Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 215

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 215

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Just a few minutes ago. The loyal Bert, who was accredited by Jatta, was trapped in an ice prison by the monarch of the cold, tasting the helpless feeling of helplessness.

Was I weak here?

What have I grown up for?

The fact that he was surrounded by his enemies and that he could not do anything made Bere terrible.

But what can not be helped. The monarch of the cold was a different person from Berth, and Berth had no power to escape his magic.

I pray only that the lord is safe in this ice. Fortunately.

His lord has never been pushed against transcendent enemies.

‘Also lord … This humble servant is just thrilled and thrilled. ‘

Bere impressed by the power of his master, he watched Jinwo’s fighting with tearful eyes.


The mysterious weakness gradually clogged the lord ‘s neck.

BERR struggled as he watched Jinwoo, which had been increasingly attacked by the enemy ‘s attacks and defenses.

‘King! King!

Then, finally, he saw Genuin falling into the wall, hit by the giant hand of the monarch of the plague.

The king is in danger. The king is in danger. The king is in danger.

I have to keep the king.

Bull. Something was broken in Berr’s mind.

Emergency mode has been replaced by the “Emergency Mode” to protect the king’s vacancy.

“To the key to the on to the ex!”

It was Berga Roar with a distorted face like a devil.

Arm, shoulder, neck, chest, thigh, calf, ankle!

All parts of the body swollen at once and began to push down on the ice packs that were compressing themselves.

Battles, battles!

The gold jumped out of the ice prison, which seemed impossible to escape.

Bert shook his body.


The surface of the ice prison, which failed to overcome the power of the antilingual soldier that glows in it, has become more and more distraught.

In the meantime.

There was only one thing in Berr’s mind: the idea of saving the king.

Kie eek!

I twisted my body with all my might, and the ice cubes were wide and wide.


I opened up the gap with the power of gravity, and all of Berga who had escaped from the ice prison came flying to Jinwoo.

“King, please!”


I am glad to be glad to see the owner who gives me a glimpse of myself.

I saw small scratches on my master.

It is because the insect girl had to squeeze the lieutenant in the building before.

The worm woman dared to touch my king.

Dare to my king!

“To the key to the on to the ex!”

The overturned Berge flew straight to the bug queen.

In the thunderous roar of Berr, which wraps around the battlefield downtown, the monarch of the cold has been astonished.

[One shade soldier broke the technique of my strapping?]

What can not be done. However, the monstrous monarch, who instantly looked into the power of the BER when the ‘Emergency Mode’ was triggered, spewed the flagship.

This is not the power of a shadow soldier.

[How in the hands of the army-class objects!

Each of the army-level soldiers who move like the shadows of the Shadow Monarchs is an incarnation of destruction.

Here, the monarch of the cold, which I could not imagine seeing the army class object, can not help but be astonished.

The queen of bugs, who received Berr’s anger in one body, stepped forward.

[You should punish a spoiled child who does not recognize his mother.]

“Kie ee eek, this is a bitch!”


The owner of all the worms, the monarch of the pestilence, sprang to the ruins of the king of ants.


Berga, who avoided the attack of the queen of the worms, made a roar with magical powers toward the center of the wormy worms.

“Kyaak -!”

The worms that had been pushed by the king of the ants fell off instantly from the queen’s body, and the monarch of the real pestilence inside appeared for a moment.

A woman whose rotten skin and eyes are full of maggots.

The monarch of the plague dared to express his anger to the wretched ant king who dared to reveal it to his master.


In the roar of the queen of the worms that tore up the atmosphere and burst into force, Berga was thrown into helplessness.

Berga barely fell back for a while and grabbed the center and stood down.

“Keeck, “¼_, and kyaar.”

When I groan while slicing the Berga passageway horizontally. The queen of the worms recalled the worms that had fallen from her body and reconfigured her body to form a giant.


Jinwoo nodded at the fight.

Of course, BERR will not last long.

The enemies are too strong for that.

But if Berga can draw a little bit of one of them.

While fighting the Queen of Bergha, Jinwoo saw other monarchs.

The tension in their eyes was conveyed in the atmosphere.

It will not be long before Berge can win. Faster than I thought.

Jinwoo ran to powerless monarch.

Kwagagaga is available!

Every time I hit my feet, the ground broke with shock.

The monarch of the cold star stared at Jinwoo, rushing toward him, and created a window of sharp ice that tied between his hands.

But shortly before he hit him, Jinwoo made a big turn and jumped to the canine monarch.

[…!]As soon as Jinwoo attacked the cold monarch, the canine monarch, who was preparing to put the counter, was thrilled with the dynamic movement.


Using the animal sense, the canine monkey ‘s pupil, who blocked his dagger, shook.

Jinwoo put his sword together and kicked his tongue like he was sorry.

Sheesh. It was also a strategy that made me think that I was aiming at that old Ice Elf, raiding this beast and fatalizing it.

The reaction of the canine monarch was a little quicker than that of Jinwoo.


There is no income at all. I felt embarrassed by him.

‘It drives me like this.’

Sudden attack was poured out in the ‘anger of camish’ which was instantly reversed.

The sound of a tearing of the air on a sharp day echoed terribly and violently and began to leave traces on everything around.

Caen! Kajang! Caen! Cain! Caen! Caen!

I was in a hurry to stop the black sword of the beast.

One step, one step.

The face of the beast that was pushed back by the speed showed the color of the color.


Jinwoo hurriedly moved his upper body sideways to the sluggish life that he felt from behind his back.

The ice window that the monarch of the cold was struck crossed the position where the flank was.

In the fight between Jinwoo and the beast, the monarch of the cold was joined.

short time.

When he crossed the gaze, Jinwoo found a strong hostility towards him in his eyes.


In Jinwoo ‘s mouth, the sound of the teeth came out.

Jinwoo pulled out the window with a dagger and quickly approached the cold monarch whose posture had collapsed for a moment due to the window-shaking reaction.


The dagger, who swung at it to smash the two arrogant eyes, struck out his eyes.

The head of the cold monarch, who just barely missed the crisis by turning his head instantly, was distorted in a terrible manner.


The next attack is defensive. Jin-woo looked back as if he thought he would fly, and blocked the sword of the beast.


The car of the accident. However, without a moment of sighing that the attack had been stopped, a cold monarch holding a spear pierced the attack.

The beast also resumed the attack within seconds.

Behind him is the monarch of the cold.

In front of the canine monarch.

The bombardment of the two monsters with the power of different bows was poured out.


Caen! Kajang! Caen! Caen! Caen! Caen! Cain! Cain! Kajang! Caen! Caen! Cain! Caen! Caen! Cain! Caen! Kajang! Kajang! Caen!

Two long daggers sneaked back and forth like glare, blocking or attacking both monsters.

Moving beyond the limits of the eye, the movement of Jinwoo seemed to be long like a tail and mixed with the new type of two monarchs.

Of course, it is impossible for Jinwoo to react directly to all the attacks that endlessly lead to the front and back. However, Jinwoo showed the flow of attack.

Movement, gaze, breathing, muscle, movement of magic, and so on.

I did not miss a small clue of different sensations at the pole and correctly read the attack of the enemy.


So a little more. If you can get ahead of them at a bit faster than now.

‘More, more, more, more, more!’

While there are countless workshops coming and going, it gets even faster. The faces of the two monarchs who opposed Jinwoo were hardened.

‘how… How is this …? ‘

‘You can not use the power of the shadow monarch yet?’

But that was not it. The enemy in front of me was moving away from human limit.

So they had to think twice. Fear of one of the most powerful kings who ruled the hometown.

And then.


Jinwoo crossed and blocked the two monarchial weapons that had been blocked, overwhelming force.

[……!][……!]The faces of the two monarchs who were pushed out were astonished.

* * * Renat was confident.

Now that Thomas, lying down in a slanderous situation, is surrounded by healers and is being treated first, he knows that he is the only one who can pursue their fight with his eyes.


Jinwoo’s movements did not look good in his eyes.

“…”I just admire it. Sung Jin Hun Hunter was not pushed a little while dealing with the beast that suppressed the state power class tanker with the force and the monster that froze the one time of the breath at the same time.

Eventually, the new version of St. Hunter disappeared and only a constant roar burst.

It seemed that there was only a storm around him.


Thomas, who had not been able to overcome his anxiety after hearing an unbelievable binge, came to him.

“How is it going?”

Renit replied in a voice that Renat, unable to keep an eye on Jinwoo, could not believe it.


Could the monsters that could destroy the world fray to create such a situation?

“I feel like watching the end of the world.”

Renat, who confessed his candid mind without any words, shook his head.

only one.

The only comfort was that one of them was on their side.

* * * Then.

“To the key to the on to the ex!”

In the scream of Vera, the head of Jinwoo went back to it.

The bug was trampled to get out of the queen’s feet, but it was not enough.

The moment the eyes of Jinwoo grew.

Berth’s body was getting out of magic and his presence gradually faded.

‘Do not you think that the shadow soldiers that you put on Thomas did not get in that way?’

Jinwoo was attacked by the two monarchs in the flood, and then released to summon Vere once to escape.


[Could not load the specified destination.] [Could not load the specified destination.]

The system repeated the same message as a stupid parrot.

Jinwoo’s face got hardened.

I can not afford to lose Berth in this way.

BER is his precious soldier, and at the same time the shadow power is the best power.

“When Berga, who brought in the Queen of the Bug’s eye, is gone, all the balance of balance is collapsed.”

The problem is also directly related to the outcome of the fight.

The spear that spilled on him and the sword that sprinkled it sprang to the queen of insects.

The Queen, who was concentrating on killing the strongest shadow soldier, noticed Jinwoo’s approach late.


Jinwu put a horsepower on his neck like he had shown before.

“Ahh – oh!”

The worms that enveloped the queen of the insect in the roar with the terrible magic power were all gone.

The insect queen, whose substance was revealed, could not hide her embarrassment.


Although he poured out the green tide toward Jinwoo’s face, Jinwu lightly blocked it with the power of the ruler.

Passive solved the toxic air remaining in the air.

[The effect of skill ‘extreme poisoning’ remains on standby.] [‘Buff: Decompression’ to start the treatment.] [3, 2, 1 … Decryption completed.]

The power of the monarch of the Pestilence was no threat to Jinwoo, and she had already entered Jinwoo’s gap.

At the moment, Jinwang was bright in the eyes of Jinwoo.

‘The monarch of the cold was pierced by his heart, but he did not die.’

Perhaps the monarch of the pest is likely to be the same.

if so.

We can not know the source, so let’s attack until we find it.

Jin-woo approaching the nose of the insect queen gave strength to the hand holding the dagger handle.


Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo!

The whole body of the queen was torn by the dagger that was poured like a shotgun.

[Aaak -!]

However, the maggots inside her were entangled and immediately restored her original body.


Nothing matters.

If you have the ability to regenerate your body, do not let it pierce the attack beyond your regenerative power.

Jinwoo chased the queen of the worms that she was taking away, and spoke of the skill ‘Nando’.

Two heads, two heads! Two heads, two heads!

[Aaaaaak -!]

“The Wrath of Camisch” with the Black Oerrer endlessly connected and continued like countless bullets.

“Ah ah ah ah!”

Jinwoo, who had a skill of ‘Nando’ skill in power, did not leave a reproducible flesh but neatly evaporated the insect queen.

And finally.

[We have killed one of the nine monarchs, the Queens of the Pestilence].

[Level up!] [Level up!] [Level up!]. .

A feast of level-up messages filling your eyes.


However, there was no room to rejoice when it came to the remembrance that there were two enemies who had yet to pursue their necks.

Jinwoo tried to turn around to defend his living.

The enemy was a bit faster.

Someone who ran while reaching a long hand while killing the monarch of the plague. From the back of the back five sharp winds blew.


She found five fingernails that penetrated her chest.

‘…’The monster of the beast, which had just been transformed into a werewolf, correctly pinned the right nail on the back of Jinwoo.

All five blades have penetrated deep. Jinwoo’s body was quickly stiffened.

Took. It is not.

In the hands of Jinwoo, the anger of Kamish fell off.

The monarch of the cold was standing before him.

Frost gathered at his fingertips and an ice dagger was made.


The ice dagger penetrated the abdomen of Jinwoo.


He screamed when he saw Berga Jinu, who had just returned from the ceremony.


Jin wiped his head to Berr, who stood up with a twisting leg.

But Berger, who set up his nails, stood and walked toward the monarch of the cold.

“Kie eek!”

The despair and sadness felt by Berga was vividly transmitted to Jinwoo.

So even more.

I did not want to see Berga disappearing by the hands of the monarchs.

Just before Jinwoo ordered the summons, this time Berga shook his head with tears.

But Jinwu sent Berr back to the shadows.

Regardless of his will, Berr returned to the shadows and quietly joined the shadows of his feet.

The old Ice Elf, who was convinced that he had caught Sang, moved his dead skinned face and raised his mouth.

[So far, human beings?]

He whispered his lips to Jinwoo’s ear.

[Then you can not see. The moment our army arrives on this land. Then the bodies of your human beings will make mountains, and blood will form rivers.]

The monarch of the cold, falling from the ears of Jinwoo, laughed at the face of Jinwoo, who stood firm.

[But this country will be different from you. All the human beings on this earth will freeze myself and suffer forever. Because you were with them, they would live forever without living and dead.]

The dagger digging through the abdomen spread cold air and made Jinwoo’s body freeze.

On the frosty white face, only two eyes were furious.

The monarch of the cold was ridiculed.

[Endlessly hate me in death. It will also be my pleasure.]

The dreadful monarch who drew the dagger out of his stomach pounded Jinwoo’s heart at once.

A dagger of cold chunks of white light broke Jin’s ribs and penetrated the heart precisely.


Confirmed that the heart was destroyed, the cold monarch pulled out the dagger and Jinwu collapsed without force.

Jin hit the head on the floor and felt dizzy. I felt the two enemies moving away from me.

‘yet… A little more…’

I tried to move my body but I did not have the strength to lift one finger. Along with the sudden loss of sense, consciousness quickly disappeared.

Everything I saw, heard, and felt soon fell into deep darkness.

The human heart stopped.


On the unconscious Jinwoo, system messages began to appear one by one.

[‘Player’ has been hit.] [‘Player’ is dead.] [‘Player’ has a black heart.] [Passive skill ‘(unknown)’ meets all the requirements.] [Passive skill ‘(unknown)’ is activated.]

There was a change in one passive item skill that flashed in the automatically opened skill info window.

[Skill] Passive Skill: (Unknown) Lv.max Lv. 1, Dagger’s Lv.max Throw.

[Skill] Passive Skill: Evolution Lv.max Lv 1, Dagger’s Lv.max

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