Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 209

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 209

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211 Waving his roots hard, gazing at the ironcloth neck just before him, Jinwoo grabbed the ‘anger of the camishee’ in reverse.

‘Once lightly.’

The dagger in his right hand climbed the line.


Something with a sharp pore tearfulness fell on the floor.

“…Hmm? ”

The sturgeon looked down.

One of his thick branches, which had been worn like a hand, was being cut neatly and laying on the floor.

The sap was screaming like a scabbard of iron scarf that found a cross section of iron flowing.

“Guo eek!”

But the pain of someone is a joy to someone. Jinwoo cuts his thick arm like a pillars of ironcloth into a blow, and looked at the dagger with an astonishing gaze.


It ‘s just like a swipe of light.

The demon king’s dagger cut the arm of a boss-level object like a tofu, even though it was not struck by any stabbing.

Should I call it a handset?

Poke – My heart ran into the vibration of a sharp blade that I felt for a long time.


Berga, who watched quietly from behind, hurried to speak.

‘I know.’

Jinwoo answered his answer with ease.

In the middle of the throat, the throat, whose face had changed, looked up at the eye and lifted the left arm, not the left arm, instead of the truncated right arm.

It seemed like I was trying to get rid of it, but it was too bad for me to achieve my goal.

Jin-woo quickly moved his “anger of camish” once before his left branch fell.


“That’s a bitch!”

I lost all my hands in the sleepy throat and cried to the sky.


Jinwoo nodded his head.

The power of two lightly swept daggers has been confirmed.

Now it’s time to check the maximum power, not the minimum.

‘Made from dragon bones, you said it was excellent magic reaction?’

Jinwoo’s right hand, holding the dagger’s handle, was full of strength.

more. More, more strongly.

Jinwoo’s eyes became sharp.

All of the power of the whole body in the right hand, I gathered, the black urchin was getting stronger, and began to run wild.

In BER ‘s eyes, it seemed as if Aurora distorted the space.


Berr was not conscious, but stepped back one step and found himself.

It’s an awesome horsepower that makes sure that speculation does not go this way, but it keeps itself away.

BERR looked at his trembling hands.

‘Lord …’

The feeling that other than loyalty is the moment when Berga felt compassion for the first time in the tree-shaped Masu who could not find his eyes.

I had a roar of anger that I could not anticipate my future.

“To the deceased!”

The place where the two eyes of the iron gloves with red congested headed is the face of Jinwoo.

The agar of the sturgeon was wide open like a building entrance.

When he jumped up a big body to get his jeans in his mouth. Jinwoo liberated his horsepower at the end of his right sword at the same time.


As hard as you have just ordered to BER.

Toes, legs, waist, shoulders, and wrist.

And the result is.


Even the person who wielded the dagger could immediately realize that something was wrong.


Kagaga is available!

The black man who poured out from the end of the dagger swept away all that was in front of him, as if a vast, ferocious beast swung his claws.

The sight of Jin’s fuselage, which can be split into several tens and hundreds of seconds, could clearly see the moment when Aurora tore his armpit.

‘Oh My God!’

Then the unstoppable force left a terrible scar along the direction of the dagger on the floor and wall of the gym.

“Huh …”

Jinwoo lost his word.


Took. One stone fell from the wall of the gym, which had a long hole like a claw mark, and it eventually collapsed at first.


For the Hunters’ free exercise, the walls of the gym reinforced by horsepower will collapse in a single attack.

Jinwoo, who looked at the remnants of the wall that was being smashed or climbed like a mountain, was astonished.

“Was this the sense that you could be a much stronger weapon, depending on the user?”

A magical weapon made of a dragon’s body.

It was real.


Impressed by the power of the king, Berge rushed out and knelt down before Jin-woo.

“The powerful and mighty power of the Lieutenant, this weak species will indeed be thrilled!”

“…”I think we should keep the real historical drama channel for a while.

It ‘s sad news for your mother who likes historical drama.

Still, Berga did not understand why he was so excited.

Because Jin-woo himself is pulsating with the power beyond imagination.

The trail of ‘Anger of Kamish’.

Will the size of the dragon cover the sky with all its might?

Jinwoo broke his tongue as he looked around for the broken body, the broken wall, and the deep floor.

‘The name of the daggers should be the dragon’s claws, not the anger of the kamishi?’

Of course, it could have been because of the users themselves.


‘Tingling’ and the message came up with a cheerful machine sound.

Would you like to change the item name of [Item: ‘Anger of Camisch’] to [Item: ‘Dragon’s Claw’?

I was surprised by the unexpected response of the system.

‘Could you change this?’

Jinwoo hastily withdrew the order, and after the message disappeared, he confirmed his name as it was, and sighed relievedly.

“Huh -” It almost hit me.

If you know that the name of your artifact has been changed from “Anger of Camis” to “Dragon’s claw”, the creator will not be able to see the eyes easily.

Do not you just listen to your hands and feet?

Jin and Jeon have been laughing at the constantly unkind system.


The power of the new weapon was satisfactory.

The sharpness and the destructive power were different from the previous daggers.

Jinwoo, who looked at alternating the anger of the camishees with a smile of satisfaction, returned the two guys to the inventory.

‘character. The test is over … ‘

I would have to clean up.

I am drunk with the power of the weapons. Now, when the reality began to come into my eyes, Jinwoo felt his breast collapse by looking at one wall of the collapsed gym.

I made the gym I wanted to borrow for a while. …This is what I do.

Jin Woo, who had been struggling to ponder, called the president of Woojin Chul.

“President of the Association. Please do not get horny and listen carefully. There are about three hundred ants that make me work really hard … ”

* * * The third day the gates have disappeared.

Jinwoo has been spending a lot of time on Reid for the past and has been having a free time recently.

From the top of Jinwoo lying in the bed, “Anger of Kamish” turned round and round.

Jin-woo was using the power of the ruler to appease the dullness as his hand-drawn students turned the pen.

Of course, there is a cracker in any situation. My sister, who was going to the bathroom, suddenly changed her direction and opened the door, and suddenly Jinwoo, who returned the dagger to the warehouse.

“Your brother was turning a knife again?”

It is precisely the ‘master’s power’ skill manipulation practice.

In worried sister ‘s eyes, it is seen as dangerous prank.


Jin-woo, who had completely destroyed the evidence, showed the flippers, and Jin-a’s eyes narrowed like a thread.

A situation that is doubtful but can not say anything.

How do you know yourself as an ordinary man if you have a different brother and hide the evidence among S-class hunters?

Jina, who was staring at Jinwoo with a suspicious eye, sighed.



“If you are so bored, go outside. It’s been a while since I’ve been taking a break from my brother. ”

My sister arranges a nagging mommy to do.

Jinwoo laughed and closed her eyes as if she were fine.

“Where am I going?”

“Is there anything you promise? Friends or something. ”

Friends, friends.

The eyes that were wrapped in words with odd ringing sounded again.

Many faces passed through the head of Jinwoo, but there was a clear face.

Now that all the Hunters have been forcibly shut down, she will not be in a different situation.

When she saw her nakedness through the sharing of the vision with the shadow soldier, she did not promise to entertain the meal and make atonement for her.

I was always busy with myself and she was too busy to meet, but now it is different.

Maybe she can not endure boredom, and she might be turning her sword like herself.

It was a good opportunity to relieve the debt of the heart.

“Good idea, brother.”

When Jinwoo got up and walked in front of him, Jinhee was surprised.

“What, what?”


Jinwoo naturally passed his brother and headed to the bathroom.

Jin-a, who had an intuition about the fact that her brother’s face was unimaginable, asked Jin-woo to go to wash it.

“Why? Where are you going? ”

She looked at her smile and said to her.


* * * “stop.”

The hand of the car that stopped the wooden sword stopped.

The white horses were soaked in sweat and clinging to the body.

An old man in old uniform.

Without a single arm, he beckoned to sit at her for a moment.

The car Ha, who nodded his head, sat down politely on his knees and put down a wooden sword next to him.

The old man is her mentor.

Already as a S-class hunter, her physical abilities were few to follow her, but she needed excellent skills to maximize her physical condition.

It was the quiet kendo field that I chose so that every time I spent time, she would come here and polish her sword.

A teacher who deliberately avoids sending her day off. Song Chi-teol sat in front of her.

“These days, I seem to be hesitant at the end of the sword of the sheep.”

At the end of the teacher, I heard the head of the car Ha, who was bowing.

Her face was stiff.

Faced with such a gaze, Song Chi-hee quietly continued.

“I am worried that fear may have arisen in my mind.”

I do not answer.

Song Chi-hee, who is in charge of hunting for hunting whenever she requests the association while operating the painting, was able to fully understand her fear as the same hunter.

The gate I have not seen before.

No one knows where any unimaginable monsters pop out of there.

It is not without fear that it is a strong person.

Because they are rather strong, those who do not may feel the fear that they do not know more boldly.

Song Chi-yul closed his eyes as if reminiscent of an old day and slowly nodded his head.

“I’m afraid. Why not? I did too. It’s the monsters the sheep have gone through. Can I compare them to what I’ve seen when I lost my arm … ”


The hunter pawn of the car Haans who had been put in the corner so that it did not catch rang.

“Do you think Hunter should not have called?”

“Sorry, Master.”

The car Ha, who had bowed his head, ran and received a call.

By the way.

After the phone call and waiting for the conversation to continue, the expression of Cha Hae-in, who had begun to shine in the eyes of Song Chi-cheol, came in.


She tried not to express it as much as possible, but her emotional expression was so small that she could easily notice the change of expression.

After finishing the conversation, the car hunter carefully walked to Song Chi – chul.

“Master … I … I have an appointment and I think I should stop. ”

Cheek reminiscent of red. Looking at the glowing eyes, Song Chi-chul knew that his thoughts were wrong.

The hesitation seen at the end of her sword was not from fear.

“I have to go. Then, let’s go. ”

Song Chi-chul nodded his head and agreed.


Shortly greeting and looking at the car Haein going out with a light footsteps, Song Chi-chul smiled at his mouth slowly after a while.

“You did … It was. ”


Thinking about who would be lucky to be loved by such a true and faithful witch.

Song Chi-chul was also a cheerful face to the cheerful face of his beloved disciple.

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