Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 266

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 266

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Fourth. Advance! Advance!

Suh looked around after long darkness like a tunnel.

It was in the corridor of an old-looking building.

The light that shines around is just one torch on one wall.

‘What the hell …?’

I looked around with dark eyes because of the tinted eyes.

The exit … It was blocked.

Looking at the hard wall behind him, Suho shook his head.

No space was felt to the back of the wall.

‘There is no way but to go forward.’

The torch is a lull.

Suh took off the torch on the wall and said.


“Wow -” We saw the weapons properly displayed on both walls.

Long sword, dagger, bow, window, mace and so on.

There were endlessly as many different weapons as they were waiting for their master in the still darkness.

As he looked around at the weapons, Sung swallowed his dry spit.

Why are these weapons here?

It was obvious.


The eyes of the patron have become more cautious than ever.

I do not know why you were moved here, but if you have an exit at the end of this road, the weapon you pick here will be a solid companion.

But it was strange.

What is this uplifting feeling?

When I played with my friends or when I played a game they recommended, my heart that did not even start to bang.

The eyes of the patriot who watched the weapons shined with excitement.


The guard, who had looked all the way through the display of the weapons, looked back one more time as he turned in the opposite direction.

There were a few candidates, but there was nothing better than ‘it’ either.

I watched it with a torch on the back wall and carefully wore it on both hands.

Rick, rick.

A steel gauntlet that fits in your hand like it was made for you from scratch.

Unlike other weapons that require proficiency, both hands have always been the most familiar and powerful weapon to Suh.

‘This is it.’

Suh tried to fold his fingers one by one as he liked the gauntlet.



The flames came in at once on the torches of the front.

Long and long corridor.

It was as if the secret passage of the old castle was endlessly extended inward.

Soon something is about to begin.

Suh tried to calm the beating heart and went out to look forward to the daggers placed beside the gauntlet.

But that also for a while.

‘……Who is the weapon that looks so weak? ”

A pair of daggers left behind the guard who slowly moved his steps seemed somewhat sad.

* * * Suho carefully walked out the hallway.

“Is not there somebody?”

I shouted to someone, but there was no answer.

No, I did not have the popularity itself.

How long did he walk?

Despite being exhausted, the guard still stifled his senses and did not slow down his surroundings.

Torches, fireworks, old-fashioned buildings, and armor decorations that fill the walls closely.

‘What kind of underground place is it?’

As Suh became more and more aware of where this place was and why he was brought to this place.

By the way.


The guard, feeling something creepy, stood in front of the armor decorations on the way back.

Strangely, this armor decor seemed a bit different from when it just passed.

‘this…… Have you been putting up a sword like this before? ”

Surely the end of the sword was toward the bottom.

At the moment when Suho stared at her head and took a step, the sword of armor fell off in a straight line.


If he did not hit the sword quickly, the sword would have split his head into two pieces.


The guard did not give a break, and the armor decoration which dropped the sword this time tried to squeeze the neck of the guard.

bang! bang! bang!

The guard ‘s gauntlet rushed several times and all of a sudden.

The armor decoration that the armor was destroyed stopped the movement.

“Huck, huck, huck.”

Pushing the fallen armor decoration to the tip of his foot, Suh took a breath away.

Fortunately, there was no damage at all, but the heart burst into flames.


What if this is not just a moving armor decoration?

And if they all have enemies to me?

The armor decorations that I had so far inadvertently crossed my mind.

They are not the end.

It is right in front of me, and the front road is full of decorations.

just as expected.

It is.

With the sound of armor joints creaking.

One and two, armor decorations began to fall down from the decorative table.

The weapons in their hands gleamed brightly.


I should have picked the mace too.

Suh swallowed a bit of regret and pinched two fists.

It was immediately after the armor decorations ran toward the guardian.

* * * Boom!

When I knocked down the last armor decoration, the sound was heard again.

[Level up!] [Current level: 19.]

“Huh-” The guard, who was leaning on his body, spit out his breath and raised his upper body.

After the message is heard, it feels strangely tired.

Not only that.

The patriarch, who kept breathing, put out the regime.

“_ä -!

The fist protruded like a bullet.

Mysterious power overflows throughout the body.

“I know.”


When you knock down these animated armor monsters, the level goes up, and as you raise the level, you become stronger.

Of course, you can easily knock out monsters more easily.

Simple and powerful virtuous circle.

Suho looked back at the corridor he had walked so far.

There was a lot of armor piled up everywhere in the armor that was so broken that I could not see my form.

Suho had an appetite.

‘too bad…..’

I wish I could raise my level a little more.

I want to be a little stronger.


Every road has an end.

Suh looked at the giant door in front of his eyes.

As the level rose, the senses matured were sensing a powerful presence inside.

That’s why growth is even worse.

As I learned from my father, I closed my eyes and took a deep breath for a while.

Sloppy profit – massive door moved.

The inside was like a huge room in the palace.

As I went along the pillars lined up to the left and right, I reached the deepest place, the place where the high throne was installed.

Suh was stiffened for a moment.

There was a monster armor on the throne.

By the way, I felt stronger than the monsters that I have been dealing with.

‘That’s it …’

A frightening presence that could be felt outside the door.

The monster slowly got up and came down the stairs under the throne one step at a time.

Black Knight.

A black knight with a red feather in his helmet came down completely to the floor.

At first glance, my aura is shaking.


Why did Suho laugh.

The whole body was wrapped in a feeling of exhilaration as if the hair of the whole body was bristling.


Knight began to draw a sword.

Before that sword comes out, I hit a player.

The moment the guard tried to run.

The black knight was already approaching his nose.

The sword he wielded flashed and gleamed.


A dazzling light filled the field of vision.

* * * “Ugh!”

Suho raised his body.

I looked around all the way tense, but there were no black knights.

No, it was not the room where he was.

I was back at the point where I started moving.


The patience of the patriarch was abandoned.

‘I thought I was going to die.’

When the knight recalled the moment he pulled the sword, he was still appalled.

I thought I was really dead.

“Do you have to go that way anyway?”

With the complaints, the guardian, who has been up in his seat, realizes the difference from the first.

The torch at the starting point.


I noticed that one of the three blue torches was turned off.

Is this a coincidence?


The weapons that were before the starting point, the level that goes up holding the monster, the body that is stronger than the level number.

There was no accident either.

A small enlightenment passed through the head of the guard.

‘I did not know you were dying …’

In this odd place there is no concept of suffering or death, but a blue flame takes the place of opportunity.

When all three flames are turned off …… It was hard to anticipate what would happen now.

‘if so.’

Be more careful.

The eyes of the guard were much more worn than when they first started.

One more time, this time I will not miss the opportunity.


Suh promised himself by blowing off the monster armor that he was giving him.

* * * “Ahhh ah! Oh ah! ”

After returning to the starting point, Suho rolled over the floor.

Of course not.

It was dismissal that another opportunity was blown away.

The tears of the bastard on the floor of the patrolling patron of the floor were torn up.

I was so sick of it.

After swallowing a few minutes, I swung my head.

There was one more blue flame.

Now the last one is left.

‘That black knight, it’s too big!’

There was such a big gap that I could only say foul, overbalance.

I can never beat him.

“Ahh ah!”

Suho rolled over the floor again.

For a long time, the elderly guard, leaning against the wall, looked toward the pathway.

Where they are so gathered, the armor appears again and keeps its place.

“Are you tired, too?”

This is the third time I see it, and now armor monsters have been patronized.

“Ha -” Suh said the ground was gone, and I was just sighing.


I sparked in my head.

Suho’s head turned to armor monsters again.

‘When did they come back?’

At first I thought it was just because I came back to the starting point.

But what if it was regenerated after a certain period of time?


Throbbing, throbbing, throbbing.

A light began to be seen.

‘Let’s do it.’

Suh knocked the armor monsters on the entrance side and broke them and waited for the start point again.

I leaned back against the wall and observed the changes of the monsters.

Some time is passing.

Percussive, percussive.

The dead armor monsters turned into sand and absorbed into the ground.


The eyes of the patron enlarged.

‘……!’The sand was gathered on the decorative stand where they stood, and a new armor decoration was formed.


Suho grabbed two fists.

This was the right answer.

These unique beings that can help level up are thankfully respawned after a certain period of time.

Is not it then that you just have to sneak up on these guys until you can reach the movement of that horrible black knight?

Suho rose from his seat with a smile.

In the eyes of Su-sho, where the sparks are splashing, the monster armor trembled.

* * * Level 70.

No matter how much they hunt, the level did not rise.

But that was enough.

On the shoulders of Suho, a black man came up slowly.

Suho did not know the identity of the black haze yet, but I could see this one.

The fact that there is a lot of energy overflowing all over the body.

Suh opened the door of the room where the black knight awaited.

Unlike the previous two battles, this time a black knight came to the door.

The patron laughed.

“Have you been waiting long?”

The black knight took the sword instead of the answer.


The black knight seemed to be smiling.

The guard, who raised the level to 70, emptied the magic power gathered in the body in every moment.

The earth was shaken and the rocks sprang up on the ground.

“It’s my turn now.”

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