Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 200

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 200

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Christopher Reid.

Great Hunter Jonas.

And to the Korean Hunter Association President Koo Hee.

The world was in great chaos as the Hunters’ deaths, best known, were announced on the air.

If you’ve murdered the hunters at the height of power, who can catch them?

Major media in the world have been dealing with the deaths of three hunters each day, and the US Hunter Administration has issued a related statement on the case.

Already in connection with the guilds in each country is trying to find out the killer was the whole force.

But the anxiety of the people did not sink easily.

It was a matter of course that the barrier that protected them from the threat of masquerading was collapsing.

With Hunter and the media all in a hurry, the Hunter Association released a video to the press.

It was a video shot on the security camera in the chairman’s office.

“Oh My God!”


People were astonished.

Two men imprinted on screen.

One man was the president of the Kokai Association, and the man who pierced his chest with something sharp … It was a human being different from human being.


‘Ice Elf!’

There was a vivid picture of the murderer who was supposed to be in the dungeon and killed the best Hunter.

The face of the close-up Masuo soon spread all over the world.

The aftermath of the video was great.

People now know that the hunters are hunting for masques, and they may be hunted by masques like themselves.

It was a new dimension of fear.

The public has protected the hunters, but who can protect them?

There was a consensus that they should not let their hunters go abroad because they were killed while Jinwoo was absent.

In this confused atmosphere, the focus of public opinion was on JinWoo.

As the relationship between Jinwoo and the president was widely known, I wondered how Jinwoo would react.

But Jinwoo did not say anything.

A few days later. At the time when the investigation on the sign of the president of Koguryo Association was completed and the funeral was about to come.

Jinwoo quietly visited the Hunter Association.

* * * Woo Jin-cheol appeared in the waiting room.

“I’m sorry, Hunter. I do not have a lot of spirit these days … ”

Woojin cheered on the beard growing in a mess and apologized.

The day I returned from America. As soon as I got off at Incheon International Airport, I heard the same news as Cheoncheon Hwangseong and went straight to the Hunter Association.

The reunion of the two men was exactly three days from then.

Jin asked before taking out Goong.

“Why the video remains on security cameras … Did you hide the back part? ”

The video of the association revealed exactly the face of the monarch’s face.

After that, the appearance of Jinwoo Nabe, who entered the association’s office, was not disclosed.

Woo Jin-chul, who scratched his head, replied bitterly.

“Our Hunter Association puts Hunter’s safety first. We decided that Hunter’s ability to hide could not be revealed at will. ”

Hunter’s skill is the same as Hunter’s. Disclosing all of your skills is like revealing all of your hand.

Of course, as you go up to the reward, your skills will be hidden, which can be a breakthrough when unexpected situations arise.

The ability of Jinwoo in America to move quickly into Korea’s Hunter Association building.

The Hunter Association decided not to let such a huge skill be known to the public without their consent.

“Maybe the president was alive, but he would have done the same.”

Woo Jin-chul, the president who followed and honored the president of the Kun-hee association, blinded his eyes, referring to the president of the association.

“So that day, before you boarded the plane, Hunter’s face was so scary that it was so scary.”


Jinwoo admitted it.

I wonder why the atmosphere of Jinwoo was not so great on the day of returning to Korea.

“Sung Jin Hunter was unable to stop the power of the hand?”

Jinwu shook his head.

“When I arrived already …”

In the dark expression of Jin-woo, Woo Jin-cheol finally dropped his head.

“Sorry… Sungjin Hunter’s heart would be heavy, but please stop it in a stiff mind … ”

Woo Jin-cheol knew better than Jin-woo that he was not responsible. So Jin – woo ‘s comfort, which is okay, made Ujin – cheol’ s heart more sore.

“I still do not believe it.”

Woojin chul was holding his eyes fixed to the floor.

“Why did the person who urged me to come back soon to hear what happened in America the day before …”

For Woo Jin Chul who can not speak, Jin waited slowly.

“The president of the association … what did you say? Before I close my eyes. ”

“Good luck.”


Nolan Woojin heard his head down.

“I am glad to be able to give the young hunters like me the following …”


That was what it meant.

Woo Jin-chul, who had been worried about the future till the end, was tearful to the heart of the president.

Wu Jinchul, who was holding his tears by pressing his eyes with his fingertips, nodded his head.

“Thank you. Thank you for keeping the president’s end. ”

Maybe it was not a lie.

If it were a lie, how could it have been able to breathe with such a calm face?

Woojinchul’s appreciation was sincere.

“…”Jin-woo kept his mouth shut and did not get any words.

I was in a conversation with Woojin Chul, and I felt that my head was complicated for a few days.

“He will kill me.”


Jinwu said with a cold face.

“I must kill him who killed the president.”

It is not just for the president of the Silk and Kunihe Association, but as a warning to those who threaten him.

It’s black.

Woojin chewed swallowed dry saliva.

Even though I was not living towards myself, I was breathless. A cold, heavy flesh came to the shoulder.

Jinwoo has rescued his face from the pale face of Woojin Chul.

“So thank you, then I will receive it.”


Woo Jin-cheol nodded, trying to calm the thumping heart.


And then I realized that Jinwoo had not yet heard the reason for the association.

Hunter, who is just like Sung Jin-woo, did not come here to ask why the latter part of the security video disappeared.

Woojin asked.

“This is the spirit … So I did not ask why Hunter came to the association. ”

Jinwoo said the conclusion came after a few days of hard work.

“Could you call the reporters?”

* * * Reporters gathered in the clouds at the press conference.

Jin-woo had long been a hunter with scoops among reporters.

There was no reporter who did not show interest that Jinwoo had collected reporters for the first time.

Male breeding.

Indoors that were as loud as the number of people who flocked.

But when Jin-woo appeared, they all bit their mouths like lies.

There was a static in the meeting place.

Feeling the attention of reporters focused on himself, Jinwoo opened his mouth.

“A highly intelligent group of masters is aiming for top-notch hunters. They are stronger than any hunters, and they have no means or method. ”

Mashu group?

Was not Masu the one who killed the president of the Kokhui association?

The reporters were in shock.

But Jinwoo got information from the king of the giants, the monarch of the beginning.

The monarchs are all nine, and there will be a fight between them and their rulers.

The target they prefer is the vertex-class hunters borrowing the power of the rulers.

There are already three Hunters, and there may be more victims in the future.

Once you’ve got a shadow on the objects that the Hunter Bureau looks at, it’s not that you can not watch all Hunters.

The victim can come out of the place where I do not think like the president of the Kokai Association.

Jinwoo ‘s sudden press conference was a warning message to the victim, who is fighting the battlefields somewhere in the world.

“The monsters use magic to block space and space before attacking the opponent,” he said.

Great information.

It was a story that I could do because I met the monarch.

“So if you think you can be a target, be in the same room as your colleagues who can protect you. But if. ”

If the.

Jinwu finally said why he started the press conference.

“If you do not have a colleague, please contact me through the Korean Hunter Association.”

Oh oh.

Resilience sprang from the mouths of reporters at once.

Strong confidence.

Hunter, who struck the strongest hunter, Thomas Andrew, was showing a strong sense of confidence that he was nothing.

It was an amazing announcement that would solve the anxiety of people at once.


Jinwoo had no real intention.

‘I put a trap on all the Hunters who are likely to be attacked by them.’

If you do that, you will be able to trace all the actions of the monarchs who are aiming for the Hunters who have retired from active duty like the president of the Kokai Association. One must surely be caught.

When Jinwoo tried to finish the presentation, the reporters’ questions were poured out.

“X-Sung Il reporter! How does Hunter know the information of the band? ”

“I’ve met them.”

twice. I met a king of giants in Japan and met another one in Korea.

Male breeding.

The reporters were amazed and began to write down the words of Jinwoo.

“Then you say Hunter is safe to meet with them?”

Jinwoo answered with confident eyes.


Sung Jin Hunter met them and was safe!

The reporters hurriedly pressed the camera shutter to the scooped scoop.

“«_ “«_“«_ “«_“«_ “«_“«_ -!

At that time, a reporter who was away from the front line sprang his hand.

It was a reporter who wrote stories about the Hunters who were fighting and sacrificing the angels.

Jinwoo’s eyes turned to the reporter.

Kim slowly lowered his hand and threw up a question differently from other reporters without a mind.

“What would you do if you met Masu who killed Kun-Hee’s president?”

Jin pulled off the microphone with a silent gaze at the reporter Kim who had a broken face.

“…That is all.”

Kim looked at the back of Jinwoo who went down like that, for a long time.

For some reason it seemed to have heard the voice of Jinwoo even without hearing the answer.

* * * “master.”


Thomas gestured to sit at the guards who stood in amazement when he saw himself.

Beep. The thumb of a fingerprint reader was opened by a machine door.

At the guildhouse in the basement of the building, Thomas and Laura, two managers, entered the building.

The two guards who just scared Thomas were actually A-class hunters.

As soon as something happened to Thomas, who lives in the penthouse on the top floor of the building, there are very few who can step into the guild’s warehouse.

Thomas walked steadily into the deepest part of the warehouse.

“Do you really want to present it?”

Beep. After another fingerprint recognition, I was able to get into the room with it.

“Why? Do you think that I and my guild members are overpriced for their lives? ”

“No, it’s not like that …”

“So he’s a hunter that’s not good at writing this?”

“…”My mouth hurts to tell me.

Laura asked her mouth to know that refutation was impossible.

Thomas stood in front of the things he was looking for.

Even though it is an unsuitable weapon to write, it has been trembling in front of it.

“…It’s great to watch. ”

To Thomas, who had a passionate look, Laura seemed to be sorry.

“There are only two things in the world.”


“I will do that in the future.”


“Do you still think to give?”

“So I will give you.”

Thomas laughed.

It’s been eight years since they’ve been made, but the madness that the guys are spewing is not as diluted as the snow.

“Best Hunter best weapon. Is not it too much to be rotting here? ”

Just like the answer, the two daggers plugged into the case reflected the light and gleamed the darkness.

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