Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 245

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 245

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Return to Aboard the Fourth Episode The story of a certain astrologer has sprung up throughout the United States.

– Not long before the god of death descends on this earth!

This prophecy, which seems to fit the cartoon cover, would not be of interest if it were usual.

But it was a big problem that this prophecy was Mrs Nome Selner.

Who is she?

Two years ago, she suddenly opened her eyes to the spirit, and she was always at the center of controversy, hitting numerous predictions such as the death of a North Korean leader, the kidnapping of a terrorist airliner, and the collapse of the stock market caused by a housing price collapse.

Suddenly, he left a message to suggest the end of the world, and of course, everyone must be astonished.

Another name for Mrs. Norma Selner is “A prophet who does not miss.”

The media that gave her such a name were embarrassed and asked for an interview.

But Mrs. Selner sent all the reporters back, just one.

I have personally called the reporter who had a relationship with me and said quietly.

– The god of death will fall on this earth with countless soldiers of death. Just as we can not escape from death, there is no escape from the god of death.

And the very next day. When a huge black hole was created over the city of Seoul, covering all of the sky, the prophecy of your wife adorned the headlines of all the world’s newspapers.

From the inside of such a gate.

Jin-woo looked up at the crowd of crowded people as if they had gathered the people of the world together.

“Huh …”

How exciting are all those welcoming crowds?

But he knows better than anyone else that he can not, and he just laughs bitterly.

The gate opens soon.

For them, this gate would be the object of fear, but it was the way to Jinwoo to go home.


Jin-woo’s heart grew bigger in the thought that the way back to the home that I missed would soon be opened.

‘And then this is the first time I looked outside from the inside of the gate?’

From the inside of the gate, the outside shone transparently. So Jin-woo was able to see the people who gathered at his feet.

Jinwu put his hands on the outside and the wall of the gate blocking the room where he is standing now.

In the past, I had to clash with the power of solvent to break this wall.

‘Now is…’

Jinwoo disappeared with a little force and cracked the wall of the gate.

If you put a little more force in here, it will break without power.


Jinwoo, who had been worried about going down the floor, smiled and shook his head.


But you do not have to make the scared-down people worse.

I have been waiting for about 30 years now, but now I have no reason to wait a few more days.

Jinwo, who was holding his hand in silence, found something.

‘wait. Where is this?

I realized that my hands were too big.

Jinwoo, who spent 27 years in the gap in the dimension, had already become a middle-aged man.

The time spent by the flesh has already exceeded the age of the father.

However, the period of his disappearance was only two years.

There was a need to modify the time of the body to match the age of the outside world so that those who knew herself would not be embarrassed by herself.

I do not even have a heart to want to look young … Do not you?


“I can not help it.”

Jinwoo, who looked down at his body, laughed and used force.

Jinwoo was able to deal with the power of the Shadow Monarch completely, but the mortality of the body was not a big problem.

Soon Jinwoo’s body was reduced to male middle school level.

The face of the middle-aged man who was beardless, became a boy with a bright expression.

The black smoke was scattered for a moment, and the clothes he wore turned into uniforms that he wore before he left the house.

‘Would that be enough?’

Jin-woo smiled as if he was satisfied with his appearance that no one could see except as a student.

Body and mind.

I was ready to go home and meet my family.

All that’s left is waiting.

‘Two days ahead …’

Even at this time of waiting for the gate to open, it was a joy to Jinwoo who was at the end of a long journey.

* * * “uh… uh? There, open! ”

“The hole is open!”

People screamed at the gate that had begun to open.



But the inside of the gate, which is somewhat deeply connected, was exposed, and there was nothing in it that would pop out of it.


“Is this the end?”

To watch the gates, the crowded crowds of people all over the world watched the glowing glow slowly.

Jinwoo quietly escaped among the people without knowing it, and solved the secrecy in the streets where people were rare.

People did not show any interest in junior high school students suddenly appearing on the streets because they were concentrating on the disappearing gate.

When Jinwoo was looking around for a while and turned around to go home. A young man standing with a bouquet of expensive looks in front of him could see one.

The man laughed and said.

“Welcome back safely, Sung Jin-woo. No, Shall I call you Shadow Lord?”

The first face I see.

But the emotion felt from him is not malice.

“I do not care how you call.”

Jinwoo grabbed the man ‘s bouquet with one hand and laughed.

“It is not bad that there is someone who welcomes even one.”

Jin-woo, who nodded a bouquet for a moment, lifted his head.

The man said it was amazing.

“really… I did not think you could handle them by yourself. But now you have the weight of 10 million soldiers. ”

The corps were defeated, and all the residents of the Joseon Dynasty, who were their troops, came under the shadow monarch’s line.

He asked, asking all the monarchs and rulers all over the bouquet of the greatest power.

“I would not have come here to give you a bouquet … What are the rulers’ messengers for me? ”

Unlike the tone that might seem to be high-pressure, Jinwoo’s expression was overflowing.

The lion is not afraid of sheep.

The overwhelming strength that was sharpened by the long war made the man who came to know the identity of his opponent tremble.

The only thing that should be afraid of the opponent is the position of the flock.

Before the majesty of a monarch like a lion, the man politely bowed his head.

“The rulers have a message to the Shadow Monarch. Would you like to move it, because it may take longer? ”


Jinwoo passed the man with a smile on his face.

“I really thought I wanted to hear it.”

* * *”…”A man looking down at the ice cream in front of him lifted his head.

“Was it the ice cream shop I wanted to hear?”

It does not suit the taste to the extent that appearance is difficult.


“It’s a long way to go out there.”

Jinwoo who laughed and answered, started eating ice cream.

The coolness that comes to the tip of the tongue.

And sweet.

I can feel that I have now returned to my real hometown.

Jinwoo, who stopped the man trying to get out of the house a few times, opened his mouth only after clearing the ice cream bowl.

“What did the rulers say?”

The man, staring at the shadowy monarch’s snack time, said to himself.

“Oh, thank you for your kindness …”

“Leave the formal greetings.”

The rulers, who have already lost sight of this world, have sent a lion.

Jinwoo, who guessed it was not normal work, rejected the introduction.

“Is there any problem?”

“no. That is not the case. I have come to the monarch because all the problems have been solved. ”

I came back because all the problems were solved.

Jinwoo’s eyes gained weight.

The man facing his eyes also swallowed a tingling smell.

However, the opponent is afraid and can not forget his business. The man opened his mouth with difficulty.

“The rulers … He is concerned about the influence of your power on the world. As you know, the power you have is a power that this world can not afford. ”


“This world without mana is too weak. So if you do not mind, I would like to move you to a world where you can listen to your power. ”

“You do not have to carry around, you can seal me neatly.”

“Of course that way too.”


The man, who was trying to react to the face that Jin-woo gently smashed down the table.

Jin-woo’s voice came out heavily.

“Do you mean to remove me now that you have used it? Are you afraid of the power I have? ”

Jinwoo was still laughing, but his eyes were cold enough to be unmatched.

The man was surprised and shook his hands hastily.

“no! It’s not like that! ”

And I put out a newspaper that I had prepared to Jinwoo.

Jinwoo read an article decorating one side of the newspaper.

One of familiar faces.

It was an article about Mrs. Norma Serner’s prophecy, who was an ‘Upgrader’ competitor in the previous time zone.

– Not long before the god of death descends on this earth!

Jinwoo’s eyebrows moved a little from the word ‘Death god’.

“She was not such a great scout at the time she disappeared. But our contact with the world has changed her life. ”

Some of the articles about her.

The place where Jinu’s gaze stopped is that she was suddenly said to have opened her eyes in the spirit.

Two years ago. It is not just a coincidence that it is similar to the time when time has been returned to God’s tools.

“Do I mean that my being can cause this change in the future?”

“Yes, Lord.”

The man seemed to calm down, and the man sighed.

“In the sense of worrying about one change in the world, if the monarch wants it, it is the rulers’ idea that the monarch will provide a place to stay.”

“…”She leaned back on the chair.

I still could not find any malice from the man.

Both the man and the rulers connected with him were suggesting to Jinwoo with feelings derived from good will.


On the first day of returning home, you should listen to this story.

Jinwoo, excited about going home, could not hide his bitter heart.

I do not want to talk about this now.

Jinwu said without hiding his feelings.

“Will you come back next time?”

“…I will do so, great sovereign. ”

A man who greeted the best of the heroes who had finished the war between the monarchs and the rulers rose from his seat.

When the man left, there was only one business card painted black in front and back.


When the decision of mind is over, it will be an unspoken request to contact me.

Jinwoo looked at the back and back of the business card and laughed. The business card was packed into the inside pocket of the school uniform.

The hopes and excitements that come back turn out like bubbles.

Many thoughts crossed my mind dizzy.

‘If all life has a purpose for existence …’

One thing I could be sure of.

As a shadow ruler himself, he accomplished his mission by preventing the world ‘s imperialism and the invasion of the monarchs.

The goal is achieved.

So the great power that has been used is just a matter of difficulty, like a nuclear fuel that has reached its end of life.

if so.

Suddenly a question arises.

“In the end, have I become unnecessary here now?”

By the time I was crazy for the idea of tailing tail.

Jinwoo saw a man passing by in front of an ice cream shop.

As if being led by something, Jinwoo did not even know it and opened the door and took a step outside the store.

Keep going.

There will be moments when the shadow monarch will question whether he can stay here.


‘If there is one reason I should stay here …’

The girl in a sportswear, which passed lightly in front of the store, stopped and looked back.

In the place where the smell was felt so much, the boy who was watching through the doors of the wide open ice cream shop was staring at himself.

‘What? Was the smell of ice cream so good?

The girl who looked up and looked back, soon ran again without finally resolving the wonder.

Jinwoo smiled a little while watching the backward view.


There are some people I love.

And there remain those who love me and who have loved me.

So why am I staying here is enough.

Let’s find another reason to stay here, Jinwoo laughed and said that.

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