Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 258

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 258

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I am going to meet you now. (3) Impulse.

Overwhelming impulse.

Kim was caught up in a strong urge to blow away the opposite sex.

‘uh… Why I am … ‘

Do you want to kneel for a peer who you see for the first time?

Just a moment.

If I had not done all of my desperate efforts to my ankles and calves, I would have seemed to be a freakish figure.

It was dangerous.

Kim Chul who barely surrendered a moment that could not be said so, wiped his sweat with his hand on his forehead.


A very reasonable suspicion ran through the brain.

‘surely… Am I scaring the same grade? ”

If not, how do you explain the phenomenon that breathing is disturbed, eye gaze disappears, and the legs lose their power when their eyes meet?

However, Kim could not accept reality.

‘Funny sounds!’

Kim Chul, who has already been in the middle school since the elementary school high school level and the power that suits him, is frightened by his classmate?

What can not be done. No, it never happened.

“What are you doing?”

“Are you sick?”

In the worries of his seniors, Kim set up his throat on his neck.

“No worries, seniors!”

Yes, I am nothing.

Kim Chul nods his head with convincing himself.

‘Obviously because I ate badly in the morning, I was dizzy.’

To prove the hypothesis quickly established, Kim slowly took his head and looked at the freshman at the other school.

My body was made up of old people, but I was standing there with my first year high school student.

A smile came up at the mouth of Kim Chul who regained his spare time.


‘…Look at that. ‘

I’m afraid that I will not be able to eat such a week.

Kim Cheol ‘s face straightened up his upper body, which had been bowing for a while, was returning to the first annoying expression.

The members of the fire department at the Hwasung announcement, who were worried about the sudden change of Kim Chul, got his smile back when he saw his face getting better.

“It’s a surprise.”

“We have so much showmanship in our first grade.”

Kim smiled at his encouragement to beat his shoulders and fixed his gaze on Jinwoo.

‘Sell it to the side, the moment when the eyes meet him, the dizziness stood up …’

Kim thought that he had to give the oppression somehow to his opponent, which had to be done because of the miserable timing.

The best way to keep an embarrassing situation is to suppress the steamer.

‘…’So, the first grader is daring to look at this body, but face to face with a straight face to face, right?

Kim had never had such a thing left alone.


He lowered his voice and pointed to the back of the playground with his chin.

“I have something to say to you, so please go back for a while.”

Oh oh-!

On the other hand, Jinwoo’s seniors suddenly stopped Jin-woo trying to chase after Kim Chul-cheol.

“Jin, do not kill!”

“Do not you think you’ll see blood on the day of the race? You tolerate it. ”

“I just counted a person’s life.

Jinwoo laughed and took off his hands.

“It will not happen, sir. You do not have to worry. ”

Then the seniors confirmed their safety again.

“Is it real? Is not it all right? ”

“You guys believe you.”

“My friend, are you walking back on your feet?”

Jinwoo, who nodded and laughed to relieve his seniors, stepped aside Kim Chul, who first disappeared.

‘…’I was watching the appearance of the image announcement of the foot soldiers came to the face that there is no gaokseokseok.

“You guys… Are you serious? ”

Choi Tae-woong, who looked at Cha Qi’s face for a moment, looked at the direction of Jinu’s disappearance again anxiously.

“Do not talk.

Choi Tae – woong, who had been watching the freaks of Jinwoo ‘s monsters all along the way, prayed earnestly only that his friend Kimcheol did not cross the road.

* * * While following Kim, he had hoped slowly inside.

Maybe Kim Chul-hee’s old memories are back?

if so.

How will Kim, who is not a shadow soldier ‘iron’, react to the memories of that time?

But turning around, Kim ‘s eyes did not seem to have called him out to take out the old days.


Kim’s life and so on looked down at Jinwoo.

“Do you think I’m standing in a stadium like school uniform?”

Kim was making anger.

The excitement of Kim Cheol reminded me of the memory of a long road trip at Red Gate, and Jinwoo laughed without thinking.

It was annoying at the time, but now it is all memories.

However, the smile of Jin-woo did not feel so pleasant to Kim-chul who had no memories of that time at all.

“Let’s see this kitten!”

The grim hand of Kim Chee grabbed Jinwo ‘s hand in the blink of an eye.

Then wow ah – and.

The shadows of the shadow soldiers burst out in the shadows at once.

[The iron is coming back!] [Welcome, Iron!] [Lord, I will not let this happen again if I give it to Belleon.]

‘……’Shadow soldiers may need some teaching about how to adapt to civilized society.

Jin-woo, who was on the tip of his tongue, looked into Kim’s eyes.

It was a situation that was obviously fought, but I did not hate it because of what I had heard during the Shadow Soldier Years.


I was curious to see if Kim Chul – cheol ‘s hand touches her body now.

‘…’Kim felt something in Jinwoo ‘s eyes and swallowed the drooling saliva.


If it was the same as before, it would not be strange if the puncher flew to the opponent who laughed at him and stopped playing on the ground.

Rather than anger and punishment, I felt more deep and pure feelings in my heart.

That moment.

Jeong grabbed Kim ‘s wrist, hesitating about what to do.

Jin ‘s fingertips reached Kim.



In the eyes of Kim Chul, tears like waterfalls were pouring.

The tears that could not even be guessed were pouring out without end.

Kim, who was unstressed from his leg, eventually sat down.


Kim looked up at Jinwoo.

He tried to find the answer to Jinwoo, but Jinwoo was bitterly grinned.

‘If you have not shared the monarch’s memories before, memories will not come back even if there is contact.’

Unless you deliberately recall your memory.

Jin-woo recalled the objects he had shared his memory with at the time he disappeared.

‘Woo Jin-cheol President and …’

Mrs. Norma Selner.

Jin-woo turned around, anticipating that she might have a memory of the time when she disappeared.

No more irons, not Kim Cheol.

He is now living in ‘human’ Kim Chul, not Shadow Soldier.

By the way.

Kim Chul first called Jinwu away.

“Now, wait … wait.”

Kim Chul wiped his eyes off his hands and rushed quickly.

Let’s look at Jinwoo’s eyes.

The tears stopped, but the voice of the nose with the nose of the nose still winked.

“This is … Is it love? ”

A torrent of intense emotions that we experience for the first time in our lives.

Kim, who misunderstood the cause, was quite serious.

“……”Jinwoo had to be looking for Kim Kim for a moment with such a strong shock that he was hit by the back of his head.

Then I took a deep sigh.

“……I will not. ”

I can not let you live your life without misunderstanding your sexual identity.

When Jinwoo approached, Kim Chul turned his face like a girl in love.



The sound of a finger flicker At one time, Kim ‘s face disappeared.

The focal point of his eyes was blurred, and in front of Kim Chul, Jinwoo recited a fake memory to replace his erased memory.

“You mean … When I applied to you, I realized that I was the son of a friend of a friend of your father ‘s friend.

Kim Chul nodded his head.


For a while he was an iron.

Jin-woo, who woke up with Kim crying in front of his farewell party just before his use of the cup of reincarnation, smiled lightly on his face.

“I will live a little better in the future. You are one of those who fought to defend the world, so take pride. ”


When Kim’s answer came out of his mouth, Jin-woo solved the hypnosis that he had walked on him.

Perfect. “uh… uh?”

Kim, who was ridiculous at the return of his consciousness, was able to find Jinwu, who was moving away from himself.

Jinwoo has begun to wiggle his hand as if he were leaving his friend whom he met a long time ago.

“See you again!”

“uh… Yes.”

Kim Chul waved to his head and laughed.


Turning around Jinwoo ‘s face, a pleasant smile came up.

The meeting with an unexpected old co-worker was successful, so it was really time to look for her.


Broadcasting sounded throughout the playground.

– The middle school qualifying competition will start soon. Players should come to the stadium.

* * * Behind the rarity of the playground.

A girl walked down the tree shadows and sat down.

The girl took off her shoes with her trembling hands and lowered her socks.

The swollen ankle was telling her condition.

The girl, banging her lower lip and staring at her ankle, closed her eyes and leaned her head to the base of the tree.

It was a mistake.

The athlete who ran from the side pushed his shoulder and slipped his foot in the wrong direction.

Despite a light injury, I did pass the first qualifying round.

With these bridges, the rest of the games were overwhelming.



I did not want to end this injury, which may be the last game of my junior high school days.


So let’s just run.

It is a conclusion that will come out in the mind of a young junior high school student who has not finished yet.

It was up to the adults to dry the child who was trying to go the wrong way.

“Do you hurt someone hurt?”

The girl shook her shoulder with a word from a boy who walked behind the tree without any notice.

The boy looked away from the girl without giving his eyes.

“Someone who has been in that position eventually went to the ankle and spent more than a year recovering from injury, eventually becoming a player without a star and regretting his choice for the rest of his life.”

The boy grinned as he looked down at the girl with his eyes round.

“People I know, people I know.”

Strange person who makes strange sounds.

But the girl, Cha Haein, looked at the boy instead of standing up.

‘Shooter …? Are you a high school student? ”

The boy smelled something good.

It is a much later story that the fragrance is the pure smell of mana flowing from the genus, and you find that you are a peculiar constitution that can detect mana with sense of smell.

Jin-woo, who lowered her body to the embarrassing Haine, laid her hands gently on her swollen ankle.


Hain jumped a little, but did not resist much.

And when Jin – woo ‘s hand fell on the ankle of Haines. The ankle was neat.

Haine looked surprised and lifted his eyes.

“I run without regret. It’s only once. ”

The S – Class Hunter, who was fighting with Masuzu at that time, is also shining, but he will shine in the sweat of the sunshine.

Jin hurried to Jinwoo ‘s wrist, smiling and laughing.

“Well, wait a minute.”

“……?”Did something happen just because of the contact you just had?

The curious look of Jinwoo and the face of Haine facing the front were slightly reminded.

“Hey, we … Have not you seen it before? ”

Hain’s face was reddened to the neck after the question, how much courage had to be squeezed to get this word out.



To the embarrassing Haine, Jinwoo laughed and replied.

“I’ll give you an answer if you win with me once.”

“…I saw your brother. All the preliminary matches are first class. ”

Jinwoo, who laughed, rose from the seat.

“Then I know you abstain.”


“He, then!”

Cha Haein once more courageously said.

“There will be a little qualifying final record … Whenever I wake up, how about if I tell you? ”

Jinwu bowed his head and swallowed a laugh.

‘When I was a child or when I was older, it is still pure.’

For a while, Jin-woo nodded with a smile, thinking about whether to renew the world record in a student athletics competition.


Haine, who succeeded in changing the betting conditions, laughed cleanly.

‘I will not laugh anymore.’

Jin-woo, who came back from Haine, smiled and swallowed and headed for the stadium.

that day.

It was the usual preliminary match on a sunny spring day.

The track and field division, which Jinwoo belongs to, won the first place in the overall ranking by defeating the rivals, the Mars announcement.

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