Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 265

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 265

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Hoon Sam Three. Approach round and round.

Lee Eun-cheol’s radar, who has just become a high school student, is back.

New school, new classroom, new classmates.

Lee Eun-chul’s eyes are stingy as he looks at the atmosphere of the class sitting behind the classroom. Who will be putting himself down, who will be his friend.

A single glance quickly makes a decision.

This is a world of junk food.

Most of the children in the group seemed prey to Lee Eun-chul.

Most of the kids who were in the snow avoided their eyes.

‘……There is nothing. ”


Rather, he was smiling and approaching.

‘Cho Sho Ho.’

It is a friend who flew away from the neighborhood.

I sometimes met when I was drinking with my friends.

“Are you here too?”


A short quarrel came and went, but it was only a while.

Cho, who had been familiar with Lee ‘s notoriety, leaned in first.

“Let’s stay well.”

Lee Eun-chul smiled and grabbed his hand.

There is a precedence of sequence, but this guy is ‘friend’. So while sorting out the semblance relationship.

Strangely, there was a guy who caught Lee Eun Chul’s eye.

It is not the schoolboy sitting at the front, nor is it the person who takes a seat at the back and brags.

Classroom A strange guy who sits in the middle of nowhere but does not avoid his gaze. There is.

About one in half.

They do not know their fountains, so what should happen is they are dull to see the top and bottom.

Looking back, he sighed as if he was pathetic and looked ahead, Lee Eun-chul stood up and could not bear it.

I will.

The noise of the chair was loudly ringing in the classroom.

Of course, all the eyes in the classroom turned to Lee Euncheol.

Lee Eun-cheol enjoyed those gaze and approached the guy who did not know the fountain with a feeling of fuss.


I want to grab his shoulder and turn him over.

A tackle came where I could not think of.

“Wait a minute.”

Lee Eun-cheol opened his mouth to report on his own wrist grip.


The nervous planting of the vigorously dissolved voices of the nervous Gongho sucked a dry spit.

“It was the same school. Do not touch him. ”

“……The same school? ”

Is it just like this school because of the school?

If so, either.

There are hard reasons to say, there is no reason not to touch.

Or is this Lee Euncheol making fun of it.

Lee Eun-chul, whose face was hardened, tugged at the chair of ‘the guy’ who did not look back even in this upheaval.

“Hey, hey, what are you? You’re talking. Do not you have a mouth? ”

Then Shogun, who was speculative, stepped forward and wanted to go away.

Lee Eun-cheol, who is different from the limit of patience, struck his hand with his hand and opened his eyes.

“You follow me.”

Behind Lee Eun-cheol, who is going out of the classroom, two Iljin who came out of the same junior high school were caught up.

On the threshold of the classroom, Lee Eun-cheol looked back and saw Gongho, who is sweating in the cold weather, and ‘the guy,’ who does not even show interest yet.


In Lee Eun-cheol’s eyes, Hye-yeon was living.

* * * “Great!”

His face was ruined by a mess, and he stumbled.

Still, Lee Eun-chul’s eyes were still bloody, even though he was still unresolved.

Lee Eun-cheol, who pushed Shon-Ho to the wall, asked.

“What is the cub? What is it that you are cheap? ”

Cho, who was throwing a rough breath toward the floor, spat a spit with blood.

His face with his head was tired.

“We’re the best in junior high school.”

“……?”Lee’s head tilted.

This guy.

Is that a bit out of his mind?

It was a publicly known fact that the group was holding their schools tightly.

However, Cho emphasized his head.

“We can not touch our hands. I thought I’d be out of here too.

At first, I made a bullshit, and I was serious about being such a thing.

‘This cub … Seriously? ”


If there is such a person, there is no rumor.

Seongsoo Ho.

Lee Euncheol’s ear, which has lived in this neighborhood all the time since elementary school, has never heard such a name.

What can a child like that guy do to me in the first place?

Lee Eun-cheol was angry to the end of his head because he was afraid of him.


Lee Eun-cheol swung in the full swing and his head went back to his side.

Soon the right cheek was swollen red.

I learned boxing since I was a kid.

However, there was another thing which was really afraid of.

At that time, Jeongho, who stood up to the ruthless violence of Lee Euncheol, discovered something.

‘……!’Lee Seon-cheol’s head went back to report that his eyes were getting bigger.

From a distance.

The man was approaching this way.

Cho said that he did not want to face his opponent.

“just…… Apologize. It is a sincere advice. ”

“This kid is real!”

Lee Eun-cheol grabbed the back of his back, but Shogun had just shut his mouth.

Just before the ridiculous word comes out from Lee ‘s mouth.

Suh, the beginning of all this, stood before them.

Is it because of the story I just heard from Cho?

If it is usual, Lee Eun-chul, who once flew from his fist, withdrew from Cho-ho and watched the guard.

Although it is not small, it does not seem big compared to the person who is out of the high 1st level or the person who is in charge of the. The usual big.

Though the neck or wrist that appears between uniforms seems a little exhausted, it is not a body that specializes in exercise.

Lee Euncheol could not believe his words.

Sure, Suho stood in front of Cho Sung-ho and looked into his face injured by a mess.


I was saddened to hear the sound of tongue clapping.

“Sung ho.”


“Let’s do it again this time. That’s just self-defense. ”

Shogun, without hesitation, nodded his head.


What do you think you did?

Lee Eun-chul, who was listening with a strange face, waved his face.


The moment he put his guard down on his shoulder to turn the guard, the light flashed in front of his eyes.


Lee, who lost consciousness, fell on the floor.

Nearly at the same time, two of them, standing behind Lee Eun Cheol, lost consciousness.

Boom, Boom!

‘Scary bastard ……’

Choo had tongue overtaken.

Movement that would not have seen properly if it was not the sight of the fuselage pulled into motion.

It was a single room on the face of Lee Eun Cheol, a room on the back of each of his backyard boys, and a precise and brutal blow like a machine.

At first, when I was mistaken for the mistake, I was thinking that it was really human power.

After that, unlike the expectation, school life got easier.

Looking at the fallen Lee Eun-cheol, Seongho was scratching his back.

‘……’Lee Euncheol ‘s nose, broken knees with broken bone.

The rumor will soon pass.

It is said that Lee Eun-cheol of XX in the world fell to Cho.

It is better than rumors that I am hit by a normal student without a name, and Lee Eun – chul will shut up.


So again, the victory was added to his monarchy.

It is a feeling of disappointment that somebody gives victory.

While I was thinking about this kind of thing, the guard came up to me.

“This is how it happened … I would also like to ask you here. ”

Shojo, who scratches his cheek, grabbed his hand without speaking.

What…… It was a bad deal.

* * * “And” Cho Sung-ho “?

“From the first time I saw the real force is not joking.”

“He was famous in the town because he was educated since he was a kid.”

“Should I learn Judo?”

The atmosphere of the classroom got louder than the sound of Lee Eun-cheol’s all-out power.

In particular, he was treated as a hero because of the fighting that came from protecting the same school.

While it was awkward because it was the start of a new school year, in the noisy subject, Suh looked alone out of the window alone.

After a while, the sky was turning yellow.

I kept pushing for the reason why the yawning was going to flow continuously.

‘……Bored. ‘


Nowadays, there are many moments when yawning and boredom come out without English.


It feels like something a little more heartbreaking and I know a lot of amazing things.

Whenever I felt like that, Suho could not bear the boredom.

Drake – The classroom door opened.

The children’s gaze converged all the way to the back of the classroom.

Cho Sung-ho sat in the seat without a response.

Oh – the eyes of the envy were young in the eyes of the children who gazed at Chojo, whose face was full of wounds.

Now the owner of the classroom has changed from Lee Euncheol to Choong Ho.

“Hey, hey.”

Someone pinched the back of Suho who still had no interest except the window.

I turned around and a neatly dressed girl came to me.

“Your friend helped me, but I will not say hello?”

“……I did it.”

“Oh, yes.”

When the guard cuts off, the girl who is embarrassed hurriedly opened a textbook.

Suh looked back at the window.


The sun was going down.

* * * Time to go home.

As everyone was busy trying to get out, Suh alone stood at the window and looked at the playground.

The students were lined up in the doorway.

I do not like crowded.

My mom always laughed and told me that she looked like her father.

I looked up at a book borrowed from the library, and I heard my head go up, but there was no one in the classroom.

Suh took the bag slowly and put it on his shoulder.

You can afford it, but if you wait longer than this, you’ll be late at night, and you should face your mother’s anger.

I’m glad it’s over.

If the news of my mother’s anger goes into his ears ……

‘Uh, I imagined it.’

Suddenly, the patroness of the creeping shakes shook his head.

Will you be less scared when your father turns age?

Even if my father became an elderly man, he never seemed to be able to win.

The moment the patron tries to open the back door of the classroom.

‘The door is …… Not open? ‘

If the door is simply locked, I can not help but wake up even if I am not the other person and I am giving myself this strength.

The door was not like the wall that was there from the beginning.


Sung, who opened his eyes, ran to the front door of the classroom and grabbed the handle.

The same goes for the front door.

Nolan ran to the window and looked out.

Then an unbelievable sight unfolded in front of me.

Students out of the gate, students doing exercise, cars passing the driveway, people crossing the road next to them, and even balls floating in the air.

Everything stopped.

‘How does this happen …?’

Su-chan, with his fist clenched, struck the window with all his strength.


However, rather than the window being broken, the hand that had been pulled hard was thrown back again as if the rubber had hit.

‘……!’It was then.

When the guard who retreated from the window backs up and somehow tries to arrange the situation in my head. It appeared.

Suh suddenly saw a round hole in the back of the classroom.

At first, the hole, which was about the size of a volleyball ball, was getting wider and it soon became a size that people could enter.

A dark dark door that seems to be sucked in. If a normal child is scared enough to be left alone …….

The guard put his hand on his chest instead of crying or screaming.

Throbbing, throbbing, throbbing.

The excited heart was beating harshly.


Maybe he was expecting something like this a long time ago.

‘Mom always said I was like my dad.’

If it was my father …….

How did this move?

The answer was out.

Throbbing, throbbing, throbbing.

Because my heart was carrying my feet.

Line guard protruded his hand to the surface before the gate.

Knitting, Knitting.

Light electricity sprang up and down, but there was no pain.

No, I was standing in front of the gate, so I felt like I was back home from a long time ago.

It is strange to feel like I have been to such places before.

Suho took a deep breath.

The crazy heart is looking for stability and cleanses my head.


A short smile swept over Suho’s face.


Suho jumped in without hesitation.

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