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Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 237

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239 “Wake up.”

As soon as Jinwoo ‘s order is gone.

KE to EE -!

The worms that had just been shredded were shady soldiers.

I used to join the soldiers to revive the soldiers who died before the battle.

These guys are then soldiers and other soldiers.

Unlike in the past, when Shadow soldiers were created that were less capable than their former counterparts due to the system that suppressed the powers of Shadow monarchs, Jinwoo, now the shadow monarch himself, was able to create complete shadow soldiers from system control.

Keeck -!

The black steam rose from the body of the shadow soldiers, much stronger than before.

The stronger the soldiers of the hometown, the stronger the soldiers drawn from their shadows become stronger.

The mighty power that has been destroying the world so far will now be throttled by itself.

Jin Wu gave his first order to the recruits who were full of fraud.

‘Jump on your head.’

On the keys to the ex – on!

The worm-shaped shadow soldiers rushed fiercely toward the soldiers of the modern age.

Jinwoo also ran out together.

Jin-woo, who transcended the bug-eyed Shadow soldiers who had been sent before, rushed into the forefront of the orcs at the forefront.


Awkward Orcs and their sparse augers swarm at random, but the possibility of such an attack is zero.

When Jinwu, who lightly avoided attacks from everywhere, swung the dagger, and the orcs were swallowed up as if they were caught in the center of the blast.

Each time I leap the dagger, the Black Oracons that stretch out of the black knot have all crushed the orcs as well as the earth they are stepping on.

It’s a storm.

Their head started to shrink much faster than the speed of screaming out of the Orcs mouth.


A long shadow over Jinwoo’s head.

Jinwu lifted his head.

The giant giant was looking up at him and lifting a massive stone pillar equal to the length of his arm.

How much he ate human beings in the meantime, his mouth was covered with blood stains.

Jinwoo’s hair was wrinkled.

Before he hit the pillar, Jinwu moved one step ahead.

In a blink of an eye, Jinwoo approached the underpants of the giant and swung as hard as he could with the resentment of the camishee.


At the end of the dagger, the black sailor, who was a sliver, cut off the thick ankle of the giant.

It’s awesome!

The giant, who lost one ankle in his sleep, twisted and screamed and eventually lost balance.

The huge body leaning backward collapsed sharply.

Koo Woong -!

Numerous monsters in the back of the giant could not escape the colossal body and screamed.

Now the shadow soldiers turn.

Buggy Shadow soldiers began to climb over a giant who was panting and breathing.

The judge used it – the giant struggled to shake the worms, but the worms instantly reached the giant’s face.

Soon the ravenous meal of the worms began.


The spasm of the giant who was screaming was soon over. But it was not the last of the giants.

Again, the Shadow Monarch ordered it.

“Get up.”


Uh-uh – A giant-sized shadow next to the corpse of a giant whose face has almost disappeared from the worms caused its huge body to slip slowly.

Even under the body of the giant, one and two shadow soldiers crawled out.

Shadow soldiers made from the corpses of orcs already grabbed weapons and were looking at their former colleagues.

Suddenly, the soldiers of Hye – se –


When the giant soldiers moved, the enemies jumped.

The giant soldier, who was bowing deeply, ignored them, unfurled the fingers of the body lying down and took the stone pillars.

Now the stone pillar became a giant soldier’s weapon.

Patter, patter.

The clumps on the stone pillars fell to the floor.

The giant soldier was preparing for a blow by pulling the stone pillar firmly behind his shoulders, just as if he could not swing a stone pillar right before his death.

That’s it.

The soldiers of Hyeonsee came to realize what powers their opponents had.

I’m sick.

Those who enjoyed the war began to scare back.

The fear they were feeling was vividly conveyed to Jinwoo in the air of the battlefield.

Jinwu told them in the language of the monarchs.

[What are you afraid of?]

The counterattack has only just begun. It is still too early to feel this fear.

In Jinwoo ‘s eyes, an eerie Aunggwang shone.

That moment.


The giant soldier pushed as hard as he could, sweeping away the enemy as a toy.

Kwagagaga is available!

* * * Immediately after the advent of Jinu on the battlefield.

The solvent, which did not slow down the boundaries, sensed the shadow monarch’s presence.


At the eastern end of the forces that stretch out around you.

Shadow monarch appeared.

A little later than the solvent, one of the ancient dragons and another monarch felt movement of the shadow monarch.

The king of the wonders, the monarch of the race, told Solae.

[Leading All Army Right Now …]

But the solvent lifted his hand and cut off his words.

The Suhas had a strange face.

The one who waited for the appearance of a shadow monarch than anyone else is the ruined monarch standing right now.

By the way.

Why is it that he does not move even when he tells us that the Shadow Monarch has been predominantly in the beginning of the war?

Even at this moment, the soldiers of Hyeonsee are rapidly becoming shadows. In the nervousness of the monarch of the empire, when he entered the human body and was a middle-aged man of small height, he was opening his mouth again.

The solvent first said.

[Shadow Legion … Where are the armies of the dead?

The solvent did not miss the absence of his soldiers in the shadows of the Shadow Monarch even on distant streets.

‘No way…?’

The monarch of the hurricane quickly closed his eyes.

Soon the east end, a shadowy monster appeared in the air of the place where it began to fight, with enormous fake eyes made of magic.

The magic eye looked at all of the battlefield.

‘…!’The solvent was literally.

The shadow monk who wandered in the middle of the battlefield where Pibolas were racing, and the legions of the corps that should be in his shadow were not detected.

The monarch of the hyeongeum opened his eyes and looked at the solvent.

In the eyes of the solvent, anger and doubt were mixed in half.


What did the Shadow Monarch set foot on the battlefield without any army to protect himself?

At first glance, the best chance to get rid of him.

However, I could not move the entire army without being able to guess the enemy’s intentions.

Maybe it’s the enemy’s real purpose.

The anxiety that the fog covered the field of vision caught the ankle of the solvent.

One of the ancient dragons anxiously called the solvent.

[Lord, Lord …]

As the soldiers opened their eyes, the ancient dragons bowed their heads.

The solvent, which made their mouths shut with a sense of intimidation, looked to the east where Jin-wook was raging.

The soldiers of the hometown were rapidly shrinking.

And that number of soldiers was increasing.

I had to make a decision.

It’s fast.

However, in the unpredictable movements of the war that spread out in a totally different direction than expected, the solvent could not make a decision.

The hair of the solvent was wrinkled.

‘Shadow monarch … What are you aiming for? ‘

From what moment.

Jinu thought and quit cutting enemies.

The number of enemies was too much for that.

The number of friendly members was rapidly increasing, but there were many enemies that seemed meaningless.

Absorption. After roughly breathing. Jinwoo did not think of accident, but entrusted himself to the senses.

Then, like the finished machine only for the slaughter, the reflex movements far beyond the limit of the body were repeated many times.

In a single attack, hundreds of monsters are torn.

“Get up!”

Hundreds of Shadow Soldiers join in.

Just as the great tsunami flooded and devoured everything, the shadows gradually began to fill the battlefield black.

Every time Jinwoo moved, a black wave arose.

“Oh no!”

The monsters that were in front of the unicorns of Jinwoo who were mixed with mana fell out at once.

When the eardrum burst or the monsters of the blood in the ears run in pain and groan. Shadow soldiers came before them.

The screams of monsters ringing all over the place filled the battlefield.

How long has it been?

Jinwoo has perceived the accesses of people who are quite different from those of the modern age.

Let’s open your head.

We could see hundreds of dyads flying over the sky, and the human form of the Yongin and Yongin groups on board.

‘Did the corps of destruction begin to move?’

However, the solvent was not felt anywhere.

Not yet.

But you do not have to be disappointed. There is a lot of time left.

If you hesitate to move, you have to make a reason to move. Keyak!

At the forefront, when the Yongin people fought, the dyrids, who turned their riders, rushed to Jinwu at once.

At the moment, the power of Jinwoo was strong.

Why the solvent should move.

With overwhelming power that can not afford it.

Jinwoo stretched out his hands toward the drowning pours down toward himself.

‘The power of ruler.’

And as he squeezed the sky, he gave strength to both hands and pulled down something that he did not see.

Atmospheric mana responded to the Shadow Monarch’s will.

Hundreds of drones flocking like bees were caught in the invisible hand and stuck on the floor with one exception.

Kwa Science Department Science Division Science Department -!

The Secretary.

The earthquake shook its head in the crash of the dying stars.

Power to process. I was amazed at the ability of the Shadow Monarch without any restrictions.

But there was no room to be surprised.

The dragon, hidden behind the drones, showed up.

Jinwoo witnessed the energy in the mouth of the dragon.

‘…!’just as expected.

The horror dragon’s breath of fire was poured out of the sky.

Quaaaaaaa – The dragon that exhaled the breath exactly to the target raised the altitude again.

The enemy’s will is not caught.

Did the enemy melt in my breath?

The dragon, who thought he had ascended to a safe location, looked down at the floor to confirm the life and death of the Shadow Monarch.

Though the flame has sunk and the smoke has been removed.

No trace of the shadow monarch was seen anywhere.

‘Where is he …?’


Feeling on your head.

It was already too late, though the creeping sensation crossed behind his neck.

– You!

Before the dragon could look up, Jin-woo standing on the head of the man put down the anger of Kamish.


A sharp aura, shot from the end of the dagger, pierced through the head and beneath the chin.


The dragon, whose breasts were broken, fell down and fell down without losing his ability to fly.

As soon as it approached, the ground collided with the dragon.


Jin-woo jumped from the dragon’s head and walked to his enemies without looking back.

“Get up.”

Then dragons and hundreds of Yongin people slowly raised their bodies from behind their backs.

I also felt the solvent.

His army is even impossible to compare with the other monarchs.

A part of the corps of destruction was handed over to the shadow monarch.

Now, no matter what he is up to, he has gone beyond what he can afford.

The Legion of Destruction must be prevented from being eaten by the Shadow Monarch.

[Beat him.]

The dragon ordered the ancient dragon, who was waiting for the exhibition.

[You follow me.]

And in order to be prepared, I gave another order to the monarch.

[You stay here and prepare for the surprise of the Shadow Legion.] [I will do that.]

There were hundreds of gates connected to the east battlefield before the solvents and ancient dragons.

Do not miss.

The ankwon of the solvent which bundled with anger disappeared into the gate.

The ancient dragons also jumped into the gate.

The corps of destruction, which was shrinking to the continued provocation of the Shadow Monarch, began to move.

* * * Unlike the east where a swirling vigor of power is hitting, the still battle at the western end is now ending.

The US soldiers who were on the last line of defense were torn apart by the teeth and fingernails of the soldiers.

The last thing they hoped for was the Hunter’s weapon.

But the Hunters’ weapons made for Reid could not be handled properly by the general public.

The US military quickly collapsed.

“Ah Ah, Ah Ah Ah!”

The wings of the west corps were also acted by agile and sensitive worms.

The worms approached the soldiers.

Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo!

The worms, pushing and ignoring the bullets, began to bite the soldiers.

“Ah, ah!”

Survivors retreated and fired a gun, but it had no effect.

But it was even more unimaginable to swing the sword against those monster worms.

I can not do this either.


Worms who ate all of their colleagues turned their heads toward the next prey.

It was the turn of the survivors.

The captain of the squad looked up at the soldiers next to him with his firm face.

The soldiers nodded.

I was already prepared when I realized that I was mobilized for an operation to earn civilians evacuation time.

The platoon leader pulled out the grenade.

Even if you can not eliminate enemies with this tiny modern firearm, you can avoid being an enemy’s prey.

The platoon commander pulled out the safety pin.

Then the worms, sensing the mysterious mood, scrambled up and rushed to the big commander.

Kiahuaaaaq -!

The eyes of the small commander looking at the approaching worm grew larger.

It’s really quick.

At a moment when the worms approaching his nose open their sharp jaws toward him.

Someone in front of the big commander who took his grenade and held it in his hand and blocked the attack of the insects.

The platoon leader said, looking up at the man with the head, two more heads than the man himself.

“Sat, Thomas Andre?”

Thomas glanced at the worms and squeezed a grenade into his mouth.

It will not hurt, but it will be surprised that strange thing comes in the stomach.

Thomas, with his Han-tail in his happy imagination, shook his head with a big fist.


The body of the insect head whose head had disappeared fell to a distant place.

“Oh … Will not you be surprised at this? ”

Behind the scratching back of Thomas, a number of top-class hunters rushing into the bats began fighting.

KE to EE!


The tumult of the painful bugs rang out loudly.

Surviving soldiers quickly grasped who they came to help themselves and smiled with joy.

“Su, Scevin!”

“Scavenger Guild Hunters!”

“Alas! Thank God!”

The situation was cleared up like a guild composed of excellent hunters. However, without any relief, another palmist came to them.

Thomas’ sharp eyeballs swept through them.

Orcs, augers, trolls, minotaurs, cyclops and so on.

All the guys that I saw in dungeons all.

Even if you have a lot of these things, it was nothing for you.


There is a mixture of terribly strong men among the noble ones.

Just as Thomas was afraid and the monsters could not move, Thomas could not move because of him.

The guy who seemed to watch the situation for a while slowly walked forward.

[You are the man then. A weak vessel of the ruler who went to the canine monarch just before his death.

The king of the factors smiled grimly.

Unlike canine monarchs, which are basically hunting-oriented monsters, although they have the power of beasts, they dominate factors such as orcs and augers are specialized in close combat using the body.

Therefore, the man who believes in the muscular strength that can not be just a handful seems to be funny.

The king of the elements, the monarch of the body, emanated his mana as it is.

Steering pressure.

It was an expression of confidence that you could pull your neck before you blinked.

By the way.

[…?]In contrast to the hunters after the faded, the master’s bowl was not out of the question.

When I think about something that I thought about, the moment I passed through the monarch ‘s head. “…You can do this, right? ”

Thomas muttered as if to himself.

Then, the darkness that began to spread from his footsteps quickly fell over the ground.

The monarch’s eyebrows twirled.


This is the skill of Shadow Monarch.

But if he were here, he would not have noticed the source of that powerful force.

At that moment, a familiar voice came from behind Thomas.

[I’ll see you again in a long time, king of the elements.]

Behind the commanding officer Vellion, who greets with a polite but threatening voice.

Thirteen thousand shadow soldiers who were waiting in silence in the shadow of Thomas were rising in unison.

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