Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 196

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 196

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198 episode “Brotherhood -!”

Jinwoo was able to tackle Yu Jin-ho, who was tearfully embarrassed.

Then I asked Woo Jin-cheol, who volunteered for Yu Jin-ho’s nursing on behalf of myself, who had to attend the conference.

“Hey, why are you doing this?”

“I showed you this when I opened my eyes …”

Woojin chul heard his newspaper.

On the first page of the folded newspaper was a picture of the guerrillas who had been smashed by the Jinwu and the face of Thomas who lost his consciousness in a bloodied manner.

It may not have been natural for Jin-woo, but it was not for Yu Jin-hee who encountered the article.

Who can fight face-to-face with the world’s strongest guild to save himself?

It’s also the master of the guild is ‘Goliath’ Thomas Andre.

As soon as Jinwoo arrived, Yoo Jin-ho, who drew a tear of impressions reading the article, expressed his fullness with all his body.

“Brother Neiim -!”


Jin-woo’s agility has already surpassed that of S-class hunters.

Despite Yu Jin-ho’s constant efforts, Jin-woo escaped from the hug of excitement.

Jinwoo, who ran away, ran again, pointing his back on his back, asking Yu Jin-ho’s thumb.

“Did you read this article in English?”

“Oh, I think it’s hard for a female translator to receive a salary like this, so I told her to read it.”


Yoo Jin-ho kept flushing his nose to see if Jin-woo, who was constantly avoiding his own skinship, was bleeding.



Yoo Jin-ho, who received the tissue paper that Jin-woo put out, strengthened her nose.

Fang. Yoo Jin-ho’s heart is understandable, but can not you carry a runny nose in the expensive suit you prepared for the conference?

I wiped my tears and asked if it was a little calm.

“But, Brother, when did you study English?”

At that time, it seemed that he heard a conversation with Thomas during the rush hour at the waste factory.

“Lesser Hunter has a lot of time.”

Hunter, who does not have a raid schedule, is like a whip.

Jinwoo had to study English every time he had time to prepare for the day when he would quit the job of Hunter.

‘I did not know you would use it like this.’

When I think of my time studying, I would say that it is new.

I had never dreamed that Thomas Andre would be my first opponent in my painting study.

“Oh-” Yoo Jin-ho, who once thought that Jin-woo was a low-grade hunter, nodded his head.

When you put your brother’s past in yesterday’s work, his brother’s motive for meeting the power of the scavenger guild was more impressive for him, who was only a D-class hunter.

Yoo Jin-ho said with a punch.

“brother! I believe only my true brother! ”

Yoo Jin-ho’s eyes flashed reddened, and the runny nose flowed back to his nose.

Jinwoo laughed with a smile.


‘…Sensation stats are not always convenient. ‘

As the transcendental sense reads the feelings of Yoo Jin – ho, he slowly turned his head to Yu Jin – cheol, deliberately avoiding Yu Jin – ho ‘s gaze.

“This does not seem to be a problem for you to be discharged, is it?”

“Yes, I was surprised to see that the wound was clean all night long.”

“Let’s go back to our accommodation after completing the discharge procedure. I just finished the car at the Hunter Bureau. ”


“I’ll be ready, brother.”

Jinwoo saw Yoo Jin-ho, who was holding a bag of rum with a blushing eye, and was grateful that he could return safely.

And at the same time.

A little bit of anger about the gangster that made all of this happen.

‘grid. When you return to your accommodation today, you know? ‘

[…Yes, king.

I did not have much, but just two more hours of sleeping, and Jinwoo went out of the room with the grid.

* * * There were two vehicles provided by the Hunter Bureau.

Jin, who had a personal affair with Adam, boarded with him in the front car, and Yu Jin-ho with the association staff in the rear car.

Open the back door.


As he leaned his head against the window, he fell asleep and shook his shoulder and shook his head.

“Are you here, Mr. Hunter?”

Good face.

Yesterday, there was a dark shade beneath Adam ‘s eyes, tired from his busy schedule today.

While Jinwoo had a sad look, the knight, who was instructed by Adam, moved his car.

Jin right pulled out the right thing.

“Can you give me a list of Hunters who were trying to ask me for protection?”

As soon as he fell asleep, Adam ‘s face turned red.

“Have you changed your mind?”

“I just got interested.”


Adam was disappointed.

It was good, but it was not bad news.

Because Sung Jin Hunter is still interested in this matter.

Adam answered with a smile.

“We will make a list as soon as we return to the bureau.”


Jinwu confirmed the time in an unintentional way.

It is 9 pm now.

Is it the illusion that the face of Adam, whose work has been further increased, seems to be more mature than before?

just as expected.

Adam gave a lot of sleepy eyes to avoid sleeping in front of his escorted Hunter.


The lesser Jinu reached out his hand.

“uh? uh?”

When Jinwoo’s left hand covered the view of Adam, Adam panicked and his voice broke.


But in a word of Jinwoo, Adam was freezing.

“Stay still, get some.”

If you do the same thing to an ordinary man, you will get goose bumps.

But now the person next to him was Sungjin Hunter, which is far from ordinary.

He beat Thomas Andre to the point of dying.

It’s black.

Adam, who was blindfolded in the hands of the S-class Hunter in his sleepy throat, barely swallowed the tingling spit.

Jin left his head back with his left hand and then poured a healing potion purchased from the shop with his right hand.

‘What, what?’

Adam was forced to swallow an unidentified liquid with no vision at all, but he felt a strong tension in the body as the fluid overflowed and passed the esophagus.

How does this happen …?

When the hand of Sung Jin Hunter falls. Adam realized that Suma, who had been attacking him, had neatly disappeared.

No, is that just that?

I fell asleep all night long, and I was ashamed as if I had fallen asleep in the morning sun.

I could not feel the fatigue at all like a lie.

“Huh, Hunter …?”

How did you do that?

To such a glance, Adam shrugged his shoulders.

“It’s like a trade secret.”


It was so strange that Adam easily understood it.

Adam, who had been moving all over the place, admired the still uncomfortable voice.

“Hunter is … Well, what to say … Even though it was not Hunter thing, it feels like you have succeeded somehow. ”

Intelli in the intelligence, I can already say that only 10 languages in the Hunter Bureau of Special Agents to listen to the praise is unbelievable.

Anyway, Adam seemed to be satisfied, so he smiled a hearty smile.

This makes it easier to do the following.

It was a preliminary task to ask for the Hunters’ list.

“And would you make a place to meet the hunters on the list?”

This is your chance.

When strong hunters from all over the world are gathered together, you can hide the soldiers in their shadows to cope with the attacks of your enemies.

But Adam shook his head.

The part I was worried about was revealed.

No matter how great the power of the Hunter Administration is, it will be impossible to make the best Hunters in the world move. Jinwoo’s face got hardened.

“Also… Is it difficult? ”

“no. That does not mean you do not have to make a move, Hunter. ”

Adam grinned and explained the schedule for the last day of the International Guild Conference.

“I have a night of hunters.”

Adam opened the door with words that seemed to match the title of the game.

He seemed somewhat excited.

“There is a big party hosted by the Hunter Administration Bureau that invites the Hunters who participated in the conference. If you want Hunter, you’ll see everything there. ”

The party.

Is there any better situation than naturally touching and attaching shadow soldiers?

Jinwoo grabbed his fist.

‘That’s great.’

Contact the monarchs through the hunters.

Then you will know who is enemy, who is allied, and whom and how to fight.

“I will.”

Jin made a smile and leaned back on his chair.

Outside of the running window, the night of America was deepening.

* * * Hunters’ night. The world’s best hunters and hunter-related people gathered in a huge banquet hall that can accommodate 1,500 people.

“Wa -” Yoo Jin-ho saw his legendary hunters, who were only seen on screen, gathered their eyes.


The other Hunters looking at Jinwoo were similar to Yu Jin-ho.

As Jinwoo entered the banquet hall, everyone’s attention was concentrated.

“Hey, there …”


“I can not feel it even if I am in front of you.”

“The level is different.”

Yu Jin-ho was also attracted attention as he gazed at Jin-woo.

“Then the hunter next to him …?”

“Did he fight with Thomas Andrew to save him?”

The Hunter Administration has already announced the status of the state is now somehow.

The Hunters were amazed by Jin-woo, who clashed with the entire Scavenger Guild for his fellow D-Hunter, and was appalled to know that Jin-woo’s remarks on the first day of the conference were not bluff.

[I will protect my family even if I have a lot of enemies around the world.]

The photographs of the article showed how Skebyn was done.

So I hope his words do not become reality.

In any case, Hunter’s announcement of the Hunter Bureau’s findings showed Hunter to try to talk to Jinwoo.

It was thanks to the fact that the image was renewed as a monster that does not deviate from the oblique line in order to defend his colleagues in the monstrous creatures made of monstrous Goliath.


It was not Hunters who was the first to approach my courage, but was the representative of a world-class wrestling specialist.

“It is an honor to meet you, Sung Jin Hunter.”

He introduced himself.

“I want to buy the dolls that Hunter has taken, can you give me some time?”

The goblins usually appeared as bosses of a class A gate, so the whole body was very rare.

The desire for business made him move one step faster than other hunters.

‘Well done.’

Jinwoo, who smiled one by one, introduced Yu Jin-ho to the representative.

“I’m primarily responsible for the raid, and I leave the business issues to the vice president here.”

“Oh, right?”

When Jinwoo floated, Yoo Jin-ho, who was in a state of urgency, gave his hand to his shoulders and gave his hand.

“Yoo Jin-ho is the vice president of Azin Guild.”

“Oh, yes, nice to meet you.”

“I’m not really good at talking about business at this place, especially the delegate …”

Watching Yoo Jin-ho moving to the place where the conversation is convenient with the representative, Jinwu made a satisfactory smile.

‘Son, now you’re the real vice president.’

But soon his eyes were sharp.

Interrupters also disappeared in sets, and now it was real.

Adam adhered to Jinwoo.

“Here is the list.”

On the screen of his tablet computer, the names of the ten hunters, called the world’s best, were listed in order.

“Our Hunter Administration has ranked Hunter’s achievements in points according to their own standards. Here are 10 people who are at the top of the Hunter Point. ”

Hunter Point.

It was interesting that the Hunters’ career was rated.

Asked Jinwoo, who discovered that he was not present on the list.

“How many are I in here?”

“Maybe if you score points to the record of killing all the gangsters … It’ll be here. ”

Adam pointed between third and fourth place.

On top of that were Ryuzukan, Thomas Andre, and Christopher Reed.

The fact that his career was less than a few months and that he was right under them meant that Jin-woo’s work was great.

‘Fourth place is … Indian side dish of Siddharth. And fifth place. ‘

The first to fifth places were all national power hunters.

The hunters of the rankings below were also the most prolific ones.


As he read the list, Jinwu lifted his head to the turmoil.

Male breeding.

Far away, the Hunters were confused by the unexpected arrival of visitors.

Jinwoo confirmed the visitor and left the tablet to Adam.

“Huh, Hunter …”

“Do not worry.”

As expected, the visitor walked straight to Jinwoo without hesitation.

In the middle of pushing Ryuzukan, who was busting himself, the visitor who came to the front of Jinwoo took his sunglasses off.

Jin called his name.

“Thomas Andre.”

Everyone around me was amazed by Jin Woo, who had not lost his mind in front of Thomas, and Thomas, who was still bandaging his arms.

Thomas said he looked down on his head and one of the smaller ones.

“Sung Jin Hunter … Let’s ask one thing. “

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