Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 238

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 238

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Thirty – one elite shadow soldiers who survived from the shadow monarch to the end were hiding in the shadow of human beings as far as possible.

It was a trap.

The monarch of the rigid body, encountered in front of the Shadow Legion, felt a throbbing as if it were being sucked into the sinkhole.

‘I was hit.’

The western corps he currently leads has no power to deal with the Shadow Legion.

In addition, those on the vanguard of the Shadow Legion were in danger of worrying about their own well-being.

Perhaps the Shadow Legion, or the Shadow Legion, is aiming for it. ‘…We must inform. ‘

The monarch of the body tried to communicate with the solvent urgently.


Some power was blocking out communications.


Did the shadow monarch thought so far?

The monarch of the body exercised hurriedly to find the source of power that interfered with the contact.

I was able to find a hi-oak shaman who was holding up something with his wits.

‘…!’The magic trick was blocking all contact.

After the rebirth of a true Shadow soldier, the magic of a general-grade soldier molar that borrowed the power of a “bead of greed” had such power.


Mulgne was shyly blushed when he met his gaze with his former king. Nevertheless, he did not stop his spell.

The king of the elements, which felt like being laughed at by the smile of his molars, the strong monarch of the body came up with strong anger.

[Dare you guys!]

No, this is not a strategy to get out of the Shadow Soldier’s head, of course.

It was not the Shadow Legion that had always condemned death inevitable to the enemy.

this is.

‘Man’s way.’

The current shadow monarch who was a human was twisting aspects of the war.

He does not have pride as a monarch!

An angry, rigid monarch inflated the muscles of the whole body. Thick tendons popped out on the overgrown muscle.

The monarch of the body came to work.

[He is not a monarch!]

In a moment, Berga stood up to the monarch of the body which leaped to the front of molar teeth.

Kuwoong -!

In front of Berga, who started to fight with his hands, he talked with Masu.

[Just say that … Cancel it. The insult to the Lord is heavy.

However, the monarch of the body cried as if to twist his arm.

[How dare a soldier block the monarch’s head!]


On the key to the on to the eek!

As the roar was about to be heard, the size of the bell was more than doubled.

I saw the solvent.

The soldiers of the Hyeonsee who died for a while, who hesitated for a while, and the shadow soldiers, which are as many as the number of soldiers who died.

Sparks flashed into the eyes of the solvent that had escaped the gate.

At the end of that line of sight.

There was a huge storm and Jinwu, who was swallowing the entire army of the Joseon Dynasty.


You must kill him!

The solvent has yet to be seen, but in the form of humanity, it has suddenly burst out of its mouth.


The moment flashes a moment.

Jin-woo, who was pushing the forces of Hye-se’s with nothingness, did not miss the timing of the moment.

‘It’s him!’

Jinwoo’s new model is gone.

All of the soldiers and shadow soldiers in the vicinity were exposed to the breath and disappeared without a trace.


Jin-woo, who had leaped, stood a few feet away.

The solvent, breathless, was staring at himself.

Ancient dragons, dragons, and Yongin were exposed in countless gates opening behind the solvent.

King of the Dragon King, Lord of Destruction.

He was a corps of destruction led by his army.

One day, troops who could destroy the whole world were mobilized to capture a Shadow Monarch.

And in front of them.

King of kings, ruler of rulers, and solvent.

‘…’Jinwu swallowed a dry spit in a strong force that can not be seen from the solvent.

Immediately following Jinwoo ‘s instructions, the Shadow soldiers who had been struggling with the soldiers of Hyeonsee quickly retreated.

Shadow soldiers stood behind Chang as the dragon ‘s arm was behind the solvent.

The solvent was ridiculed.

[Are those poor soldiers all yours?]

Thousands of shadow soldiers who killed enemy soldiers.

But there are close to 10 million troops, hundreds of dragons, and the most threatening solvent.

Jinwoo did not know the difference in history between them.

So I chose this way.


Jinwoo scrambled the shadow soldiers who dragged him into one place.

There was a doubt about the question of the solvent.

‘Will you face my soldiers in front of you?’

It’s crazy!

Despite the suspicions of the solvent, however, the shadow soldiers stood still.

The dragons poured out a glowing flame toward them.


By the way.

Shadow soldiers in flames disappeared as a consumable without recycling.

The solvent soon realized that these soldiers were using time warfare.

‘Is he …?’

The solvent extended the grief.

The shadow monarch was running away through his shadow.

The solvent flowed to the naive number.

He had repeatedly struck and fell like this, and it was an operation to slowly take down the troops of the modern age, but there was a crucial error that he had not thought of before.

That you can chase after him. Solvent noticed that the shadow of Jinwoo was connected with the western battlefield.

‘Over there!’

Never miss.

The solvent created a gate toward where the Jinwu disappeared and jumped into it.

When he stepped out of the gate. ‘…’

He was able to see the 130,000 large army surrounding him.

And that was not the end.

Jinwoo said, waiting for the solvent.

“…Get up. ”


Before the arrival of Jinwoo, the western corps, which was wiped out by the real shadow corps, all became shadow soldiers.

Solme said, looking around the shadow soldiers who are now close to 200,000.

[Was this what you were looking for?

Attract enemies to your desired battlefield and gain advantage.

Though Shadow Legion, which is in a far-reaching decadence, is a necessary task to win the war.

The face of the solvent was full of ridicule.

[Gesol Rob.]


I knew what the shadow monarch had had intentions with.

Though we lost all of the western corps in the process, if only we could catch the shadow monarch in return.

‘It is not too late to lose half of the soldiers.’

Fear comes when you can not predict ahead. But the other side is now stripped.

[Shadow monarch.]

The solvent smiled and looked around Jinwoo.

[You may have thought I could follow you, but …]

You are wrong.

Behind the solvent was the most magical monarch in the hometown.

Soon, the monarch of the Circle who was preparing for the surprise of the Shadow Legion made countless gates connecting the two battlefields.

In front of the Shadow Legion, which is only 200,000, there were endlessly many soldiers in the middle of the day.

How are you?

As a result, your plan was shattered.

He will drive you to death.

The solvent looked at Jinwoo with a lucid face.

[Your loss.]

By the way.

Jinwoo laughed.

Jinwoo made a smile toward the solvent, which looked at himself with a lucid face.

‘I was caught.’

According to his intention.

The solvent moved.

The solvent also appeared on Jinwoo ‘s face for a very short time and he did not miss the lost smile.


just as expected.

Shadow soldiers’ summons was lifted instantly and sucked into the shadow of the shadow monarch.

What the hell is he thinking?

It is like suicide that harvests the shadow soldiers now.

If there are no soldiers to save time, they can not escape.

Even though I do not want to lose shadow soldiers, I never thought I was a dumb enough to run away with my back!

Solvent came in before narrowing the distance before Jin took another move.

At the same time.

All of the troops of Hyeonsei followed the solvent and rushed toward Jinwoo.

The gaze of tens and hundreds of thousands of soldiers exiting the gate was fixed to one of the two.


When the other solvent reaches out to Jinu ‘s nose, he reaches out to Jinu. The moment the eyes of Jinwoo changed like the eyes of a dragon.

Then the solvent could realize that something was going wrong.


The moment of the moment is over.

‘…’A roaring roar burst out of Jinu’s mouth.

A cry of a soul that is in the midst, despairing all objects weaker than herself!

[Big aaa -] dragon peer.

This is the worst skill of the Dragon, obtained through the Runes of Kamish.

I have not shown interest because of the power of skill that does not distinguish friendly and enemy.

‘It’s different now!’

The skill, which dropped hundreds of top-level hunters gathered to dragon into hell, was now turned against the dragons.

[-AA AA AA!]

Just as Khamish had put the Hunters in the Stern state, the Shadow monarchs stiffened the dragon’s soldiers.

Only the solvent is free to be free from the dragon peer that emanates from the deep mana of the Shadow Monarch.

Jinwoo, who made all enemy forces around him stop for a moment, caught the solvent ‘s arm.

[This guy …!]

The hair of the solvent was wrinkled.

He gave his hand to the hand holding his hand, and Jin-woo laughed.

“You follow me.”

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