Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 194

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 194

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196 “Is that true, are you serious?”

Adam, who was waiting outside the conference room, asked.

I want to ask you what you mean, but there is only one word to say.

Jinwoo laughed.



It is not a situation where laughter comes out, but Adam laughs at the smile of Jinwoo without knowing me.

Who are those people in there?

It is the top 500 hunters who have been invited to come from more than 120 countries around the world.

Indeed, the best of mankind.

By the way.

And there ‘s even one who’ s turning all the world ‘s hunters to enemies.

It was impossible to imitate with a certain degree of strength.

The more surprising thing is that no one laughed at him.

Even Ryuzukan Hunter, who was known for his cruel language, was only looking at Sungjin Hunter silently, and he did not protest his remarks.

The hunters in the conference room, as well as the agents who watched the situation through the monitor, did not shut up.

Adam was one of those agents too.

He admired it.

“Maybe there are only two people here who can say that, including Hunter.”

Jinwoo showed curiosity about who was left.

“Then the other one …?”

“You’re in the hospital now.”

Looking at the smiley smile of Adam, Jinwoo immediately recognized who the story was coming from.

Thomas Andre.

Certainly it could have been enough if it was arrogant nature.

‘I do not know if I can still do that.’

Jinwoo also laughed bitterly as he recalled Thomas’ s last expression, which he had raised his hand to ‘lose’.

Adam pulled out a story.

“We are going to have dinner tonight. It is an ambitious dinner prepared by our Hunter Bureau. If you do not have a hurry, you can eat with other Hunters … ”

Jinwu shook his head.

“I’m going to the hospital.”


Adam circled his eyes.

Did you ever get hurt anywhere last night?

No, maybe it is natural.

Thomas Andres, a state power hunter, was severely injured so he could not stand up even after healing the healers.

That was a fierce fight.

So, no matter what, Sung Jin-woo hunter should be in a place where he was injured …

“I’m worried about Jinho.”


That’s it.

Adam, who was worried about Jinwoo for a while, regretted his conclusions.

However, I asked again without abandoning my fuss.

“For some reason, my shoulders and wrists are tingling from last night …?”


“Oh, no.”

That’s when Adam gets upset.

The hunters, who were gathered together, stood on both sides of the road.

Jinwoo and Adam also moved their gaze toward you.

There was Ryuzukan there.

China’s seven-star Hunter Ryzukan came to Jinwoo with his aides called Ryuzukang Satan.

Ryuzukan walked straight in whether the destination was decided from the beginning and stopped at the nose of Jinwoo.


‘What are those two?’

The Hunters’ chat was broken.

A tense tension between Jinwoo and Ryuzukan made the mouse dead and calm.


There was an unbelievable air flow.

The hunters rolled their eyes.

‘Why is Ryuzukan doing that?’

‘Is it because of the words that Sung Jin Hunter said?’

‘I want to go somewhere quietly …’

Clearly, Jinwoo’s answer was provocation for the Hunters. Even the one who asked the question was Ryuzukan.

After Thomas Andre and Ryuzukan.

The hunters looked at the change of expression of the two people with a gruff face as to what would happen.

The face of Adam, who was lying between the two people in the snooze, was overwhelmed.

“Hey, hunters …”

Before Adam could say anything, Ryu Zukang, who had stepped forward one step further, opened his mouth first.

A heavy voice.

Jin-woo’s expression became serious when he heard Ryuzukan’s story.

‘…What is he saying now?’

I have never been to China before.

It is not uncomfortable to hear a word that I do not understand even though I have a similar face because my opponent speaks with a serious expression.

I do not think I’m being swearing in my face with such a serious face.

Adam whispered in my ear.

“You have caught one of the dolls that you missed by Sungjin Hunter from the coast of China.”

Jin-woo’s face came to a surprise.

“Do you speak Chinese?”

“I am in charge of Asia. I know how to speak some of those languages. Ah, and Russia, Spain, Arab, Germany are also a little … ”

Jin is a moment, but Adam Aguirre his shadow soldiers think how comfortable it was self-reflection.

There were many words that I wanted to talk about. Ryuzukan’s words continued.

“Please continue to translate.”


Adam nodded and moved his face to his face.

“At that time, I was surprised that the power of the giant doll was stronger than I thought. Especially because of the fight on the water. ”

Jinwoo also had a surprise in the strength of those guys when fighting a giant doll.

It ‘s a big move like a flying creature.

If the battle on the sea with a lot of restrictions on action might be even more surprising than fighting on the plains.

Jinwoo could understand the embarrassment he felt as the same Hunter.

As Ryuzukan’s words became longer, Adam’s face grew brighter.

“I’ve been wanting to see you ever since. I wondered what kind of person Hunter was so easily able to deal with such strong players. ”

After Adam’s interpretation was over, Ryuzukan laughed and reached out his hand.

Perhaps it was the feeling of tension that had just begun.

For a moment, Jinu looked down at Ryuzukan’s hand and smiled and shook hands. There was no reason for one of the best hunters to turn down the greeting.

Adam, who had been frozen as to what was happening, then sighed a relief.

“Hugh -” formation of a bond between the hunters.

It was a faithful meeting of the purpose of the International Guild Conference.

Ryuzukan who grasped his hand laughed and said.

Jin looked back at Adam.

“I feel like I’m kidding, what are you saying?”


Adam raised his mouth with a grim face.

“And it is cool to blow Thomas Haunter. Anyway, Bonamana Thomas Hunter would have done wrong … ”

Jinwoo also laughed.

The first impression was just a casual man, but it was more fun than I thought.

The greeting was over and the hands of both fell.

However, Ryuzukan’s face became a little dark.

The smile was also erased in Adam’s expression. Adam quickly interpreted his words.

“So even more so, I wonder that Suspect S is not Saint Hunter’s family. You do not want to fight with St. Hunter. ”

Jinwoo moved his head silently.

“You were together.”

In a voice close to me, both Jinwoo and Ryuzukan went back.

Hunter does not have horsepower, but Hunter.

just as expected.

The main character of the voice was the director of the Hunter Bureau.

The director who looked at Jinwoo and Ryu-kang alternately asked with a voiceless tone.

“Can you give me some time?”

Jin looked at Adam.

Then Adam shook his head.

Adam does not know that it was not planned.

What is it?

Prior to the answer, Jinwoo used the sensation stats to understand the movement of all the hunters in the building.

‘There are two holders of huge horsepower …’

Two strong Hunters were heading to the same place, guided by several people.

At the same time you call Ryu ‘s and Ryu’ s, you will not be surprised.

‘Was it an accident?’

Jin seemed hesitant to answer, and Adam told him instead.

“Oh, chief. Sung Jin Hun Hunter should go to the hospital where Yu Jin Ho Hunter is … ”

But Jinwoo put his hand on Adam ‘s shoulder and blocked the horse.

When Adam looked back, Jinwoo grabbed his head and said to the director.

“I’m okay.”

The director looked at Ryuzukan with the face of the flower.

“Ryuzukan Hunter?”


“Good. Then, you two, follow me. ”

The director, whose face grew like a white-collar man who had a difficult deal, led the way.

* * * But their destination was different.

Ryu-kang walked along the path to the left corridor, and Jin-woo followed the director’s instructions.

‘Weird …?’

In addition to Ryuzukan, two high-powered hunters gathered in the same place.

Of course, Jinwoo, who knew to be guided by it, guessed a few possibilities in a different way than anticipated, and eventually came out.

“Why am I only in the other direction?”


The director, who was worried about how to answer, turned over the turn once.

“There is someone waiting for Hunter now. He will explain everything. ”

“…”As the director said, I could feel the energy of someone at the end of the hall.

‘uh? This magic wave is … ‘

He was an unexpected figure, so his eyes grew bigger.

I did not know she would meet her again.

“You’ve already noticed.”

The director was tense with cold sweat on his forehead.

“We are extremely reluctant to expose her position, but if this is the case, the issue is the case …”

“So this place was asked by her at the Hunter Bureau?”

“no. She asked for it. I want to meet you. ”


As the director opened the door, she could face the eyes and gaze of a black woman who was waiting for her.

“It’s been a long time, Sung Jin Hun Hunter.”

“Yes, Mrs. Stern.”

Up to the Nomas Selner.

An awakening of unusual abilities.

I wondered if she had changed a bit over time, but her eyes were still there.

Two eyes still scared. I felt a strong fear in Mrs. Selner ‘s gaze. Nevertheless, she said she wanted to meet herself.

What made her scared move?

Jinwoo was interested.

“I did not know that you would come back to me …”

Jinwoo sat across from his wife.

The interpreter, Adam, stood close to Jin-woo.

She carefully bowed her head.

“I was really sorry then. I did not have a casual … ”

Jinwoo lifted his hand and went away.

At that time, there was no intention to take an apology out of work.

Mrs. Selner saw the director. Then the director of a firm face nodded his head.

Mrs. Snern, who hesitated to tell her story, licked her lips hard.

“These days I have the same dream every day.”

I am not confident in dream interpretation, but I would not have invited myself for interpretation.

Jin asked.

“What dream do you have?”

“Every night in my dreams I see some of the best hunters being hunted by somebody.”

Someone hunting Hunters.

Jinwoo felt intuition that this was not related to him.

“And after a few days, the dream will come true.”

“surely… Christopher too? ”

Mrs. Snern nodded.

The director went on to explain.

“We warned Mr. Christopher of the danger, but he did not immediately hear our warning. result… Hunter knows you well. ”

I heard enough of Christopher Reed today.

Your wife said in a trembling voice.

“The powerful hunters who have sustained the world will continue to die. Hunters hunters will never stop doing this. ”


Jin-woo, who had calmed down his neck slowly, was speaking.

“Your wife warned me to watch them too …”


She shook her head steadily.

What if it’s not a warning?

When Jinwoo woke up wonderingly, Mrs.

“I want you to keep the hunters.”

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