Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 213

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 213

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215 awesome!

Everyone was surprised when the strongest hunter screamed.

Thomas was struck by the helicopter that was flying above him.

In Seoul, the capital of Korea, where countless glances are crowded with the emergence of ultra – large gates, a state – class hunter who tried to stop the monster screamed in pain.


Citizens who were watching the battles in the field, either directly or through the screen, eagerly hoped that this was not the end of the fight.

However, even with their unexpected expectations, the beast grabbed Thomas’s wrist and stuck it on the floor.


This time, on the contrary, he climbed up to Thomas.


Goliath, who poured blood from his mouth, resisted with his broken hand, but was unable to resist the beast’s ability to reveal his true colors.

The beast screamed at Thomas’ face and cried out to heaven.


A terrible roar just like tearing up the ears of a listener has thundered through the whole city.

Beasts do not fight.

It only hunts prey. The hunters, overwhelmed by the roar with enormous horsepower to be machined, knocked down from the nearest place and then knocked down.

Thomas, who had to listen to the beast roar closest to him, tore his eardrum and bleeds.

The beast laughed.

[Are you afraid?]

It is one of the pleasures of the hunter to appreciate the fearful game.

Thomas, however, did not give up and fought back with a fist clenched.


Unlike the moment when I had just nailed each other, the beast did not shake my head.

wall. Thomas looked at the eyes of the beast who was unknowingly looking down at him, and reminded him of a wall that stretched endlessly toward the sky, blocking his front.

This feeling had been through once before.

Strange thing. Thomas saw JinWoo for a moment in the beast’s eyes.


Without wishing to summarize the rising question, the head of Thomas was shaken and the ground was dented to the beast’s stern.


“Shut up!”

But it was only the beginning.

Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom!

The beast poured the attack like a hail from the top down, just as Thomas did.

The fierce battle seemed to endlessly seemed to show what the real attack was.

Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom!

Unlike the beast that had been attacked with cool damage, an elongated moan flowed out of Thomas’s mouth.


At that time, however, the beast who enjoyed the pain of prey found something in the back of the game.

[……?]The beast stopped the attack.

It was the shadow of Thomas that looked down at him.

[There was a rat here.]


The beast stuck in the shadow grabbed something beyond the space.


As he pulled out his hand, an ant soldier was hiding in the shadow.

The beast raised his body.

An ant soldier caught tightly in his grasping hands, but the beast did not move.

“Excuse me!”

Shadow monarch soldier.

It is impossible to destroy this immortal soldier in the usual way.


This was also not an ordinary enemy, holding the ant’s neck.

The canine monarch, who is the superior being, concentrated the energies of the spiritual body and erased the existence of the ant soldiers themselves.


The ant soldiers who had become ashes with the demonstrators returned to nothing.

The beast laughed as he saw the gray powder scattered in the air.

That moment.

Thomas, who had just woken up behind the beast, wrapped his neck in one arm and fixed it firmly in the other arm.

Without this gum.

My hands are broken but my arms and shoulders are still healthy.

Bold tendons rose in both arms, pouring Onihim, and pressure was applied to crush the iron.


Thomas focused on the final attack, adjusting his breath.

Now there is no back.

When he missed it, he decided to die.

Huh, huh, huh.

I heard an unpleasant sound like bones falling from below.

If this was the sound of the enemy’s neck being broken, there was a win.



Thomas, who was late to notice the pain of the attack due to the excitement of the battle, spewed the painful scream.

“Ah ah ah ah ah!”

The beast, grabbing Thomas ‘s arm under his throat, gripped Thomas’ head with both hands and stuck it on the floor.


The viewers watching the scene through the screen turned their heads when they looked at the bare Goliath’s arms.

A scene that is hard to see and hard to see.

But the terrible situation did not stop there.

The beast that had attacked the goliath that had stretched out began to bite.

Beast’s meal.

Thousands of teeth, sharpened like a knife, pierced Thomas’s skin and flesh.

“Uhh, uhh!”

Thomas did not give up until the end, desperately resisted, but he seemed to have no hope at all.

Blood poured out, flesh spattered.

“Ah, awake!”

The Hunters, who were guarding the scene in a gruesome scene, hesitated.

The people in the field who had been hoping for Goliath saw the results of the fight and were scattered for a long time.

But then.

In a hesitant hunter, a single hunter jumped out toward the beast with a quick, light gesture.


The beast who was drunken in victory and savoring the spoils was thrown out of surprise after an unexpected attack.

Renat Nairman.

Germany’s strongest Hunter stood in front of Goliath, lying sickly.

Thomas, knowing Renat, squeezed out his voice.

“Degree… Mang … end.”

However, Renat, a firm face, shook his head.

“I am too proud.”

It is weaker than you.

When he realized his abilities and decided to become a hunter, Renat swore only one thing by himself.

I will never turn my back on my colleague.

Though not the same team, Thomas, who fought a common enemy, is also a great colleague on the basis of Renat.

No matter what he thinks of himself, it was a time when he could never step back.

‘But… Just because you are facing it makes your body thrilling. ”

Renat trembled with fear as the face of the beast that was disturbed by the meal was wickedly distorted.

Thomas saw him trembling and opened his mouth with pain.

“you… bamboo… uh…”


Renat knew, too.

I did not get any equipment, and even the ‘assault’, a blow skill, was just pushed out of the bomb.

Germany’s best hunter?

World ranking 12th place?

I knew better than anyone that there was no meaning in the present situation.


‘Do not regret it.’

Even if this is the end of life, I will choose it many times.

It is a more prosperous death than a sneaky survival!

I was not wrong.

I was not wrong.

Renat was increasingly pacing and regenerating so many times, facing the enormous power that rushed to him.

‘I was not wrong.’

In an instant, staring at the gnarled mouth of the beast who narrowed the distance, Lenat swung his fists all the way to the force of his nipples.

For a while.

The life that I have lived in his head has passed like a sword.

Without much effort, I had a great life and I had a great life.

Was not it happy?


Renat laughed as he looked at the throat of the animal that was approaching.


It was not wrong.

It was a life that was not ashamed until the end.

Right before the head was swallowed by the animal’s fart, Renat quietly closed his eyes. Expecting that there will probably never be another snow.

By the way.


Renat’s eyes flashed suddenly in the roar from the front.


The beast stabbed in his fist flies a few tens of meters in a straight line.

The asphalt broke, the cars pushed, and several streetlights were broken.


Did I have this power?

Looking down at his fist, Renat realized that someone was standing next to him.


Confirming his face, Renat expressed pleasure in a nearly half-grunting voice.

“Sung Jin Hun Hunter!”

* * * It was breathtaking.

If I had not planted a shadow soldier in Renat, who visited the office that day, could it be timed?

Confirming that the shadow soldier he had attached to Thomas had disappeared, Jinwoo tried to find the only shadow soldier in the field.

But it was not Renat’s shadow soldier.

Thanks to them, I saved both of them.

After examining Thomas’ injuries in a hurry, Jinwoo sighs relievedly.

The wound was serious but luckily it did not seem to hurt life.

To Thomas, who quietly looked up to see if there was any more power to say, Jinwu nodded silently.

Thanks to Goliath for earning his time.

I heard the voice of Renat, who was moved by his ear in his ears.

“Sung Jin Hun Hunter!”

“Thank you for stopping him. I’m sorry, but could you move Thomas to a safe place? ”

When Jinwoo asked me in English, Renat nodded his head as hard as he could.

It was so easy to confront one monster with the monster.

“Oh, yes! Do not worry about this. ”

Carefully, Renat hugging Thomas is quickly moving away.

The gaze of Jinwoo headed to the beast who was just raising his body.

Thug life.

I felt the power to be different from that of ordinary beasts.


The forecast was right.

He had the same energy as the Ice Elves he had met the other day.

The monarchs were aiming for Hunters.



Unlike the Ice Elves, he did not seem embarrassed. I was just disturbed by the fight, but I felt calm beyond compassion.


Is it half-human half-personality that looks like a surprisingly calm personality?

When Jinwoo was wondering, the beast slowly walked out of the rubble of the building.

The beast that spilled something spit it on the floor.

It was broken teeth.

Looking at Jinwo, who had blown several teeth of his teeth on the bell, the beast could not hide his surprise.

[It was real. The smell of the shadow guy is mixed in humans.

The beast sniffed as if he had found something very strange.

[By the way… How did you get the power of the upper being to this extent with the human body?]

‘I raised the level, child.’

Instead of solving his curiosity, Jin-woo took out the “Anger of Kamish”.

There were many things that the monarch wanted to ask.

However, it is the end of the fight and the decision of the life and death in the hand after receiving the question. Grief.

In Jinwoo’s An-kwang, who discovered the traces of the victims remaining in the streets, he lived through the streets.

But then.

I heard an unforgettable voice next to the beast.

[The designer had found the way. It has been a long time since the shadow monarch made a deal with the designer.]

The fog, which had been laid down, clung like a smoke, and soon it was equipped with a perfect person’s seal.

‘That …?’

Old Ice Elf.

The monarch of the cold, who was hiding in the fog, was revealed.

As soon as Jinwoo contacted the mist, he noticed that this fog around the whole city was not an ordinary phenomenon.

This time back.

[Then I can eat that human body, right?]

Jin’s head went back to the voice of a heterogeneous woman scratching his ears.

There was a minister who doubted his eyes.

Basseus – The insects poured out from the sewer were gathering together and turning into a giant female figure.

[I wanted to try something like the taste of the same monarch.]

Suddenly, looking around at the enemies surrounding him, Jinwoo hardened his expression.

And I knew.

It was not because they were afraid of interfering with their hunting that disturbed the signal and blocked the shadow soldiers’ mouths.

They were trying to hide the fact that they were a majority.

For example, this is a trap. It was a trap of monarchs installed throughout the city of Seoul to catch Jinwoo.

just as expected?

The system, which realized the seriousness of the situation, urgently issued a message.

[The King of the Snowy, the King of the Cold, recognizes the enemy.] [The beast king, the canine lord recognizes the enemy.] [The king of the worms, the monarch of the plague recognize the enemy.]

There are three different enemies in the same dimension.

The black heart that had been asleep during that time began to run wild in the appearance of strong enemies.



Jinwoo raised his mouth.

These guys think they are surrounded, but I am not alone.

In fact, you were surrounded.

Jin-woo hurried his tactile arms and called out his army to besiege them so as not to miss the movements of the enemy.

‘Come out!’

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