Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 217

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 217

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I’m yours. In touch with the black heart, Jin-woo was able to understand the meaning of the word.

Jin looked around right.

Suddenly, a huge tree of the size of just a couple of dozens of skyscrapers skyrocketed to the end of the sky.

The other side this time.

Turning to the left, the maglev train that ran from the other side of the darkness passed in a blink of an eye.

The two showed up just because they thought they wanted to see Jinwoo.

It was created from nothing.


The shadow monarch said.

[In my domain you can do everything you have planned.]

“Because you and I have the same power?”

The shadow monarch nods his head.

His gaze turned to the huge tree that Jinwu had created.

The tree quickly diminished in size and turned into a small flower that is often seen.

Though it is possible only within his own realm, the admiration has flowed out of his power to create, destroy and change the world.

Almighty power. Now that power came into his hand.

Jinwoo, who closed his eyes for a moment, opened his eyes and the flowers spread out from under his feet.

Shadow monarch was a kind of flower made by transforming trees.

Is it the power of great sense?

Or is it because it is connected with the shadow monarch?

Jinwoo was able to feel the emotions of the Shadow Monarch who was pleased to see the flowers.

Shadow monk’s gaze returned to Jinwu again.

[I have long been looking forward to this moment to meet you.]

Shadow monarch greeted Jinwoo formally.

[I am a shadow monarch. He is the king of the dead, who governs the power of death, and the ruler of the deepest darkness.]

The image of a monarch full of dignity.

Jinwu was not afraid at all, even if he had a real death in front of anyone who would make life trembling.

He and I are the same.

Jinwoo, who came to meet with another one, felt his heart grow tall.


After first encountering the system, I was able to ask that question which never left my head.

“why… Was it me? ”

Why did the system choose itself as a ‘player’?

Simply because he survived that double dungeon that day?


I thought there would be another reason.

And now the question has come true.

[I’ll show you.]

The shadow monarch slowly reached out to his forehead.

The moment he reached his forehead, his vision changed.

[Our beginning and ending. And your beginning.]

* * * In so many countries, how many people have screamed at the same time in the past?

As soon as Sung Jin Hun Hunter’s chest pierced through the monster’s dagger, they grabbed his head or screamed.

The scream came after the heavy silence like a fur.

There was a groaning moan in the mouths of those who watched Sung Jin Hunter fall down with no force.


After Thomas Andr̩, a state-class hunter, Sung Jin-woo failed.

So who’s left now?


The faces of those who knew that there were no more monsters left were hardened like stones.

And after a while. -uh? This is why. uh? uh?

With the sound of the cameraman being embarrassed, he stopped watching the video.

Monsters that suddenly appeared at huge gates floating over Seoul and killed the best hunters in succession.

The viewers of the world could not erase the idea that they are now watching the forerunner of the end.

In shock and astonishment.

Even though the video was already broken, people could not leave for a long time.

A frozen helicopter shot down and fell down.

The cold monarch, who crashed the helicopter, raised his hand.

I went down to Jinwoo where his gaze was falling.

The frosty lips gleamed and announced the state of Jinwoo.

[His breath was broken.]

The canine monster’s beastly eyes and ears confirmed the death of the target. The energy of life could not be found anywhere in the object.

One of the most powerful kings succeeded in removing it before acting as a variable. The winner ‘s lap was on the eyes of the two monarchs.

But it is not over yet.

The eyes of the two monarchs who lifted his head turned to Thomas, who was at once far away.

Renat felt their gaze and trembled.

“Damn it…”

To prevent a beast like a human being, I had to make a living, but now there is even an Ice Elf that looks more like the same guy.

‘Sung Jin-woo Hunter, how to do with those guys …’

Fast heart rate.

But now he was the only one who could earn some time against them.

Renat took a deep breath.

“Hey… I have just disappeared. What happened? ”

Thomas, who has not recovered the injury yet, asked.

Renat barely moved his lips that did not fall.

“he is…”


The two monarchs who walked to Renat looked back at the same time.

[…!][…!]What can not be done. There was a heartbeat of a heartbeat in the human body that confirmed the heart was broken.


How does this happen?

The two monarchs exchanged glances as if they were unbelievable.

The worst possible consequences came to mind. I overlooked one possibility.


The monarchs thought that by killing a human, the shadow monarch in the body would be destroyed.

Just as they themselves are descended into the human body.

But the opponent is the king of the dead. There was no guarantee that equal death for all would be the same for him.

It may be the end for someone, or a new beginning for somebody.

[No… I can not do that.]

You must stop.

Just as the real king comes down to the death of the fake.

Two thoughtful monarchs moved instinctively.

Suddenly, the two monarchs removed the gap between them and extended their long nails and ice windows to Jinwoo.

They put all of their horsepower in the weapon to get rid of the bodies that could become the tools of the descent.


The fingernails and the windows were blocked by someone ‘s daggers that lay down on the ground lightly.

The shadow monarch’s consciousness has not yet returned.

Then who?

[…?]The mortal blow was blocked and the two monarchs could not hide their embarrassment.

Soon the escape was completely lifted and the master of the daggers revealed the new type.

In the hood of Rob, the golden-shining eyes gazed at the two monarchs.

“From now on, no one can touch this child.”

* * * Other worlds.

There was light and darkness at a time when nothing had begun.

The Absolute sliced the light and made God’s messengers, and split the remaining darkness into eight monarchs.

According to the beginning, the monarchs who want to destroy the world and the lions who want to keep the world endlessly killed and killed each other’s soldiers.

After a long war.

The most brilliant fragments of light, tired of the unending fight, asked the Absolute.

The ruler.

Why do not you help the faithful servants who fight for you?

Why do you pretend that you do not know our pain?

Do not you hear the screams of many soldiers dying for you?

Help me.

Give us the strength to destroy them. I will cut off their necks to your safety.

But the Absolute did not respond to him.

At that time, fragments of brilliance became known.

For the Absolute, the struggle between themselves and their sovereignty is nothing but entertainment, and the Absolute does not want the fight to end.

As long as the Absolute existed, they realized that the war would never end, and they were deeply despairing.

Despair became anger, and anger turned into hate.

They pulled the sword to end this meaningless fight.

It was a revolt.

Jinwoo saw an endless procession of soldiers covering the universe.

“Oh My God…”

But when they stopped them in the distance, a bunch of soldiers appeared.

The Shadow Monarch reached out and pointed to the fragments of the brilliance with six wings in front of the crowd.

[That is the old one.]

The only god of the gods who opposed the rebellion caused by the messengers of God.

However, a small number of troops fell into the union corps of the lions.

The fragments of the brilliance that did not abandon the loyalty to the end dies, watching the brave men who are swept away by countless enemies.

I thought it was the end.

But when he opened his eyes in the darkness, he realized that he had hidden the power of the Absolute.

The Absolute planted the most loyal servant in a strange way to end them when everything went wrong.

In the eternal darkness of the abyss, the monarch of death finally woke up to his power.

The burning wings were untied and the armor was wrapped around the surrounding darkness.

[Rise up -!]

The souls who fell asleep in the abyss swore allegiance to their kings.

He led his new army back.

But when he came back, it was all over.

Debris of brilliance kills the Absolute, becomes self-proclaimed gods and rulers, and begins to hunt monarchs with the tools of the Absolute.

The king of the giants, the ruler of the beginning, Legia, was caught in the hands of the rulers, and when the balance of power collapsed, the monarchs realized the seriousness of the situation.


Shadow monarchs reached out to them.

All the monarchs held hands against the common rulers.

So the battle of the seven rulers and the nine monarchs continued for a long time.

However, as the fighting became longer, the armies of the Shadow Monarchs grew more and more.

Time was on the side of the Shadow Monarch.

It was as if the monarchs took the victory in this long battle with the brilliant activity of the shadow monarch.

However, the rulers were not the only ones who were afraid of the Shadow Legion, who had to stand side by side with the ruin legion led by the King of the Dragon Wars.

Two monarchs, feudal lords, and canine monarchs, who were afraid of Shadow monarchs, followed the shadow monarchs at the end of the war.

Jinwoo once again saw the scene I saw from the data I had recalled.

The demon corps and the beast corps joined forces with the rulers and attacked the Shadow Monarch and his army.

Shadow corps suffered near destruction.

The king of beasts, the canine monarch, had already escaped from his soldiers and fled, but the king of the devil, the prince of the white flock, paid the price of betrayal.

A word I never heard before. The eyes of Jin-woo, who was listening to the last words of the dying Baran, were greatly shaken.


On the head.

Four angels with six wings stood slowly.

That was it.

The video that I could see through the data at that time was.

Four rulers surrounded the sides of the Shadow Monarch that no longer had the power to move the Shadow Legion.

Shadow monarch also threw his sword on the floor to see the result of the fight.

If they killed the Shadow Monarch then, how can we explain the Shadow Monarch here?

Jinwoo swallowed the dried spit and saw a scene that might be the end of the Shadow Monarchy.

But then.

The rulers began kneeling at one and two shadow monarchs.

And a moment later, the most prominent ruler opened his mouth.

Please forgive us now. The greatest fragments of brilliance.]

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