Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 93

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 93

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93 The face of the immigration solidified.
The man who went across the reporters, and the president of Kun – hee who took the man.

“What is the schedule of the president of the Kun-hee association today?”
“I think the schedule is empty in the morning?”
“Did you just leave the morning to the president because of him?”

Male breeding.
The scene, which had been cluttered with the appearance of the two men, was not an atmosphere for further interviews.
How much effort did you devote to today?
Immigration saw the manager with a chewy look.

‘The manager is such a child, but he can not handle it straight.’

The manager was unable to meet his gaze and dropped his head without force.
Now that Lee Min-sung has become an A-class awakening, unlike the previous one, he was unable to take advantage of his strength.
I had to bend over.

‘…’The head of Lee Min-sung, who was gazing at the manager for a while, naturally turned to the side.


I was about to go back to the station camera.
That is a live broadcast.
If this distracting scene was broadcast on the radio, it would have been possible for all of his efforts to become a Class A hunter to bring the brand value to the brink.
But the resurgence of interviews and calming atmosphere was too great for the president of KOGAS.
That kind of thing has appeared in this important moment …

‘How can there be a way to reverse the atmosphere?’

His brains began to spin rapidly.

‘Yes, there is nothing big about reversing the atmosphere.’

Reporters did not wonder about their own worries about grading.
What kind of starter will be a starter, and what will happen next after getting a Hunter certificate.
I came here to find out.
If you give the answer you want, go find everything and go.

‘Let’s get ahead of schedule and start judging right away.’

Emotional smile came to my face.
As the evaluation of the surroundings, it was very fast to this side.

“Hey, wait a minute. I will talk to the members of the association about the schedule today. ”

So enthusiastic about the reporters went to the association building.
It was not for discussion but for notifying the changed schedule.

‘How much money does my father support? It’s an association and you should be able to crawl. ”

By the way.


Just before pushing the glass door, it was pushed back by the surveillance and hunters that rushed in.
The Hunters stood in line and sealed the entrance to the building.

“What, this again?”

The smirk of Lee Min-sung was wrinkled.
Lee identified the nameplate on the man’s chest.

‘Woo Jin-cheol, Manager of the Hunter Association Surveillance Division?’

Lee Min-sung asked the man named Woo Jin-cheol.

“What is it? Why are you blocking the entrance? ”

Woojin chel looked down on his immigration with his sunglasses.

“We are currently in the process of re-evaluating the rating of other awakening parties. No one can go into the building until 11 o’clock. ”
“I beg your pardon?”

Another awakening is that guy who just followed the president of the association?
Immigration looked into the clock.
It is now 10:30 am.
At 11 o’clock, it was time for his grading to be scheduled.
No one can go in until then?
It was on the verge of returning to the blast, which was trying to reverse the atmosphere by speeding up the grading process.
At first I said good.

“Please do not let me in. I have to discuss with the people involved. ”

Woojin chul finished his mouth with a tongue.
The frustrated Lee Min-sung began to reveal his nauseous nature.

“Hey, do not you know who I am? I am immigration, Migration. ”

Although Lee Min-sung’s voice was intensifying, he did not show any interest in getting out of the way.

“Ha -” I was laughing as if the immigration did not exist.

“Hey. You know that Hunter’s biggest sponsor is Eugene Engineering? ”

Migration ‘s mouth came up.

“Eugene Ewing Vice President Lee Won-kyu is my father. And you see those people? ”

Immigration pointed to reporters under the stairs.

“Can you treat the son of the vice president of Eugene Engineering in front of such reporters? Can you afford it? ”

Woojinchul’s answer was simple.

“I can afford it.”

Immigration has come to an end.
What the hell does he say when the president comes out and controls the entire building for grading?
Also, not the general manager level, only the exaggerated naguranui is so caring.
Immigration put his hand on both sides and asked as if to stand.

“What do you think the other awakeners are, and are they going to be cheap in the association?”

So Woo Jincheol took off his sunglasses.

“If I tell you that.”

I’m sorry.
When the eyes of Woojin Chul, who resembled a raptor, were revealed, Lee Min-sung stepped back without knowing himself.
Woojinchul was not interested in Lee Min-sung’s eyes.

“Is it possible for you to take care of yourself, Yim?”

*** The inside of the building was hansan.
Only one of the association’s employees passed through the empty hall without a grade reviewer.
Perhaps it was not unrelated to the reason the reporters were flocking outside.

“Come this way.”

The two faces familiar to Jin-woo’s gaze, who was going to the precision measuring room following the guidance of Ko Kun-hee, came in.


On the other hand, two people were sitting in the resting room chair.
It was the place where guild workers dressed up neatly when they came to get re-examined three days ago.
Two people facing the snow ran simultaneously and sent a ceremony.
Jinwoo lightly snookers and passed the hall.
Walking through the quiet corridor, Kogei made a smile.

“The two of them came an hour ago and were waiting for Hunter.”

The heads of the two guilds representing the Republic of Korea were waiting for the results of the re-measurements one hour ago?
I read Jinwoo ‘s eyes, Kun – hee replied with a calm voice.

“It is a S-class Hunter that appeared in two years. Moreover, the final man has seen Hunter’s power, so I’m going to get taller. ”

Jinu nodded his head.

“President of the association.”

On the way, the staff members of the association greeted Kogei in a glance and looked at Jinwoo next to him.

‘Who is the man next to you, the president of the association will guide you?’
‘Is not he a great person?’
‘How does a young person like him know you?’

It was surprising to the employees that Kanghee was moving directly, even though the ministerial level was not there at all.
Kanghee looked forward and asked.

“I heard the story yesterday.”

The expression of Kun-hee seemed somewhat delighted to say.
Indeed, Kanghee was excited.
It was his prediction that Sung Jin-woo will be different from the common Hunters.
When I heard about the work of Sung Jin-woo at Woojin Chul, he sweated his hands like he was at the scene.

‘Of course, skill is also good.’

After that, the neat coping that Sung Jin-woo showed was more and more like.
Although he had almost solved the dungeon alone, including the boss, he did not desire any by-products.
If his purpose was to fight the masseurs and protect the people instead of earning big money and getting a reputation, the association was ready to give generously.
It was in line with the founding purpose of the association.

‘If I could, I would like to draw whatever number I can to the association.’

But what?
As he said the other day, when he comes into the association, there is little chance of fighting with the Masu.
The power of Sung Jin-woo who told me yesterday. It was too much power to fall out of the dungeon.
Soon I arrived at the inspection office inside the building.

“I will sort Hunter’s abilities before re-measurement and sort the series.”

Jinwoo also knew.
Hunters are divided into battle, magic, healing, and aid depending on their abilities, and perform their functions where necessary.
The staff member who was waiting at the inspection office took Kun-hee down 90 degrees and took over Jin-woo.

“come here.”

Jinwoo stood in the center of the inspection area.
The inspection center was the same structure as an indoor gymnasium that can be easily seen from anywhere.
If there is a difference from an ordinary gym, you could feel strong horsepower on the walls and floor.
If the accident was prepared for the accident, it was a sturdy construction.
The inspectors asked.

“What skills can you use?”

The president of Kun-hee, who has not returned yet, watched the inspection process with interesting eyes in the corner.
The reason he came to meet Jinwoo.
I wanted to check Jinwoo’s ability directly with a little bit of eyes.

“I can do this.”

Jin called out a shadow soldier.


The examiners were amazed.
A soldier armed with black armor from the whole body rises up from the floor, but who can be nervous?
Despite the fact that he was one of the most common soldiers on the planet, he had a sense of intimidation that was hard to bear for the general public.

“This… Is it a pet? Are you calling a pet? ”

The examiner ‘s voice trembled.
I wanted to kindly explain that it is not dangerous at all like my heart.
Jinwoo answered with a sad expression.

“…Well, I guess it’s similar. ”
“If so, how many pet pets can you call?”
‘Lie is useless.’

The witness who saw the soldiers of the Shadows summoned all yesterday is going beyond twenty.
Jinwoo said, reducing the number of soldiers sealed with a shadow-saving skill a little.

“About a hundred …”

The eyes of the inspectors became tinted at 100.

“A ship, a bag?”

On the other hand, Jinwoo was pretty.
Looking at the shadow soldier, his eyes gleamed.

‘That’s a hundred marines …’

At first glance, the soldier had a class B Hunter level of magic.
If you can recall 100 of them, you can not help but see that they have the power to surpass one of the large guilds, which is already a huge individual.
It was a great ability indeed.
I felt the hot gaze of Kun-hee’s skin.
Jin took a sigh of relief when he saw the reaction around him.

‘If a general soldier responds to this …’

It was fortunate that they did not call out the highest level of “Griet” soldiers, or the boss-class mascara “molar” that succeeded in capturing yesterday.
Anyway, it was a proven ability to have this ability.

“then… Sungjin Hunter is a magic series. ”

The examiner scrambled for something on the paper, and looked up at it.

“Now go to the measuring room.”

*** Jinwoo accepted the newly issued Hunter certificate.
Sung Jin Woo, S class, magic series.
I could not believe it because my face was embedded in the photo box.

‘Good. Once you’ve come here smoothly. ”

Jin-woo pushed the Hunter into his wallet.
When it came to the end of the corridor, Baek Yoon-ho and Jung-in approached.

“Mr. Sung-Jin, would you give me a minute?”
“Sung Jin Hun Hunter.”
“Sorry. I have a bit of work to do. ”

Jinu ignored them and stepped on the glass door.

“Oh, huh?”

Baek Yunho said worriedly.

“I will not go there if I do not.”
‘Are you ready to regret going out?’

Jinwoo, who had no interest in any conditions, flung open the glass door, ignoring Baek Yoon – ho ‘s mistakes.
“«_ “«_“«_ “«_“«_ “«_“«_ “«_“«_ “«_“«_ “«_“«_ “«_“«_ “«_“«_ “«_“«_!
The reporters who climbed over the stairs and were struggling with surveillance and hunters burst into flash at once.

‘What is this?’

Jin-woo loses his words in front of the bursting light.

*** As usual, Jinna stopped at the stall after finishing the third lesson and bought a banana flavored milk.
This time is still about an hour to lunch.
If I did not fill the boat with milk, I could not concentrate because of hunger.
just as expected.
The camouflage was already clamoring for fuel.
Jina rubbed the hungry ship and was about to enter the classroom. One of her friends who came out with surprised eyes called Jinna.

“Ji, Ji-ah!”
“Why why?”

My friend was surprised, and I was surprised to see him.

“You brother! Your brother is on TV! ”
“What? Why is my brother? ”

Jinah’s heart sank down.
Was he hurt again?
It’s not …
My friend grabbed Jinna’s wrist as if it was a waste of time to explain, and went into the classroom.
Jin-a’s eyes turned to the big TV, next to the blackboard.

“Five… brother?”

The moment I saw the TV screen, the banana milk, which was in the hands of Jin-a, fell on the floor.

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