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Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 264

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2. “Come on, motherfucker.”

“Ah yes.”

Haine crossed the threshold of the preschool presbytery with a strained face.

I was worried about the patronage, which had never been exchanged with my children at the age of five, and it was only a week since I was sent to a nearby kindergarten. I received a phone call to visit Kindergarten.

Whether the guard is wrong or whether the guard made a mistake.

The face of Haine, sitting on the sofa opposite the teacher ‘s guide, was as dark as the dark clouds of the rainy season.

The middle – aged woman, the director, understood the mind of the.

So she struggled to make as soft a voice as possible so that her opponent would not be surprised.

“You do not have to worry so much. but…… We have a few things to ask. ”

“Yes Yes.”

To Hain who nods his elongated head with a firm face, the chief teacher put out a sketchbook.

“here…… Could you look at these pictures? ”

When Haine accepted the sketch book, the chief teacher was speaking.

“Painted by the patron.”

On the white paper, there was a cute ant painted with the child’s drawing skill.

Why does it show this?

I did not find meaning in the wonder of the eye asked by wonder.

“Why is this picture …?”

The director who hesitated for a moment opened the door with a small sigh.

“It was my friend who asked me to draw a sketchbook.”


And then the ant stands with two legs.

Haine realized that what was drawn there was not an ordinary ant, but a bishop.

“There are more pictures behind. It is the paintings of the guardian that the teacher says that there are no other friends. ”

Haine gave a page of the sketchbook.

It was a figure with a red feather on his head, a black figure holding a sword-like object.

‘This grit ……’

At a glance, Haine grasped her forehead with one hand.

It seems to be a respectable article to a person who knows the identity, but how do you see it in the eyes of others?

I think that my head is a little sore.

Behind that, there was a picture of Mellini, a magical show with Belion with an elongated knife.

Of course, Haine’s head, which looked at the picture, got a bit more painful.

‘……’The director who misunderstood the expression of Haine who had no words in the other direction was speaking with an anxious expression.

“Then the picture depicts Suh’s family.”


The sketchbook has passed.

A lot of black shapes drawn behind people who think themselves and their husbands.

He had been with Shadow soldiers since he was a child.

‘In the eyes of Suho, we were seen like this.’

I think that the warm gaze of Suho is dissolved.

To the extent that I can not understand, the confused teachers have come to the conclusion that there is something wrong with Suh.

Of course, the director who called Hain into kindergarten was the same idea.

She said with a serious face.

“The last chapter is ‘My House’ drawn by Suh. I pray that I have my guardian mother. ”

What else is drawn this time?

Haine unfolded the last page with nervous eyes.

One small house.

A small, ordinary house was painted on the ground.

The problem was that the ground underneath the house was completely blackened.

More than 70 percent of the sketchbooks were filled with black.

“We’ve been looking after a lot of children, but we have not seen pictures of friends or family in this way.”

The director pointed to the black part of the picture.

“My teacher asked me why I painted my house like this, and Suh said,” There is a friend, a family, and a big father here. ”

‘A big dad ……?’

It was an explanation that the head was pouting for a while, but Hain could roughly guess why this picture came out.


“Do you know why the guard paints these pictures?”

You can not tell others what you know.

Hain shook his head.

“……That’s also true. ”

The chief teacher nodded as if he understood.

At first, I was suspicious that Suho was being abused at home, but I could not find any trace of Su-ho, who was always bright.

Sometimes it is not common.

It is the children who draw the world with their own eyes.

“perhaps…… Suho may have extraordinary talents in art. ”

The chief teacher convinced himself and smiled.

Haine, who knew the cause of all this, smiled awkwardly from the dark face.

“Oh yes, yes.”

I’m glad it’s not a big deal.

I was barely settled.

By the way.

The director’s job was not a painting.

I have to say this, but I hesitated, and she hesitated and she seemed to conclude that it was difficult.

Her eyes were much more serious than when she handed the picture.

“Protector mother …… Actually there is one more thing I want to say. ”

* * * Central police station Homicide.

After the promotion announcement announcement, excited voices rang in the office.

“Senior, congratulations on your promotion!”


“Would you like to shoot a little bit, sir?”

Jinwoo, who was surrounded by his team members for a while, was able to barely be released until his partner Lee Se-hwan came.

“Brother, let’s go.”


With the words of congratulations coming off everywhere, Jinwoo went out of the office with a smile.

I now have a great honor for Jin-woo Lee, a veteran detective.

“Brother, congratulations.”

Jinwu replied with a silent smile.

Sehwan, who was walking alongside Jinwoo with a smile, looked around and stood close to him.

“By the way, brother … What are you promoting now? I was promoted from the top.

Jinwoo, who was squinting at the sight of his eyes as if it was important, laughed and replied.

“There is no excuse to refuse any more.”

Sehwon also laughed at the frustrating answer.

“That’s great, bro.”

Sounds like a joke, but Jinu’s words are not a joke.

I knew about Sehwan.

Like any field, criminals are getting more and more away from field work when their positions are higher.

Jinwoo wanted to stay as long as possible, and the chief, especially Woo Jin-cheol, respected Jinwoo’s will.

But it also a day or two.

As soon as the reasons for stopping the promotion of the detective, which is showing spectacular results, were exhausted, Jinwoo eventually had to accept the result of the examination.

“Is not your brother greedy? Promotion or money making, something like that. ”


Can you believe that there was a time when I was alone in the business of importing a large law firm with a much younger age than Sehwan?

Jinwoo and Yoo Jin-ho with the guilty of running the guilty, remembering the words swallowed.

‘It’s really a memory now.’

But it is time to wander the sea of memory for a while.

Jinwoo, who was about to get into the car with Se-hwan, picked up a ringing cellphone.


It was Hin’s phone.

* * * After receiving a phone call and returning home earlier than usual, Jinwoo saw the pictures of Suho and laughed.

“I did not know that my son was so good at painting again.”

Among them is the picture of Ber.

There is not a five year old who can draw ants so well in the world.

Jinwoo looked at the painting with a hearty grin and soon smiled at Haine’s stare.


Haine also had a smile on his face when he saw his husband changing his attitude.

Hin talked to Jinwoo like he said to himself.

“It’s not laughing. Look at the end. ”


At the end, there was a work called ‘My House’ which was completed at the fingertips of Suho.

“Guardian says that there is a big dad in the black ground. Why are you laughing?”

“Oh, no. I just think it’s funny. ”

Jinwoo recalled the “sacred army” standing in the middle of the resting area, but she could not stand laughing, but steal tears from the eyes and covered the sketchbook.

Can not we just laugh and go over this?

Such a glance came to the face of Jinwoo.

Then Haine, who sighs lightly, tells the story of what he had told him.

“Children are afraid of patronage.”

“……?”A little smile disappeared from Jinwoo’s face.

“the kids are?”

Haines nodded worriedly, continuing the explanation.

“Just because the guard is close, the complexion changes. I have never bothered or screamed anyone. ”

“……”The words could not hear the light.

Jin-woo’s expression settled.

The smile has long been erased from the face.

What I was worried about actually happened.

‘Children …’

Children are far more pure than adults.

It is not just about the idea of thinking.

Pure of sensation.

Thus, the fear of death is much more vivid than the adults who can control the animal instincts given to them through reason and learning.

It was because the children felt the shadow of death.

‘The Power of Shadow Monarchs ……’

It was not a disaster because it passed to Jinwoo. In fact, it is a terrible weapon originally concealed in a servant who was the most faithful to destroy all that he created.

If the powers of this Shadow Monarch, inherited from the Supreme Guardian unintentionally, grow more and more in the guardian.

‘……Normal life is impossible. ‘

At least.

At least until the age when Suho was able to fully control his power, he needed to restrain it.

Jin looked at the photos hanging on the wall of the living room.

There were lots of pictures of patronage on both sides of the marriage photograph of Jin-woo and Haine in the largest frame.

And most of those pictures were with shadow soldiers.

The sunny smile of Suho pulling hard on two of the whiskers, climbing over Ber’s neck.

As a tutor, he eschews this grit, and runs away with a guard and a toy knife, where he is able to play a sword fight.

Many other pictures.

Jinwoo began to send them to the warehouse one by one.


“Until the guard can stay with the other people …… I want to temporarily seal the power of guard and the shadow soldiers. ”

Suho should learn.

Not the shadow soldiers, but how to get along with them in the ordinary people.

Until then …

When I went into the space storehouse to see all the remaining pictures. Berga, who learned about Jinwoo’s decision, came up from the ground.

[King …]

The mind of the shadow soldier who cherished the guardian like his child comes to Jinwu.

However, Jinwoo was determined.

Soon he realized that there was no way to turn his mind.

There was a picture in front of Beres, which is facing the floor with no power.

It was the sketchbook of the guardian that Jinwoo went out to Ver.

[this is……?]

‘You are the guardian.’

Above the drawing paper, there was a more wonderful work than any other painting that Berga had ever seen.

Berre’s big eyes were filled with tears.

[Lord … Can I give you a goodbye?


Beru, who received the permission of Jin-woo, carefully entered the guard’s room.


The sound of the sucking singer of the suk, who was asleep, came to him as sweet and soft music.

Bert quietly bowed to one side of the guard beside his guard to prevent the guard from breaking.

[Lord Soviet Lord … I will say hello on behalf of all shadow soldiers.]

A voice that resonates low as it sounds in my dreams.

Suh turned into a voice in his sleep, and mumbled.

“Colon ants …… Colonel ant … ”

I gaze more at the patience that ‘ant’ pronunciation is more accurate than when I followed my own back.

Berga greeted me.

[It was an honor to be able to hold the Lord of the Soviets. Goodbye until you see me again …]

Berga raised his body lightly in the back of the guard, stretching towards the end of the bed.

Under the shadows of Berr, the soldiers sent a farewell message at once.

[Lieutenant, even if I do not have enough time to study …] [Healthy, sir.] [Huh huh, huh, huh, huh huh, huh huh huh.]

I turned around and saw Berga behind me.

Jinwoo nodded his head.

Unconsciously, Suwoo approached Suho and lifted the down comforter to the chest of Suho.

Then I put my hand on Sui’s forehead. A powerful magical power left the fingertips for a moment.

Now when the guard opens his eyes, the unusual strength and memory of the child will disappear.

‘Good dream …’

Jin-woo closed his visit by kissing the guard’s forehead, which is like an angel.

that day.

In the dream of the guardian, ants, knights and orcs danced all night.

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