Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 224

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 224

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226 episode A deep dawn in which everyone sleeps.

Jinwoo has resumed the floods in Japan that have remained in the restricted area since the dungeon breaks of the giants.

This was not to raise the level or to see the stars.

But is it because of last night’s memory?

Suddenly looking up at the night sky, Jin-woo naturally recalled Hain’s face.

When Jin – woo came to the hotel hastily to come home and relieve his family. She understood the sudden disappearance of Jin – woo before the meal.

If Jinwoo did not go to Seoul, she knew better than anyone else how the situation was going.

Her face was strangely reminiscent of trying to hide the worries.


Jin looked around.

As always.

The forest, which can not find any creature, welcomed itself with stillness. There was work to be done here.

Jin, who found a suitable vacant lot, stepped forward and called out some soldiers.

‘Come out.’

Then the shadow of Jinwoo stretched out wide and the shadow soldiers stood up on the earth at once.

They were soldiers who joined the new corps.

Jin-woo’s feeling of watching them was mixed up.

For the first time.

For the first time yesterday, Jinwoo broke his rule, which had been kept for a while.

New soldiers were all ordinary people until yesterday.

Victims of monarchy.

Hundreds of soldiers stood before their masters, mixed with the unjustly dead people and the Hunters who tried to save them.

The belief that not guilty souls are soldiers is broken.

so that.

Jinwoo wanted to cooperate with them today.

‘Only borrow your strength until the end of this war.’

To protect your family, lovers, friends, and your land.

‘When the fight is over, I will send you back to rest.’

Though they were mortals who were forced to absolute loyalty by the power of shadow monarchs, their consciousness remained.

Jinwoo’s heart and will was communicated to each one of them.

The hatred and anger of the masseurs who created themselves in the eyes of their helmets hidden in the darkness rose.

They realized.

The fact that they were given a chance to revenge themselves with their own hands.

The shadow monarch in front of us who presented the opportunity.

With the lieutenant, we fight!

I will not let the masters devour our land and family!

Will began to be engraved.

The stronger the Shadow monarch, the better the Shadow Soldier’s ability.

Unlike when he borrowed the power of shadow monarchs through the system, the shadow soldiers born from the genuine power inherited from Jinwoo were already undeniable powers in themselves.

They asked for it.

‘Help me.’

Shadow soldiers immediately responded to the monarch’s request.

From the shadow soldiers who raised their hands to the sky, a terrible shout of screams of flirtation sounded.

Oh ah ah ah ah!

The wave of shout that started from the front gradually went backward, and all the shadow soldiers cried to the sky in the end.


Their roaring roar has shaken the earth.

The Corps of Death completed the preparations.

In the eyes of Jin-woo watching them, a long-awaited.


I will surely pay the monarchs.

Hateful soldiers continued to shout for a long while.

* * * The day before the dungeon break of the ultra-large gate. Two days after the system disappeared, Jinwoo was adapting to everyday life without quests.

Thanks to the disappearance of the system that was restraining the forces, many of them were easy, but there were also inconveniences.

One of them was a shop.

Jinu pulled out the healing potion kept in the warehouse in a room and watched it open.

‘…’Everything in the original shop was created by the power of shadow monarchs. It was a magic that made something using mana.

So, if you have inherited the power of the shadow monarch, you should be able to produce the same thing if you like it.

Jinwoo closed his eyes silently and imaged a healing potion in his head.

Then I realized that Mana was moving.

‘Focus, focus …’

However, the mana that moved quickly could not get together and was soon scattered into the atmosphere.

It was a failure.

Jinwoo sighs and wakes up.

It seemed that it was impossible to reach the area that still produces something with magic.

‘I’ll need some more practice.’


The cell phone, which had been placed on the desk, trembled and made a sound.

– Sung Hunter, this is Woo Jin Chul.

“Yes, Mr. President.”

Jinwoo sat on the bed and received a phone call.

The voice of the president of Wu Jin-chul was divided a little, whether or not the day and night life continued by a large accident that happened in succession.

– Hey, Hunter … If you are not excused, can you give me one today?

The anticipation time for the dungeon break is really approaching.

From the standpoint of the association, I wanted to get some advice from Jinwoo, who is the key power of this raid.

Jinwoo also had no schedule, so I accepted it with delight.

“Then I’ll see you at the association.”


This grit talked to Jin-woo, who was off the phone and ready to go out.



Still, Grit’s voice was a bit awkward to Jin-woo, and he responded with a distinctive heavy and polite tone.

[Actually, I have something to tell you.]

* * * On the next day, all the broadcasts of the world stopped regular broadcasts and screened the realities of Seoul.

There was a broadcasting station broadcasting the vivid picture of the scene in the form of news, and there was a broadcasting station inviting experts to ask about the findings of this work.

One of the best stations in the United States, Hunter Channel, has brought in experts.

Shooting begins.

In the relay screen, a professional looking at the hunters who filled the scene with dignity, said in a wet voice.

“Do you know how many hunters of such nationalities are gathered together in one place?”

The facilitator laughed and said.

“I do not know… Guilds of different nationalities united to spread the raid often because there was a little more than you think? ”

The expert shook his head.

“It is only eight years, eight years. Now the ninth year is over. ”

8 years.

Everyone watching the broadcast on his horse recalled the name of the mighty Mayu who once dreaded the time.

The host was no exception.

“If it’s eight years … You mean the first time since the “Kamish” Reid? ”

“Yes, exactly. This is the first time Hunters have gathered in more than five countries since the Camish hunt. ”


The world’s top class hunters, who came out to help the United States, were wiped out and only five survived, becoming a “state power class” hunter.

It was a painful loss to each country that lost the top-level hunters.

“From then on, no country has ever attempted to intervene in other countries’ problems.”

Not surprisingly. No one will want their country’s hunters to lose their lives for other countries.

Guilds of different nationalities for the benefit of the guild, sometimes held in the hands of the hands of a large number of people together to help the other country was very rare.

“Then, do you mean that the Hunters who tore Dragoncamish tore up the South Korean Sung Jin Hunter again?”

“That’s right.”

The long story is difficult, the expert picks one breath and then speaks again.

“The beginning was when Sung Jin Hun Hunter solved the Japanese dungeon brakes.”

Before that, Japan tried to help the issue of Jeju Island, but the known result was bad.

If the story was finished, it would have been more convincing to argue that it should not interfere with the problems of other countries. By the way.

After that, Jinwoo decided to kill the giants in Japan, and everything changed 180 degrees.

Did not the Korean hunter kick his arms for Japan, despite the long historical remains in the two countries and the conspiracy Japan has done in recent years?

“Perhaps the appreciation and emotion that the Japanese people felt for him would not have been expressed in words.”

Japan was escaped from the crisis with the help of Jinwoo.

In order to defend his country ‘s hunter, the first time that he did not interfere with other countries’ crises was broken.

It gave the Hunters the confidence to ‘do it’.

And a few days ago. “Maybe everyone who was watching the scene of Thomas Andr̩ Hunter falling would have felt it.”

What Hunter can stop the monsters?

“Sung Jin Hunter showed herself the answer.”

But the next problem was much more difficult.

So who can stop the disaster if Sung Jin Hun Hunter falls?

When the facilitator smiled lightly and could not answer, the expert said.

“No. There is no one. So, Sung Jin Hunter is over. When he falls, everything is over. ”

That moment.

Many countries that recognized the ultra-large gate over Seoul only as a problem of Korea realized this fact.

If Korea does not stop it, it will be North Korea, then China or Russia, and eventually the whole world.

Now the ultra-large gate has become a global enemy.

It was the accomplishment of one Asian hunter.

But the moment when the expert explains that the achievement must be able to clear the disaster safely in order to receive the light properly.

“Oh, now!”

The organizer, who was listening to the experts, got up quickly after receiving a sudden sign of the director.

Experts’ gaze also returned to the screen.

In the relay video, a very large gate was spreading a huge vagrant.

“Oh My God…”

Everyone in the studio lost sight of the imaginary sight.

The air was shaking.

Tens of thousands of hunters beneath the gate breathed awaiting dungeon breaks.

The scenes where many hunters await a moment were spectacular.

Close-up style hunters waited quietly, and hunters with ranged attacks prepared for a preemptive attack.

Magical spells and magical spells have turned to the sky.

Tense tension was hovering.

And there is one place where the hunters watching the gate turn every time their gaze goes down.

It was Jinwoo’s back.

At the forefront, Jin Jin looked at the stomach with delicate colors.

The dungeon brake was approaching every moment.

I felt my energy.

Throbbing, throbbing, throbbing.

Instead of the heart of a broken human being, the black heart that took its place jumped up and announced its current status.

Of course, the hearts of the other Hunters were also running high.

It was because of the tension that pressed the son-in-law.

But Jinwoo’s feelings are now completely different.

Jinwoo tried not to lose his composure as much as possible and waited for the last moment to come.

Next to me, Jin Hae looked at Jin-woo’s face and talked lightly.

“The first time I see Jinwoo so nervous.”


Haine showed a light smile to Jun-woo, smiling casually, picking up his sword as he moved his gaze to the gate.

She also felt that the moment of the battle was approaching.

‘Now …’

But she was mistaken for one.

Jin put his hands on his heart and closed his eyes.

This heart beat.

The emotions that are rising in my heart are not nervousness or fear.

It was exciting.

“Oh, come on!”

“The gate is open!”


The gate started to open.

The film that was blocking the world and the gate was gone, and what was in it was pushed out endlessly.

Enyoungs all over the sky.

The Hunters were stunned by the number that seemed to be well over 100,000.

“how… How many of them are all at once? ”

“Too much, too much!”

There was a sigh of relief and screaming out here and there.

Those innumerable ‘things’ have come to the ground very slowly to see if they are affected by the magic of gravity reduction.

“attack! Attack! ”

“Everybody attack!”

Let’s cut the number down a little bit before we get down to the ground.

The Hunters who seized the opportunity started the movement.

The ready magic sparkled at his fingertips, and the bowstring headed toward the sky was pulled tight.

The tankers pulled the shield up to the chin in preparation for the struggle with them.

By the way.

Just before the hunters’ concentration saturate, Jinwoo cried out.

[Do not move!]

Jinwoo’s will with mana was clearly conveyed to the hunters who did not know Korean, and immediately stopped all action.


‘Why are you blocking the attack?’

The hunters of thousands of people were puzzled, but Jinwoo repeated the same words.

[Do not move all!]

Woojin chul, who watched from afar, wiped the sweat of his forehead.

If they do not attack now, they will come to the ground completely.

If a battle takes place in that state, the front hunters may get caught up in a pouring attack from behind.

The number is also in the unfavorable situation, there is something to worry about the attack of the friend.

One of my staff members, Hunter, approached me and sent me to Woojin Chul.

“The President …”

When to make a choice. Rise shouted to order the attack, but Woo Jincheol finally decided to believe the words of Jin Woo.

“Stop attacking!”

“Stop attacking!”

After stopping the attack by Woo Jin Chul, who was in charge of the Hunters, the Hunters had no choice but to watch with their hands.

‘What are your thoughts?’

‘Will you be on the ground without a long-range strike? How many of those numbers are there? ”

When confusion and fear are stirring the battlefield. yet.

They arrived on the ground.

The hunters were confused by the number of black athletes who filled the field of vision.

One walked forward from among the packed bunkers.

Jinwo walked toward him.

What’s going to happen from now on?

The Hunters could not breathe properly and watched Jinwoo.

‘…”…’When Jinwoo stopped, Masu stopped his pace.


As soon as Masu looked down at Jinwoo, he fell down on his knees at the same time.

chuck. When dozens of soldiers bowed their heads at the same time, they gave off an overwhelming force.

The moment of silence ceases.

Masuo, kneeling at the front, said with his head.

[Total Commander Belion, I will see you with the Shadow Legion.]

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