Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 193

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 193

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In 195, Jinwoo also read his own articles.

If the Hunters’ gaze is stuck on their own, it is a big deal.

When Jinu looked around the Hunters, their gaze quickly dispersed.

‘This is …’

When Hunter found the fear in his eyes, he sighed.

‘Something seems to be firmly misunderstood.’

I have to wait for the Hunter Bureau to announce the facts.

In such a subtle atmosphere, Dr. Bellger jokingly looked at Jinwo.

“I read this morning too, but you do not have to look back at St. Hunter. It’s not Hunter already enough to drive the magic over the sky. ”

Hahaha – The sounds of awkward laughter were heard here and there, and the explanation of Dr.

“As you might have guessed, none of the areas mentioned above have found anything in common.”

If there is no common point, it is hard to find out the cause. Since there is no precedent, it is also difficult to predict the outcome.

Then he opened a new photo.

“Here are the heavens in the nine places I spoke to you before.”

The satellite’s horsepower detection has added special effects to the images taken by the camera, he added.

As he explained, over the skies of the nine places the lumps were gathered like clouds.

It would not be as serious as the screen because it added special effects, but it certainly seemed far from natural phenomena.

“Huh …”


The hunters who watched the large screen moaned.

The fact that I did not know the cause and effect of this suspicious phenomenon was never good news.

The sky in Seoul seemed more serious.

Jin watched Magi’s satellite image of Seoul, which was shaped like a typhoon’s eye, and thought why there were nine.

‘Do you think the number of monarchs is related to nine?’

It is too weird to say that it is a coincidence.

But the king of the giants had already died, so the number of the nine could no longer be meaningful.

Then Dr. Belger looked at Jinwoo.

The two people ‘s eyes met again.

The difference is that he is not laughing anymore.

“I do not know why, and now there is no way to cope.”

He finished his long presentation.

“But it does not mean that you can not cope with the fact that you can not cope. This world may be once again transformed. ”

* * * When the schedule had almost reached the end, the director was on the pulpit.

It was because there was a serious announcement.

The hunters were disturbed by his appearance that was not scheduled.

Male breeding.

Is there any official announcement of the Hunter Bureau regarding last night’s case?

In the eyes of the curious Hunters, the director asked the audience to be courteous.

“I have a word to say to the Hunters who gather here.”

These are the first-class people who do not know each other in their own countries if you name them all.

It is not children who are not spirited or soldiers.

“…””…”A cool moment fell on a word from the director.


Highly concentrated, uncompromising concentration on the general public, was devoid of instinct in the body of superheroes.

Satisfied with the atmosphere, the director nodded and looked around the faces of the hunters, and he met with his eyes.

‘Sung Jin Hunter …’

The director who heard the news yesterday did not miss any of the work, he sent light snow to Jinwoo.

It was a sign of gratitude for saving Thomas.

However, the Hunters who do not know the situation before the head of the US Hunter Bureau who gives a greeting to Jinwoo once again sucked.

After a while, the director opened his mouth.

“I have a heavy heart to convey this news.”


Jinwoo felt a moment of waiting.

The director said.

“About two weeks ago, Christopher Reed Hunter was killed by unidentified enemies.”

* * *’…!’The Hunters were astonished.

Does one of the world’s greatest hunters belong to someone?

I overcame the shock I felt when I heard the news of Jinwoo.

It was a matter of completely different from the story of two strong Hunters fighting who won.

The director opened the data screen.

A mansion that has not yet been turned off and has become ashes.

And the heart is bloody, Christopher’s body.

The hunters, who directly identified the death of the state power class hunter through images and photographs, laughed lowly.

Nobody denied that he was murdered.

Surprised Hunters’ questions were poured out, but the director shook his head.

“I’m sorry, but the question will be answered after the presentation.”

There was much more important than getting a question.

The director squinted at the cheek. Jinwoo was just glancing quietly from one corner of the lecture hall.

The calmness of Jinwoo caused complicated feelings to the director.

But there was no time to hesitate any longer. The screen changed as the director manipulated the remote control.

“Here is a man we suspect of this case.”

The face of a man filled the screen.

The hunters soon realized something was strange.

That face of the Orient, is not it too similar to someone sitting here?


The hunters who remembered what happened to Thomas Andrew did not dare to take that fact out of their mouths.

“…”Jin-woo asked his mouth with his mouth.

As I arrived at the Hunter Bureau, the face pictures that seemed to be taken were the same as my father in memory.

Jinwoo bites his lower lip.

‘Why my father …’

Dungeons are the domain of rulers.

I could not see why the rulers had sent a soldier to the appearance of his father.

But whatever their intentions, Jinwoo felt boiling in the deepest part of his heart.

The Hunters who misunderstood Jinwoo’s anger toward the other side had to struggle not to look at Jinwoo.

‘You can not turn around. Do not look back. ‘

‘He’s just a person. It’s just a resemblance. ”

‘Original Asian people look alike, right?’

‘But no matter how …’

The director, who called Sung Il Hwan “suspect S,” explained it.

Where he was found, what happened in the process, what happened after that.

The Hunters were amazed at the explanation that they had run down the brass water during the interrogation process and escaped.

Who is the brass?

Is Hunter a scout from the US Hunter Bureau who has learned his powers, and then headed to the US and acted as an ace at the Skebbin Guild, the world’s highest level?

The Hunters’ surprise was even greater because the news of Hwang’s death was not known yet.

Certainly, those who have that much power may have difficulty in hitting even a national power class hunter.

I could understand why the Hunter Administration suspected ‘suspect S’.

“It is very likely that strong humanoid masters who have escaped from the dungeon have sought Christopher Reed Hunter at once. This is the judgment of our Hunter Bureau. ”

The footage of the suspect S, who is stepping on the brim’s neck, flows through the back of the director who follows the explanation.

It is a phenomenal power that pushes the brass water beyond ordinary S class like a worm. The hunters watching the video went astonishing.

But it was not such a surprise to Jinwoo.

‘Suspect S’ is a master who has the power to create a dungeon.

“It would be strange for such a man to lose to Hwang Doo-soo.”

Rather, I was concerned about S’s behavior. He was trying to talk to Hwang.

‘Say … Are you hanging? ‘

Jinwoo cried out his eyes.

As I was concentrating on battle, time began to slow down.

A sharp sense of Jinwu read the lip shape of S.

-…Do not lift your feet. Not for my son, but for you. You will not be able to detect your eyes when you die.


My heart swung.

Last word. ‘Even if I die … You will not detect your eyes? ‘

If you read it right, it means that S knows his presence.

Fortunately, there was a way to easily confirm the conversation of two people.

Jin-woo called out the soldier who joined the Shadow Legion most recently, suppressing the beating heart to burst.


The grid, which had already understood the question through Jin-Woo’s accident, replied immediately.

[That is what the Lieutenant thought.]

‘…!’When Jinwoo ‘s head became more and more complicated, the explanation of the director who was long was coming to an end.

“I ask all guilds in each country to arrange ‘suspect S’, and if you find this man, please contact us. That is all.”

After the director’s explanation, the calm question offensive was poured back for a while.

The Hunters raised their hands everywhere.

“Is there a Hunter?”

The director said that he had waited for the man who was hunter, and he said.

“Is there evidence that suspect S is not human?”

“His horsepower wavelength was exactly the same as that of Masu. The next minute. ”

“He claimed he was a missing person in a dungeon, was he the one who actually said he was?”

“Yes, he was a real person. The next minute. ”

“Then why do not you identify the Hunter?”


The director was hesitant and replied, ignoring the side as far as possible.

“I decided not to disclose it because I am associated with one of the hunters gathered here.”

Then the question stopped.

‘I wonder’ was ‘too’.

Suddenly I looked around quietly and the director was ready to go down from the stand.

“Do you have any more questions?”


Far away, someone sitting at the far end of the seat raised his hand.

And he opened his mouth before the chief of staff.

“But would not it be better for you to disclose your identity?”

The thick Chinese of middle-aged men.

The Hunters could see who was asking without looking back.

China’s 7 star Hunter, Ryuzukan.

One of the nation ‘s power classes, he looked down at the director with his earnest face.

His left and right, and his guild and other top Chinese hunters, including dozens of occupation.

Ryuzukan once again appealed for the embarrassed face.

“Is not that right, chief?”

The director of the suspect S, who had decided to dismiss today without a number of the identity information on the screen popped up.

Beep. As soon as the remote control button was pressed, the information of the full screen was released.

Elasticity burst out everywhere.

The human form of the first appearance in the dungeon is the same as the missing father of Sungjin Hunter!

Could there be such a coincidence?

The quiet interior was filled with the voices of the Hunters again.

Ryuzukan, who was still staring at the screen, held his hand again.

The director called Ryuzukan.

“…Ryu Hunter. ”

“This time I want to ask one of Sung Jin Hun Hunter.”

The director looked around Jinwoo.

Jin looked nod to the director and turned his back and looked at Ryuzukan.

Ryuzukan’s heavy voice rang in the room.

“What if your suspect S is really your missing father and the hunters are trying to hunt him?”

I thought about it for a while.

“If you have a handkerchief, I will kill it myself. But if he is not a master, but a real father … ”

What if he was a real father?

Then the hunters, wondering about the words, swallowed their dry spit, and Jinwu said firmly.

“I will protect my family, even if I have a lot of enemies around the world.”

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