Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 228

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 228

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230 ‘…It’s strange. ”

Yu Jin-ho’s sister, Yu Jin-hee’s sister, who was returning home without much income, carefully built her own car on the roadside.


Sungjin Hunter, who just came out of the guild, and met him.

No one in Korea knows his face.

So it is not hard to explain this feeling that you have met him somewhere.

If you were an insensitive person, you might have just been convinced.


She was the eldest daughter of a famous president who never forgot her face.

She did not forget the face of a man, even if it was not her father.

The outline of Sungjin Hunter, which seemed at first glance passing through the side, seemed familiar.

‘When is it …’

The memory of her eyes as she climbed up.

Then the hospital.

A man with the same outline passed by near the entrance to the hospital where he was hospitalized.

Why did not I know then?

Was it because I was halfway to the fact that my father had collapsed?

‘Yes, it must be.’

The person who passed through that day was Sung Jin Hunter.

And the father who was diagnosed not to open his eyes forever woke up from his sleep like a lie.


I wonder if this is just a coincidence.

Yoo Jin-hee, who started suddenly getting bored with his whole body, pulled out his cell phone and pressed his father’s number.

Beep, beep, beep. But I put the phone down before I even pressed the number.

‘What I want to do now …’

The fact that I encountered Sung Jin Hunter in front of the hospital that day, connecting him with his sickness and Sung Jin Hun Hunter.

There is no such delusion in delusion.

If Sungjin Hunter finds out, he will thank his own reason for blocking the blanket before he sleeps.

Yoo Jin-hee tried to start the car that was built on the roadside again.

But just before that, the phone rang in good timing.

[Secretary uncle.]

Yoo Jin-hee, who confirmed the sender, laughed for a moment.

This is probably due to the results of the visit to the guild Azin the father must ask the secretary to ask him instead.

Yes, I am still an honest father to my children.

Yoo Jin-hee swallowed a laugh and lifted the phone.


At the end of the call that did not go out of expectation a little.

Yu Jin-hee asked Kim secretary to finish well.

“Mister. Do you think Sung Jin Hunter knows my dad well? “- Yes?

Surprised over the receiver, the voice of Kim secretary followed.

– What do you mean suddenly?

Yoo Jin-hee, who was upset by the unexpected overreaction, replied in an instant.

“Not really … I saw Sung Jin Hunter from the hospital that day. I also thought that St. Hunter was a guest who came to my dad. “- Did you mean St. Hunter came to the hospital on the day he fell down?

“Yes, I passed by at the entrance to the hospital just before my father was awakened.” – Are you sure? Is not it someone else or another day?

“Yes, that is correct. I do not remember who I was because I was not in the mood at the time. But what is your voice? “- Oh, no. I’ll call you back soon.

I will not call you back, but I will give you back.

‘Did I say anything wrong?’

The phone rang again before Yoo Jin-hee, who was struggling with his head, even put down his phone.

Yu Jin – hee ‘s eyes, which confirmed the sender, grew bigger.

‘…Dad directly? ‘

When I reported the phone number of the famous president, I realized that Yu Jin Hee was not a normal thing.


What is the relationship between the treatment of my father’s illness and Sungjin Hunter as I expected?

She received a careful phone call.


Beijing Capital International Airport.

It was crowded with people who were crowded with the biggest and the traffic-rich airports in China.

One reason.

The best Chinese hunters who had left to support Korea came back here today.

The same applies to other countries, but the best stars in China are the top-class hunters who can drive people like clouds.

In particular, the popularity of Ryuzukan, who is also the representative of the Korea Support Team and a 7 star hunter, could not be expressed literally.

A reporter who was relaying the atmosphere of the airport raised his voice when he saw Ryuzukan.

“Oh! There’s Ryuzukan Hunter coming in! ”

Wow ah -!

The fans who came to the airport to listen to his voice burst out like a urea.

Ryuzukan held two of his trademarked long swords in one hand and shook the other hand to his fans.

Ryuzukan’s face attracted the attention of a profound man.

Following Ryuzukan, special team hunters rushed to the floor.

Wow ah -!

The spectacularity of viewers bursting with the enthusiasm of seeing the Hunters, which were only seen on TV, with their own eyes filled the airport.

The reporter was talking to the camera as he turned on the lights.

“We are proud Hunters who have left to support Korea now as they enter the airport.”

As her bright face tells, in fact, it was a satisfactory achievement in China’s position.

Once a Chinese man dies and lives in his face, he can hear a loud voice saying he has not turned away the crisis of his neighbor.

Where is it?

No one of the special team hunters was hurt as this ultra-large gate ended with happening.

Both body and syllable are both obtained.

Thanks to the good results, many Chinese people applauded Ryuzukang, who made this special team.


There are those who are dissatisfied wherever they go. There were not many people who criticized Ryuzukan or Korea through the Internet.

– Ryuzukan: I have paid a lot of money in the country to keep the country, and are running to Korea?

– Is that Korean Hunter or Chinese Hunter? Is there anyone who knows Ryuzukan’s bloodline?

– Who is Ryuzukan? I guess I paid for Korea.

– Do we need to help small countries like us who do not know grace? There should not be a case like this again.

– The special team hunters are just ransomed, are they being called out without volunteering? Calculate everything one by one and charge them to the Koreans!

– Sung Jin-woo has made a fortune by defeating the Japanese giant.

In the middle of watching the comments that are likely to be cancerous just by looking at the live relay image.

Reporters stood in front of Ryuzukan in exchange for many others’ questions.

“While a lot of people applaud Ryu Hunter’s courageous decision, there are not many opinions on why we should help Korea. Do you have any words for Ryu Hunter to do about this?”

Ryuzukan then took off his sunglasses and stared at the reporter.

“Who carries such a stupid voice?”


Ryu-kang ran his eyes and continued to say what he did not know about the reporters who had raised their eyes in a circle.

“Do not people who carry their heads with ornaments see the map? Do not you really know where you’re going if you give your eyes a little more over Korea? ”


“It was almost impossible to reach the land of China across the sea, a doll that could not be stopped in Japan. I would have seen all of them catching him on TV. ”

Ryuzukan turned his head and looked at the camera this time.

“The same thing could have happened on a much larger scale. My colleagues who wanted to prevent me from doing that. ”

Ryuzukan’s rhetoric broke down in real time.

Ryuzukan said, attaching a keen eye to the camera as if he were telling the screamers.

“If you still have such a stuffy voice, say this. Nyu-zukang went to help him because he could not prevent an accident that Sungjin Hunter was unable to prevent. If that is a complaint,

Ryuzukan, who was giving a long speech and giving joy to his supporters, stopped talking.

Did you come to realize that the camera is running?


Ryuzukan was the only person in China who could speak out without having to look up anyone’s mind.

But he looked out at the door with the words blocked.

What the hell happened?

The first is a reporter.

And then the steps that helped the Hunters and the Hunters. The eyes of everyone at the airport at the end turned outward.

The noise of Ryuzukan’s voice came out from the mouth, which was not surprised at all.

“Oh My God…”

Over the sky in Beijing, the darkness was gradually spreading.

* * * “Sung Hunter’s … Did you hear the breaking news? ”

Jinwu shook his head.

After the ultra-large gate raid, I have been to Japan, but I just arrived in Korea and immediately moved to the Hunter Association.

No, I would have said that if it had been a problem since I had been vacant.

The appearance of serious people seemed to be serious and the face also settled.

“What happened?”

Woo Jin-cheol pulled out his cell phone and showed the real-time spreading images.

– Jesus! You see that?


– It looks bigger than the gate in Korea?

Eight extra-large gates that show up in the sky of the world.

People were filming the scene of the fear in half, the curiosity of the gate, and spreading it to the SNS.

The eight countries informed the world about the emergence of gates in a flash.

It’s black.

There was a loud noise from the side of Woojin Chul.

Jin watched the images one by one calmly.

“Hunter … What about these? ”


Jinwu said cut it right.

These gates were clearly nailed to have nothing to do with themselves.

The face of Woo Jin-chul, who was hanging on to expectations, suddenly became dark enough to be easy to see.

If a few hundreds of thousands of athletes are pouring in through the gates, like a few days ago in Seoul.

Is that not the end of humanity?

Jin Woo, who confirmed the video to the end, told Woo Jinchul.

“Please move a seat.”

“Oh, yes.”

Two people climbed to the office of the president and sat down facing each other.

“You have something to say to me …”

When Woo Jincheol carefully asked, Jinwoo replied.

“President, do you believe me?”

Woojin chul nodded his head when he was worried for a moment.

“Yes, I believe.”

“Then I would like to believe what I show you from now on.”


Jinwoo stretched his index finger to the forehead of Woo Jinchul as the former shadow lord had done to him.

Then, in the moment, Woo Jinchul ‘s eyes were drenched in the darkness, and many images passed by in his sight.


Jinwoo showed the truth only to the president of Woojinchul.

Rulers and monarchs.

And the corpses that the monarchs are bringing to the ground.

“Wow, wow, wow …”

Woojinchul, who witnessed the power of the monarchs, vomited a rough breath.

“does not make sense… How these things … ”

Woojin Chul believed.

God gave special powers to a few humans to save man. So the hunters have to fight the beast and protect the humans.

But if the truth that Sung Jin Hunter showed.

It was arrogant.

It was mistaken.


No, the awakening is nothing but a process of raising humans who can survive the postwar battles in a real war.

This was not a war between humans and monarchs.

War of rulers and monarchs.

And there was a human who was not even expecting them to become a big variable.

The army of the monarchs arrived at a much earlier time than anticipated by the rulers, and the only place to rely on is now the Sungjin Hunter, who has become the shadow monarch. “Oh My God…”

Woo Jin-chul, who shook his hand, heard a tearful gaze.

“St. Hunter … Are you going to fight these guys? You alone? ”

I can not give up before the start because the enemy forces are powerful.

At least Jinwoo has not lived so far.

So I nodded silently.


Wujin asked me to help Jinwu somehow.

“Then we … How can I help you, hunter? ”

In response to the question that he had been anticipating, Jinwu had come up with an answer that he had prepared in advance.

“Please gather the representatives of the world in one place.”

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