Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 248

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 248

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(2) For the entrance ceremony, freshmen in the first grade gathered in the playground.

Male breeding.

The freshmen are still in the middle of the loose supervision of the teachers.

It was then.


In the middle of a sardine flap, a new shark, like a shark, appeared in a bloody glance.

“Who walks, who?”

Unlike his name, Park Ki – Sul, who is in charge of physical education, majored in wrestling and had dumpling ears, thick neck, wide shoulders, and thick thighs.

Everywhere the eyes of Park Ki-sik went, the children dropped their heads.

Fighting in the beginning of the semester does not happen only among students.

In the sense that the whole atmosphere of the grade or class is decided, the fighting between the teacher and the students is much more important than the battle between the students.

In that battle.

The poet Park Ki-Sik had never been defeated.

It was the same 10 years ago when he first came to the denomination, the year before, the year before, and so on.

The students in front of the shark’s flock of sardines and No-Makgeuksa did not keep his gaze for a while, but soon lay down his eyes.

Everywhere he passed, the noisy children asked him about his mouth.

The colleagues who watched him sent their respects.

“Again Park …”

“This year, I believe only the teacher of the grade.”

Park ran a glimpse of the freshmen who broke down.

‘Yes, it should.’


I could not be satisfied with this victory today.

Is there a real target that the principal has asked himself?

It would be difficult to say that I did a proper student guidance as long as I did not break down the problem.

Park Ki-shool, who was looking into the faces of freshmen, soon found the troublemaker.

‘There he is.’

The smile was erased from his face when he found the goal.

Compared to their peers, they have glassy muscles embedded in every inch of their body, and eyes that show strong vitality.

Even if I saw it from a distance, I could see that it was not a common bet at a glance.

‘That guy is Sung Jin …’

But how to find out who you are. No matter how many students you play with, you can usually be a compliant amount if you stand in front of yourself.

If you have a guest who is not there, if you show a little sincerity here.

Until now, there was no troublemaker that this viper technology could not correct.

His confidence sprang from his body like an aura.


Let’s get started.

Park technically scanned up and down the troubled child with two eyes like a snake.

The moment his eyes twinkled.

‘That’s it!’

Black gloves covering one hand of the troublemaker.

Do not you think that you can not go over the head of a student who is standing in the middle of the athletic field wearing a hat or gloves that is not in line with the school rules?


It was not unaware that there was a severe scar in his hand and that he had to wear gloves.

It was written in the student file.

Now, however, we need a small pretext to overcome the problematic of the troublemaker. Is there any good reason to point out a student as bad as a bad dress?

As a serpent who found cracks in his digs, a teacher of paper craftsmen shining with sharp eyes approached the troublemaker.

The troublemaker did not seem to notice his approach yet.

It is well done.

Sudden surprise is really effective in defeating enemy fraud.

When the distance is near enough to hear it even if I call my name. Park, the teacher, opened his eyes.

“Hey, you! Where are you here wearing gloves … ”

Jin-woo lifted his head to the shit of Park Ki-sik.

I encountered the eye of Jinwoo and the snowmaking teacher.

That moment.

“Uh, huh …?”

The mechanic saw.

There are innumerable black monsters standing at the back of trouble boys.

In his view, where the students and the playground all disappeared, the appearance of the 10 million troops in the far reaches of the horizon.


Park Gi-Sung, who was overwhelmed by the overwhelming pressure, screamed and fell back.


“Mr. Park, are you all right?”

The teachers who were around rushed to help him.

When Park Ki-sung, whose face was pale white, looked back at Jin-woo, it was after his vision had returned to normal.

“Uh, how …?”

The students gazed at the teacher who was blurring his head and shook his head.

Male breeding.

“Everyone is quiet!”

“Mr. Park, is not it hurting somewhere?”

The face of Park Technology was reddened by the anxious eyes of fellow teachers and the students’ untidy gaze.

“Hang, it’s okay.”

The mechanic, who was rooted out, quickly left the room.

Belion, who was watching him quietly, whispered to Jinwoo in the shadow.

[Lord, just the author …]

‘Yes. Maybe you look like you. ‘

Jinwoo nodded his head.

Sometimes people have a sense of superiority than ordinary people.

Sometimes, sometimes they found something different from others in Jinwoo.

Just like now.

‘…Is this one of the effects I have on this world? ”

It is unknown.

Jinwoo thinks the face of the teacher who had left his mind suddenly and kicked his tongue out.


With the clattering noise, the campus broadcast rang from the playground speakers.

– From now on, I would like to welcome the principal’s new students.

Jinwoo, who was watching the direction of Park Ki-suk’s disappearance, turned his head according to the direction of the broadcast.

A sunny spring day.

The bright head of the principal, shining under the sunshine, dazzled freshmen in freshman year freshmen.

* * * Jinwoo has been supporting this high school, which has some distance from home at home for some reason.

So the new class had no face to know.

‘What… Is it natural? ”

Jin-woo laughed as he looked around the children’s face without any regrets.

The age at which the burden of having to stay in a classroom with the children who were in the first place seemed to be tired was passed.

It was annoying now that the people who had spent the awkward time trying to be like before were annoyed.

Jinwoo unfolds a book he brought from home while the same class children worked hard to explore.

I had a long time in a space where there was no sound of dimensionality, and I became newly acquainted with the charm of reading that I can enjoy the serenity.

Anyway, if you say that you are a classmate, your actual age will be several decades apart. What kind of conversation do you have with those children?

It would be better to have a conversation with the book.

Someone came to Jinwoo who was trying to spend such a quiet time.

“Well, there … Do you? ”

Powerless voice.

Jin turned his head toward the sound.

When Jin-woo’s gaze turned to himself, the owner of the voice, who was a little scared, recognized Jin-woo’s face and became more courageous.

“‰Ð_‰Ð_ Junior High School Junior … Sungjin right? ”

Who is it?

Jin’s eyes narrowed.

‘It’s a bit strange …’

But I have never been so friendly, I can not remember the name or the act.


As if there were many such cases from the past, the child whose presence is faint introduces himself without being slight.

“I, Oh Young-gil … We were in the same class in our first grade. ”

“Ah -” I remembered the name.

The boy who was staring at the kids trying to go to the pissy room with an envious eye.

That little bitch has become a high school student.

Jinwoo reached out with a mixed expression of novelty and pleasure.

“Nice to meet you.”


Now the boy who became a high school student is a little unfamiliar with his handshake.

“Me, me too …”

Jinwoo sensed a strong relief from his fingertips.

Being met with a new school, a friend you know in a new classroom, is definitely something to be excited about.

Jin made a smile so that the friend ‘s mind that I met again in a long time was made easy.

Little by little it was a speech of the syllable whether it worked.

“Did you live near here? I moved in last year. ”

When there was a word. Jinwoo had to interfere with his friends without being happy to reunite with his friends.

“Wait a minute.”

Let Jinwoo turn his head.

The children four seemed not to look quite good even if I looked at them. They surrounded both Jinwoo and Young-gil.

“Hey, what are you doing? Are you wearing gloves? ”

The children jerked as they watched the gloves covering JinWoo’s left hand.

The face of the sword was darkened by the intentional approach.

‘I do not have a son in this way …’

Looking at the face of the hardening of a friend, Jin-woo looked at the four-member around him.

I saw dumb faces and eyes.

The four middle schools were different, but the four who learned to face each other while playing, saw the impression of the class children and came to the conclusion that there was only one guy who would be a stumbling block to their control.

So now.

I went to see the guy who would be the obstacle.

I have not been able to see properly with the quadruplets, but I can not wait for 30 years.

It was so cute.

The quartet, who did not even know how they were being evaluated, continued to provoke him as he watched Jin-woo out of words.

“Hey, take off your gloves, let me do it.”

“Why are you wearing only one hand glove? Is there even a black dragon there? ”

“Uh-my hands! I too, the black goat of my right hand cries -! ”


What was so funny, Jeong laughed as he watched the 4th person laughing among themselves.


The eyes of the four-man look changed.

“Are you having fun?”

“But what did this child put in his ear? Why do not you have an answer to take off from before? ”

“What? Do you have a tattoo on your left hand? ”


In the shadows I heard an extremely excited voices.

[King! If you just give me permission, I’ll give these things to you right away. ”

‘I do not give permission.’


‘Do not.’

Jeu, who paid attention to Bere, showed off his gloves before his anger continued.

Then, from the palm of the hand to the wrist, the burn marks were distorted.

“…””…”The fourth man who had lost a few words in the scar that seemed to be unusual even when he looked at it smiled and laughed.

“Why is this child a joke?”

“Hey, put your gloves back on. I’m afraid it will come to my dream. ”


The four-member resigned as if it was judged to be enough.

Jin-woo, who had put on his gloves without a word, secretly stepped on the shadows of the floor moving along the quartet.

‘What are you going to do?’

[Chieko -!]

Jinu, who had arrested Berr, who was angry with the boys who had been raiding his lord, lifted his head.

Is not it good?

All the enemies who showed their hostility in the gap in the dimension were all dead.

All enemies who threatened him in the dungeon were also killed.

But now here in Seoul, Korea, where there are no gates and no water.

A place full of peaceful daily life. For Jin-woo, who enjoys the tranquility created at his fingertips, this little fiction was nothing but a smile.


‘This will be okay.’

The gaze of Jinwu turned to the back of the 4th generation.

Then the legs of those who moved to the back of the classroom were caught up in something “invisible” and fell into groups.


He looked down at Jin-wu, watching the boys who were rolling on the floor of Berga who was stepped on by Jin-woo.

[King …?]

‘Let’s laugh, laugh.’

It’s funny.

Jinwoo, who laughed, came in at a good timing and found the boys who were lurched over and sat down quietly looking at the expression of the female student who was embarrassed.

It was the beginning of my second high school days.

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