Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 255

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 255

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Abroad 14 Farewell I am alone. My name is Antares.

The ‘first monarch’ and ‘the greatest monarch’ born in the dark.

It is a reigning king over all the dragons, and a symbol of fear and ruin.


Everyone who knows me calls me “solvent” with respect and respect.

By the way.

One day I was preparing for the invasion of the planet with my usual soldiers in the slit of the dimension. When I opened my eyes, I was in the human body.

‘…’Moreover, what seems to have been all the memories of human memory.

I found myself in front of a mirror in the corner and I had to vomit the flagship.

“What, the face of this weak human face?”

Oh, I’m sorry.

The name is Sung Jin-woo.

It was a young man who worked as an E-class hunter in the country of the Republic of Korea.

This human being, faced with the death crisis quite often because of his noble ability, seems to have not abandoned the job of Hunter to the end.

‘The reason is… Mother’s illness? ”

It’s a bottle of that kind. My cellphone rang when I was thinking.

Woo Woong – Woong Woo – I picked up a little electronic device that was falling on my desk.

Then, beyond the device, a woman’s urgent voice was heard.

– Sir Hunter, what are you doing? The raid time is running out of sight yet …

When I searched for the voice I was listening to in this human memory, I came to the conclusion that I am an association employee.


I tried to cut off the phone like that, but then the voice of the woman scratched my nerves.

– Are not you late again?


An act that does not have the ability to arrive on time and fails to meet the appointment time.

In other words, she dares to act like a symbol of incompetence to me, the “incarnation” of all-powerful power.

Anger was in my eyes because it was impossible.

“you… Where is it? “- Where is it, now everyone is in front of the gate. And suddenly why do you speak, Sung Jin Hunter?


To find the place where the voice of this cheeky woman flowed.

My enthusiasm covered the whole city and soon I was in position.

“found.” -Yeah? What you found …

Bull. It was a distance of 11 kilometers, not so distant by human distance, so I was able to reach them in a matter of seconds.

He then stood in front of an association employee who was about to drop his phone from his ear.

“Was I late?”

“Huh, hunter?”

I was afraid that I felt a little bit of an endless force.

I grabbed her shoulders so she could not retreat and asked again.

“Did I perceive?”

“Oh, no.”


I let her out with a satisfying look and looked around, and the Hunters were rattling.

I paid more attention to the fragrant smell coming from the paper cups in their hands than their faces without starvation.

“coffee… I want to have coffee too. ”

When I looked around the staff, her face was pale and she bowed her head with all my sincerity.

“Sin, I’m sorry, Hunter. I have run out of coffee now … ”

“No problem.”


Before she lifted her bowed head, I took the closest paper cup.

“What is it?”

Gulp, gulp.

I swallowed all the sweet liquid at once, and when I had a face, the guy who was embarrassed to have lost his coffee was surprised.


He who has a strong power takes something of the weak.

Common sense for our monarchs.

I feel the same sense of common sense to humans, I feel very refreshing.

“Sung Seo … Is not something strange? ”

“I have a little bit of …”

“No, I keep feeling frustrated from time to time.”

The Hunters nodded in the back, but I ignored them because there was no need to listen to even the opinions of some humans anyway.

“Come on, now that everyone is together, let’s get started.”

While the Hunters are trying to start the raid.

My gaze turned to the gate they are supposed to enter this time.


It is quite a surprise.

The gates on Earth are surely the masterminds’ masterpieces … Why do I feel the monarch’s energy at that gate?

It is necessary to investigate.

Looking at the gate with a sharp eye like a hawk, I stood behind the Hunters trying to get into the gate.

“I’m going too.”

“Well, of course, you should also go to Castle Hunter?”

I walked into the gate, with the hunters expressing embarrassment that they sensed the dreadful atmosphere flowing in.

* * * Puck, puck, puck, puck!

The hunters paid homage to me, who was beating the fake masters who were deployed to hide the real purpose of the dungeon.

“Is not it really strange today, sir?”

“no… It’s just that these dungeons are too weak … ”

“But it does not look in my eyes, Sung-sensei …”

I quickly found a suspicious entrance to the marshals.

“Here we go.”

“Wait, this is a matter of mutual voting …”

He could not speak anymore. I just lost consciousness in one room.


Looking down at the fallen old man I looked around the Hunters and asked.

“Who would like to vote again?”

“…”Then it was decided to go in unanimously.

I walked through the long aisle and reached the huge gate at the end.

“No, the gate at the end of the cave?”

“Have you ever had a room with a door?”

“This is the first time …”

“this… Is not it dangerous? ”

Male breeding.

The hunters showed anxiety.

Of course, I sensed the terrifying aura that was pouring in, and I agreed with their opinion that it was also dangerous.

So I opened the door and grabbed the foremost Hunter’s throat and threw it in.

“Uh, oh!”

The thrown man was drowning on the floor, but nothing happened.

I confirmed that I was safe and then I went inside.

The spacious interior was decorated like an old shrine.

“What, what is it?”

The hunters who came late came to look around, but they did not do well. I closed my eyes for a moment and focused on my mind.

“That’s it.”

The hunters gathered along my fingertips in front of an angel with a slab.

“What does it say on the slab?”

“What? Runes on slabs! ”

The Hunter who could read the runes seemed to be not here, so I read them loudly.

“The discipline of the shrine of Cartelon.”

Then someone pulled my arm.

I turned around and saw a woman with a blue face.

“Well, there is a picture …”

“Leave it.”

I shook the hand of the woman and continued to read the slab.

“First, worship God. Second, praise God. Third, prove your faith. He who does not keep this discipline will not be able to return to life. ”

Then, as if waiting, a giant statue sitting in the corner of the temple poured red rays through his eyes.

Guy Ii Ying -!

I did not think to dodge or stop, I boldly showed my heart and faced the beam in front.

“Do you dare to listen to my burden with this power?”

I laughed at the power of the rays that the ancient dragons could not even breathe, and I showed what it was really a destructive force.


The ‘breath of destruction’, which was poured straight from my strength, blew the head of the statue coolly.

“This is power.”

To signal it.

The sculptures on the wall, like ornaments, ran to me at once, ignoring other hunters.

“Great, ha ha!”

These hourly dolls!

I woke up one by one with the heads of those bare hands.

bang! bang! bang! Quiz! bang!

“Slow, slow!”

The Hunters, who were bowing to the floor, screamed, avoiding the ruthless shrapnel.

“Something! I think there was something else! ”

“What is that discipline before?”

Before their screams were over, the sculptures were almost always shattered or dusty in my hands.

It was a natural story, but this was not even a preparation exercise.

“This is the end!”

The angel priest holding the slab jumped up and shouted, “Did you see that your preparation was messed up?

[Nee, you have a replacement!]


I took a window from a statue and threw it at him.

At the moment of the moment, the angel with the throat pierced the floor.

I did not come to talk with that fake.

What I want is a hiding behind this!

“Show yourself, you coward!”

When I roared all the obstacles cleanly, my body with the head disappeared quietly.

Yes, you should.

I raised my mouth in the mood of the blood.

The gods approaching to the nose looked down at me.

[Lord of Destruction, it is destined to be like this someday with you. I will end the gig with you here!

“Oh, that’s good!”

The statue surrounded by black oranges turned into a giant shadow, and I liberated all my strength to cope with its magnificent power.

From that foot to the end of the hair, a thrilling thrill ran through my whole body.


Our fight will not end easily!

* * * “Ugh!”

Jinwoo caused the upper body.

Familiar bed, wallpaper, ceiling, computer.

As he looked around, he realized that his room was now his place.

‘Was it a dream?’

It was a tremendous dream when he became a solvent.

No, do you think the solvent is supposed to be your own?


Jin woke up with a sigh of relief, checking the time with his cell phone.

There was still room until the start of the test.

‘Come to think of it… It has already been 4 years since we have dealt with the solvent. ”

So time has passed and today is the day of the SAT test.

The fact that I had such a dream since the morning is proof that I am so nervous.

Figuring out.

Jinu, who laughed for a while, got up from his seat.

Today is the day when we can confirm the efforts and fruits of the past.

The university I wanted to go to was decided.

Another one. The person who wants to meet will come there.

‘I’m glad you did not study so well, Jinho.’

Yu Jin Ho.

As he looked back at his name, Jinwoo pushed the curtains covering the window to both sides.

The azure of the dawn was running away slowly.

‘Go ahead and wait.’

While Jinwoo was expecting the morning wind in the morning wind coming through the window, the footsteps were heard and the visit was urgently opened.

“Son, you know that today is the day of the SAT?”

“Son, do you want me to take you?”

As my son overslept, he looked at the faces of his parents who had been sleeping all night thinking that they would miss the important test, and Jin nodded with a smile.

“I’ll go now.”

[Let’s go, sir.]

With the encouragement of this grit, who is strangely nervous, Jinwoo left the house.

It was a refreshing morning.

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