Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 197

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 197

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199 Is there anything you want to ask?

I felt strange, but actually I could not see the enemy in the eyes of Thomas, so he nodded his head.

As soon as the consent declines.

“This arm …”

Thomas lifted his bandaged left arm.

“The impact of horsepower is so enormous that the healers are not healing. The doctor said the same thing. It is slowly recovering, but it will take a long time to heal. ”

Jinwoo’s horsepower was his left arm, who had to take a bunch of punches.

At the end of the battle, the bones were completely powdered and could not be used again.

This was the result of a lot of healers’ quick action and my excellent regeneration ability.

The destructive power to be processed.

Thomas was suffering from the pain left by traces of fighting that remained everywhere, and he thought and thought many times.

But I could not find the answer to the end I came to Jinwoo.

Thomas said to Jinwoo, who has been sending his eyes to say, “You are here to brag about injuries.”

“If you are enough, of course, I could finish all my guild members.”

It was himself and his subordinates who kidnapped his companions in the foreign lands and attacked him who came to seek his companions.

Even if he killed all those who attacked him, as the Hunter Administration announced, he would not have been judged by law.

‘Of course there is no way to punish him …’


Sung-jin did not kill anyone but one brass.

What if you were in the same situation?

I did not spare any one.

I had the power to do it, and I was fully equipped with the cause.

But why did Sung – jin make another choice?

Thomas had not left his mind for two days before.

“Why then? Did you save us? ”

Of course, he was the one who admitted defeat and asked for mercy.

One that I chose was Sung Jin-woo himself.

Even one of his guild members who had been attacked by his servants did not die.

Thomas wondered why.

However, Jinwu ‘s answer was very simple, even though it was uncomfortable for a few days.

“I did not make a sin to die.”

Thomas’ s arrogant attitude was unbearable, but he also sought a waste factory to keep his guild, Hwang Dong – soo.

The same goes for the Scavenger Guild members.

It was a mistake to attack first, but the price of the error was enough.

It was the conclusion that Jinwu made as he regained his final blow to Thomas.

When I heard the answer, Thomas’ s pupil was shaken from moment to moment.

“…It was. ”

If you think about the last of the Hwangsoo-su, who committed a crime to die, the answer is not a lie.

Why is it so simple and clear?

Though his head became more complicated than before he heard the answer, Thomas smiled cheerfully.

“I would like to have a meal together with my arms. If you leave a contact with my manager, I will contact you next time. ”

Thomas, who was careful to say hello, turned around and laughed as he waited behind him.

Thomas passed the banquet without looking back.

As he moved his legs, the gathered hunters split on both sides like the miracle of Moses.

Laura, who watched the backward view of Thomas moving away, looked at Jinwoo again.

“I just told the Hunter that the Master did not hurt the guild members and was grateful.”

Jinwoo was blocked.

How can it be interpreted?

As if the question of Jinwoo is obvious, Laura added.

“It looks surprising, but I’m surprised to be a lot of shy personality.”

“Ah… Yes.”

Well, then it is.

Because he came from the other side, Jinwo, who got off his troubles to go out and attach a shadow soldier, nodded his head.

After finishing the interpretation of the Thomas Andrew style greeting, Laura pulled out a small notebook and prepared for the enemy.

“Mr. Hunter, if it is not an excuse, can I ask your contact? Oh, and. ”

The blonde beauty who smoothed her head with a smile smiled.

“The Master wants to thank Hunter. If you have anything you want, please tell me. ”

“Oh, that’s okay.”

Specially designed.

But Laura asked for a stock with an awkward smile that seemed a little difficult.

“Our master is … If you think that you have been taken care of because you have a strong desire to win, you can not resist without paying. Could not you tell me anything because it does not matter? ”

Laura, who was trying to refuse, stepped down to Laura ‘s invitation.

I do not really have anything I want, but from here on out there, I refuse to judge it was not courtesy.

Just one problem.

‘…I do not need much. ”


The money you have already earned through raids is significant.

Azin Guild has already sold more than one year of large guilds, which has already been sold by importing and selling the carcasses of the giant dolls.

The representative of that guild is Jin-woo.

Of course, it will not be comparable to the financing of Scevenger, one of the world’s leading guilds.

‘But it does not seem that there will be anything that would help Thomas or Scavenger …’

The moment I changed my mind again that I would have to turn down the first thought.

Suddenly, I was in my head.

‘Wait, if you’re a scavenger …’

GuildSkevin is one of the most active elites in the world.

The dungeons that they cleared are incalculable, and the number of artifacts recovered from the dungeon is enormous.


There might be a good thing if the warehouse of the Scavenger Guild.

Jinwoo reluctantly replied.

“If it is worth a dagger …”

There have been many opponents who did not eat ‘Dagger King’ s Dagger ‘due to their tremendous defense.

I thought it would not be too bad to change weapons with the help of a scavenger guild on this occasion.

Even if it does not come out to be very useful, it is the main reason.

“dagger… Okay. Thank you, Hunter. ”

After getting the answer, Laura finished her note with a bright face and left the ballroom.

Adam, who was struck by the side of what was really going to happen because of a sudden Goliath visit, came out with a sigh of relief.

“Hunter, will you see the Hunters from the list now?”

“That’s it.”

“Then I will guide you. There are agents all over the place, so we can find them. ”


Jinwoo laughed.

“It does not have to be.”

The shadow soldiers, who had already been ordered by Jinwoo, had already spotted the hunters by peering through the ballroom.

Now you just have to meet them one by one.

Adam, who could not sense what was happening, circled his eyes.


Jinwu asked instead of the answer.

“But why is one person empty? I do not see the 6th place. ”

“How did it …”

When Jinwu shrugged his shoulders, he nodded as if Adam knew.

‘Oh, trade secret …’

And it was a horse.

“He was disconnected a few days ago at the conference. He secretly went to the Brazilian government, but he told me that he was still there. ”

Jinwoo nodded his head.

Thomas has just shaded second place, no third place Christopher Reid and sixth place Brazilian Hunter.

‘Then all seven are left.’

Jinwoo told Adam.

“let’s go.”


Jinwoo and Adam walk around the banquet hall and greeted the hunters on the list.

I once asked Adam to meet them, and I wanted to know a little bit about the objects to be shadowed.

Starting from the 1st Ryuzukan, to the bottom 10th in order.


‘Sungjin Hunter is also trying to expand the network here once?’

‘But what about the hunters he says …’

The Hunters began to look forward to seeing Jinwoo come to the front of the subject and greet him.

‘Come this way …!’

‘Yes, I am the next.’

The Hunters who were nervously waiting for Jinwoo’s greetings bowed to their regret when Jinwu passed by.

The work is over.

Jin – woo, who had attached a shadow soldier to all the Hunters on the list, left the banquet room with his party.


Finally, the 10th hunter, who greeted the audience, shrugged and raised his voice, while the 11th and hunter hunters sneaked in silently from then on.

that day.

The Hunter Administration, the organizer of the ‘Hunters’ Night’ event, had to struggle to find the cause of an unprecedented increase in consumption.

“Tomorrow is the last day, is not it?”

The deputy leader gave his coffee to agent Adam, who had been hanging in his chair.

Immediately posture, Adam immediately grabbed coffee.

“Thank you, Deputy Director.”

The deputy chief who tapped the shoulder of Adam sat next to him.

“When I heard that Goliath and St. Hunter had met, I thought I was breathing … I am glad that you worked well thanks to your efforts. I really did it. ”

“My dear bureaucrator is very sincere …”

I mean, do you have any subordinates who are willing to praise you for the sincerity of your supervisor?

Adam ‘s face turned bright.

The deputy chief, who smiled at the honest reaction of his staff, asked not to drink the coffee.

“Yeah, what about sex hunter who watched closely?”

Adam thought about it for a moment.

“Deputy Commissioner, do you know that? Mr. Sungjin Hunter, I still train every day. ”


“Yes, I checked it myself. He jumps 10 kilograms every morning, has 100 push-ups, and does not lose sit-ups or squats. ”


The deputy director flashed his eyes.

Now, even if you call it the strongest Hunter, is not it an exaggeration to say that Sung Jin Hunter does such basic training all day?

What is the point of running on the body that has already exceeded human limits?

Adam explained to the deputy director that he could not understand.

“Perhaps it is a foster care to refine the spirit rather than the flesh.”

“Performed for mental …”

Adam nodded his head.

It is not surprising to see science and technology beyond modern technology, sincerity that does not go through training for a day, and mysterious ability to lightly recover tired mind and body.

It was surprise itself that Adam saw.

And the deputy chief, who took Adam ‘s story seriously by the side, also agreed strongly with his idea.

“Really… You are such a great friend. ”

How good he was to be our American hunter.

South Korea with such a Hunter was envious of it.

‘Well? Was the original taste of coffee? ”

The deputy director feels that this coffee drinking with admiration is somewhat burdensome today, and after all, he could not drink it and left a half.

* * * There is a saying.

If you want to know the location of the president of the Korean Hunter Association, find the room where the fire is going to last.

Today, Kogehee stayed in the president’s office until late, and he was overworked.

Nowadays, the number of accidents has increased because of the increase in the number of new awakeners.

It was a painful thing for the Hunter Association to manage them.


He put down the document on his desk and Kanghee touched two tired eyes.

‘…It’s strange. ‘

Oddly, the tremor of the heart does not stop recently.


The heart was not good. It is not a year or two, but recently the condition was not clear.

‘now… Is it a limit? ”

His doctor said he might lose his life in six months if he did not quit his job right away.

So one year, two years.

So I came here.

‘Even if it is limit, it can not be helped. Where is it that I endured? ”

Kun-hee smiled a pale smile.



If I had been like before, I had to scourge myself for a little longer, but now I’m not as nervous as I was then.

‘What has changed?’

What has changed in the past?

I thought about it, and Kanghee laughed at the obvious answer.

Sung Jin Hunter.

Korea now has the power to stop the S-class disaster.

Korea’s position has changed with his presence.

‘Yes. Maybe my heart is … ‘

Could not he have stayed to meet him?

Gohan smiled bitterly.

“I’m also doing the same thing.”

The president ‘s personal message was ringing in the president’ s office.

“Then I saw tomorrow is the return of Sung Jin Hunter?”

Tomorrow, I am already chestnut to hear the performance of Seung Jin-woo Hunter who witnessed his own woojin chul.


The phone was ringing in a strange way.

‘Is there a phone call at this time?’

I wonder if there was a big accident somewhere.

Kanghee felt the anxiety and listened to the receiver.

– Do not you have a big day today?

It was my wife’s phone.


In the voice of her husband, who is asking for her husband who does not come in even after the time of his return, the face of the president, Kang Hee Kang, who was hard and hardened, was gradually released.

“What’s the big deal? I do not want to go soon … ”

By the way.

Suddenly, the signal of the telephone was cut off with the sound of sewing.

“…Honey? Honey?”

Of course, my wife did not answer.

What is it?

The head of the association was unconsciously looking out the window.

‘…!’He could not say anything.

Everything that had to be out of the window was gone.

Building, road, people.

There is only darkness like darkness that has no depth. In a matter of seconds, the exterior of the window was completely different.

It was impossible.

“how… How does this happen? ”

The moment when the President of the Association was surprised.

He realized that a person who has never seen him is now sitting on the sofa of the president’s office.

Just like you were there from the start.

‘Person…? no. It is not a person’s energy. ‘

Where is it?

A pale face like a dead body, a long, white hair, a silver eye shining like a pointy ears and jewels.

Ice Elves.

Or a fever.

But he could not even feel it coming.

Kanghee slowly put the handset, which was still holding it, in place.

And I asked.

“You… Who? “

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