Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 198

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 198

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Can we talk about 200?

The gaze of the president of Koganeh Kogyo stared at the uninvited.

“…”He was silent.

However, unlike other players, they did not reveal aggression immediately.

I just sit there silently, ignoring the owner of this room. During the short silence in the president ‘s office room, the president of the Koganei Association got time to observe the opponent.

‘It’s like Ice Elves.’

‘Ice Elves’, also commonly known as white flies, are often seen in higher dungeons.

Their distinctive features were widely known among the hunters.

However, the uninitiated has the characteristics of such universal ‘Ice Elves’, but they have shown a clear difference as to whether they are the same species.


If the common ice elves were one of the trees forming the forest, the uninvited was an old tree that kept the dried up forest alone.

Cracked skin like bark.

An angry finger.

I have a beard and a pitted two eyes on my chin. The Ice Elves would look like this if they lived for hundreds or thousands of years.

The unusual point did not stop simply from appearance.

It’s black.

The president of Koguryo Association swallowed the dried saliva without even knowing it.

‘To stay … I can not feel it. ”

Even though the uninvited guests, who were not aware of the birds, were sitting on the sofa, they did not notice anything until they saw them with their own eyes.

If it was an ordinary marathon, I would have missed the keen sense of Koganei’s president.

‘…I can not afford it. ‘

Kanghee, who made a quick decision, gently flipped over the cell phone he had put on his desk to ask for help.


Masuo looked back at Kunihi.

[This place has already been completely cut off from the outside world.]


Kang-hee put a cell phone with a broken signal like he said.

“Do I have a dream now?”

As soon as Masu got into the headquarters of the Hunter Association in the middle of Seoul, he could not speak in Korean.

If this is not a dream, how can I explain it?



Kanghee grabbed the left shoulder, which had gone through with hot pain.

It happened as soon as Masuo’s hand pointed to herself.

When I touched my hand carefully, I saw something that seemed to cut off to something sharp.

What was strange was that the blood did not flow at all, even though the flesh was sharp. The wound was frozen and covered in frost.

‘how… how?’

Looking down at the wound, Kun-hee lifted his head.

Masu was still sitting there with a casual look.

[Do you think the pain is part of your dream?]

Kun-hee nodded his head.

“I know. Now that this is reality. Then I’ll ask you again. who are you?”

[You wanted to see it first, but it was just a human being.]

“Just human …?”

Mayusu slowly rose.

At the same time, all the furniture around him, such as a sofa or a table, were pushed to the sides, and then he was thrown into the wall.


The hanging appliances did not freeze from the wall.

‘Oh My God…’

The eyes of Kun-hee were pounded.

A gruesome chill faded slowly into the room.

[There is no hobby that violates the weak. Show your appearance, a piece of brilliance.]

Who can call the president of Kun-hee the weak?

However, Koganei did not refute.

Being standing in front of me was like a majestic mountain, and every ten thousand mouths sounded like a thunderous voice.


It is different from myself.

I had a sense of superiority than anyone else, so I was able to see the gap with my opponent at a glance.

The cold sweat on the forehead of Kosei-hei was formed.

Do you worry that the bowl will be broken? But even if it is not you, your bowl will soon end its life.]

If I was scared and hid.

The addendum added both palms up. And there began to be a condensation of cold air condensation.

[It will not be worth talking to you anymore.]

“…?”It was the moment when Kun-hee felt the utter confusion in the other’s words that could not understand the meaning.

Cold water came off from one hand of Masuo.

Coaan -!

The explosion swept over the place where the president was standing.

The white smoke created by the extreme cold fog covered the area like a fog without seeing the front of it.

By the way.

Two lights leaked out of the smoke.

The golden eyes.

MASU, who identified the leaking light, smiled on his face and threw away the remaining chill.


The president of Kogeonhee swung his arm and kicked the chill. The cold air hit by the hand bounced off and hit the wall.

Do not worry!

The cold was exploding, and one side of the wall burst into flames.

Behind the collapsed wall was a black space just endless.

The smoke that was covering the view slowly withdrew, and the president of the association of Koganeh showed up complete.

Of course, both eyes, and the mighty Aura around his whole body were glowing in gold.

“I have separated the president’s office room and locked it in a gap of dimensions. It’s a recipe. ”

In the mouth of the president of Koguryo Federation, a different voice came out from him.

Masu opened his mouth again.

[finally… You finally meet. Most shining fragments of brilliance. I’ve been looking for you for a long time. I do not think you could have been stuck in a broken bowl and no power at all.]

Unlike the sudden talk, Masu’s expression has not changed a bit since the beginning.

He kept talking with his frozen face.

[We have already found all seven of you. And I have broken two of them.]

Kang-hee’s face hardened.

All the rulers were out of position besides themselves, and two of their colleagues had already lost their vessels.

This counterattack was not expected by the rulers.

[That face.]

Masu smiled.

[I wanted to feel the embarrassment that flowed on the face of the reporter. Now you can destroy your bowl without any fuss.]

“Let’s do it, monarch of the cold!”

It is the god of the kokuhei!

In his whole body, the gold-colored Aurora became stronger, and it turned into a shape that light came out from all over the body.

A brilliantly bright light that illuminates a space filled with darkness. However, while witnessing a mighty power, the monarch of the cold still did not erase the ridicule.

[Is it going to strike you? You are so stupid.]

In the monarch’s eyes, a pure white light came out.

At the same time his feet began to freeze.

Just as Kun-hee was surrounded by the light, the awkwardness of the monk wore the entire monarch’s body.

The monarch of the cold was exposed.

I borrowed the human body and I occupied the human body. Do you want to be able to touch even my hair?]

At this time the monarch is in vain.

Kwon Hee, who felt that this was his only opportunity, popped like a flare and hit the monarch.

But the monarch’s response was never slow.


The light and the chill were tangled together and produced an enormous explosion.

Quark! bang! Kwang -!

However, as the fight continued, the movement of Kanghee became noticeably dull.

Scars increase in proportion to that.

Every time the movement went up, a blanket of gas came out of the mouth of Ko Kun-hee.

“Mandarin -” In this cold, the time to fight with the body of the patient who is in the spotlight about death is about two minutes.

As the sovereign says, the outcome of the fight was determined from the beginning.

Stamina already limits.

Koge’s eyes, which consumed more horsepower than their allowance, became red, and blood began to flow through his mouth.

But such efforts are meaningless.


A sharp pillar of ice piercing through the bosom of Kun – hee came out on his back.


Kanghee poured out the blood.

I was touched by the cold monarch who gave the death to Kun-hee by the ice column made at the fingertips.

Is it the limit of your vessel? It’s a shame, a piece of brilliance.]

The monarch looked down at him, bowing his head and panting his breath.

[How long will it take you to find a new bowl? 1 year? 2 years? But our troops are already there.]

Everything in this world will end before your soldiers arrive.

[It was your mistake that you tried to defend the inhabitants of this world. Have we seen a trivial thing so that you can win even if you sell one eye?]

The monarch of the cold weather showed a victory smile.


To decorate the end, the monarch lifted his hand in the place of the hand that pierced his heart.

There was a blaze in his hand.

I was going to complete a blow to break the human breath that is being used as a master’s bowl.

But then.

“Kohath, ahaha -” Suddenly, Koh-hee burst into flames with his bloody lips.

The monarch’s hand stopped.

[…?]Ko Kun-hee gasped his breath and gave his eyes to gaze at the monarch.

“Did I think, Coolruk, that I would have fought you without any meaning?”

The left hand of Koguryeo firmly held the wrist of the monarch below his chest.

“Just as you did not expect to follow our way, you have a big variable that goes beyond expectations.”


The eyes of surprised monarchs grew in the confident face of Ko Kun-hee.

Bluff? No, the moment when the idea that facial expressions are so meaningful for such things has passed.

The monarch rushed his neck to the side.

‘…!’It’s really cool.

A tremendous horsepower has just passed through his face.

It was a terrible firepower so much that the right arm of Kogehee, who poured out his magic power, burned.

The magic hit the dead wall of the separated space and caused an explosion.

Kuwoong -!

The force of the whole space shaking. I wonder what would have happened if I had hit it like this.

‘…It was dangerous. ‘

However, the monarch instantly grasped the enemy’s intentions, and as a result he was able to escape the moment he was struck.

The monarch would have exhausted all his powers just by attacking and laughed as he looked at Kunihi.

[Was this a number of your spleen?]

A smile that clearly implies ridicule.

By the way.

Gohan also laughed.


The monarch, who found a smile on his pale face, felt an ominous smile on his face.


Why was the apocalypse at this point when the victory was confirmed?

The question did not last long.

The monarch’s gaze turned its back.

The boundaries of the outer world were collapsing as the boundaries of strong power were broken.

‘For this?’


Is not this a meaningless struggle?

[It will not change even if the wall of dimension is removed.]

However, the consciousness of the ruler, who stood on the body of the veteran, raised one of his mouth tails.

“indeed… Would that be? ”


Soon, the circle was completely broken, and the space was restored to its original shape.

The light of the building.

Vehicles that pass through the road beneath the building.

And the president’s office.

Everything came back into place.

That said.

Kanghee squeezed out his last force and cried out to the below.


It is the foot of Kankyu.

One shadow that fell from his shadow turned into an ant. The ants jumped out of the window, dodging the monarchy.

Chieko -!

The monarch’s gaze turned toward him.

I did not know where one of the residents of Hiroshima appeared.

But just one of the inhabitants.

A feeble soldier who is subordinate to the king of the worms. By the way.

The monarch could not keep an eye on the increasingly distant ants.


The monarch’s eyes flashed.

Alas – I should have noticed.

The reason why the person who was concerned about his or her vessel being destroyed broke off the power to pour the power enough to collapse the body of the human being to become a vessel.

He just did not have the power to die because he wanted to get out of the ring.

There was another reason.


Later, the monarch of the cold, who realized the identity of the ant, opened his eyes.


The monarch, who threw out Kun-hee, jumped toward the running ant.

Frozen in his hands frozen, and a perennial ice sickle was created.

Suddenly, the monarch approached the ant and struck down the ice sickle held in one hand.

But then.


The wrist that held the sickle was blocked by someone ‘s hand. Powerful grip that keeps your hands from stalling.

I was surprised by the power and caught my neck before the snow grew.


When the ant appeared suddenly at the disappearance of the opponent, the cold monarch sank down.

I asked him if he could not believe it.

[you… Why?]

Jinwoo had a strange look, holding his neck to prevent the cold monarch from running away.

“Ice Elf?”

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