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Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 165

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167 “You are right.”

As soon as I confirmed that the person who turned around was Jinwoo, the man who got off the car immediately saw his face.

I did not even need to recall his name to remember his name.

He appeared rarely in economic news of the Republic of Korea, and he was familiar with Jinwoo in many ways.

“Eugene Construction is famous. Nice to meet you, Sungjin Hunter. ”

The famous, standing upright, bowed his head lightly.

A greeting that is neither rude nor sordid.

I was amazed at how clean and sophisticated the action was, just as I learned that this is a real greeting.

It was because I did not know that a company president would graciously deliver greetings to myself as a beginner.

Because he was polite, Jinwoo also greeted him politely.

“It’s called Sung Jin-woo.”

As soon as the brief introduction was over, he said the famous.

“I am sorry to have come to you without this contact, but if you do not mind, can you give me some time?”

There was a small question in Jinwoo ‘s head.

‘If you wanted to meet me …’

I would have been comfortable contacting my son without having to visit in person. Why did the famous chairman come to this place with effort?

He asked the question, swallowing such a question.

“What are you doing?”

The famous replied with a sad face that I had to do this.

“It’s hard to tell here.”

Come to think of it.

I do not know Jinwo wearing a hood in a comfortable sweat suit, but the famous chairman was blown away by a gaze.

There are not a few people passing by on the road, so we can not discuss important signatures in these places.

That point also understood Jinwoo.

the problem is.

‘There is nothing important to share with the famous president.’

There was no part to guess.

If I make one, I mean the story of Yu Jin-ho, his younger brother and vice-president of Azin Guild.

While Jin-woo’s answer was delayed, many people turned to the famous people inadvertently. I even got people to take out their cell phones and take pictures.

As his gazing toward him began to increase, the celebrity president got a little impatient.

‘If you miss this opportunity, it becomes harder to talk.’

He always had a reason to meet Jinwoo. He asked for courage.

“St. Hunter’s. Excuse me, can not you come with me? I will never get ridiculous stories. ”

Jinwoo suddenly looked back.

In the interest of the reporters, Yu Jin-ho was happy and noticed that he was in trouble.

Jinwu once again swallowed the smile.

‘Today, Jinho looks too busy.’

For a while, I thought that it was time for me to rest a little raid, because I had been taking over the senior dungeon around with consideration of large guilds.

Jinwoo nodded his head.


“Thank you.”

The chairman of the chairman who opened the back door of the car opened the door of the car as the famous chairman who raised the chair and put his head was holding a VIP.

“So come on.”

Jin-woo rises up and the chairman returns to the other side and seats next to Jin-woo. It was so big that we were able to ride together with two men who were so big and strong.

Just before departure, Jinwu asked.

“Where are you going?”

“There is no definite place. If you have a place that Sung Jin Hun Hunter wants … ”

Jin-woo rushed his head and the famous chairman started his car.

He looked around Jinwoo and said.

“I know where I can talk quietly without anyone having to worry about it. I will be there. ”

Jinwu leaned back on the seat. It was so good that I could not speak cushion feeling because it was expensive car.

The car, which slipped silently, arrived at its destination.

“I see you, Hunter.”

Knight came to open the door of the president, but the famous shook his head. Then the knight came to the opposite side, Jinwoo.

Knight opened the door where Jinwu sat. Jin Jin looked down at the tall building.

‘Where can I talk quietly here …?’

The crowd gathered around Jin-woo, losing his words, and bowed his back 90 degrees.

“Welcome, sir!”

“Welcome, sir!”

Jin-woo was amazed by the sound of six people making this move.

How much exercise does breathing fit so perfectly?

“Come in, Hunter.”

The famous chairman went into the building without a clamor.

In the window near the top of the building, the name “Eugene Construction”

‘…’Soon Jinwoo entered the building with his famous name.

The famous who waited for Jinwoo to walk in step with Changwoo.


The employees who found the president came to say hello to the famous.

While the famous maintain his expressionless face, he nodded his head and answered everyone’s greetings.

Great people.

Mr. Yu also felt the atmosphere that I felt in the president of the Hunter Association’s Koguryo Association.

Jinwoo walked along silently, glancing roughly at the sight of the famous Iranians who were famous in the eyes of the people who followed the famous people.

The staff who bowed to the famous also showed interest in Jinwoo walking with him.

‘Who is it?’

‘uh? That person? ”


As they entered the building, the employees looked up at the S-class Hunter who had uncovered the hood and opened his mouth.

Korea’s best Hunter and the best domestic businessman.

Two people joined Eugene Engineering’s headquarters, who would not be surprised?


The eyes of the employees grew.

The female staffs seemed to have no idea, and the male employees nodded toward Jinwoo.

I did not know why Sung Jin Hunter was with the president.

However, two people, who are said to be the best in their respective fields, stand side by side.

It was a scene that a man could not help but admire.

The two men who passed the pouring gaze climbed on the executive elevator waiting in advance.

Here is the throne of the attendants.

Jinwoo and Yoo Chairman also remained in the elevator to close the door.

“…””…”He did not speak because Chairman Yu was closing his mouth. The elevator did not stop, but went straight up to the presidential office.

Ting. At the door, Kim secretary, the right arm of President Yoo, was waiting.

He quickly pushed Jinwoo down and bowed to Yu.

“Sorry. President. One of you is waiting inside. ”


The face of the famous president was stiffened.

“Did not you tell me not to go when I was not there?”

Kim secretary had a lot of mistakes. The stiffness of the famous face was more of a surprise than anger.

Kim secretary expressed embarrassment and said it was cloudy.

“I told you so, but it is so unbearable …”


I heard that there was a famous guest who knew immediately.

He pointed to Jin-woo toward the presidential room.

“It’s fine, you do not have to worry.”


The door to the presidential room opened.

An older man, sitting on the couch and pounding the newspaper, was lifting his head.

“Brother, why can not I contact you like this? I will cancel the appointment today suddenly. ”

He was a famous younger brother, Yoo Seok-ho. He frowned upon this brother who was famous for his brother, who was glad to see his brother.

“Did not you say you have an important day today? I am busy now, so come back later. ”

“No, I know your schedule, and I have a busy schedule today …”

Yoo Seok-ho, whom Jin-woo faced with, stopped at once.

“uh? What? ”

It’s a face I’ve seen a lot.

Others might have thought of newspapers or news screens first, but Yoo Seok-ho recalled his daughter, Yoo Soo-hyun’s SNS. There I remembered seeing two people in between.

‘The real Sungjin Hunter?’

For confirmation, he spread the newspaper he was holding and compared his face to the face of Jinwoo and glared at his eyes.

It might be embarrassing for Jin-woo, but somehow he did not hate Mr. Uncle Bald.

The reason was simple.

‘Is your eye a lot like Yoo Jin-ho?’

Will it change if Yoo Jin-ho gets old and gets sore?

In the head of Jinwoo, President Yu Seung-ho, who has already become an old Yu Jin-ho, laughed his hands out laughingly, not knowing his brother’s day.

“Okay! Sung Jin Hun Hunter! ”


Jin-woo got his hands out of his hand.

Yoo Seok-ho, who has been shaking hands like a man who has reacted hard after a few years, introduced himself.

“You heard a lot of things, but I am the only pharmaceutical Yoo Seok-ho.”

“…?”Where and how did you hear a lot of words?

Even so, giving the person who gives hospitality to such an uncomfortable, Jin-woo replied roughly.

“Oh, yes.

I was surprised by the uneasy eyes around him. Yoo Seok-ho shrugged his shoulders as if he had seen them, and spread his breasts all over.

‘Have you seen it? This is about the man my daughter is dating, brother. ‘

Yoo Seok-ho, who was quietly enthusiastic about the daughter of a famous president who has a genius talent for music, can surely establish his pride with this.

The man who is in Korea is not uncommon.

‘…The lagoon is quite wide. ‘

Jinwoo and Yoo Seok-ho seemed to know that the famous anger that Jin-woo had tried to vocalize to his younger brother after his departure melted away.

It seemed that the story could be solved well.

“Come on, look at my mind.”

Then, Yoo Seok-ho put Jinu’s hand on.

“You said you had something to share? I’ll be out of here at this time. ”

He laughed gratifiedly and stood by Jin-ue as he was about to leave the presidential office.

“And St. Hunter.”


“Please hold me once and please come to my house. I will be waiting at any time for St. Hunter’s visit. ”

“…?”Hold on to me?

You always wait?

“Huh-huh hut.”

The delightful uncle who laid out an unknown voice disappeared coolly like the wind.

I felt bad because of the loud voice and the bright facial expression, but I really did not know English.

The famous chairman carefully asked Jinwoo, who was struggling with his head.

“How is my brother …?”

Do you need to look at the matter anymore because you are gone?

Jinwoo said in a calm manner.

“This is the first time today.”

The face of the famous was set in the answer of the returning Jinwoo.

‘Yoo Seok-ho is …’

Well then.

But now I was in front of the guest.

A famous nickname, “Poker Face,” hiding his emotions in a flash, prompted him to take a seat.

“Sit down.”

The famous himself put his butt on the other side.

Kim secretary asked me to the chairman.

“Would you like some tea?”

“I’m fine, please ask Hunter.”

“I’m done.”

Jinwoo also shook his head.

Then he said with this famous voice.

“I have something to say to Hunter, would you excuse me for a moment?”

“Yes, sir.”

Kim secretary, who closed the door, stood at the door.

I received instructions in advance.

From now on, even if the president visits, he could not let him in.

The weight that depends on this work was different.

“…””…”Like in the elevator, there was a quietness between Jinwoo and two famous people again.

But then there was a difference in weight between this and this static.

The famous man needed time.

It was not a conversation that could be done as if discussing catching personally.

So it was a while after the famous chairman opened his mouth and it might seem a bit boring.

“Sung Hunter.”

Jinwoo was waiting calmly and calmly.


I took out a check that I prepared from the famous Mr. It was a check issued in the name of the famous bank at the main bank of Eugene Construction.

But it was different from ordinary check.

There was not a single number to indicate the value of money that ought to be.


I put out such a check.

Jinu looked down at the check for a moment and lifted his head.

The famous person made a difficult speech.

“I am not arrogant to believe that I can buy anything with money. Even if the opponent is money, if it is S class Hunter who can earn without any doubt, it will be even more. ”

My mouth was dry in my mouth.

It was more of a moment now than when I first started speaking in front of tens of thousands of employees rather than when I was surrounded by hundreds of reporters than when my father inherited my first family business.

It was natural.

The importance of the issue was incomparable with the situation at the time.

It was his father’s desire to see his life, the future of the company that devoted his whole life, and the growth of the children.

“So it would be appreciated if you could think of this as an expression of sexuality that I can see.”

Looking at the splendid eyes of the famous, he could have guessed why he chose this place as a place of conversation.

The story from now on should never be leaked out.

‘Guild membership is not an invitation.’

So he seemed to have picked his realm to control himself by 100 percent unless natural disasters hit him.

Jinwu was quick to notice.

So I asked.

“What do you want to buy from me?”

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