Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 191

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 191

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193 Episode Adam quickly checked Thomas’s life and death.

Throbbing, throbbing, throbbing.

When I put my ears on my chest, I heard a heartbeat.

I put my hand on my nose and checked my breathing. Fortunately, it was normal.

But I barely breathed, but I did not even live. It was not that good.

‘With Thomas Andrew in the Underworld …’

How many hunters in the world can make him like this?

No, does it exist?

Maybe when this happens, the world will turn upside down.

Adam felt awe-like feelings in the power of Jin-woo, far beyond the expectations of the US Hunter Bureau.


It was not the time to admire now.


Adam gestured to the healers of the Hunter Administration.

One of the best healers came quickly and sat down.

Checking Thomas’s condition before casting a healing spell, the healer said with a drag on his tongue.

“All the bones of the body are broken. Bleeding is severe. I’ll do it alone, and I’d better do it all together. ”

At his request, the healers were mobilized to begin treatment of Thomas.

Can we fill the lake with faucets?

Thomas’ s physical strength was so great that he needed more than usual to heal him.

While the healers were sweating and cramming for treatment, Adam raised his body.

The hunters were hurriedly pulling out the wounded workers at the factory.

“Uh …”

“My leg, my leg!”

The status of Scavenger’s elite hunters did not make sense.

I did not see how they made them, but I knew enough who had done it.

Guild for one person.

Only one Hunter destroyed one of the world’s best guilds.


Adam stopped his talent to support the boldness and boldness of the Sungjin Hunter.


So I did not see Sung Jin Hun Hunter.

I heard a familiar song in the ears of Adam, who was looking around for Jinwoo.

It was his cell phone ringtone.

“Yes, it is white.”

[Mr. White. Yujin Hunter’s location has been found.]

It was the contact from Hunter Bureau.

Nice to hear you.

The face of Adam, whose face was gloomy throughout the day, became bright.

“Yes? Where are you going? ”

The liaison was found in front of a large hospital near the injured Yu Jin-ho Hunter, who informed him that life was not affected by the quick emergency measures.

“I’ll just work here and I will go right there.”


Adam broke the phone and gave a sigh of relief.

“Huh -” Yu Jin-ho If Hunter had something to do, how would he handle the wrath of Sung-Jin Hunter?

I was amazed at the thought.

I can not pick up spilled water anyway. Would not it be good to be unhappy that the cup that contained the water was not broken?

I heard a little bad news for him, who had relieved me a little.

“It’s done.”

The healers who took care of Thomas rose.

Asked Adam.

“Is Hunter all right?”


“First… What do you mean? ”

“The injured body has recovered, but the injuries were so serious that it will take some time to get back to consciousness.”


Although healers’ spells can remove physical damage, they can not relieve the spiritual impact of the target.

Thomas Andrew should keep the ward as large as the shock.

Looking down at him with a sad face, he told the healer that he would find comfort.

“But it was Thomas who was a national power hunter, so I would do that. If another Hunter suffered this damage, ten more would die. ”


Adam nodded and was about to play a game.

This is Thomas, the state power.

Adam was thrilled with his spine.

If so, what happened to Hwang Dong-soo Hunter, where the anger of Sungjin Hunter was unilaterally applied?

Is he even here?

Adam, who had become a firm face, rushed into the pulmonary factory where the injured person was carried out intensely.

Someone shouted at him as he looked around.

“Mr. White! here!”

Adam ‘s heart was urged in urgent voice. As he calmed down the heart that had begun to thump, Adam heard a sound and ran to the side.

One Hunter of the Hunter Bureau was standing next to someone with a serious look.

Adam, who knew him, called his name like a groan.

“The brass …”

Then Hunter told Adam.

“This man, do not breathe. The heart does not run. ”

* * * “I did not mean to bring out a nonsense to say that you made a mistake because you were joking when you called me at this time, did not you?”

Later, I got a call from a guest reporter who was called by an editor.

Who are you?

Editor in chief of the newspaper publishing the most collateral in the eastern United States.

Originally, it was not a position to call a guest journalist.

But after listening to the conversation, I could not help but move.

If the guest reporter had made a bullshit to himself, he firmly pledged to send him to the cell even after putting the charges on him, and he packed up the clothes he wore at work today.

A reporter crashed into the editorial staff ‘s suspicious eyes.

“Absolutely not. This is 100 percent real. Your editor does not like real? ”


“So how much would you like to buy?”

“Once you start with the pictures.”

The reporter took a glance around what was afraid and pulled out a picture of Jusum Island.

The editor ‘s hand stopped handing over the picture that was handed over with a faceless expression.

Soon there was an earthquake in his pupil.

‘This, this is not possible!’

The editor’s gaze naturally turned to the reporter’s face.

A reporter shrugged his shoulders when he heard the editor ‘s expression asking how he got these pictures.

The editor handed the photographs with trembling hands.

It was literally the reporter.

‘Thomas Andrew faints bloody on the eve of the International Guild Conference?’


This face that knocks him down and turns around freely.

Is not it Sungjin Hunter?

This is a scoop.

No, scoop is an impossible superstition.

The editor ‘s breath has gone bad.

The reporter, who looked at the picture he stopped gazing at, added an explanation.

“This man made Thomas Andrew so. If the editor is somehow investigating the identity of this person and making it into an article, it will probably go up. ”

This idiot!

Westerners could not distinguish Asian faces well, and the reporter seemed unable to recognize his face.

The editor was grateful that he was Asian American at this moment.

At the same time.

In his head, tomorrow’s headlines came to mind.

[A man who knocked down a dragon, biting an Asian dragon.] [Giant Hunter Sung Jin Woo, hunt to Goliath?] [The state of the power-class hunter collapsed in Korea’s deity?]

The world was noteworthy news, even if I had to say something.

It also reports alone.

How many of these realistic photographs are prepared so you can not get a big hit?

The value of these photographs was endless.

The editor ‘s heart trembled.

The reporter, who found his eyes start to shake, quickly snatched the picture.

The editor was apprehensive about his regret.

“Now that you have a picture, let’s talk about the price. How much will you pay? ”

“This… I have a hard time telling you how much I will buy. ”

The editor who hesitated asked about the journalist ‘s opinion.

“Let me call you once. So, how much do you want? ”

The reporter, who was pondering, laid out five fingers.

The editor nodded.

“$ 50,000? Okay, I will. ”


The reporter corrected the price immediately.

“Five million dollars.”

“Oh, five hundred?”

If it was 5 million dollars, it was close to 6 billion won.

Of course the editor ‘s face has settled.

“If the price is not right, I’ll go somewhere else.”

The reporter tried to turn around and put the picture back.

However, the editor was urgent.

“No, wait!”

In the age of millions of dollars in star-studded baby photos, why not spend 5 million for this scoop?

If the news is known, broadcasters and other newspapers will be talking about this event for days and nights.

Do not miss the opportunity!

The editor, who was hard and determined, opened his mouth.

“Okay, not a deal. Instead, I have to hand over both the photos and the original to me and not shed any information anywhere. How is it? ”

The transaction was concluded.

A freelance journalist who always lives at the bottom, replied with a trembling voice when he first visited his parents after he left home.


* * * Patient room where Yoo Jin-ho is hospitalized.

I have passed the crisis of life, but I have not been able to regain consciousness yet.

Yoo Jin-ho gave a long, painful breath.

The morphine that suppressed the pain was not so effective.

A little time is running out.

The doctor who checked his condition left the room. In the shadow that came into the room, a black male figure rose.


It was Berr who changed position with Jinwu through the exchange of shadows.

Bere reached his hand to cure Yoo Jin-ho as his lieutenant commanded him. A faint blue light spread out from your fingertips.

The complexity of Yu Jin-ho, who was uncomfortable, made it easier for him.

Berth, who has the power to compare with the ordinary S-class Hunter, also has different levels of healing magic.

Bere slowly eradicated his wounds to cure the spiritual impact of Yu Jin-ho.

Woo-woong – Yu Jin-ho, who was back and forth in the warm feeling that surrounds the whole body, opened his eyes.


Then I saw a huge ant head in front of me.

But even the ant head shouted silently, putting the index finger in his mouth.

“…It’s a dream. ”

Yoo Jin-ho closed his eyes again and fell asleep with a happy expression.

“…”In the meantime, Edber concentrated on his treatment silently.

The night was so deep.

* * * Korea, Seoul.

The eastern United States with a 14 hour time difference is the night but this was the morning.

A rare playground.

A black knight putting his head next to the swing asked.

“Your King. How long must I be like this? ”

Jinwoo sat on the swing and quietly waited for Bere’s signal.

“Well… Until I reported that I finished the treatment of Berga Jinho? ”

“…”The Knight quietly kept the original bombing posture if he knew his fault.

Jin-woo, looking down at the story, looked at his hand.

My hands were a mess.

There were bruises and blood on the ground.

Thomas Andrew was a ridiculously hard guy.

I just got a scratch on my hand with a beating fan.

Of course, this wound is also “passive longevity” passive power, sleeping overnight, but if it wakes up, it will be better.


A little fatigue flocked.

The loud day was quietly ending.

The shadow soldier, who was still quiet, said another.

“King …”


“Give me the name, too.”

Jinwoo ‘s gaze shifted to the shadow soldier.

[?? LV.1] General rating Yes, you should have a name.

Jinwoo, who had been thinking for a while, smiled bitterly.

“Why do not you call it greed because you are desperate?”

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