Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 88

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 88

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88 Episode The head of the team circled his eyes.

“Hut … Was there an accident? Should I ask for reinforcements in the guild? ”
“No, it’s personal. You do not have to worry because you have a personal job with him. ”
“Ah… Okay.”

Cha Hae turned toward the gate.
By the way.
His side was empty.

‘Ah… My weapon. ‘

She stumbled around her waist and came up with the idea that she had left her sword at home.
How did he know he would be in the dungeon today?
The car of the Haeinsa was wrinkled.

‘He is a trustworthy person, and his teammates are all good hunters,’ he said.

It is unimaginable to have a foot in the dungeon without weapons. After a few moments of trouble, I looked around the boat manager.

“Even if you say …?”

The head of the boat was hung on his head.

“May I borrow some weapons, sir?”

The captain of the ship, who hesitated, instructed Hunter as he passed by.

“Hey, Mr. Suk, go and get me a piece of equipment.”

The equipment that Mr. Seo quickly brought back was a pickaxe used by the mining team.

“…”The car Haen ‘s face hardened.

“there… Is there anything else? ”
“What else …?”
“A sword or a window.”
“If you find something from us …”
“…”The car Haen sighed a little.


She gently walked toward the gate, picking out the pickaxe she handed over.
The team leader aroused anxiously toward the back of the car Haein.

“Tea Hunter, would you mind if I empty-handed?”

The car Hain, who stopped at that moment, pondered for a moment, and then quickly returned to the pace and accepted the pick that the ship manager had been holding.
The team leader laughed chuckle.

“You thought well. In the dungeon, my bare hand is a bit dangerous. ”

Turning around, her team did not find that her auricle was red.

*** All of the raid faces have a sense of empathy.
While all of them seemed to be foretelling their destiny, the healer approached and ran over Jinwoo’s burden.
Jinwoo turned to his side and asked.

“What are you doing?”

It was a cute ladies’ bag that came in her hand.

“I’ve been strangely nervous when I’ve been away from my bag for years.”

I did not ask, but a friendly explanation.
As he took out his notebook and pen in his bag, he began to twist something into his notebook.
As I walked in front of him, I bumped his head on his shoulder several times.
“_´. After a while, she closed her notebook.
While writing, he put his bag in his shoulder bag, which was still in his hand.
He was holding his handbook to Jinwoo, who was looking at what he was doing.

“…?”Jin-woo, who received the notebook, said.

“I did not want to tell my family. If you go outside, please tell me. ”

If you smile here, you’ll get hurt.
Jin-woo pushed his laughter and put his notebook in his pocket.

“Once you have it, you will not have to deliver it.”
“It’s okay.”

W The healer nodded.

‘High-oak warriors to watch them open and eyes like that would be hard to escape safely.’

The manger is only E grade.
Yet she did not understand what Jin-woo’s words meant.
Soon the boss room was revealed.
The tension of the hunters crossed over in the air and passed on to the skin.
Extensive co.

‘…’Jin took a look inside the boss room.
It was bigger than the room where the giant was yesterday.
But unlike yesterday, I did not feel that the boss room was big.
It was because of the high orcs that filled the inside.
There were more than twice the number of high orcs that brought the raids.

‘One hundred … No, more?

Instead of having no one in the dungeon, they were all in the boss room.
Sohn, who looks at the lined up high orcs, was pale.

‘If this number of high oaks get out of the gate …’

Until the arrival of the highest-ranking hunters, one small poem was a scale that could be destroyed.
There was a cold sweat behind his back.

‘At least the boss should do it.’

I put a hard spit in my heart as if I had turned a dry spit in my neck.
The high orcs in the boss room gave way.

“Ash Shark.”

Captain Hi-ock gestured again.
The high orcs who were guiding and the raids that followed were walking towards the altar in the corner of the boss’ room.


One Hunter pointed at the altar.
There was a high orc shaman who dressed in jewelery such as mask, bone necklace, and bone earrings.

‘He’s the boss …’

Sohn’s face got hardened.
I could see that most of the dreaded magical powers that filled the dungeon were from him.
And around him.
I felt an unusual aura from four of the sharp eyes of the escort guarding him.

‘not good.’

Can you defeat the cavalry and kill the shaman at once?
All of the hunters thought alike.
The raid stood in front of the shaman.
There was a strange tension between the high orcs surrounding the raid hunters at a certain distance.

“That’s right.”

However, the shaman giggled at him, spreading a horrible vagina that was exposed under the surrounding atmosphere.

“Men, welcome.”

The raid hunters exchanged their eyes.

‘If your hand signals you.’
‘I play together.’
‘Only unconditionally shameless.’

It was to catch the timing to attack.
By the way.
Suddenly, the surrounding air began to freeze.
The raids are all first class hunters.
They turned their heads at once in a sudden pouring cold.
The cause is the shaman.
He was taking off his masks. Then, the power of the man who was concealing was revealed without moderation.
Music – A tremendous wave of magic sprung all around, concentrating around him.
Just as ordinary humans encountered lions and tigers in front of the nose, the bodies of the hunters hardened like stones.

“Oh, my God …”
“How much magic is this …?”
“This, fight this guy?”

Frustration, lamentation, resentment, regret.
In front of various forms of despair, the shaman smiled shambles.

“Am I afraid, human beings?”

Kwon Sang – hoon, who had a sore lips, made it difficult for him to step forward.
Then he asked.

“Why did you bring us here? It would have been enough for the warriors to kill us. ”

The shaman laughed.
It was a smile that was merely raising horror.

“It’s entertainment.”

Sohn was excluded from the speech.
Is that why they brought them here?
The shaman was a horse.

“I will kill you guys one by one for the rest of the time, and I will excite the soldiers!”

High orc warriors were excited to shout.
Hunters were overwhelmed by the pressure of the orcs, it was hard to breathe properly.
There was also a tearful hunter.

“But …”

The shaman stopped talking.
The gaze of the man stopped at the end of the party.

“…There are some strange things in the human race. ”

The moment Songhi-hoon’s eyes flashed.

‘This is the timing when a shaman sells a glance!’

His throat stood on his neck.


Soh Ki-hoon shouted with a loud voice and ran out of his sword.
But the rest was quiet.


Looking back, my colleagues dared not move, and all were stiff.
Before their overwhelming power, they had already lost their former.
My heart sank.


But someone had to do it.
I can not stop here.
The gaze turned forward again.
The shaman was still laughing, and the escorts were not responding as well.
The first and last chance.
May be luck.
It may be tact.
Please, if this sword can only reach …
Blame it, blame it!
Sohn Ki-hoon, who was rushing hard, lifted his sword backward.


But he could not even swing his sword and hit something and threw it out.
It was a shield magic.

“Shut up!”

Sohn, who fell out of reaction and rolled down the floor.
But it also for a while.

“Here is the first applicant.”

With the mockery of the shaman, Sohn ‘s body floated into the air.
Woo Woong – Reverse gravity magic.

“…”The lips of the shaman were constantly moving.
The shaman, who lifted Son Ki-hoon to the height of the two-story building, memorized another order this time.

“…”Gravity acceleration.
Song Ki-hoon was stuck on the floor.


But it was back to the air again without pain.

“Reverse gravity.”

Kick the kick.
As well as the shaman, all of the high orcs showed long molars and scoffed.


Woo Woong – Bang!

“Shut up!”

The shaman lifted him up several times and dropped him down.
When I hit the fourth floor, I was pouring water from my mouth.
The Hunters’ face, which looked at it, grew increasingly sad.
However, nobody was able to make out.

“Kee, Ki-hoon …”

Everyone was trembling and saw Son Ki-hoon breaking down.
W The healer sat down hesitantly for not having the strength to stand.
The shaman lifted the fifth Son Gihoon in the air.

“He’s a bored one.”
“Uh …”

Sohn’s voice came out of his mouth.
However, I did not put the sword in my hand to the end.
Woo Woong!
Woo Woong!
Woo Woong!
While he went back and forth several times in the air and the floor, Sohn ignored the sword he had finally grasped from his hand.
Cheng Grande.
Sohn, who had fallen to the floor, flicked and disappeared.


The shaman’s eyes grew bigger.
Where did the human body disappear when the bones of the whole body were sculpted?
The shaman searched his eyes for Son Ki-hoon’s sake.

‘That …?’

I found Son Ki-hoon lying in a corner not far away.
At the same time, I saw a man sitting next to me.
It was Jinwoo.
Jinwoo put her hand down immediately and asked, looking at the shaman.

“Mr. Leader, I’ll ask you one.”
“…?”Until then, he did not know what had happened to him.

“Can I kill all those who are here?”
“you… What do you mean …? ”

When the shaman who was frowned upon, the shaman ‘s escort ran to Jinwu round the curved line.
The shine came out in the eyes of Jinwoo, who was staring at him.
Jinwoo reached out his hand.

‘The hand of the ruler.’

Then the escort came into the air as if caught in a huge hand that was invisible.

“Big, big?”

He shook his head in the air.


The shaman’s eyes grew bigger.
Jin down his fingertips.
The escort hung on the floor.
The floor was cracked so hard.
But Jin-woo did not stop there, and the escort lifted the escort back into the air as he did to Son Ki-hoon.
The escort alternated between the ceiling and the floor like a basketball going from the floor to the hand, roaring, and eventually head covering the ceiling.
The larynx.
The stone powder fell off.
Looking at the head of the shaky escort, both the High Oak and the Hunters were astonished.
Sohgeun hurried trembling.

“you… What on earth …? ”
“I’ll ask you again.”

This is Hunter’s hunting ground.
There is only one person here who can represent the Hunters now.
Jinu finally asked.

“Those who are here … Can I have it all? ”

Now I thought that it does not matter what the porters are.
It was just a minute.
Like a toy, he was ruthlessly disturbed by a rascal.
Tears flowed from the eyes of Sohn Ki-hoon.

“Request… please.”

As Jinwoo got up, the high orcs came up.
Behind him was a shaman.
The shaman laughed.

“You have a tricky talent on human subjects.”

When he grasped his hand, the high orcs surrounded him.

“But how far do you want to go?”

Jinwoo’s eyes turned cold.
I had never been good at one time, but this was the first time I wanted to cut it.

“You are the last.”

If you know the joy, you can feel the fear.
Jinwoo has been singing.

“Shadows …”

Two daggers appeared in Jinwo’s hands.

“Come out.”

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