Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 183

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 183

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185 Kwon Kang – hee turned off the TV.

It ‘s already 9 pm.

It is too late to say the time of work. However, Woojinchul was left to say something.

“I have been requesting data from Sungjin Hunter in China.”

“material? Personal information? ”

“It does not mean that.”


“I asked for official materials like Sungjin Hunter’s raid records and related articles.”

Do it.

If the Chinese are not stupid, they will not expect to be able to hand over the personal information of the S-class or the superhero who may already be more.

But why is China now interested in Sungjin Hunter?

I would have made it clear to her that she would not accept any love calls from any country, including China.

“It is not the Chinese government that requested the materials.”


“It was an individual request.”

“An individual?”

The Hunter Association, representing a country, does not provide data to individual Hunters.

But what about an individual?

Of course, when I asked what I should refuse, Woo Jin-chul gave a supplementary explanation to Kon-hee.

“China’s Seven-year grade Hunter Ryuzan seems interested in Sung Jin Hunter.”


Kanghee ‘s speech was blocked because his name could not be found.

China does not follow the Hunter rating of the world standard but uses its own unique rating system.

The higher the number of stars in front of the star, the better the Hunter, the five star five star Hunter was the highest rating.

By the way.

Only one person, Ryuzukan, was the only class to be classified as a class-seven class Hunter.

Of course, Daewoo is also different from Aussie.

However, no one was able to argue that he was exceptionally well-known as one of the “state-class” hunters.

He had that ability, and China honored it.

‘Does Ryuzukan show interest in Sungjin Hunter?’

How did this happen?

Woo Jin-chul relieved the thirst of Kang-hee.

“Ryuzukan, did not you fight the giant dolphin? So it looks like Sung Jin Hun Hunter who killed all the giants. ”

Is it right?

Kun-hee nodded.

One of them, who escaped from Japan some time ago, went to China.

It was known that Masu was killed by Ryuzukan on the Chinese coast.

“Is the strong person to recognize the strong?”

Ko Kun-hee had a playful smile.

Hunter Bureau invited Azin guild.

And the best Hunter and Ryuzukan in China that started to show interest to Jinwoo.

Both the US and China have finally begun to see the true value of Sungjin Hunter.

I was proud of him who knew his value from the beginning.


‘Well, you can not give me the data.’

Do not you need to advertise how good our talent is to those who covet?

One of the state-class hunters will get a little annoyed, but what about it?

This is Sungjin Hunter.

Soon-hee said with a smile and laughed.

“That request, let me refuse.”

* * * The dungeon has changed.

It was the feeling that we cleared the senior dungeons that were created all over Japan a few days in a few days.

The gaze of Jinwu who looked around the inside became sharp.

Clearly, I can feel the presence of the masters, but I was not caught in sight.

If your feelings are dull or lacking in experience, it can be confusing enough.

But Jinwoo was not on either side.

‘Is this the top?’

Jinwoo stopped and looked up.

just as expected.

A little bit of liquid in front of me fell off and the floor burned in.

Smelly smoke has risen from the floor, which is melting in acidic materials.

The smell is nasty.

Naturally, the beauty of Jin-woo was wrinkled.

When Jinwoo did not show any signs of coming up, the large masses attached to the cave ceiling fell down.

Tuck, Took. The clusters clinging to the floor slowly took shape of the man.

The place where the face should be covered with a white mask, body is made of a black liquid, the unusual form of the handkerchief. It was a strange guy who had never been found anywhere.

The numbers are twelve.

Jinwoo quietly called the name of his old friend.

‘Night killer.’

Then a dagger appeared in his hand.

In the past it was one of the flagship weapons, along with the ‘Barca’s Dagger’, but after having acquired the dagger of the Demon King, it has been thrown into the warehouse all the time.

I found a place to use for a long time.

Jinwoo, who expressed his pleasure with his familiar grip, threw a ‘Night Killer’ at the approaching one.

‘Rush dagger!’

Shh profit -!

The dagger flaped straight in the bloody roar and hit the chest of Masuo.

But the dagger, which had passed through the breast without any hitting, hit the back wall.

Not only that.

The black liquid that passed through the body of Masuo began to melt the dagger.

Profit – Profit – Profit – The dagger of the dagger was transformed into something thick and hard to see, flowing down the wall.

‘I knew it.’

It was anticipated that a normal physical attack would not work.


The old fellow, Night Killer, did not even have time to mourn for the last moment, and the masters came running in unison.

Quick move.

However, Jinwoo was regarded as the power of the ruler.

Kwang -!

The inhabitants who were struck by the invisible hand were thrown back at the same time.


The body of the martial artists, who had fallen out and had been torn by the girdle, recoiled to a perfect state.


Jinwoo laughed at the remarkable resilience.

I wanted to call the Shadow soldiers to make a confrontation.


Physical attacks do not work whether they are tangible or intangible.

So what should we do now?

Jinwoo, who struggled to avoid the pouring attacks effortlessly, found that one movement was unnatural.


Jin-woo’s eyes narrowed.

As you look closer, one arm is not recovered, Masu has a corner of a white mask that is covered with a face.

Perhaps it was crushed when it was blown into the power of the ruler.

‘Was there a weakness?’

Jinwoo laughed.

It is not that difficult to kill if you only know how to attack.

“ä_, “ä_!

Jin-woo called out his friends as the masques dodged this fist-pounding fist.

‘The Dagger’s Dagger.’

Jinwoo, who stood firmly in his dagger, appeared in both hands.


In the middle of the warlord, the dagger of the devil king was knocked down.


That was the beginning.

The movement of Jinwoo slipping in a whispering dance made the masks of all the masters suddenly break down.





Finally, the masks of the remaining masks were split vertically. The man who turned into a liquid lost shape and collapsed.

Jinwoo neatly defeated all twelve Jinwoo devil king dagger returned to the warehouse.

What if the person standing here was not himself?

Certainly a few people would have suffered until they realized that a common attack did not work.

Until we discovered the weakness, a few more would have been sacrificed.


Before all the weaknesses were discovered, all may have lost their lives.

Even if it’s an elite raid.

They were strong, fast and dangerous.

The problem is that this is not the first time. ‘exactly… The dungeon has changed. ‘

On that day, since the execution of the king of the giants, manstones have disappeared from all the dungeons of the world.

As the minerals that occupied much of the magical power from the dungeon disappeared, all of the magical powers that filled the dungeons became the masters’.

In other words, even a dungeon of the same rank meant that it was much more dangerous than before.

‘There are so many dangerous people starting to pop up …’

Jinwoo’s hair was wrinkled.

I will not be able to avoid a major accident if a moderate raid has stepped into a higher dungeon.

I heard news from everywhere that the accidents are frequent these days.

In an uneasy mind, he ordered Bere to keep his house.

If you are a berg, you can handle it yourself even if a few dungeons break out.


It is not only bad that the generation of the gate is increased, and the masters are strong.

At least for Jinwoo.

The easier it is to raise the level.

There is still a lot of talent to be treated in this dungeon.

Inside the dungeon I felt the number of masquerading spooky magical powers vividly.

Jinwu’s face came to smile.

‘I have learned the opponent’s first opponent, so let’s hunt right now?’

The preparatory exercise is over. From now on it was the beginning of subjugation.

“Come out.”

Shuruk – Behind the back of Jinwoo, the shadow soldiers hiding in the shadows revealed their power.

I will tell you how to treat it so I will not be in trouble. When Jinwoo sent his eyes, this grit, who took over the command of the whole army instead of Berl, who kept his house in his sleepy position, advanced the soldiers.

Two heads, two heads!

The shadows of the shadow soldiers sounded loud all over the huge cave.

* * * The best hunters stepped on one or two US lands for the International Guild Conference.

Some of them were state-class hunters.

But Thomas Andre’s concern was only one person.

‘Tomorrow is the arrival of Sung Jin Woo …’

Confirming Jinwoo’s schedule, he invited Hwang Dong-su to the presidential office the day before Jinwoo’s entry.

“Did you call?”

Hwangsu carefully watched Thomas’ s eyes.

It has been a few years since I arrived at Scavenger, but I was still tired of treating the Master.

Unbreakable personality with strong power, and awful possessions.

A S-class Hunter, the brass tassel, was just as small as it was in front of Thomas Andre.

“Mr. Huang.”

Thomas took this out.

“Do not touch the Sungjin.”

The eyes of Hwang’s eyes grew.

His gaze, looking at how he knew him, soon turned to Laura, who was standing behind Thomas.

Laura responded with a glance that she did what she had to do.

Toothbrush. A sound came out from the mouth of the brass.

Thomas was speaking.

“I know what Mr. Hwang ‘s brother and Sungjin Hunter are doing. There might be some doubts, and I’d like to know exactly. ”

Hwang Dong-su’s brother, Sang-suk, went into a dungeon like Sung Jin-woo and disappeared.

Eight people, who could be fixed members of chalcopyrite, died, and the two men who survived there formed hand guilds.

Hwang had many words to ask.

His complaint was revealed from his expression.


But before he was able to say anything, he shook his fingers with Thomas, who raised his index finger.

The lips under the sunglasses draw a curve. Thomas smiled.

“I do not remember giving Mr. Huang a voice.”

Just listen.

A clear warning message.

A man who can throw a threatening warning to the highest class Hunter.

He was Thomas.

Hwang, who knows the gap between him and himself, quietly asked his mouth.

Thomas emphasized again.

“Never touch Sung Jin-woo. During the conference, go to the guild-owned villa and enjoy your vacation. How about you, please? ”

“…””Mr. Huang?”

Hwangsum nodded reluctantly.

“…I will. ”

“Good. Look out. ”

The hardened brass quickly left the office.

Laura asked anxiously.

“Was it this?”

Thomas also shook his head with a hardened face.


He just read the enemy in the face of the brass. Yet he was not able to forsake his folly.



“Stay focused on Mr Huang until Sung Jin-woo leaves the US.”

“he… Would you like to accept it? ”

I do not think that the personality of Bhang Dong-soo is not easy.

But Thomas did not care.

No, I did not think it was light enough to care about the antagonism of the brass.

Thomas, who was struggling to scratch his chin, replied inconsequently.

“What… It would be better to die a little more frustrated. “

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