Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 249

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 249

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(3) Ding Dong Dang, Ding Dong D Dong.

From the lower grades of elementary school who are still more familiar with mother ‘s goods than the classroom, to the teachers who are now heading for retirement.

The bell ranged to make all the listeners energized.

Most of the children were flirting, and Jin-woo, who sat among them, met his first school drop-in at the new school.

“Do not go all the way to late because you do not have friends. Everybody go home early. You know? ”

After a formal answer with a mixture of boys ‘mischievous voices and female students’ treasures, the classroom where all the work was done was quickly vacated.

Jinwoo slowly unpacked the bag slowly, but saw a slang road slowly approaching like a turtle.

‘…?’Sung woke up slowly and asked for help.

“there… I go to Gigamat, you? ”

It looks like you want to get close.

Jinwoo ‘s face came to smile easily recognizable.

‘The kindness of a child can be the beginning of this relationship.’

Jinwoo, who was glad for a moment, soon shook his head.

“It’s the same direction, but I have a lot to do today.”


Jin-woo, who knocked lightly on the shoulder of the poor slang, laughed.


Jinwoo came out of the school building along with Sung-gil.

“What? Track and field? ”

Jinwoo nodded his head in the voice of a surprised sword.


The reason Jinwoo dares to choose this place far away from the school near the house is because of the only on-ground school in the surrounding schools.

From now on Jungwoo ‘s answer that he is going to the shore department.

“Did Jinwoo run well?”

It was only a month or so when I saw Jinwoo in the memory of Sung-gil.

I remember I played a good game but I could not see Jinwoo moving in physical education or during a special time.

Relax whatever you do.

The appearance of Jin-woo, who felt comfortable, came to mind.

‘If you are a high school athletic department, you will usually be operated as special students …’

He was worried about Jinwo somehow, and he could find himself following Jinwo without knowing himself.

Jinwoo walked across the athletic field to the landowners unrolling from one corner.


As soon as the new students who thought they were going to overtake or direction themselves, the eyes of the landlords were focused.

The bigger one of them walked forward one step forward.

“What are you guys?”

Jinu, who looked around for a while, said with a smile.

“I want to enter the land.”

The big head, the head coach, Choi Tae-woong, looked down at Jin-woo and the kid standing behind him with a bad complexion.

“Are you going to land?”


“Are you both?”

Jin-woo looked around the road, and Sang-gil shook his head.

“No, only me.”

Looking at the face of Jin-woo, who is still in a single smile, a group of interested people gathered.

“Oh, what is it? Want to join? ”

“This is my first time to come in and join a new student.”

“It’s not a joke, is it?”

Choi Tae-woong, who was scratching the top, looked up at Jin-woo and asked again.

“Are you an expert?”


“Have you ever jumped in middle school?”

I tried to go around the gap in the dimension to catch the monarchs, but even though it was in middle school, even though I had jumped, Jinwu just smiled and shook his head.

“There is not.”

until then.

The faces of the top athletes, who were welcoming new students who were overflowing, started getting harder.

First graders who have never practiced proper running once would like to enter the track and field with the best athletes.

Is not it too funny to see high school athletics?

One urgent senior jumped out of the side.

“Why have not you ever run, and why are you coming in on the track?”

Jinwoo’s answer was simple.

“I want to meet someone at the tournament.”

The boy is still in middle school, but he certainly has the ability to play in regional competitions.

I was a good athlete until I became a senior hunter and had a dream come true.

Would not it be nice to meet the child naturally in the tournament where all the middle and high school athletes gather?

Jinwoo judged that this is much better than interfering in her life.


Looking at the expressions, the seniors seemed not to think so.


I had a hard-tempered senior, and his face was hardened.

Even if we look at land, funny oil.

Just before his excitement, he spit out and immediately drove away freshmen, Choi Tae-woong grinned and laughed.


I turned to the face that I could not understand.


“There is a condition instead.”

Choi Tae-woong, who stood up with a bang-numbing expression, pointed to the spectators who were eager to stretch from the innermost.

“Do you see that friend over there?”

Jinwoo looked at his fingertips and nodded.


“He’s the second-best candidate on our track and field team, but is not he eligible to be on the track if he runs faster than his friend?”

It is a lie.

Before hearing the explanation, Jinwoo, who had grasped the talent of the 2nd grade player, laughed inside.

‘Though it seems to be lean at first glance, it has a firm thigh and calf, and confidence that comes out from the whole body …’

I could not find a normal player even if I did not look at stable breathing or straight posture.

So now this seniors are trying to make fun of themselves.

Their intentions can be seen at a glance, and in the case of Jin-woo, laughter must come out.

Later on, he changed his expression.

“Yes, you are aiming for the contest? So the lightweight test is about gum? ”

I did not like the look that was laughing, but Jin-woo once calmed down and asked.

“That’s … Is it a real candidate? ”

“I guarantee.”

In the voice of Choi Tae-woong’s confident voice, the landlords of the back tried to hide the laughter.

‘The candidate is right. One of the guys in the area last year, who was third in the tournament, had fallen as a candidate because of an ankle during winter training. ”

Well, strictly speaking, it would not be all right to be a ‘candidate’ player, not a ‘nail’ or a ‘candidate’, because it should be a long rest.

Jin-woo replied frankly to Choi Tae-woong, who is making a bad smile.

“Okay. I’ll try it. ”

It hurts, man!

The shoguns and other senior athletes shouted loudly inside.

‘Last year, the third place in the regional tournament, the guy who does not know what to join the track and field.’

In particular, Choi Tae-woong, who is in the front line, had to do all the hard work to bear a smile that would pop out even if it was just about to happen.

“good. But it’s not fun to just run … If you win, you join the track and field, your laundry and cleaning for a month, how about free service? ”


“Ji, Jin-yu …”

Young-gil touched Jin-woo, but Jin-woo laughed.

‘Where can I see that relaxed face?’

Choi Tae-woong gave power to his neck while looking at the candidate.

“Merchant, I have to run once.”

The athlete, the athlete who had just finished stretching, raised his body.

“No problem.”

Unusual energy came out of his eyes, leaving his glasses off to the other land forces.

Faced with that gaze, Jin-woo also left a bag and a jacket to Sung-gil.

While the crews are excited about showing fresh life bitterness to freshmen.

Jinwoo seriously worried about how long it would take to get to the point where the track crews were just a little surprised.

“Grade 1, are you ready?”


“Merchant, what about you?”


Jinwoo and idol stood on the starting line side by side.

Jin-woo’s posture optimizes the movement so that he can battle at any time, and his posture for only running.

The landowners did not hide the ridicule in the attitude of the Jinwoo who looked at the ass.

“What’s that bitch?”

“Would you like to come to the shore? I do not know how to do it on the land. ”

Jinwoo shed their whispers in one ear and refined their breathing.


soon. I heard a rousing start sign from Choi Tae – woong ‘s thick neck.


* “* Sir, are you okay now?”

“Ah… Yes, well … ”

The ‘serpent’ Park Ki-Sul passed the fellow teacher who faced the corridor with a quick pace to answer.

His crumpled expression represented his mood.

‘Today, all the students were embarrassed in front of them …’

It must have been wrong.

I must have missed the rest of the morning after eating poorly.

He entered the rest room of the physical education teacher by avoiding the students’ eyes that seemed to laugh at himself for some reason, and he sighed from the bottom of his heart.

“Huh …”

Do you want a cigarette or something?

Everyone was smoking, and the rest room where smoking was permitted was a resting place for the mind of the teacher.

Tobacco mouth stuck in line at the window document on fire at the end of the technology park cigarette without thinking when I looked down on the playground that bugs lowers the window to the body, such as from a rush through the eyes of Jin.

‘What, what? Why is he running around with the kids on the ground? ”

As soon as he entered the restroom, the head supervisor found the paper craft.

“Mr. Park!”

The director, who ran to wonder if the anemic energy of the morning would be restored, helped Park Ki-shil.

“Are you all right? Can not you go to a real hospital? ”

“Hang, it’s okay. Just a little dizzy … ”

I tried to cover the horse roughly.

“By the way… Why is Sung Jin-woo student running with the kids on the land? ”

“Ah… That? That student’s name was Sungjin? ”

The director who looked out of the window over Park Ki – Sung ‘s shoulder laughed as if there was no nonsense.

“It looks like a new student came to the shore … I tested it and I can not get rid of it because of my skill, and now I’m trying to test my endurance. ”

“Ji, endurance?”

“Yeah, that ‘s already 20 laps. I’m tired of seeing it, so I came up first. ”

Exercise, athletic.

There is nothing to exercise to overcome the youthful bloodshed.

In Park ‘s mind, many thoughts crossed.

Sung Jin-woo, who had decided that he was a troublemaker, seemed to be trying to get himself into the athletic department and try to improve himself.

‘perhaps… Maybe I was wrong … ‘

If you think about it, there is no such thing as a boy wearing a monster.

Sung Jin-woo is a very ordinary student who is looking for a place to stay after a long period of wandering through studying and exercising.

What kind of monster did you usually see in such a student, you saw a ghost? The face of the ‘serpent’ is not a word.

Park technology laughed and laughed.

‘Yes… Let’s look at him without prejudice. Then misunderstandings will be solved.

I watched the director who was serious and laughed with a worried face.

“Mr. Park …?”

“no. It’s okay now. No dizziness. ”

“Ah… It’s a good thing. ”

Park Ki-shir slowly withdrew his supervisor, who had retreated, and looked back slowly.

Boy playing in a playground with sweat of beads under the sunny spring.

Who can point to the boy?

Jin-woo came into his sight with no disruption even though he took a few turns off the bloody pedestrians.

‘Also in the morning …’

Before he even pleased.

All of a sudden, the vision turned into darkness, revealing the endless shadow army.

Park, who almost had to wiggle, gave strength to his legs and bit him.

‘This is hallucination, hallucination. It can never be! ‘


An ant monster standing in the forefront of the soldiers in black armor saw himself and spread his mouth wide open.


“Uh, oh!”

In the end, the park technician dropped out and lost consciousness.

[…]In the shadow of Jinwoo, this grit, who was watching Bere in the space, stabbed his side with his elbow.

[Do not do that.] [Key to the … It looks real, that human being.

Berga, who was scratching his side head, put his head down before his command fell.

* * * late time.

Detective Woo Jin – cheol came to the house of the goblin who often went with the youngest detective.

As the two men went into the barrel, it was hard to do as usual, and it came mainly from the mouth of the youngest.

“Hey, old man …”


“You’ve been investigating the embroidery case since that day.”

“…”What the hell are you talking about?

Woo Jin-chul, whose head began to wear off, tilted his lips silently.

However, I did not care about the wind of your seniority, and the youngest question continued.

“that day… Did you see something real? ”

“What day?”

The youngest man, laughing, said to Woo Jin – cheol, who is taking a shichimi for deliberately.

“Oh, you two … Know everything. The day the embroiderer disappeared. Did you really see something? ”

There is a time when this guy sometimes makes a pounding sound.

‘It’s a good talent for a detective.’

Woojin-chul, who was trying to recall his new days, laughed lightly and replied.

“Would you like it?”


His youngest child, who seemed to be drunk, was twinkling and his ears glowed.

Do it.

It is the youngest age of a student who is closer to a student than a member of society.

So, I would have applied to the investigative department that there are a lot of jobs in.

Whether it was starting to get hot or whether I wanted to talk about it once.

A story that would not have been done usually came from the mouth of Woojin Chul.

“ant… An ant monster. ”

It’s black.

From the neck of the young detective, the sound of the saliva was heard to the opposite side.

“I do not even know exactly what I saw then. But to me it looked like an ant. ”

“Dogs, ants? You mean something like a big ant? ”

“no. Ants are ants … ”

It was then.

When Woo Jin-cheol spoke just there, someone staggered as if he was starving and was passing by, stopped.

“He, the ant monster, is it a monster that looks like a person, though the head is an ant?”

Woojin-cheol and the youngest detective simultaneously raised their heads in the direction of their voices.

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