff went back to that.

The agent stared swiftly and stared at the same place, stealing his sweat.

In the heart of Tokyo, which has been transformed into ruins all over, one of the greatest athletes who have ever been seen stood upright.

‘That’s a doll …’

The helicopter approached them as instructed by the staff.

The agent asked with a pale face.

“Is this all right to go this way?”

He heard this clearly.

All the giants have left Tokyo, and now Tokyo is safe.

But no matter how you think it is, is not it different from the explanation?

The staff said step by step that they did not have to worry.

“Fine. If it is at a height that can not be reached by the hand, it is 100 percent safer than attacking first. You can trust it because it is revealed by a few observations. ”

It’s black.

The agent swallowed the spit.

‘How many observations did it turn out to be true?’


The staff is easy to say, but how many were sacrificed by that giant to get that conclusion?

Unfortunately, I felt terrible when I recalled some people who would have reached the reach of the giants.

Anyway, it was valuable information for him to collect information about S classmates and to inform his country of actual situation of Japan.

He opened his eyes and looked down at the giant.

His face was familiar to me.


A huge giant who wiped out the magic trick of the glass Orlov.

It was him.

The giant Masan, who, unlike the others, scattered all over the place and was named by many as a boss, remained here.

A Japanese employee said with bitterness.

“Do you think that Masashi is guarding the gate even when you see him?”

“Ah… What.”

“I’m looking at that guy for the third time, but every time I look at it, I feel different.”

“What do you think?”

“In my eyes.”

The staff was a bit late, so I was a bit late.

“It looks like you’re waiting for someone.”

“Yes … Was it. ”

The agent’s gaze moved back to the giant.


Somehow it seemed like that. It is not unreasonable that the employees feel that way, and somehow I thought about it.

While the two talked about the boss-sized giants, the helicopter was close to the limit.

The giant stood still in helicopter flying over his head.

From the beginning, I felt as if I was not even aware of the existence of a helicopter.

However, according to the employee’s explanation, he does not attack at all.

“He must attack a certain range of attacks. And the target that is the target of the attack can never get out of it, whether it is a person or a machine. ”

Is it true that we learned a few observations?

The final figure of the glass rope was superimposed over the face of the employee who explained it carefully.

The boss’s swift movements, which broke the tie and grabbed the glass, shocked everyone. The death of Yuri was broadcast live that way around the world.

The Hunter Administration’s S-Class Hunter report noted that Yuri Orlov:

– A man indulging in wealth and fame.

Although he failed to get money from Japan, he became one of the most famous hunters in the world.

‘I do not know if it was the result I wanted.’

While the agent was frowning over the last of the glass, the staff said.

“This is my personal idea, too.”

Its a personal idea.

As well as the explanation that it seems to be waiting for somebody beforehand, the agent was interested in the thought of the staff.


The agent nodded and the staff said.

“When I see him, I do not think he’s alive. I’m sure I’m breathing, and I’m alive, just like a machine that’s moving according to the program. ”


But I did not agree with that opinion.

The majesty of the giant watching closely was overwhelming. I could not think of it as a machine if I felt the feeling of intimidation that my chest was getting stuffy.



The eyes of the giant headed this way.


The agent once again took an umbrella. The staff quickly calmed him down, just as he was preparing for it.

He told me to rest assured.

“I just look at it. If he keeps the distance, he will not attack. ”

The agent nodded. I thought my heart was falling.

The camera, which was lifted late, recorded Masu in detail. The screen shakes little by little because the helicopter is moving fast.

An agent thought he had enough data.

“How many giants came out of that gate?”

“A total of 31 birds came out. Except for one boss, I was evenly scattered all over. ”

“…Which of them have been removed? ”

“Just two.”

“So now 28 giants are destroying Japan.”

“Now there are no hunters left to fight the giants. Everyone is rushing to run away. ”

The face of the employee was dark.

On the day of the dungeon break, all the hunters who came to the battle to earn the time for Tokyo residents to die were all dead.

As a result, the two giants were caught, but there was no way to stop the remaining twenty-eight from reaching the entire country.

There was a reason why the staff of the Hunter Association, who was busy with turning off the flame on my feet, or the flame burning the whole body, responded to the requests of the US Hunter Bureau for help.

Right then.

“Why are you doing this?”

The agent jumped up and tried to dry it, but the employee clutched his head at the end. Kneeling, and putting his forehead.

There is no pride and no face. If losing is pride and face, can not it be more than this?

The staff fell down and gave strength to the neck.

“Please help us Japan.”


The agent, who was about to raise him up, stopped working. I could not respond to the staff ‘s spirits.

The staff once again stressed in fluent English.

“If the United States does not come, Japan will end. Was not Japan always a strong ally of the United States? Would not you be willing to sacrifice only once for your allies? ”

I did not know whether it was the will of the employee or the direction of the Japanese Hunter Association. But no matter who it was, it was clear that it was a desire.

The agent, who seemed to be troubled and bothered, said with difficulty.

“I will make a request to the headquarters for support.”

“Thank you. Thank you very much.”

I can not help but say that the agent should not expect much from the staff who bowed his head several times.

Do you think the United States, who has lost a lot of high-ranking hunters by Kamish and has managed terribly the safety of their hunters, will they move for Japan?

‘Maybe not.’

But can you say that your country is already over to a young man who bumps his head against the ground for his own stability?

‘I just have to give it to the will of heaven …’

The agent unintentionally looked at the sky.

But the heavens have been and will be, and still, just as they were.

The agent looked up at the sky, and muttered inward.

‘Oh God… Please do not forsake mankind. ‘

Jinwoo jumped lightly and headed for the guild office.

‘Yes, as expected.’

The eyes full of gladness looked a little upward from the front. There was always the progress of the daily quest as usual.


[Distance to now: 10Km] [You have completed 10Km of running.]

I have dealt with a designer who was a designer, but nothing was different from usual.

The system was still maintained, and daily quests arrived as soon as I opened my eyes as usual.

The condition was also the best.

After the ‘black heart’, the body was full of vitality. I was deliberately slowing down, but the pace was light.


It was not just one or two questions that he could not solve because of his disappearance.

‘What was that video?’

I know it’s a condition for getting a “black heart,” but everything else was a mystery.

And what other monarchs did he cry before he died?

I want to deepen my thoughts.

“Hey, wait a minute!”

“Yoo Jin-ho! Let me ask you a question! ”

Jinu suddenly heard the noise in the distance.

Then the reporters who came to the front of the guild building came to the crowd.

Yoo Jin-ho was surrounded by them and could not even do it.

It seemed to be held during work.

Reporters’ questions were pouring.

“Did Yoo Jin-ho know about the disaster of the Hunters Guild yesterday?”

“As a vice president of the guild, please tell me.”

“How did Sung Jin Hunter go there?”

“Now Japan is in a hurry. Did he say that he was thinking of helping Japan?


Jinwoo nodded his head.

The reporters were unable to interview him, so he held up Yu Jin-ho.

I have to help, but the moment I tried to do something, Jinwoo stopped to find something.

What is it?

The expression of Yu Jin-ho is not bad.

While pretending to be hard on the outside, the expressive look of swallowing the laughter momentarily was captured by Jinwoo ‘s remarkable eyes.

Jin Woo laughed and laughed.

‘Jinho, you liked that thing.’

So what do you do now.

Will I go into the guild office quietly or will I go home to get some mood?

A car stopped at the back of the worried Jinwoo.


A glass of tea going down.

“Are you Sung Jin Hun Hunter?”

In the voice of a strange male, Jinwu looked back without thinking.



Jinwoo’s eyes, which confirmed the owner of his voice, got a little bigger.

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