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Won Jin-chul hit the 92-player.
While everyone was noticing, he approached the side of Jin-woo and took out his ID and showed it to the hunters.

“We came from the Lions Overseer Department.”

Hunters, whether senior or subordinate, are nervous when they hear the name of the oversight department.
Operation was main.
Except for Car Haen, Hunter ‘s guild members’ faces were tense for a moment but nervous.
Woo Jin-chul smoothed the gap.

“The identity of Sungjin Hunter, who is here, is managed exclusively by our association, and it is a high level of confidential information that can not be revealed outside.”

Jinwoo put his tongue in the smoke power of Woo Jin Chul.
The expression and the tone were so natural that I thought it might be the ambassador who had seen it beforehand in the mirror.
But his intentions were made clear.
Finally, Woojinchul sent his signature to Jinwoo.

‘I will help you get out of the way here.’

I do not know why the surveillance team is helping me, but do I need to do it every time I want to clear it out?
Jinwoo nodded his head.
It was a bar.
Woo Jin-cheol’s subordinates quickly noticed Jinwoo’s surroundings.

“If you have any questions, please do it later in the association. Sung Jin Hunter will come to us. ”

The nuance of not accepting the disagreement came out.
The Hunters’ hunters, who were full of words that they wanted to say to Jinwoo, and words that they wanted to talk about in a decisive attitude of Woo Jin Chul who seemed to cut off the iron, all became honeyed dumb.

“Let’s go.”

Jinwoo went through the hunters with an escort from the surveillance team.

‘Thank you …’

I felt a little strange.
Why does Woojinchul do something that he did not ask for?
After a little distance from the hunters, I asked quietly.

“What is the reason for this suddenly?”
“Do you think Hunter is going to join the Hunters Guild?”

Jinwu shook his head.
Wu Jin-chul answered quickly as if he knew it.

“Hunter has just been able to surpass S grade in front of the guild with the most money and staff in Korea. This is the best way to avoid troublesome things. ”

To do.
If the Hunters Guild is full of leeway, nobody knows what kind of ball it will take to secure a S-Class Hunter.
Other hunters would welcome you with a twin, but Jinwoo was different.
And it was the Hunter Association.
The association of guilds to prevent the concentration of power in a specific guild (?
It is not uncomfortable for this situation to be beneficial to one another if it is unilateral favor.

‘Thanks to the association, I am comfortable.’

Because the work was solved in a way that I did not think, a faint smile came up in the mouth of Jinwoo.
I’m just trying to get out of the boss room entrance.

“Now, wait!”

I heard an urgent cry from behind.
Turning to the unconscious, Son Ki-hoon was coming here to receive the support of a large colleague.
The wound was healed cleanly, but the complexion was pale because of the high blood pressure.

‘You better not move.’

Despite Jinwoo ‘s worry, Sohn Ki – hoon stood in front of Jin – woo.
Then he bowed his head.

“Thank you.”

Soon-gyunhun reveals his true selflessness.

“Thanks to Hunter, we could be safe. I would like to thank you for all the raids. ”

According to the surveillance and Hunter’s words, he seemed to have some circumstances that should not reveal his identity.

‘If you have that much power, it is not strange that there are any circumstances.’

By the way.
He helped himself and his crew at the risk of being discovered.
Where is it?
He did not ask for any price.
The Hunters Guild was able to claim the lives of the bodies and raids of the masters.
How can I not bend my back?

“…Thank you!”

Soong – hoon, who had become emotional, once again bent his back 90 degrees. The body screamed at the sudden movement, but it was even better.
When he tried to kill Masu in the same way on his behalf, he was heartbreaking.
When I recall the moment, I could add more words to say ‘thank you’.
The raid hunters saw their leader bowing their heads, and then they got out of the confusion.

‘If it was not him …’
‘You are a life saver?’
‘Then I will not be looking at you like this.’

Everyone ran forward and bowed his head.

“Thank you, sigh … No, Hunter. ”
“If it was not real Hunter …”
“Thanks to my wife, I am a widow.”

When Son – gyun decided to give up, the young man Hunter, who had touched his hand with his hand, came tearfully.

“Hunter-sama … I am so thankful that I can hug you once? ”
“Oh, I went too.”
“That’s it again. Somebody try to dry it up. ”
“Then you hug me, too!”


“Whoa! It’s creepy apart! ”

Wahaha HaHaHa – This is the first A-level dungeon came out of the members of the raid laughter for the first time.
Jinwoo also looked at the images of those hunters.
It did not help them for the cause, but smiles spontaneously leaned in their sincere gratitude.


Jin went up to the healer who jumped and jumped in the corner.

‘My body is small, so I can not see it because I am standing behind.’

As she reached out to her handbook, she was blushing and accepted with a couple of hands.

“Thank you …”

W The healer then took a bow to himself a while ago.

‘Ahhhh, I do not have to say that.’

When you get up before you go to bed, you need to wear a futon.
In the case of the porter who easily beat the dungeon boss, how ridiculous did he seem to have handed the memo?
I did not laugh loudly when I opened my head.
No, but rather a tough voice.


W He lifted his head like a student whose attitude was pointed out.

“Do not put your personal belongings in the forward raid bag. It’s bulky. ”

W He loses his words and turns his eyes round.
Jinwoo laughed.
I did everything I wanted to say.
It seemed to me that everything I wanted to do was rough.
So I turned back to the cooler healer.

“let’s go.”

When Jin-woo pulled his foot off, the surveillance and hunters that were waiting moved with him.
The only one.


The car Haen, who could not attach a word to Jinwoo, tried to reach out and quit.

‘I wanted to ask you a contact, too …’

I just wanted to ask if I could spare a little time.
However, at this point in time when the situation has not been clarified yet, there was a lot of misunderstanding to tell the parties.
One woman, Hunter, approached the car Haen.

“there… Vice President. ”

When the car Haen looked back, the woman Hunter pointed to the car ‘s fingertips.

“Why did you bring the pick?”

The face of the car Hae, who was looking at the head of the pickaxe that was lifted, gradually became reddish.
She lowered her pick and asked.

“Could it look strange?”

The wizard woke up and looked up.

“To whom?”

Then Cha ‘s face turned red to the neck.

It was when I left the gate.
Woojincheul looked at the clock and asked.

“We are going back to the association … If you do not mind, will Hunter go with you and eat with the president? ”
“What time is it?”
“It’s 5:15.”

It was time to get there, but not too late.
Jinwoo carefully selected the proposal of Woo Jinchul.

“I have an appointment.”

*** Written, posthumous.
Yoo Jin-ho tried to keep his composure and deep breathing as he had seen in some movies.

‘The time of destiny is approaching.’

Your fate is determined by your choice.
A few days ago, Eugene was more nervous and nervous than when he was asked to leave the guild.

‘Let’s go back to the beginner, to the beginner.’

It was not a coincidence that I chose the cafe where I first met my brother as a promised place.

‘If it was not for your brother’s help, I would not have come this far.’

I thought about it and when I looked around the inside of the cafe, it was new.
The final position was also at that time.
The little girl.
The door opened with a bell and Jinwu entered inside.


Yu Jin-ho, who discovers Jin-woo, jumped up with a welcoming face and bowed his back like sheep.
Jinwoo simply took the place of the snowman and sat opposite Yu Jin-ho.
Yoo Jin-ho then sat down.

“What’s up?”

Yoo Jin-ho’s eyes grew as he lifted his head.

“Brother, clothes …?”
“Oh, this?”

I struggled with the high orcs and ran right here, so my clothes were a little dirty.
The top of the top was slightly raised to high orc.
Jinwu said without a word.

“I came to the dungeon and came right here.”

Yoo Jin-ho was once again surprised.
I had a lot of time to drink alcohol after taking my master license.
But what about you?
Even though you have such a strong power, you are still training in the dungeon.
I was ashamed of myself.

‘It’s my brother too …’

And at the same time, my brother was endlessly admired.
It is because I am so proud that I can not feel the need to hide the process of training without brushing the blood on my clothes.

‘The traces of fighting against your brother is like a medal he got himself.’

Yoo Jin-ho made a firm expression.
If it was your decision, I was ready to follow you in any direction.
So let ‘s say the truth.

“Brother, actually …”

Yoo Jin-ho reported to Jinwu all the things that happened with his father that day.
All of the fact that I got to know who had saved the Hunters of the White Guild in Red Gate with the testimony of Goh Myung Hwan.

‘That man, do not do anything …’

I can not be angry that he did it for me, though.
Somehow the face of Yoo Jin-ho, who tells the story of Red Gate, was a little reminiscent.
I knew what Yujin was saying.

“So you need my help to become the master of the Eugene Guild?”

Yoo Jin-ho finally finished all the stories and slowly awaited Jin-woo’s answer.
I did not try to change my mind as usual.

‘Because my opponent is my brother.’

I was going to leave it to his will.
Jin-woo, who was in deep silence as much as Yu Jin-ho’s troubles, lifted his gaze downward.

“Jean-ho, I am.”

Yujin swallowed dry spit.

*** The president of Hunters Guild was also contacted.
I dropped out of my work and went into the private room and raised my voice.

“Yes? Sung Jin-woo came to our raid yesterday today? ”

The newly appeared S-class Hunter.
Why did not he see it when he appeared before his guild?
The pumpkin that rolled in was kicked with my feet.
Though the outfit was going to burst.

“Yes? I was in a mining team yesterday and I carried my luggage today? “When I heard it, I did not know.

‘Let’s just leave what he thought he was …’

Anyway, when I worry about it, my head hurts and I feel like I will not come to a conclusion.
It was not that important right now.

‘After the White House, our Hunters helped us.’

I was graced by Sung Jin-woo.
I wanted to talk about it as much as possible before I joined him, but now it is no different from the position of Baekho.

‘But I do not want to be the tenth S class first?’

More important than the fact that he was helped was the man’s ability.

“Sungjin Hunter, what type?” -…

The words of the last man who heard the explanation over the receiver gradually decreased.
The person you are talking to now.
Son Gee-hoon, who was the leader of the raid today, was not a friend to tell the truth or to say a little thing.
Nevertheless, the word came out reflexively.

“Is that really true?” -Yeah. That’s what I saw.
‘That’s it …? Could there be more? ”

If he’s that strong …

“How is he compared to me?”

It might be a little childish question, but there was not such a question to know the strength of the opponent.
Sohn Ki-hoon, who had been in a hurry for a while, spoke.

– Can you clear the top dungeon alone in class A?
“…It’s impossible. “- But he did it. Until the tea Hunter who is trying to help dries.
‘Car Hae was there?’

It was not a big problem that she had been there a little bit, but now she was there.

“Is not it possible that the dungeon was not a Class A top dungeon?” – If we did, we would not have had any trouble. He saved all of us.
“…”A man called the final weapon, the final man.
It was a situation that I could see that I was ignored when I interpreted it, but my heart was pounding rather than feeling bad.

‘I, the chaos. And Sung Jin Woo. ‘

It was really an opportunity to be a name-blowing guild in the world depending on the ability of Korea, Asia, or Sungjin.

– Choi. I’m not in a position to say anything about guild operations, but …

In fact, Son Ki-hoon was not a person who was so intent on guild.
So I was wondering what he was going to say.

“no. Please tell me. “- The man … Sungjin Hunter Please come by all means. Maybe your dream will come true.

The final man ran his heart.
He spoke as hard as he could to avoid seeing his trembling voice.

“Let’s try.”

*** In front of the Korean Association Building. Crowds gathered in front of the association building to cover the immigration.
Beyond Korea, an emigrant called an Asian superstar becomes a hunter!
It was not an exaggeration to say that the cameras of all the countries are all here.
There was no time to get tired, so the reporters were nervous.

“excuse me! Is this the one we took here? ”
“This man! If you have snow, look at some of them here. Where is my seat? Standing is the place to be. ”

There was a smile in the face of Lee Min-sung, who looked at reporters who were pushed to the driveway over the glass in the building.

“I should come this far.”

There was a reward that deliberately attracted attention and attracted time.

“There’s Min-sung, Mr. Tomorrow’s headline.

A reporter from one of Korea ‘s best newspapers showed me a manuscript to be shown on the front page of tomorrow.

“Is not it too plain to write this as a title?”
“Hmm… How about this one? ‘Man with all things emigration. I hold in my hand the power beyond humanity. ‘Is it? ”
“Would not that make some readers feel uncomfortable if you put a lot of pressure on them?”
“I am not saying wrong, and who in Korea would dare to abuse me? The media and fans are watching and watching. ”
“Okay. Then I’ll do it. ”
“Thank you very much.”

Yim frowned, raising his head, which was nervous.

‘I’ll do it anyway, but why are there so many words?’

At that time, two premium foreign cars arrived at the association parking lot.
widely. widely. The two men who came down almost simultaneously were Baek Yoon-ho of the Baekho Guild and the final man of the Hunters.

“uh? there!”
“Baek Yoon Hoda!”
“The final man is here too!”

The reporters who were standing in front of the door rushed to the sides.
Baek Yoon-ho and Jong-In frowned.

‘What are these reporters?’
‘Why is it so complicated today?’

The sound of the camera flash burst was loud.
The reporters poured a question offensive around the two.

“Did you both come to the association to recruit Mr. Lee Min-sung?”
“As a representative of Republic of Korea Hunter Lee, Lee’s entertainment business retirement possibility, what do you think?”
“How likely is Mr. Lee’s rating?”
“Please give me a word about Lee Min Sung.”

Baek Yoon – ho, who is in a rush of character, seems to be a nuisance.

“I’m not here because of him. I can not say anything. ”

The final man laid out the facts without emotion.

“It is true that most industry officials know that Lee signed a contract with his guild. I have found the association today for another job. ”

The reporters turned grumbling as the answers failed to meet expectations.

‘Oh, what is it?’
‘I thought it would be a bit of a story.’
‘It was good.’

Still, I was not able to complain because I was in front of the S-class Hunter.
The reporters settled down and waited only for immigration to come.
As the reporters left, Baek Yoon-ho and Jong-in encountered their eyes.
Baek Yoon-ho made a conspiracy first.

“I heard the story. Yesterday, the Hunters also had a big day.

It was Baek Yoon – ho who intentionally emphasized ‘Do’.

“I would have been as big as a backyard lost to an A-level rookie.”

The nerves of the reporters were as fierce as the nerves of the two.
Baek Yoon – ho, who had been raising his fingers for a while, sigh a little and said.

“Anyway, both of us and Hunters got help from him.”
“Thank you. Without him, our elite team was almost destroyed. ”

It is the last nerve ending not to mention the name to the last although we already know each other.
The last man approached Baek Yoon-ho.

“So, I want to graciously host him in my guild.

Baek Yoon-ho did not give up.
Baek Yoon-ho approached the final man so close to his forehead.

“We have reached the victim. Would not we have to take him for power supplements? ”
“What do you do to supplement your power class to do the S grade? Where will you go to North Korea? ”
“Since when do you say that you have taken so much of your morality, do morals.”

Sparks flashed in the eyes of both men.


The master of the reaper guild, who arrived at the scene exactly in time of the press conference, saw a snowball fight and laughed.
What did he say?
Do not you think about rice cake?
It was an exciting event for Lim Tae-gyu, who had just lost his money to two guilds.
He tried not to express the rising tails, but Lim Tae-gyu approached the two.

“Hey, two bosses. Do not you think it’s because of Min-sung? ”

Then, Baek Yoon-ho and Jongin-in looked at Lim Tae-gyu at the same time, without any precedent.

‘What the hell are you doing?’
‘I do not have any interest in immigration or immigration.’

In the eyes of two ghastly men gazing at themselves, Lim Tae-gyu was surprised and dismissed without knowing.

‘Why are these guys?’

*** “what? To the last man to Baek Yun-ho? ”

Immigration laughed.
Im Tae-gyu, who was next to him, was a face-to-face opponent.
It is also true that he had contracted with the envoy guild who received the evaluation that the first and second guild in Korea were not able to transfer.

‘So you will not have an image on the side of the weak?’

The entertainer sells images by selling them.
Immigration was as thorough as image management.

‘The best guilds in Korea are fighting me …’

It was not long Hunter life, but he naturally got strength on his shoulders.
Soon the manager opened the door.

“Min – sun Ah, everything is ready. Let’s start with the interview. ”

The manager took the lead.
As the glass door opened and Immigration came out of the association building, the camera flash poured horribly.
“«_“«_ “«_“«_ “«_“«_ “«_“«_ “« – Lee Min-sung showed a hypothetical smile as if he was screaming at the hundreds of glass eyes surrounding him.
Jinwoo arrived in front of the association.

‘…?’I had visited the association three days ago, as I had heard in advance.

‘What is so complicated?’

However, this condition did not seem to be able to go in.
Of course, there were a lot of ways to go, whether you were stalking, jumping over reporters, or even back to the back door.
However, I did not like the fact that I had to reserve the re-measurement 3 days in advance and avoid the reporters with a good door in the situation.

‘I did not commit any sin.’

There was no reason not to enter the main gate.
Jinwoo pushes through the reporters and pushes into the road.

“I will pass by.”
“Child, what is it?”
“Ana, I won this.”
“What is that?”

It is the strength of the S-class Hunter.
The reporters were pushed out and frowned.
In an instant, the road opened and Jinwoo was able to step down the stairs to the entrance of the association.
But before he even took one step, the muscular man in the middle stood in front of Jinwoo.


He was a manager of Immigration.
He opened his eyes and scowled.

“What are you? Are you an association person? ”

Jinwoo shook his head without any hint of the manager’s gaze.

‘What? See this? ‘

The manager ‘s thick eyebrow twirled.

“Do not you see that the reporters are laid?”

Jin looked back at the reporters for a while.
Everyone was staring at this side with disgruntled eyes.
I know I’m busy with interviews.
But is not it a charter for the road?
Just as an individual can not dispatch reporters, it was common knowledge that reporters should not drive out individuals.
But I have many eyes to see, because I do not want to raise my voice, I just ignored it.
That moment.

“go back. I can not get here. Go ahead. ”

Again, the front manager blocked Jinwoo’s chest.
Jinwoo’s eyes changed.


The manager was surprised.
D-class combat ability, he was forced to try to get rid of his disgrace, but his opponent is nailed to the bridge as if it is stuck?
It was the power that might be hurt greatly if it was an ordinary person.
Jinwoo did not know that fact either.

“…”So I just stare at the silent man, but the manager ‘s face was a little washed away.

“what? Why? ”
“What happened? Did they get together? ”

Male breeding.
The reporters also felt an unusual atmosphere and became noisy.
The manager had a cold sweat.
If I did not have eyes to see, I might have just folded a few at this point and turned on the road.
Now, the reporter was second, and the employee, Lee Min-sung, was watching.
Immigration, who came close, said with a small impression.

“Oh, brother. He put it off quickly and finished. ”
“uh… He, yes. ”

If you look wrong here, you may lose your job.
The manager threw up the impression with an impression.

“I can not go here, so go away!”
“Who is it that you can not go anywhere?”

The voice came from behind, not from the front.
The manager ‘s head went back.
In front of the glass door. There, the president of the Korean Hunter Association stood stunned.
The eyes of the reporters got sore.
I was surprised and forgot to press the shutter.

“Is that right?”
“The president of Kun-hee?”

The atmosphere was full of excitement, and the character of the unexpected appeared to have settled down.
Koge came up to the stairs and said.

“He is our guest.”

Ko Kun-hee looked at Lee Min-sung.

“You know who authorized the press conference here, Mr. Lee Min-sung?”

Immigration spirited in spirit.

“No, of course.”

On the first day of becoming Hunter, the press conference space outside the eyes of the president is deprived.
I could not afford such a foolish look at a couple of eyes.
Lee Min-sung frowned and noticed the manager, and the manager bowed his head to Kogan and Jinwu in turn, and he stepped aside.

“Come in, Sung Jin Hun Hunter.”

After Jinwoo was taken to the association building by the guidance of Kun-hee, the reporters could not hide the embarrassment.
Male breeding.

“Who is that person, and the president of the association takes care of it like that?”
“Who does not know the man just now?”

The reporters raised their voices in a frustrating voice, but no one answered.

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