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Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 252

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Abroad 11 Your daily routine (6) “Can you give me the picture of that monster, as a memorial?”

A few hours ago. Jinwoo just wanted to take his handmade Green Berghi in commemoration of the reunion with Woo Jinchul.

‘I seem to resemble a recipe and I want to have …’

Of course, someone in the shadow did not think so.

[King! Please do not take a look at the grainy and lax graffiti.

In front of Jin-hee, who is listening to the screams of Ber’s protesting that he was not ugly like that picture.

Woojincheol looked at his painting for a moment, as if to shake off his fuss.

But soon. Stuck profit – The picture was neatly torn.

Woo Jincheol put his hand on the picture to Jinwoo.


“Thank you.”

Jinwoo was delighted and handed the painting.

In the process, Woo Jinchul’s hand touched Jinwoo’s fingertips.

Nothing. But the great events that often draw a great deal of history begin with nothing.

Woojin chul turned around and went down the stairs.

‘It was stupid too.’

A regret.

I did something I could not explain to my youngest detective in anticipation that I might be able to get something.

When the result became like this, the shame and regret were pushed like water.

‘Whenever this happens, the stairs are so long and so much.’

Detective Woo Jin-cheol, who was grunting and descending the stairs, suddenly stopped.


Suddenly the voice of someone came.

– President, do you believe me?

‘…?’Woo Jin-cheol, who had settled in a creepy feeling, looked up and down.

People coming down from the top of the stairs, people coming up from the bottom of the stairs. …There was no.

The stairs of the school, which is still in the middle of the class, were quite calm.

Woo Jin-chul, who was walking down a staircase, heard his voice again.

– Yes, I believe.

It was his voice this time.

“What, what?”

If you were a scared person, you would sit down or scream.

But once again, Woo Jin-cheol, calmly pulled out his notebook and pen he had put in his head with a serious expression.

‘Suddenly the audition began to be heard. Maybe the emptiness in the mind, the witness of the ant monster, was actually a wonder that my head became strange? ”

At the end of the short note was a question mark drawn with a ballpoint pen.

As soon as he put his notebook in his pocket, Woojin chilled down the stairs and left the teacher at a faster rate.

But then.

Again, an intense audition shook her head.

– If so, please trust me to show you from now on.


Woo Jin-chul, a wicked man, blocked both ears.

The voices that I have never heard before and the words that I have never heard have begun to wander through my head freely.

Extreme confusion has hit the woojin like a tsunami.

“What, what!”

And one of the voices in the voice is a clear word – Sungjin Hunter.

– Hunter.

– Then we … No, how can I help you, hunter?

– Hunter!

– Sung Jin Hun Hunter!

A name that does not leave my head, Sung Jin Hunter.

‘If you are Sungjin … You’re the student name you just met? ”

I’ve often heard people suffering from mental illness say they will make strange noises with people around them.

Is such a process going on in my head now?

Woo Jin-cheol, who walks around the street, frowned on his head with a headache.


How is your mind so complicated that it is difficult to touch your hands.

Whenever I recall the name of ‘Sungjin Hunter’, I felt the empty space of my mind filled up.

Woo Jincheol, who was sitting on a park bench, seemed to fall over and repeated his name.

‘Sungjin Hunter, Sungjin Hunter, Sungjin Hunter …’

There is a clue in the name.

I obviously know the name ‘Sungjin’.

I have to remember.

I have to pull it out.

Even the memory of him and the memory of his disappearance.


In front of Woojin Chul, who constantly struggled to bring up memories in a terrible headache, one scene finally came up.

“President, do you believe me?”

“Yes, I believe.”

“Then I would like to believe what I show you from now on.”


The fingertips of someone approaching the forehead. As soon as his fingertips reached his forehead, a myriad of images were passed through the field of vision, which was so briefly dark.

It was memories connecting past, present and future.

The story of Gate, Masuo, Hunter, rulers and monarchs.

“Unbelievable… How does this happen? ”

Unable to speak, Woo Jin Chul was a shadow monarch, and Jinwu, who had become himself, replied with a lonely expression.

“The memory of the upper being is not dependent on the flow of time.”

The monarch’s memory transcends time.

“Wow, great …”

Woojinchul, who was out of his recollection, breathed a sigh of relief.

In a time that does not exist now, his consciousness is connected to Jinwoo which is the uppermost person.

And then.

The memory, which was sealed somewhere in the soul, has been brought up to the realm of cognition through contact with Jin once again.

“Oh My God…”

The emptiness that always remained empty in the heart of the mind was filled, and hot tears flowed down from Woojinchil ‘s eye.

Woo Jin-cheol remembered the question he had asked Jinwoo when he learned about Jinwoo’s plan.

– Sung Hunter … Are you going to fight these guys? You alone?

The answer is.

His answer is now in front of me.

A young man who is passing by listening to music through his earphone, a lover who whispers love while passing by him.

The elderly who walk the dog and those who relax in the vicinity of the exercise equipment.

There were no gates, no masters, no fights.

Woojin-cheol witnessed peace in his hands and shed tears.

“St. Hunter … You succeeded. ”

Recalling the screams of many people who had to face the disastrous end to the monsters, Woojin cheered for a long time.

‘No, this is not the time.’

The veteran detective ‘s rough hand wiped his tears.

Even if the whole world forgot about him.

This Uh Jin Chul here knows that you fought for the world alone.

You have to go and tell me.

Such a sense of mission came up in my heart.

But at the same time.

I heard the doubt as to whether it was the right thing for him.

‘He forgot the past that was Hunter, and he is a normal student.’

If he wanted to know the past, there was a chance.

I was able to answer my own question, and I was able to convey my memory through my fingertips as before.

But he returned quietly, returning by accident, without a star.


Maybe he does not want to be disturbed by the carefree routine of the present.

If so, is it really just a way for Sung Jin Hunter to pretend not to go back to his own life like this?

Wu Jinchul was troubled.

The worries were lengthened and continued until the time when the students’ schooling continued.

Looking at the students passing through Han Duck Park, Woo Jin-cheol concluded with difficulty.


Let’s leave the decision to myself, not to Sung Jin Hunter.

If I call him and pretend he does not know to the end, I will respect his opinion.


If he reacts a little …

Woo Jin-cheol came back to Jinwoo’s high school again.

Until there were no students coming out of the school, Woo Jin-chul did not leave the door.

There was such an unfounded belief in Woo Jinchul that Sung Jin Hunter would still remain in the school.

It took only a few minutes to kill the time, burning the cigarette. “…Because of them, I do not think it will hurt you to go out. ”

“I’ll make sure I do not have any problems.”

Woojinchul was able to find Jinwoo walking from the gate.

He walked to Jinwoo with a sincere heart.

“Sung Jin Hun Hunter.”


How much courage was needed to get this word out.

Woojin felt heartbeat that started to run like crazy and waited for the reaction of Jinwoo.

just as expected.

Jinwoo, whose body was stiff and stiff, asked himself as if he was looking at himself.


Jinwoo’s eyes were telling everything.

When I saw his eyes, Woojinchul, who was only convinced, turned blind.

“Also… You were Hunter. ”

* * * The two moved to a park near the school where Woo Jin-chul remembered.

A small lake in the center of the park was reflecting in the golden sunlight and waving in gold.

Woojin chul stopped the pace and pulled out the story first.

“I do not know if it’s because of me that I have to work with my seniors.”

Jinwu shook his head with a pale smile.

“Good seniors. It’s a bit overdone, but … ”

In the request of Woo Jin-chul that he could not give me some time, Jinwoo had to ask his seniors for understanding.

I was in a situation where I could feel bad when I made an order.

“Do not be too late!”

“I will hold the slaughter hostage until you come to a welcoming ceremony.”

“Stand up, senior!”

The athletes of the athletics departed to the promised place first.

Jin-woo was then dragged into the hands of his seniors and laughed at the look of the slang road that he was crying.

“It’s a matter of my friend’s life, but I can not wait too long.”

Woojin railroad laughter came out in the expression of Jinwoo who seems to be getting along well.

“Okay. So let me briefly tell you. ”

Suddenly, the smile disappeared from the face of Woo Jin-cheol, who had finished speaking.

“how much… How long have you fought with them in the gap in the dimension? ”

The record-breaking period was two years.

However, I knew that Woojin Chul, who had grasped the powers of the monarchs through the memory of Shadow Monarchs, could never be resolved within two years.

Jinwoo answered carefully.

“27 years …”

As soon as he heard the answer, Woo Jincheol was breathless and blocked.

Between the wall of dimension and dimension, where nothing can exist, for nearly 30 years, fighting against 10 million enemies.

Wujin could not even imagine how long and hard the fight would have been.

After a while, Woojinchul, who could not speak for a while, barely lipped his lips.

“…Do not you regret it? ”

Jinwoo answered without hesitation.


I could certainly say this.

“Even if the opportunity is given again and again, I will make the same choice.”

On the day of off-duty, the baseball field to grab the hand of the father, the miso soup to which the mother carefully boils, and the smile of her brother who forgets the fear of Masuo and grows bright.

It’s all precious things that can not be valued at all.

If it was the burden to bear alone, I could bear it anyway.

“I do not regret a little.”

Woo Jin-chul, who had been listening to Jin-woo’s loud voice, was nervous at the moment.

Thank you, Sungjin Hunter.

He swallowed the horse, which rises to the end of his neck, with difficulty.

I just wanted to thank you because I knew that my feelings about Sungjin Hunter could not be properly conveyed.

Waiting for the hostage’s life, Woojin-chul, who looked at the clock, listened to his head.

“It sounds like you’re having some fun.”

Jinwoo laughed and laughed.

“I am satisfied. Except that you have to be an age-old body and change your body any more. ”

No fire.

Already Sung Jin Hun Hunter became a shadow monarch and gained the same power as God.

But if it was the way he chose to live like a normal human being with such power …

“Have you thought about what you’re going to do in the future?”

“You have not thought about it yet.”

“then… Why do not you come in here? ”

Wu Jinchul showed his police ID card in his wallet.

“police… Are you talking? ”

“I heard the heinous people who are looking for the fortress are dying. I can not live because of the shadow monsters. ”

Jinwoo looked at the identification card and gave her a wallet with a smile.

“When I become a police officer, the other police will not be doing anything?”

“To make such a world, we are going to be naked and running.”

It did not change.

As the supervisor of the Hunter Association, and as the president of the Hunter Association, Woojin Chul was living the life of a detective.

“Let’s think.”

Woo Jincheol greeted Jinwoo who was going to turn for the comfort of his friend who was worried about the answer.

“I’ll be waiting.”

“Do not wait. There’s a lot of work there. ”

Woo Jincheol sent a smile to Jinwu who waved away.

‘There are only a lot of days in Park.’

There was a lot of laughing in the correct evaluation that can not be refuted. At the same time, the face of a young detective who volunteered in such a place came up.

‘Today is that guy, off-duty?’

What if it is off duty.

I thought I should call my youngest and buy some rice.

Wu Jinchul is now away from the outline is just starting to look faded Jinwoo backward, carefully bowed his waist.

As the only one who knows his sacrifice.

On behalf of everyone in the world, I gave my sincere thanks to Jinwoo for the first time and the last time.

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